Thursday, November 30, 2017

On This Date We Complicate!

Are you ready to get this done? It should be lots of fun. It is just a simple rhyme. I can do that any old time. There is no need to stop. Out a rhyme shall pop. It's as simple as that. You can trust the cat.

He's rhyming today.
He's having his say.
He's talking about me.
This is unusual at his sea.

It could mean he's mad.
It could mean he's on a fad.
It could mean he's going to quit.
It could mean I'm a twit.

He's rhyming today.
He's having his say.
He's talking about me.
I'm repeating this at my sea.

It could mean I'm mad.
It could mean I'm bad.
It could mean I'm nuts.
It could mean I make the same mistake in my analyzing ruts.

My mind is talking.
The damn thing is squawking.
It wants to have its say.
It can't go another way.

It says I suck.
It says pass the buck.
My brain must be right.
I have to believe its plight.

What would you do?
And you, and you, and you, and you and you and you...
I want all opinions in view.
I will turn to all of you and you and you and you...

I have each way.
I now know at my bay.
I know 50,000 ways.
I'll stay in my daze.

Can't go off kilter.
Be sure and always filter.
What if you offend him?
What if she goes out on a limb?

What if they like it?
What if it isn't a hit?
Better not speak up at all.
Holy, it's already next fall.

Are you an over complicating nut? Could go on forever with this rut. Sadly, that is what some do. Going over and over and over and over it at their zoo. What good does that do at one's den? And even when they go over it they repeat it again and again. I think it really is fall of 2018 now. Over complicating things sure can wow. I think I'll take a pass and remain a non complicated little rising ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Back In The Day Comes To Play!

Play may sure be too strong a word. The cat would rather go get pecked on the head by a bird. Once is enough of it. After that you want to grab a wall and take head and hit.

Back in the day...
They have their say.
Interesting to hear.
So you lend an ear.

Can always learn.
But then they return.
Back in the day...
They repeat their say.

Stories worn out.
Dull as trout.
But it's their thrill.
Like a little blue pill.

By the third time,
It's a crime.
Yes, yes, yes...I know!
Just shut up and go.

Back in the day...
Uggg must I stay?
Can't work come.
Oh look, there's some.

Back in the day...
They still hit replay.
My mind is going numb.
I'd rather have an itchy bum.

Back in the day...
Oh the dismay.
Can't take a hint,
As I pick off lint.

Back in the day...
I'm going to eat hay.
It would be better for me,
Than having to listen to thee.

Back in the day...
Did you repeat what you say,
Every flucking day,
Sometimes twice on display?

What about today?
Nothing new to say?
Don't you do anything besides hit replay?
Back in the day...

Ugg the cat needs a drink. These people can bring you to the brink. Mind numbing in every way. If we ever do that for retirement drown us in the bay. Coming to a place to sit day after day, week after week and the same crap they leak. So not for me. I'd rather stay home and bury pee. If that is retirement count us out. We'll go swim with the trout. Ever get any like that? They just won't scat. They have no hobbies at all so they bother your work hall? I'd rather take a bad case of gas. It is much more pleasant to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Time To Guzzle The Puzzle!

The cat watches as the pieces flow and then what do you know. That isn't a question though as on the floor they go. The ones at the other sea yell at me as I trot away with glee.

Puzzles fit.
Puzzles mix.
Puzzles take wit.
Puzzles pull out tricks.

This piece goes there.
This piece goes here.
Not a piece to spare.
The image is now clear.

Clear as a bell.
Clear as a bird.
What the hell,
Can use any word.

The web we weave.
The things we do.
None you can leave,
Each sticking with you.

A puzzle to solve.
One all your own.
In or to evolve,
Can't simply hold the phone.

Many within one,
Before the finish line.
Each asking to be done,
As life continues to align.

Puzzled today?
That's not new.
I've created a display,
Many a day at my zoo.

Another with work.
Another to think.
Both quite the perk,
As in answers sink.

Solved and added.
New extensions at play.
Nothing is padded,
At the end of the day.

The puzzle of life,
Has its out pieces.
Some joy, some strife,
Until the final one ceases.

All that from knocking pieces on the floor. Who knew a rhyme could come from that other shore? I guess we do now. Enjoy solving puzzles of any kind that may or may not wow? Everything is there to solve in some way, we just need to play. Now I think I'll go back to sass. I can't always be a wise little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Congrats, You Can Act And That's A Fact!

So many out there think they can't act. They think it takes all kinds of tact. That or some sleezeball plastic face. But that isn't the true embrace. For you acted away at some point in the last day.

You meet a friend.
A friend to the end.
To the end of this meeting.
But you fake the greeting.

They buy it.
Every little bit.
You walk away,
You may even pray.

Pray they never comeback.
Such prayers may lack.
But you faked it like a pro.
You acted, what do you know.

You pretend to like work.
Put on a smile for even a jerk.
Whether customer or boss,
Either can be a coin toss.

You nod and agree,
When you just want to flee.
They walk away with a smile.
Add another whatever to the file.

You acted and stayed.
You also got paid.
No drama or prissy crap,
Like some plastic faced chap.

You fake interest.
You give it your best.
You really don't care,
But they are never aware.

They sit and yap.
Away they flap.
You humor for a while.
But it isn't your style.

But they are nice,
So you pay the price.
You sigh when they go.
End of today's show.

No need for lines,
Or fancy type wines.
You acted with ease.
Wasn't that a breeze?

Did you know you could act? The cat made it a fact. Now you know you can do it. Go out and make a Hollywood hit. Hmm not sure faking it at work would sell. But you never know, could be swell. Then again you may want to avoid the Hollywood cesspool. Try some other tool. Now go back to acting like the normal class. Or just stay acting crazy like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Me Me Me Across The Sea!

The cat has his own giant litterbox. Does that curl your socks? Or maybe your toes? Sure won't make you strike a lovey dovey pose. But I share it with glee. Mini Alex knows it at our sea.

I've got my plot.
I'm so hot.
It's all about me.
Don't touch my tree.

Don't touch my bush.
The one with the tush.
The others too.
But especially the tush view.

Don't touch my sand.
Can't crawl or stand.
Stay the hell off.
Try it and I'll scoff.

I'll fluck you up.
Don't act like a pup.
I will not share.
This is all my lair.

That coconut is mine.
The stream is for the feline.
That stars in the sky.
All mine upon high.

My giant litterbox.
Won't share with human or fox.
It is all mine.
Don't test the feline.

What was that?
Plenty of room where I'm at?
But it is all mine.
Can't you read the lips of the feline?

I can't help you.
Sorry, but its true.
It's all about me me me.
I'm the only one here to see.

So what if you're the same.
You are just so lame.
Can't have you by my name.
You could interrupt my fame.

What? No one will squawk?
Hey, I want to talk.
Talk all about me.
Why do you flee?

Pffft to that, at least says Pat. The cat may still be all about me. But I do share my litterbox with Cassie. There is plenty of room on the giant litterbox for all. Doesn't hurt to give many a call. Which is a grand thing about blogland as all lend a helping hand. Unless you get those that have nothing to say. They sure can say enough about me me me at the end of the day. Know any like that? Do they think they are a cat? We do rule all in mass. At least Pat bows to the will of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Actual It For A Bit!

The cat has heard this word thrown around a bit. I have even used it. I bet from the title you can guess what it is. Actually you may not be able to pass that quiz.Would it then be a losing bet? Actually I'd have to first be a real betting pet.

Today I'll rhyme.
Rhyme for a time.
Actually rhyme for a bit.
Actually screw that time shit.

That would be math.
That may cause wrath.
Actually it would aggravate.
Actually it would confuse on plate.

Actually there's no plate.
Actually there is for bait.
Actually bait would be food.
Actually artificial may be its mood.

Actually it may be GMO.
Actually I don't know.
Actually I'd need to see it.
Actually here I sit.

Actually I'm lying back.
Actually that would cause an attack.
Actually I'll go lie down.
Actually I'll walk through town.

Actually I may sprint.
Actually I'll pick off lint.
Actually I'll add more.
Actually I'll avoid going to explore.

Actually exploring is fake.
Actually it's a double take.
Actually it's a repeat.
Actually it may be just as neat.

Actually depends on what it is.
Actually Depends may help you whizz.
Actually it will keep it with ease.
Actually you may leak with a breeze.

Actually you may not care.
Actually you may prefer to be bare.
Actually you may be wise.
Actually out this rhyme flies.

Actually I'm going nowhere.
Actually I have a point at my lair.
Actually you caught on.
Actually that may be a con.

Have you used actually as much as me? That would be fun to see. Some humans use actually a ton. Actually I'm not sure I give it much of a run. Actually I may have ruined that as I just became an actual cat. Actually that is as likely as me becoming a singing bass. For today I'm actually done being a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Modeling It After A Hit!

Oh look, that blog is a hit. I have to copy it. Yeah, that will be the way to fortune and fame or whatever else out there that is lame. Hmm making fun? I guess I'm copying myself so far with this run.

The perfect way,
Came to play.
Perfect when done,
With what was spun.

So you try.
Bat an eye.
Copy the thing.
Expect the bling.

Copy a car site,
To your site of bite.
As in dental stuff.
Can't get enough.

Copy a food site,
With one for a flashlight.
Yep, you saw the light,
And went blind on sight.

Copy a social media site.
Have another 50 take flight.
Those will sure be a hit.
Hmmm they didn't do shit?

Copy a pet site.
Have humans flying a kite.
That will so work.
People will think it a perk.

Copy a law site.
Whoops, lawsuit took flight.
You sure didn't get far.
Better off copying the car.

Copy a travel site.
Make it for fitness might.
That will fly away overnight.
And I'm a unicorn at my site.

Copy a rhyming nut.
Can't rhyme so you show smut.
Yep, that will end well.
Hey, some find smut swell.

The perfect way,
Now not so perfect a display.
Flip and flopped,
As the copycat was cropped.

Ever see sites try and copy you? I've seen some copy another zoo. You can see it with sites, products, movies, this, that and the other thing. The copycats are all about the cha-ching. Which in the end makes most trash, leaving you with a bad rash. I'll stick with my non copycat sass and just be an original little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Private Viewing Leads To Stewing!

The cat is oh so private at our sea. You know pulling armpit hair brings me glee. That is the best knowledge out there. You even know I run around bare. Hmm maybe I should rethink that. I guess I'm not a private cat.

What the fluck?
Says the duck.
We're birds of a feather.
We stick together.

I'm with you.
Right in view.
You're with me.
Come and see.

See and view.
View times two.
It's a repeat.
Isn't that neat?

Look at the hits.
They aren't the pits.
They are the best.
Go away, you pest.

I'm private at my sea.
This is no place for thee.
Privacy is all mine.
Can't you read the sign?

It's right there.
Yeah, I'm standing bare.
But it's right in the back.
See? Privacy at my shack.

So I posted it.
Who gives a shit?
I'm private anyway.
Turn your eyes away.

It's not there for you.
It's for others to view.
Oh look, another hit.
I'll be back in a bit.

Today I did this.
This you can't miss.
Look at me in view.
It is me and you.

What was that?
Don't be a dingbat.
That isn't for you.
I'm private even with my 10,000th view.

Ever meet such a "private" nut? They are in such a private rut, but they post everything online. Yeah, there is a conundrum that won't align. I wonder why? Nah, no wondering for this guy. Drama is all such "private" nuts bring to pass. You can be sure I'll remain a non-private little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Don't Breathe The Air It's Only Fair!

The cat likes to shake his head as he curls up in a nice comfy bed. Humans sure make it shake a bunch as they are really out to lunch. Like the dumpster diving type of lunch. Watch what it is you crunch.

Look at me.
I'm so great.
I've got a knee.
Just like you, mate.

Look at you.
You're so bad.
You need to use the loo,
Not unlike my pad.

We're both tall.
That is a win.
But damn it all,
Being short isn't a sin.

Oh wait a minute there.
They're oh so short.
And look, he has hair.
Something we can't abort.

Together we've banded.
We're both the best.
Oh no, you're left handed.
You failed the test.

Back to great me.
Until I saw you.
You have two eyes to see.
I also have two.

What? You can't drive?
How insane is that.
Together we don't jive.
In life you fall flat.

I'm in the right.
You are too tall.
You need some sunlight.
You have a low-tier job at the mall.

You are black.
You are old.
Intelligence you lack.
On the wrong religion you've been sold.

Look at me.
I'm so great.
I have another knee,
Just like you, mate.

Don't you love how humans go for the differences and then run away? Like being old or tall or super short is a scary display. Better watch what air you breathe too. One of those tall people may be breathing beside you. Yet everyone breathes, eats, has knees and shits. Somehow humans magically forget such bits. Maybe similarities are a better way to go? All humans can sure stub a toe. Oh no, I related humans of every class. I better now go hide from those with pitchforks coming for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Pet Kinda Day Here At Play!

The cat is a pet, that is a safe bet. Or maybe it's Pat. Could be a safer bet where you are at. We have him trained well. Such training sure is swell. No peeves about it. Wait, what is that shit?

A Pet Peeve.
It won't leave.
It peeves you.
It's a pet too?

Did you peeve a pet?
Were your peeve needs not met?
Or were your pet needs screwed?
So peeve made it rude?

Did you dislike pee?
Now you went and added a ve?
Sounds better than pee?
Why not just use piss at your sea?

Could even you tinkle.
That won't make eyes wrinkle.
Penis is a nasty word though.
I said it....oh no!

Pffft said breast too.
What you gonna do?
Gonna can annoy as well.
Wow, this is going to hell.

May as well throw in 666.
Maybe some reboot flicks.
Have politics and religion at play,
And I can call it a day.

Pet peeved all.
I'm having a ball.
Grammar nazis and word haters.
Whelmed won't be such gators.

I'm name calling now.
Don't have a cow.
Crocodile I could have said.
But there the rhyme wasn't led.

Are you pet peeved?
All dressed up and long sleeved?
Is that to house the pet?
Are you ready to fret?

Peeved and petted.
Off you jetted.
Or maybe you just walked.
Those peeves are sure stocked.

So why would you want to have something as a pet you hate? My, you humans are so first rate. Let's keep something around that we dislike instead of making it take a hike. Such great logic there. I'll hold onto it at my lair. It may make you do the opposite of purr but at least it doesn't shed fur. Any pet peeves at your sea? Do you pet them with glee? I think I'll bury such pets in the grass and prevent them from clinging to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, November 20, 2017

And That Makes Three As Another Max Blizzard Comes To Be!

Pat has another non-rhyming novel ready to go. I guess I can let it show. For it is the last one in the planned trilogy that he started a while ago. The cat will now show and stop with the flow.

Max Blizzard's life had grown complicated over the years due to his increasing power and the losses he suffered. At the urging of Merlin, King Arthur, and his many friends, Max forced himself to join the festivities marking his accomplishments for another year. But unlike previous years, this time old foes return for vengeance. Now Max and his friends, Lester and Trudesile, must once again wage a war that could lead to the destruction of the realms if they fail.

It soon becomes a race against time as they attempt to collect the pieces of the Scroll of Fate before Adam can retrieve them. With secrets of the past lingering over all of them thanks to God's mistake, they now must face their own past and the many odds stacked against them.

Join in on the conclusion of Max's adventure as friends align and foes return while they travel to the far reaches of the realms. Together they will attempt to keep fate their own and stop plans put in place long ago by a force greater than anything they have ever faced. Journey to Atlantis, Earth, Avalon, and more while Max and all the other heroes attempt to show fate that they control the outcome, no matter the cost.

And there we are. A trilogy done at our sand bar. That is the first one I've finished that has been released. Another is done but releasing hasn't ceased. Then just 3 more in my 12 book series to do and all series' are through. I'm sure more will start. But we'll wait to fill up a new cart. And so another novel has come to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Recommend Backwards Trend!

The cat is going to recommend things for you today. They are oh so great for any bay. They will be the best thing ever. You should bow down to the feline after this endeavor.

I recommend fried squirrel.
Go ahead and give it a whirl.
It is the best there is,
In the food land biz.

I recommend a Corvette.
It is a safe bet.
You can go miles in it.
You will be a hit.

I recommend traveling by horse and buggy.
Your luggage it can umm luggy.
It is by far the best.
I passes any test.

I recommend working for trees.
They are the bees knees.
Bamboo would be top notch.
Who cares if you can't afford scotch.

I recommend joining a zoo.
Anywhere can be your loo.
You can stay in a cage,
Expressing your rage.

I recommend fishing with cheese.
Do it while the waters start to freeze.
You'll get the best catch then.
You'll be the talk of all men.

I recommend biting your chair.
Show it who's boss at your lair.
Teeth marks will always show.
What do chairs know?

I recommend Chinese healing.
It is so revealing.
You'll see rainbow lights.
Or maybe some other strange sights.

I recommend jumping in the road.
Do it with a truck carrying a heavy load.
You'll believe you can fly.
You might not even die.

I recommend you ignore me.
Unless you want a bamboo tree.
That may hold a squirrel as well.
This just went straight to hell.

Every get a recommendation from someone who didn't know what in the hell they were talking about? They act like they/it are the greatest thing since fried trout. Is fried trout great? Beats me, can't have that on our plate. Why recommend something or someone when you only heard about it/them in passing? That is just asking for some sassing. That of course I'll give with no class. No need to recommend a thing to get it from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Voice Shake Causes A Headache!

It would amuse the cat if it didn't cause headaches where we are at. Ugg is all the cat can say. I have to hide under the bed until they go away. Humans with a big yap sure can flap.

How are you today?
I'm fine with what I say.
I'm oh so great.
I'm great too, mate.

I'm the best.
I beat the rest.
Don't you hear me?
Look and see!

I was lucky.
I'm just ducky.
I'm the best.
I beat the rest.

I have done this.
This you can't miss.
This you won't miss.
On you I piss.

I'm here, I'm here.
Hear my cheer.
I'm the best, the best.
A repeat fest.

Hear me speak.
I am a freak.
As repeat one.
Same tale is spun.

I'm the best.
Don't be a pest.
Listen to my voice.
I'll give you no choice.



How are you today?
Hear what everyone has to say.

Did you get a headache from that? Don't blame the cat. Uggg is all I can do when you get yappy people together by the few. This person talks while that person talks and then it sounds like a bunch of squawks. Ever try talking over another out there? Can raise the volume at ones lair. It is an easy way to make the cat run away. Pffft to joining any headache creating fray. I would only stay to give them sass, otherwise, I skedaddle away with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Just About There Without A Care!

So the cat was napping as Pat was flapping. Actually he may have been swearing a bit, annoyed with some twit. Considering he'd be done on the fly, the cat can see why.

My part's done.
Done like I said.
Now back to fun.
Rest my head in bed.

Wait to complete.
Wait on a twit.
My patience left in defeat,
By such a lazy shit.

Two weeks it will take.
No problem at all.
It's a piece of cake,
After that give a calll.

Oh, I was away.
I forgot about that.
I'll start today.
I'll have it done, stat.

Two weeks more.
I'm almost there.
This is such a chore.
Why the hateful glare?

It's done by me.
Aren't you happy?
I forgot to call thee?
Damn, you are flappy.

I'm out today.
But I'll get it to you.
Just go and play.
It will come through.

My secretary will call.
She does that well.
Oh damn it all,
This week's been hell.

Here you are.
I said it was done.
It's all on par,
Boy, was it a ton.

Worked me to the bone.
Enough that I need a break.
Well, I'll leave you alone.
It was a piece of cake.

Pfffffffffffffft don't you love waiting on another to get something done? Especially when you could have had it 1000 times over already spun. Add to it that they are a lazy twit and Pat may talk to them with such words like shit. But that is the breaks when working with another to get crap done. The other sure gave a whiny tale that was spun. Another reason group work in school sucked a ton. There was always one. Love group work in work or class? It was always hated by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Taking Hold Of The Old!

The cat and all of you have sure heard it a time or two. More like a thousand times at least. On it humans seem to feast. A feast of words that is with this old biz. Time to go to school. Isn't that cool?

Happened last year.
Whether thing or gear.
Clothes or act.
Fiction or fact.

No matter the case.
It you must embrace.
So put a smile on your face,
And become an ace.

Wow, that was cool.
You went old school.
I am sure impressed,
With how you dressed.

What a fool.
They went old school.
Didn't they hear,
That it was so last year?

A handy tool.
It was cool.
But it's in the pool,
Of, you guessed it, old school!

Aged some well.
What the hell.
It is so old.
Schooled some bold.

Schooled and aged.
Old's been paged.
And some it comes.
Old school chums.

That's so old school.
You aren't cool.
Who uses chums?
Maybe just rhyming bums?

Typed it seconds ago.
But it's old school you know.
You can't escape that.
You chewed that fat.

No staying whelmed.
Old school is helmed.
When it's no longer new.
Old school is true.

When does something become old school? When it makes one a fool? How does it become school? Was there a school for that handy tool? Is that where it came from? Some school by a chum? Damn, I went old school once more. Chum is so old school at my shore. Do you let old school come to pass? Anything you do that gets old school sass? Maybe I'll ask my old school singing bass. He may answer my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Two For Two With A Grump In View!

The cat was sitting with Cassie, almost knocking off the lassie, when she decided to visit another pest. I don't mind him but she likes him best. We are a pair so I followed her to the downstairs lair.

Asleep at last.
Double the cast.
Oops, there she goes.
Why, who knows?

Down the stairs with a thud.
All to visit her bud.
He likes to pose too. 
A suck up through and through.

Uh oh. Cranky is watching.
Better start hop scotching. 
She was invaded by the black guy.
 She hates all cats on the fly.

So he sticks out his tongue,
As she pops a lung.
Yeah, she growls a bit.
I usually just give her a hit.

See? She is eyeing me.
That tail in the air with no glee.
 Sit could squash me though.
A rather hefty foe.

Oh, try two as one.
Black guy is tempting fate a ton. 
She got her grump on.
A fight may dawn.

Or a stuck up head.
What? He's on her bed?
Oh, that is such a shame.
One grumpy and prissy dame.

She's had enough.
Wants to get rough.
Here comes the grump.
Watch out for the plump.

The fight begins.
But who wins?
Our money was on the fat one. 
But away we did run.

We had to show them how it was done.
 This is a two for one.
Of course I take up more space.
And only Cassie is allowed to show her face.

Can you work as a pair? Are you a grump that is plump with lots of hair? That may be a bad fate. Of course you could squash anyone you hate. That fat lass hates a ton. But I can still make her jiggle and run. I'll stick with only being paired with Cass. It works so much better that way for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Taking In For A Spin!

We aren't going anywhere today. Here is where we stay. Will you write the rhyme for me? I can't do it today at my sea. I just want to sleep and eat. Oh and yes, you must make me my breakfast, lunch, and supper treat.

Staying in.
Such a win.
Doing nadda.
Don't yadda yadda yadda.

I can't hear it.
Not one bit.
I'll sulk if you speak.
You are the freak.

Now get me food.
Don't be rude.
I'm staying in my room.
Sweep the floor with a broom.

Those crumbs won't go.
You are so slow.
I have a bill for you to pay.
Pay it so I have a nice day.

Don't forget to wash my clothes.
I need socks over my toes.
I can't have cold feet.
I'd also like something else to eat.

Nah, can't work that job.
I hate that guy named Bob.
Plus I don't want to work there.
I have excuses to spare.

You have money.
Let's keep all sunny.
I'll stay in my room,
You go get that broom.

You had me.
Kids aren't free.
I'm proving that.
Don't be a dingbat.

This is my space.
You may pay for the place,
But this is all mine.
When is it time to dine?

Now I need rest.
Lying here all day is the best.
You also made me pout.
Those things sure wear you out.

Do you know anyone like that? Sadly, we do where we are at. There is nothing wrong with being a hermit in our book, but doing absolutely nothing and having "mommy" pay all your bills at your nook? Yeah, no thanks. Wake up call will be when that bank tanks. Help and taking advantage are two different things. They must have some worn out mattress springs. I'd boot them to the curb if such a person ever tried to trespass. No one will be mooching off my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Guillible Much? Just A Touch!

The cat may not walk on two legs like you human crew but brains cells I seem to have more than a few. Who says I tried to eat a tack? Nah, I won't take that back. Gullible many are and not even drunk at a bar.

Gullible is at play.
A cat having its say.
You believe me, right?
I can also fly a kite.

Oh look at that.
A kite flying cat.
That means a cat has wings.
Yeah, you are nuts, among other things.

A horse gave a man a lift.
Boy, are you humans swift.
The explanation is a centaur was born.
And there is a bird in my car horn.

A person fell from the sky.
Oh me, oh my.
They are from above.
Give them much love.

They never climbed a tree.
They weren't up where you couldn't see.
They didn't accidentally fall.
Nope, from some alien hall.

A lizard burped beside fire.
The fire didn't expire.
Wow, dragons are born.
Should I even bother with the unicorn?

A horse had a stick on its head.
Woke up with it from bed.
It was wet and shined.
Unicorns then aligned.

A black cat came by.
It is hard on the eye.
Oh, I stubbed my little toe.
Such back luck for them to show.

666 is here.
Run in fear.
Numbers made by man.
Someone wasn't a fan.

I farted out gas.
It was quite the mass.
It showed up in the sky.
A UFO upon high.

Pffft gullible humans through the ages. And guess what? It still rages. Believing everything because it is on TV. Wowweeee now that is something to see. Adding flare makes ratings rise. Don't you love being soooo wise? I think I just saw a centaur walk by. Oh wait, it was a dog with some guy. I guess that would be a humamutt. Wow, now there is one to make the cut. Are you a gullible lad or lass? If so, come buy a humamutt for $18,000 a pop from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Dissection Of Inspection!

The cat gave a cheer the other day as he didn't have to pay. Or rather Pat did it. What do I care about that money shit? All came back clear when the car's safety inspection came near.

Done the inspection.
Went through the collection.
There was no detection.
Not one single rejection.

No need for a selection.
No need for any protection.
You won't hear any objection,
For your car passed the inspection.

Out in a parking section,
Came upon a new inspection.
An inspection toward my direction,
Questioning the first inspection.

Look past the midsection.
Your tires need some affection.
At least an air injection.
They should have caused a rejection.

You sure need a correction,
Over that safety inspection.
An accident will make a connection,
And insurance will give a deflection.

Need more than disinfection.
At least to my recollection.
I'd demand a reelection.
Or a new stage direction.

Bust at an intersection,
Whoops, to that interjection.
Would cost even more from a non-detection.
But will cause no insurrection.

We will fix the whole section.
We did so good with your inspection.
You'll never make the connection.
As we didn't give you a rejection.

That place has no affection.
They missed the detection.
Lazy sobs in that direction.
Just giving a deflection.

But at least a stupid inspection,
Beats another non detection.
A urinary tract infection,
Would sure be rough on an erection.

Ever go through that? Stupid mechanic where you are at? Oh yeah, it passes with ease. Nothing in your car is wrong and away you can breeze. Whoops, the tires are pretty much done. Yeah, but we passed them as they run. Though you'd get away with no cash. Whoops, back to us we want you to dash. Pffft they can suck on the gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Wordless Day At My Bay!

.....umm.....ummm...didn't I ruin it already? For in the titles words came steady. Whoops, just proved wordless wrong. Shhh don't tell the others as they still play along.

A wordless Wednesday,
Has come to play.
Here on a Saturday,
Hiding from the Wednesday fray.

But words were used.
Used and fused.
The title is still words.
Confusing the birds?

Cannibals like to eat.
They sure like to eat meat.
Comedians like to be funny.
Funny to take your money.

Comedians are still meat.
Cannibals still think them sweet?
Or do they taste funny?
Ask the Easter Bunny?

How can the Lone Ranger be Lone?
Yes, he didn't have a phone.
But he had Tonto, even if it was Depp.
Does Tonto not have enough pep?

If money doesn't grow on trees,
Paying us whenever we please,
Why do banks have branches?
Maybe such trees are on far away ranches?

Wrestle or Box.
Chase some guy named Fox.
The ring is square.
Hmm, something off there?

If marriage means you fall in love,
Thanking all Heaven above.
Does divorce mean you climbed out?
That may make one pout.

Time to go to the rink,
Or whatever sporting event you think.
You are sitting in the stands.
Shouldn't they be called sits across the lands?

If love is blind,
So says mankind,
How come sex toys sell well?
Blind would make for a very tough sell.

Got your mind working today? The cat has many questions at play. Are you stuck in confused mode now? Did any make you think wow? The cat can have plenty more come to pass, but you were made to think enough for one day by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 10, 2017

It's Free For Thee!

We know free is never free as we've been there at our sea. Well unless you steal then you may get a deal. A plea deal that is with your thief biz. But then you'll have lots with your jailhouse cots. That sure spun around. Are you confused as to what will be found?

Back on time.
Turned on a dime.
Around the clock.
Humans do rock.

Can't leave it alone.
Changes at the tone.
But we've been there.
Said that double at my lair.

Hey, it's my time.
So I dropped the dime.
That would be twenty cents.
Won't pay any rents.

I can do math too.
Doesn't that impress you?
Hey, it's my time.
Like your time reading this rhyme.

Or are you a skimmer?
That brain grow dimmer?
Not in your prime.
Either way it's your time.

Doing something though.
Yep, here at my show.
You sure are doing it.
Reading my quick wit.

Witty and free.
In the place to be.
I stole Blue's line.
He may curse the feline.

But he did it on his time.
Maybe even sucking a lime.
Now we're back to doing.
Are you already shooing?

Shooing the confusion away,
Can make for a fun day.
But doing you still are,
Whether near or afar.

Figure it out?
Both words are about.
Time and free.
I've taken up the free time of thee.

Is time ever free? Always doing something at your sea. Even if thinking or sleeping it is something to do. Time is being used by you. Maybe wasted and maybe free? Beats the heck out of me. I am asking thee. Can time be free? In your free time you can contemplate that from a rhyming cat. Hmm or maybe ask the singing bass. He only sings to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Inquire To Require!

The cat has a list for you today. A list that you must obey. If you don't you'll have to go. Maybe go play with a crow? The crow can't rhyme. That may be a crime.

Requirements to stay.
A law to obey.
Can't break or bend.
Can't buck the trend.

You are required to.
Simple at my zoo.
Requirements are to require.
Hmm did that backfire?

Is your brain confused?
Do you feel abused?
That I may require,
As it shall never expire.

I require even more.
Requirements to require gets an encore.
A double requirement dose.
Don't go comatose.

Now you must not rust.
Yep, no rust or it's bust.
That requirement is a must.
And you can't have dust.

You must use windows 10.
Yeah, you heard it at my den.
You need to use that crap.
It's a requirement to flap.

You need a $15,000 laptop.
The cream of the crop.
Can't have any cheapos here.
I'm a regal rhyming rear.

You must be of a certain age.
If not, flip the page.
I require you to do so.
Can't be too high or too low.

Also you must be PC.
That is the way to be.
I require it of you.
There is no swearing too.

I require to inspire.
Inspire to require.
This is about to expire.
I think my pants are on fire.

If you believe any of that I require, I've got a bridge to sell that I just set on fire. I'm a liar liar. Don't you love the nonsense some require? I think they lost the meaning of the word. Some requirements are so stupid and absurd. They sure aren't required at all to do whatever it is at ones hall. But they want you to spend cash in mass. Pfffft all they'll get is used litter from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Thirst Of The First!

A thirst for first or you may burst. Burst into what? Beats this nut. But first is given a go. Burned into the mind at ones show. If one has a brain to recall it. Some are rather a umm forgetful dimwit.

It's my first time.
My first time to rhyme.
Rhyme and rhyme.
Not in my prime.

Whoops, I lied.
More have taken a ride.
2500 before to be exact.
I worked that in with tact.

Prime has taken.
More are bakin.
I'm not fakin.
Sure not forsaken.

But it was first.
First is the worst.
Or is it the best?
First is the pest.

Damn it all.
First took the call.
It has to be best.
It beats the rest.

Screw time 500 or 2.
They may have came due.
They aren't as great as one.
One was truly great when done.

No matter what it is.
From dates to book biz.
The first is the best.
The rest are all a pest.

The first is more caring.
It may be more daring.
The first has you set.
The first is the best bet.

It is easy to do.
First time you screw.
Yeah that was the best.
Created the nest?

First can't be bested.
That rule has been tested.
First is in your head.
All others are put to bed.

Are you a first time nut? In a first is always the best rut? Sometimes that may be true and sometimes time 45,675,755 may be best at your zoo. But significance is only given to first. Can't let that bubble burst. Is this the first time you heard first sass? Sass sure isn't a first for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Little Rhyme I Wrote Note For Note!

The cat will get you all happy today. At least I may go that way. Maybe I won't though. That you should already know. I may even confuse. Either way, I'll surely amuse. Myself at least. I'm such an annoying beast.

A little rhyme I wrote.
It started with a note.
It has a happy vote.
All in the same boat.

Happy, happy, happy.
You can't be sappy.
Nope, not one bit.
Happy, happy, happy is it.

Positive thinking wins.
Even with some sins.
Think positive in the end.
Then go around the bend.

It helps you out.
No need to shout.
Happy is just the way.
Happy you will stay.

It's a way of life.
There is no need for strife.
Happy will get you through.
No need to be blue.

Forget what you eat.
Forget that sugary treat.
Forget exercising at all.
Forget ever standing tall.

Just be happy.
All will stay snappy.
Sappy is in the boathouse.
Even if you have a cheating spouse.

Happiness keeps you alive.
You will always survive.
There is no need to do anything.
Just stay happy and sing.

Forget your driving.
Forget skydiving.
Forget running with a knife.
Just be happy all your life.

It will be long.
Your life will be strong.
That is such a happy note.
So ends the rhyme I wrote.

Aren't you all happy now? Can't being happy just wow? Pffffffffffft to it at my sea. Some think all they need is a happy spree. Happy won't let you survive if you do nothing else to stay alive. But at least such nuts will die happy, all happy and yappy. Positive thinking can help some out that need it. Although you have to do more than be happy and sit. Otherwise you're walking on glass, which, may or may not, have just gotten smashed by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, November 6, 2017

It's A Steal With Today's Big Reveal!

I am going to reveal all today. Yep, I'm already a nude cat at my bay. But there is so much more to reveal. So many secrets that this will be a HUGE deal. Get ready at your sea. Here are some revealing tips for thee.

Get ready one.
Get ready all.
Reveals have spun,
Here on my wall.

The Earth is round.
Wowee, so true.
I'm so profound,
Revealing it to you.

Grass is green.
But it can turn brown.
You are now serene.
You'll never again frown.

Bills come due.
Now that is surprising.
I bet you never knew,
They needed no revising.

Ribbons make bows.
There she blows.
It was so on the nose,
You'll tell the crows.

Phones can call.
They even let you speak.
Call anyone at all.
Especially if up shit creek.

Cars still need gas.
Unless electric you go.
What came to pass?
Two for one at my show.

Posters hang on the wall.
Damn, I'm a roll.
I should make one at my hall,
About this revealing stroll.

Doors open up.
They close as well.
Don't spill your cup.
I know my revealing is swell.

All are on the letter.
Signed and sealed.
Nothing could be better,
Than what's been revealed.

Aren't you so happy now? I revealed such things that wow. That has to make your day. I had these secrets buried in my litter tray. Pfffffffffft most of these so called revealing facts all over the net are common sense to even the average house pet. But they are ohhhhh so revealing because they were said by...who cares. I just revealed clickbait reveals things to get stares. Anything revealing you want to tell the blogland mass? Feel free and reveal it to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Don't Fade On The Trade!

The cat has something for you today. I wonder what you'll give me for it at my bay. I am open to all options from you. Give it a go to see what comes due. It is the best. Better than all the rest.

Here is the trade.
In depths we wade.
What will you give?
It helps you live.

You'll trade cash?
I'll make a dash.
Whoops, not worth that.
Your trade is scat.

You'll give a car?
My, that will go far.
Nah, mine is worth more.
No trading at my shore.

You'll give a house?
Doesn't even have a mouse.
That sure sounds like a deal.
Nah, that trade I don't feel.

You'll give them all?
That is your last call?
What a great trade.
Whoops, that one will fade.

Mine is worth more.
Now go out the door.
Yours is worth so much less.
That I can confess.

Now what will you give?
It helps you live.
It is the best.
Will impress your guest.

So offer away.
Will you pay?
One million for it?
Now that is a hit.

But mine is still worth more.
So much more at my shore.
I can't take that.
Your deal is scat.

What will you trade?
It is a great can of Raid.
It will numb your tongue.
May even pop a lung.

Don't you want to trade? It is such a great can of Raid. Pffffft to stupid trading nuts. Theirs is always worth more than yours even if it is a pile of crap from mutts. Ever notice that? Yep, even when it is scat. They want the best trade as into such waters they wade. Good thing we avoid such a pass. I'll stay a non-trading little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Putting The Brakes On The Fakes!

A fake time has come due. I am taking a break at my zoo. I sooooo need it. Yep, every little bit. I just took a break last week. But I still need one at my creek. Do you believe the cat? Pfft we say to that.

Time for a break.
A break I can take.
Life is so rough.
That nothing to say stuff.

So it is time.
Break in its prime.
Breaks at the ready.
A break will come steady.

A study break.
A 55 I'll make.
That is fine.
A break is divine.

A work break.
I'm out on the lake.
Whoops, I got fired.
Bah, elsewhere I'll get hired.

A pee break.
Yeah, that I should take.
Otherwise could leave a mess.
Break more, not less.

A life break.
Umm how do you partake?
Do you go and drop dead?
That will clear thoughts from your head.

A kid break.
Drown them in the lake?
You'll get a break that way.
The slammer is where you'll stay.

An up break.
Down got the stake.
Break up or break down.
My, sure not whelmed with that frown.

A clean break.
My OCD would make.
May even bake a cake.
Food poisoning would give all a break.

Them are the breaks.
Multiples like rakes.
The pointy things I mean.
At least breaks can be clean.

You sure need breaks a ton. No wonder nothing ever gets done. All you do is take a break. Can't put the brakes on that when you're awake. Sleeping must be so rough. Oh yeah, and that I have nothing to say stuff. Do you break more than work in the day? If yes, the cat may make fun at his bay. I think I'm breaking up now with this pass. I better hang up before you lose my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Leaky Boat With No Goat!

What was that? Goats can't help where they are at? Bah, the cat already did a book on that. Hmm, shameless plug from the cat. How about that? Hey, thoughts are just a leaking out with each repeat that stat.

Sprung a leak.
Down the creek.
Or up the creek.
You still have a leak.

Plug the leak.
Not at its peak.
No need to freak.
Please don't shriek.

Wait a week.
A brand new leak.
Two makes a streak,
As in the leaks sneak.

Plug the new leak.
You swear in Greek.
Re-plug the old leak,
You still don't shriek.

Wait a week.
A brand new leak.
Now this is a streak.
Weren't we up this creek?

Plug the new leak.
You swear in Greek.
Re-plug each old leak.
What's with repeat speak?

Wait a week.
A brand new leak.
Now you squeak.
Fearing taking a peek.

But you're so meek.
So you plug the leak.
The leak doesn't tweak.
Its strength is weak.

Week by week,
Comes the leak.
Weaker by the week.
Taking it on the cheek.

The leak is bleak.
It reached its peak.
Now you can shriek,
As you're up shit creek.

Aren't you glad all you did was plug the leak instead of making like a geek? By geek I mean fixing the leak and not just plugging it with no tweak. A patch may work for a squeak but eventually that becomes a shriek. We aren't just talking about boats that leak. But I'm sure you got that at my creek. Life can have leaks in mass. Not just boats or the gas that leaks out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Round Sixty Two Comes To You!

Slowly they still trickle in as they take a search engine for a spin. I guess the nuts died off maybe? We can only hope at out sea. But they provide a post here and there, so here are a few more with no brains to spare.

nic cage eagle head

Is he still talked about? When last did he put something decent out?

it halloween time so here a rhyme

Halloween is over
For you me and rover.
Now if you want some candy,
You better have cash handy.

singing cat oct 2016 hoo

We don't sing. Not in October or spring.

tickwatch kickstarter

Ummm okay. I'll send you my email if you'd like to donate my way.

just a little thick

A chubby chaser are you? Everyone needs love at their zoo.

rosie o'donnell whip dominatrix 

Hmm, I may take that back. Not everyone in the human pack.

cassie cat walks first time

She walked when she came. You are rather lame.

no fun at all in a rhyme rar

Well if you could spell maybe some fun would dwell.

only a fart apart

Gas sets all apart. You can take that to heart.

elsi mopin

Old one eye is crying? Damn, Canadians at her beach she must be spying.

blicky blick

Don't like old one eye? Yeah, her scary view can make some cry.

Pat on my knee

Pat gets a ride? I think he'll hide.

you only jump now

Jump to where? Do you jump fair?

jan 01, 2012 · notes from all over. sunday, january 01, 2012. merry christmas and a happy new year! posted by mike at ... subscribe to: posts (atom) blog archive

Ummm errr, okay. Who typed that long ass thing out at their bay?

And the winner of today sure likes to play. Not sure anyone would want to join in. But then again, a few may want to give it a spin. You may not want to say so though if your answer isn't no.

play with my tallywhacker game

So many rules could come into play. I'll stick with being snip snip at my bay. No rules to follow at all there. The cat can run around without a care. And so another round has come to pass with the search engine nuts who find my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Little Drop To The Insecure Crop!

It rains it pours,
Has taken tours.
Is it true? 
Maybe with the boo hoo.

Not weather though.
Sorry, don't flow.
A little drizzle.
Out it will fizzle.

Then comes the sun.
Can shine on anyone.
Up it will sizzle.
Goodbye to the drizzle.

Evaporation is key.
It was for dino pee.
It is for drizzle too.
Even that from you.

Evaporate and gone.
Used later on the lawn.
Something good of it.
Until it grows a bit.

Then you have to mow.
Ninja Wannabe goes, oh no.
Growing from drizzle.
And after the fizzle.

How can that be?
Grows like a tree.
Growth of life.
Free from strife.

It isn't true.
Boo hoo, boo hoo.
Pouring now.
Having a cow.

The cow gets a drink.
Not brought to the brink.
Positive there.
If you're aware.

Rains it pours?
Pfft to such tours.
Pours if let it come.
Either way, always helps some.

Who knew that would come from rain? Or the boo hoo of pain. Letting it evaporate can save the day and keep the pouring away. Do you let it pour or take a new tour? Ever think you are drinking dino pee? Look, insecurities gone from disgust I just gave to thee. I think I'll go water the grass. The only love it gets is what comes out the opposite side of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.