Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Second None For Fun!

The cat will make this post none. Yep, isn't none fun? You'll see nothing here at all because this is none at my hall. None at all. None at my hall. A repeat none. Isn't that fun?

First was Hank.
Did he walk the plank?
Maybe a ninja attack.
Either way, none gets no flack.

For it is none.
None for fun.
A none run.
Run of the none.

For first don't count.
Nope, not an amount.
Not one bit.
First don't mean shit.

It is none.
None for fun.
None by the ton.
Did we do this run?

None doesn't exist.
Are you pissed?
You got none.
It's not like one.

It is none.
One none is fun.
Three nones is fun.
Stack them up when done.

They don't exist.
So won't be missed.
But that is the way.
None is out to play.

Play with you.
Yep, it's true.
Truth in the none.
Isn't that fun?

None's the way.
That's what you say.
Second gets best.
First fails the test.

Why is that?
Beats the cat.
For none just has fun.
This post is second to none.

Get where I was going with my showing? Are you confused? Yeah, that would make me amused. How can something be second to none? Can be second to one, but second to none? Isn't being second to something that doesn't exist fun? I think we should stick with first as the pass. No second to none-ing for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Friday, March 16, 2018

All In View Are After You!

Did you see that? It was a cat. It may have been me. It may have been we. How are you to know? You see the wind blow? Now mother nature is after you. What are you to do?

That shadow is alive.
How will you survive?
It's watching you.
It is very true.

That rock knows as well.
That curtain raises hell.
That guy walking by...
I know he is a bad guy.

That hat on your head...
That sheet over the bed...
That flag flying in the air...
Those strands of ass hair...

They see me.
They are up a tree.
They are there too.
Wherever there is a view.

They are after me.
After me and my tree.
I can't live like this.
Did you hear that hiss?

They are after my money.
It so isn't funny.
They are after my job.
Me they want to rob.

They are after my house.
I see you...mouse.
You aren't getting me.
You or that fuzzy bee.

They want in.
They think it sin.
They watch everything I do.
It is very very very true.

She is against me.
Along with anyone you'd call he.
Heck, even everyone you'd call she.
I can't live free.

Everyone is out to get me.
I'm telling the truth to thee.
Wait, you are out to get me too.
It's a conspiracy that's true.

Pfffft is all the cat can say. A nut like this actually came our way. She thought everyone and everything were out to get her. The lines sure did blur. Or maybe that was her brain as it went on the nonsense train. Ever have to deal with a conspiracy nut who's all about me? Were they right saying they were being targeted by thee? That would probably be a no that came to pass. How such dumb people survive the day sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I Figure I'll Post At My Coast!

So I guess I'll post, whoops wrong one to boast. Guessing isn't the way. Figuring rules this day. Are you figuring things out yet? You will soon I bet.

Figuring out a post.
From coast to coast.
Stole a line.
But that is fine.

Figure I'll hear about it.
Maybe in a bit.
I figure it is like that.
I figure I'm right on the stat.

I figure this will run.
I figure it will be done.
I figure it may not be.
I figure I'm confusing thee.

One out of four may be right.
I figure those odds aren't a fright.
I figure it is okay.
I figure we'll be on our way.

You're still here?
My figuring isn't clear.
I figure I need to tweak it.
I figure there won't be a fit.

I figure I'll fit that in.
When will it take a spin?
I figure about next month some time.
I figure I'll never be a mime.

I figure you're on to me.
I figure you climbed that tree.
Not the one out your door.
I figure you knew that at your shore.

I figure and not guess.
I figure I better confess.
I figure that is wise.
I figure I tell no lies.

Guess I better retract.
Bah, pretend it is a fact.
I figure it will work.
Figuring is such a perk.

I guess I'm done.
Another rhyme spun.
I figure it's true.
Now I am off at my zoo.

Do you figure things a lot? Does your figuring ever create an actual plot? Did you figure out my rhyme? Are you still stuck on a tree climb? Go tree climbing if you like. Can climb on a hike. I figure that probably won't come to pass, but if so you can tell how it goes to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Right To Left Kinda Theft!

The cat lies about each day that I don't need to say. But I will still say it, as you humans go about the 9-5 bit. Although some can be a pain as they go the wrong yet right lane.

Here we go.
New job to do.
Look at that show,
An eye rhyme for you.

Double the rhyme.
Such a fun way.
New stairs to climb.
I'll have to try that display.

Back on task.
What was it?
No need to ask.
Out it I'll spit.

Rules set in place.
That they are.
Rules to embrace.
Don't leave the door ajar.

That is wise.
That is right.
I tell no lies.
I won't even bite.

Follow my instructions to the letter.
Don't waiver one bit.
Stick to them you better,
Or I'll put you in deep shit.

Hey, that was wrong.
It shouldn't have been done.
You didn't play along.
You aren't going to have fun.

Oh hey, look.
It was on the rules.
You followed my book.
Even used the right tools.

My bad.
Forget it.
I'll fix it a tad.
No need to hiss and spit.

You did what?
How could you?
Don't be a nut.
Whoops, I screwed that up too.

Ever deal with a rule nut? One really, really, really in a rule rut? Then you find out their rules were wrong and they try to sing a different song? Sometimes they may even try and blame you, but pffft to that at our zoo. We'll let them have it if that were the case. Such people do you embrace? On them we try to take a pass but then Pat does have to feed my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

An Entitled Free For Thee!

Here we are. A free rhyme near and far. It is free from me to you. Hmm but not the cable company at your zoo. Or would that be internet provider? I'll let you figure out that slider.

This rhyme is free.
Free as can be.
Errr umm not.
We spun that plot.

You pay for online.
You pay for it to align.
One way or another,
Even leeching off your mother.

But oh no.
It's a free show.
Let's think like that.
Then we can chew fat.

$1000 on that car.
Bah, that won't go far.
We should have it for free.
We have a big family you see.

You really want $10 for that?
I'll offer a fee that is flat.
You'll really love this fee.
What is it? Free!

Life is hard.
Need a mower for the yard.
I see you have a spare.
Give me it for free to show you care.

I'm free to ask.
Not a hurtful task.
Been there too.
Try again at your zoo.

You are soooo mean.
This is a free screen.
Why can't all be that way?
I may throw in a bale of hay.

That isn't worth $400 bucks.
I will use it for my ducks.
You should give it for free.
Don't you want to pity me?

Self entitled a bit?
Bah, who needs that shit.
Life is just really really hard on me.
Can't you accept my offer of free?

Ever deal with a free nut? They sure are in a self entitled rut. Many have money that they don't want to spend. Yet free they offer and expect you to bend. Those who really need things find a way, usually, at the end of the day. Those free nuts can suck on gas. That is all they are entitled to from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Look At That View.......Boo!

The TV is on. We all know it a con. They con you out of this and that. They stand there and chew the fat. Sometimes they literally do. McDonalds still isn't healthy for you. Sorry to burst that bubble. Time to go into a new pile of rubble.

There's my show.
It's the best.
Love the foe.
It passes the test.

It shows the truth.
The truth in fiction.
Ask someone named Ruth,
Its the truest depiction.

Even the news.
It is all true.
How can you lose,
When none lie to you.

Shooting in this place.
That is soo bad.
Travel I'll never embrace,
To such a pad.

Forget the 50 good things done.
We focus on the bad.
You can't go there for fun.
As no fun will be had.

This show's based there.
Based on real life too.
500 episodes makes one beware,
So many criminals there to view.

You'll get shot or beaten.
You may get robbed.
Travel plans will never sweeten,
As you can get mobbed.

That place has nothing at all.
They said so on TV.
The writing is on the wall.
The actors treated it like pee.

That place is super dangerous to go.
Disease and such runs wild.
What disease? I don't know.
But the TV show said it wasn't mild.

The TV says it is a scary place.
So be very very afraid.
There you just don't want to go.
Believe it all when plans are made.

Ever not go somewhere because of a fictional show? I hope the answer is more or less no. Ever realize the news is only showing the bad? Not much of the good at any pad. Not that some are good but not all places are a scary hood. They love to make you think twice though as all the bad crap they show, even when it is fiction in tow. Most of the time you'll be safe with a traveling trespass, but I'll still stay home and relax my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Get Flush And Feel The Rush!

Time is running out. We have to get this about. We can't not get it in. That would be a sin. What is the cat to do. The seconds are ticking by with your view. That is ever so bad. Some may get mad.

Oh shush.
I'm in a rush.
Can't you see?
I'm running by thee.

My mouth is flapping.
I increased my yapping.
Even if you can't understand,
I have things in hand.

Look at that ticking.
Now I'm cherry picking.
Where the cherries are I don't know.
Shush, no time for such a flow.

We have to get done.
Until now it was fun.
But that can't last.
I need to talk fast.

This you need to know.
Time is ticking low.
I have to rush more.
No time for an encore.

Shush, with the questions.
I need no suggestions.
I have to get it through.
I can't leave any thing out for you.

It is almost time.
Time for a new rhyme.
But this one has to get through.
How will that be true?

Seconds remain.
My hand is in pain.
My throat tickles too.
Shut up, you!

I'm getting there.
Seconds to spare.
There. It's done.
Wasn't that info dump fun?

Now get going.
I have another showing.
I'm in a rush.
Move your tush.

Ever go to something where they super rushed at the end? Can be many a thing you attend. From seminars to movies to this or that. Rushing away they do as they try and get in every stat. Instead of leaving you with a pleasant thought all you can remember is their rushing spot. Notice the cat rushing at the end? I stuck in an eye rhyme trend. That is just an example of how things can screw up in mass. It was meant to be done by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Get Bent Not What I Meant!

Ever say something that got taken the wrong way? That can sure happen any old day. Or hearing something the wrong way or reading more into it at play. So many ways to get bent with a not what I meant.

Get bent.
Pitch a tent.
What I meant,
You toothless gent.

Actually said worse.
More like a curse.
No reading more into it.
On the surface every bit.

Can you read more into saying?
That may get a replaying.
Reading more into words from a yap.
Do you write it down after such a lap?

You ran a lap?
Damn there, chap.
Why do that?
Not what was meant from the cat.

Meant and meaning,
Needs a screening.
Maybe subtitles for the common sense impaired.
That means few would be spared.

You said what?
How could you say such smut?
My mind was in the gutter?
Don't talk to me about such clutter.

What a twist.
Could it be missed?
Beats little old me.
Confused are thee.

You can't mean that.
Another added stat.
For I meant what was said.
The toothless gent should go drown at club med.

Just for a little while.
Murder isn't our style.
So was that meant?
Damn, so confusing as meant gets sent.

That's not what I meant.
But away you just went.
Ass up over nothing at all.
Maybe give your shrink a call.

Some sure find things that aren't there. Do you go a looking at your lair? Do you try to clarify before running away? Some things can be taken many a way that people say. Cry babies are the first to show. They think an offending you did go. When really the only one offending anyone are their own idiot minds. Unless one said pound sand up certain behinds. Then that can be taken as meant. Do words get you bent? Maybe one should think with each pass. Or at least clarify some things that come from all including my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Friday, March 9, 2018

A Dumb Way Without A Smart Foray!

We have given it a go with the dumbed down show. But it is far more rampant than books or that. For it seems everywhere everyone wants scat. Or have brains of it. In other words, full of shit.

Dumbed down.
Wear that crown.
All you seek.
Appeal to the meek.

Appeal to the mighty.
Those in a nighty.
Appeal to all.
Follow the bouncing ball.

Don't get too hard.
Play the same card.
Actually dumb it down more.
Too much info is a chore.

Get it out now.
Don't raise many an eyebrow.
Just go for dumb.
That will leave all a merry chum.

Can't be a reverse.
May make some curse.
Like those with limited vocabulary,
As their cousins they marry.

Smarten up is a foul.
People will growl.
Can't have them wise.
Down, not highs.

A higher IQ.
Some work coming due.
A reason to learn.
A brand new turn.

Nope, none of that.
Keep pumping out scat.
Keep the head dull.
Shrink the brain in every skull.

Smarten up by dumbing down.
Now that deserves a crown.
All will smarten up to the dumb.
Follow the merry bread crumb.

Kept under the dumb.
Under a big thumb.
Keep all a lazy bum.
Smarten up? Pffft go chew some gum.

How many times have you herd smarten up compared to dumb down? I bet the latter gets the crown. Can't confuse the poor masses with widening asses. No, you have to keep it simple. Any extra brain strain may cause them to get a pimple. Pffft lazy people and lazy creators join as one and the same old laziness is spun. Maybe I'll just remake, redo and repeat this rhyming sass. Then I could sell 1,000,000 books from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Great And Powerful Schmuck Goes Cluck!

The cat has spotted hair. Look at it all shiny at my lair. Doesn't it impress you? It is shiny and catches the eye of you. Now bow down without bowing. Follow my every meowing.

I'm on top.
Top of the crop.
All because of you.
But shhh forget that clue.

Top of the heap.
No need to leap.
You helped me up.
Dumb as a pup.

I can call names.
Brings even more claims.
Gets me even higher.
I shall never expire.

All powerful me.
Followed by thee.
Like a chicken going cluck.
You give me every last buck.

All because of what?
I'm top at my hut?
For doing not much.
Hey, reach out and touch.

Cling to me like masses.
All with heads up asses.
I even made fun.
But I offended no one.

You follow and laugh.
Even tattoo your calf.
All in the name of me.
Really, I'm no better than thee.

But look at you go.
I put on a two minute show.
You cling to every word.
Then I flip you the bird.

No matter what.
Come knowledge or smut.
You believe in me.
Sad sad fate for thee.

But I'm on top.
My power can't stop.
You gave it to me,
And continue to do so for free.

Ever think of that? How you follow or look up to some dumb scat. When really the only reason they have any say or sway is because of you at your bay. Take that away and they are a dumb schmuck that goes cluck. But instead people flock to the oh so powerful in mass. Pffft they can suck on the gas of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Run Of The Mill Go And Fill!

 Time for trash.
A trash type bash.
A bash with trash?
Don't have to splish and splash.

Or splash and splish.
What a dish.
Chucked it goes.
There she blows.

Or maybe he.
Dish a he or she?
Beats little old me.
On with my spree.

That is junk.
Goes kerplunk.
That is used.
No longer perused.

Tossed and gone.
Not a con.
Off it goes.
Suffer no woes.

Taken by the truck.
And what the fluck.
Never a single thought.
No added type plot.

Just sat by the lawn,
Forgotten and gone.
Simple as can be.
Unless a hoarder are thee.

Then ignore me.
No help for thee.
You'll be buried by your stuff.
Death by trash would be rough.

Trash day.
Here is play.
Why is that?
Followed the cat?

Insecure and trash.
Both can give a bad rash.
But both can be tossed.
And nothing is lost.

Well unless you leave money in something you trash then it may be lost in the trash mash. But otherwise trash pays you no mind. It is tossed out by all of mankind. All but hoarders that is. Pffft to their nutso biz. So if you can toss trash without thinking why not give insecurity the same sinking? Let them sink into the landfill like broken glass. I'm sure you get what was said by my ever so secure little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Doesn't Hurt So Flirt!

The cat will ask a lot today. Is that any different that any other day at my bay? Asking questions already. They may sure come steady. Some may even run. I could really tick off a nun. But it doesn't hurt. So let's flirt.

No need for a mask.
Just go to the task.
Put away the flask,
For it doesn't hurt to ask.

Walk up on the street.
Talking is ever so neat.
All will find you sweet.
You won't be left in defeat.

Give your skill a flex.
Wanna have sex?
When's the last time you did?
Do you both want to bid?

Care to ride my bike?
Do you want to take a hike?
Wow, how'd you get so fat?
Why do you smell like scat?

What died in your hair?
Do you care if I stare?
How'd you get such big feet?
Do you think small things are neat?

Do you always sweat so much?
Can I reach out and touch?
Your kid is ugly, right?
Do you take it out in the daylight?

Is it okay if I hump your leg?
Want to get stuffed in my keg?
Can my dog hump your leg?
Do you enjoy how I beg?

Can I eat your nose?
Did I sink to new lows?
Is going low fun?
Why aren't you a nun?

What is that for?
Why can't I have an encore?
I want to ask more.
Don't slam the door.

It was just a task.
Don't throw your flask.
I may now need a mask.
I guess it hurts to ask.

Still think it doesn't hurt to ask? In the sun you won't bask. Unless your dead body lies in a field or you have a mighty sturdy shield. The cat just proved another saying wrong. Want to play along? Go out and try. You may only get a black eye. Or you may lose one or two. Blind would suck at your zoo. So don't go asking anything in mass as it may hurt you more than my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Monday, March 5, 2018

A Make Believe Day Here At Play!

Did you know that you are as bad as small kids? Some adults even flip their lids. At least kids have an excuse for such a pass. Adults tend to have their head up their umm mass. But make believe I'm wrong and go back to playing Donkey Kong.

Today is my day.
Come what may.
It I will do.
It will be in view.

I'm just the best.
I can pass every test.
I am the best.
At least with the ego test.

A repeat rhyme.
That is a crime.
I have an issue.
I may need a tissue.

It was me.
I rhymed free.
I rhymed repeat.
That leaves me in defeat.

There's a block in the way.
A brain block at play.
Damn this brain of mine.
It won't make things align.

That cat hair got me.
It flew around free.
It went up my nose.
Now I can't strike a pose.

I stepped on a crack.
It brought pain in my back.
The pain isn't there yet,
But it will come, a safe bet.

I heard a goose squawk.
Now I can't talk.
It put a hex on me.
Oh no, I can't really see.

I can see but can't.
I stepped on an ant.
The ant is to blame.
I failed my initial claim.

It wasn't on me.
I'm the best you see.
That repeat rhyme,
Struck me down in my prime.

Get what went on there? All BS with more to spare. I made up make believe problems at my sea. Know any humans who go on such a spree? We surely do and it amounts to more than two. Could do it, but magic cat fur screwed you. Yeah, and I'm an elephant at our zoo. Such adults can make believe as well as any young lad or lass but they are called nothing but lazy by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Abandon It Where You Sit?

The abandoning way is sure here today. Or is it on display? It sure is a flip flop with what you humans stop. But the cat would expect nothing less of you. For many a human has a loose screw.

The pager is here.
It beeps when you aren't near.
Beep, beep, beep.
All the way into the trash heap.

Cigarettes are so cool.
Smoke them at school.
They cause cancer you say?
Bah, let's leave them on display.

Cable TV.
Great way to see.
Whoops, not any more.
Can easily find an encore.

GMO has come.
Eat it and then some.
Modifying it sure is a perk.
Keep selling it, Walmart clerk.

The outhouse.
Could hold a mouse.
Could freeze things too.
Hello indoor loo.

War is the best.
Proves a manly or womanly test.
They are so evil over there.
Let's keep at it with all unaware.

Women stay at home.
Not allowed to roam.
Those days are done.
Two incomes better than one.

Gas is a perk.
Have to get to work.
Keep the fossil fuel coming.
Oil drums are chumming.

Mailing a letter.
Do way is better.
We have to write and pay.
Whoops, email came out to play.

Smog is the best.
Passes every test.
Maybe just by a smidgen.
Oh look, a pigeon.

Don't you love how easy it is when they go out of date biz? Yet a lot of outdated or crap that is bad for you isn't abandoned at any zoo. All comes back to the dough. So no way such crap can go. That and many humans are dumb, believing what they see as they sit on their ever growing bum. I will now abandon this rhyme and pass gas. Hopefully that won't make me a global warming little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Okay Goes Astray!

The cat finds you humans mix things up a lot. That has to be one weird plot. Or maybe you just get dumber with age? Like when a B movie keeps setting the stage? But hey, that's okay. Let's be on our merry way.

Stubbed your toe.
The pain will go.
May hurt for a bit.
You may say shit.

But away it goes.
Back to normal toes.
No more toe woes.
You'll be okay knows.

Then it flips.
Maybe it trips.
Who knows after the toe.
But it hits a new low.

You stole some dough.
So many people know.
Maybe no one knows.
That's okay still flows.

You murder some dude.
He gave attitude.
Or maybe not.
That's still an okay plot.

You scam old folks.
Or maybe young blokes.
Either or and still scammed.
That's okay still gets jammed.

Paid your dues.
Win or lose.
Win you did not.
But you got a pot.

Either or we go.
To know or not know.
Would that be try?
Do or do not can fly.

For that's okay.
Okay some say.
Even through the screaming.
Okay keeps on a streaming.

Okay for you.
Okay for two.
That makes it okay.
Now let's hit replay.

Do you justify things that aren't okay? Do you give okay a run at your bay? Okay sure went by the wayside. Maybe it went for a hell of a ride. There are different levels of okay I suppose. But not really any fully okay blows. Even that okay toe may come back to bite you. Arthritis later on could come due. But that is okay, we'll worry about it another day. Okay, I am done with my sass, so off I go with my A OK little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Time To Force With The Source!

This is a whole other kind of force. No need to go all Yoda on a golf course. Not sure why that popped in. We'll blame it on so and so for a win. What? We can't do that? Bah, you humans do it where you are at.

Ever reliable on the go.
This is something you need to know.
There is no reason not to tell.
This information is ever so swell.

It will swell your head.
You may want to stay in bed.
It will swell your face.
Are you ready to embrace?

The world will end today.
Yep, kaput at your bay.
Even here at little old mine.
That is so bad for the feline.

But how do I know?
Ever reliable on the go.
Reliable sources that is.
One is just a math whizz.

The other is a mathlete.
He really can compete.
Or it could be a she.
I'm not telling thee.

Another comes from far away.
They really know what to say.
They said it all times two.
They even had proof that I can't show you.

That tidbit is the best.
It stood them above the rest.
You can't beat my sources.
They even own their own horses.

Hmm did that give them away?
Nah, plenty of horses across the bay.
Or is there that many over there?
Bah, the world will end so what do I care.

Another source came to me.
He told me...or was it a she?
I can't tell you that.
But he told me the Earth is flat.

Can you believe that guy?
That source ran dry.
But these sources are true.
I swear that they have a clue.

Don't you love reliable sources at your sea? I'm sure they are so reliable that they charge a fee. Or maybe they are from outer space. Tinfoil hat people might embrace. I have a reliable source that says tomorrow will come. Don't you love the gullibility of the dumb? Hmm, did you fall for my reliable source pass? Hopefully not, or you may get made fun of by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Mandatory You Comes Due!

Did you know that after you read a single word it is mandatory to have your voice heard? Yeah, you just haaaave to leave a comment. If not, hate will sure be sent. Mandatory stuff. You can't get enough.

When you work,
Pays a perk.
You do what they say,
Or be on your way.

Within reason that is.
Try to avoid the illegal biz.
But when you gotta eat,
Ethics aren't a treat.

Hey, just saying.
But they're paying.
So follow the rules.
No anti-mandatory fools.

But on your own.
A mandatory tone?
Some say it's true.
Is that anything new?

Mandatory to check email.
Check it without fail.
10 times a day that is.
There may be a pop quiz.

Mandatory to mow the lawn.
On the same day at dawn.
Rain, snow, sleet or hail.
Damn, they stole that from the mail.

Mandatory to not be rude.
Go ahead and eat that food.
Even if allergic or you hate it.
Eat it and pretend you give a shit.

Mandatory to get married.
Alone you can't be buried.
So go out and mingle.
Have to get rid of that single.

Mandatory to feed the cat.
Yeah, can't let that fall flat.
For if you make a cat suffer woes,
They'll go and eat your toes.

Mandatory has come and gone.
Finding itself to be a con.
If in the end it seems to stick,
Kick the mandatory umm dick.

Are you all about the mandatory rules? Damn, some are sure made up by fools. Are you a mandatory email checker? Ready to eat that allergy causing sandwich double decker? Say that three times fast. It is mandatory to join the cast. Or umm maybe not. Don't you love the mandatory plot? Now I'll go pass some gas. It's a mandatory function of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.