Monday, April 30, 2018

Okie Dokey Xylomokey!

The a to z is coming to an end. Now back to my usual trend. Hmm is it any different of a trend? Maybe that I should amend. Or maybe not. For we give X a trot!

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Xylomokey isn't hokey.
It is more of a dokey.
A hokey dokey is is not.
But a dokey okie may hit the spot.

Or maybe okie dokey.
That isn't too pokey.
A pokey dokey would fail.
Pokey dokey must hit the trail.

Xylomokey is rather mean.
Xylomokey makes a scene.
Xylomokeys together chatter.
What about? Does it matter?

Tokey dokey up in flames.
Xylomokey won't name names.
Dokey tokey gets away.
Xylomokey had its say.

Cookey mokey doesn't rhyme.
Xylomokey think it's a crime.
So dokey cookey gets the shaft.
Xylomokey ain't born on no raft.

Xylomokeys say ain't.
No need to hokey faint.
Wanna, gonna may apply.
Xylomokey doesn't like to lie.

Dokey okie kinda pokey.
One must be a little tokey.
Xylomokey will never tell.
That isn't lying that befell.

Xylomokey may befall.
Hokey tokey damns it all.
Xylomokey can't make it in.
Pokey dokey thinks it a sin.

Xylomokey rants and raves.
Xylomokey lives in caves.
Hokey dokey has its way.
Xylomokey goes out to play.

Okie dokey Xylomokey.
Time to pokey dokey an okie.
The okie may be hokey pokey.
But that won't bother a Xylomokey.

What was that? You're confused by the cat? Isn't that the way any old day? Ever see a Xylomokey where you are at? They are bigger than a rat. But they are smaller than a bear. They even have a deadly stare. So if a Xylomokey should trespass, okie dokey it away thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Be The Whiz Of The Quiz!

Or if you want to whiz, don't use my litter box to do your biz. The cat just wanted to let you know that. Now on we go where we are at. For you will be tested today. Hint: the answer isn't always A.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


1. If the cat went to sleep today when would he come out to play?

A. When you go to sleep at your keep.
B. When night sets in I'd take a spin.
C. When I have to go in the you know.
D. When I want food from the food dude.
E. All of the above gets the love.

2. If I posted tomorrow what time will I borrow?

A. At 7 we'll be in heaven.
B. At 6 we'll jump candlesticks.
C. At 8 we'll fling a spring mate.
D. At 2 we'll give a bare view.
E. At 4 we'll go on a outhouse museum tour.

3. What did Blue lose from his attire, unless he's a liar.

A. Lost his eye. Poor blue guy.
B. Lost is wick. Damn, that's ick.
C. Lost his shoe and now he's blue.
D. Lost his handcuff key and Angie won't let him free.
E. Lost is suit to some happy humper brute.

4. Who likes to yap and never shut her trap? 

A. Brad, he misses his dad.
B. Frank, got no gas in his tank.
C. Anne, she's a one eye fan.
D. Pam, she hates when you say damn.
E. Flappy, nonsense gets yappy.

5. If you walk ten feet, how far have you gone down the street?

A. Five feet due to heat.
B. Ten feet, isn't math neat?
C. Six feet before suffering defeat.
D. No feet. Not on the street.
E. Can't walk. Don't gawk.

6. If you ate your weight in gold, what would take hold?

A. Have golden shit for a bit.
B. Be dead as a doornail without fail.
C. Have a golden tongue and maybe lung.
D. Be worth a bit and and cause a fit.
E. All of the above gets the love.

7. If you're a fixer with no upper, can you sing for your supper?

A. Nope, a snip snip dope.
B. Sure. You have an allure.
C. On the right day that comes to play.
D. Once a year when a blue moon is near.
E. Too whelmed for anything to be helmed.

8. If you see red but stare at green grass, which has come to pass?

A. Mad at grass as whippersnappers trespass.
B. Mad at grass as it gets eaten by Cass.
C. Mad while looking at grass due to something crass.
D. Happy and green there at your scene.
E. Stinky and meek as your up shit creek.

9. If you are sane yet eat nuts are you bound for crazy huts?

A. The loony bin is calling because the sky is falling.
B. Hungry hippo are you and a bit nutty too.
C. Just want to eat a tasty treat.
D. Crazy for cocoa puffs and feather bed fluffs.
E. Off bouncing on rubber, yee land lubber.

10. How many questions did this quiz have before this? Don't miss!

A. Ten I did pen.
B. Four took the tour.
C. All of the above gets the love.
D. Nine did align.
E. All of the below is given a go.

Love quizzes at your sea? Are you nuts as can be? Got them all right? Did you expect a quiz at my site? Hey it is Q. Did they stump you? Are you 10 for 10? The ocd likes that at my den. Don't go getting 3 for 10 though. That will make my ocd ban you at my show. Not that we can really do that. You'll just get made fun of by the cat. Hell, that will anyway come to pass. So may as well go 10/10 from many little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Yank The Chain Of The Gain!

The cat sees this a lot. You humans sure have it hot to trot. Even those close by, they sure give it a try. The cat just sticks with owning all. Easier with no pain for gain at my hall.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


In one lane.
Forget the fake.
Would go insane.
Or fall in a lake.

Fall in and swim.
Wave and wave.
Out on a limb,
The path you pave.

Path is beaten.
Very well worn.
Lyin' and cheatin,
May even be born.

No pain, no gain.
Overused shit.
Release the pain.
Gain takes the hit.

Hey, you!
Yeah, you there.
It's so true.
You're so rare.

Do it for me.
Would you, please?
I'm a busy bee.
My knees may seize.

I'll help you.
If you help me too.
Whatever comes due,
I'll call on you.

You can come visit us.
Spend your gas and time.
No need to fuss.
Visiting is sublime.

I'll pay that.
You'll owe me.
Chew not fat,
But it ain't free.

A path we weave.
A path we pave.
You better believe,
Gain goes to the grave.

Ever think about gaining? Do you have gain training? Are you one who thinks "what's in it for you" when something comes due? Many try and switch it to what works for them the best. Can be like a real life multiple choice test. Sure everyone has done it a time or three. That is why all is just about me. So on the gaining we can take a pass. Excuse me while I go leave something for Pat to scoop from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Old Takes A Hold!

The cat is up there and Pat is getting there at our lair. But even when we were super young, things still were dung. So for O we're going with old. As in "Too Old For This Shit" takes hold.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Too old they say.
Too young they play.
Too this and too that.
Too old for such scat.

The negative nuts.
In their negative ruts.
They like to hiss and spit.
We're too old for that shit.

The I want change,
But I never want to rearrange.
The whine in their soul sucking pit.
We're far too old for that shit.

The let's get drunk.
Every weekend drunk as a skunk.
As with their hangover they sit,
We say we're too old for that shit.

The won't you help me.
But I will never help thee.
Although help me or I'll throw a fit.
Yep, we are far too old for that shit.

The watching a new movie or show.
But it clearly does blow.
Click, not going to the end.
Too old for that shitty trend.

Don't you like me?
Here my little old plea.
I want all to like me and be a hit.
Pffft very much too old for that shit.

The Facebook and the like commenting crap.
I think I just took a nap.
For it's better than listening to any old sap.
Yep, we're far too old for that crap.

The dealing with people you hate.
Them expecting you to open the gate.
Sorry, won't even open it to hit them on the ass.
We are too old for that shitty pass.

Could go on all day.
But we have to go use the bathroom at our bay.
Pat still needs to scoop every bit.
With holding it, we are far too old for that shit.

See? You don't need to be Belva's age to turn the old "Too old for that shit" page. I'm sure there are lots of things you can use it for. Any pop in at your shore? The less you give a crap the more of life's crap you can take. Wise words I can make. I'm never to old to go bug Cass. So now I'll go with my sometimes too old little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Spin Of In Can Be A Sin!

Did you know you are full of sin? Yeah, oh so full at your bin. At least if you are like me. I refuse to go up that tree. I'm sure that you knew after so many a rhyming spin. But time to go with what's IN!

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Today we will rhyme,
Much like we do every time.
But we can't make fun.
Not the in thing to be done.

We have to cry.
The world is bad, oh me, oh my.
I just stubbed my toe.
That eye roll is offensive, you know.

I have to show pics of food.
Don't give me attitude.
I have to show it all.
Oh, I'm now at the mall.

I'm at the doctors office now.
Hmm that would be vet with a meow.
I give many of those.
They cause me such woes.

Just thought I'd tell.
Oh, my life is hell.
It is so bad with my stubbed toe.
Ugg, must I sink this low?

Those shoes are in.
Can't have a hairy chin.
Those shirts are out.
Skinny jeans are best, no doubt.

That haircut is out.
What are you talking about?
No one knows that anymore.
Show that they door.

Ignore your kin.
They aren't in.
Do what's the best.
It beats the rest.

That was yesterday.
Don't need a replay.
What was in, is out.
Do you want me to shout?

Stay with what's in.
To not is a sin.
If you want to win,
You'll stick with the in.

Pffft are you in on the trends? Like that which offends? Or some clothing crap? Pfffft again from this chap. If it is in then we are most likely out. Like the crappy reboots that are about. Any love for what's in? Should I stop my question spin? That isn't in anymore? Damn, I'm so out at my shore. I guess I'll stick with the singing bass. He is as out as my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Registration Day At My Bay!

The cat is going to be like the man. I know you are a fan. Hell, everyone else is like them too. I may as well go with it at my zoo. Me? Conform? Pffft and I will go back to living in a dorm.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Sign on up.
Follow like a pup.
You'll get free words.
I may throw in dead birds.

The tabbies will cheer.
Or maybe run in fear.
They'll register that.
It will become a stat.

I need your name.
Your claim to fame.
Your many homes.
Include those garden gnomes.

Don't forget the email.
That has to hit the trail.
If you have more than one,
Be sure to give all a run.

We have to find you.
Everything we say is true.
So you better tell the truth.
Include your old long dead Aunt Ruth.

We want your life story.
Register it in all its glory.
Register, don't read.
That pesky fine print is a crappy deed.

Phone numbers are great.
You'll be our mate.
Your grocery bill is fine.
Your home bills should align.

Register your wife.
All people in your life.
Hamster, dog and cat.
Even your prized baseball bat.

You'll be helping all.
So register each one at your hall.
Go through the motion.
Your ass may need lotion.

There is a lot to fill.
But you'll get over the hill.
Don't forget the valid photo.
Need help? Dial our handy dandy boto.

Don't you want to register now? I know, registration here is wow. Do you like to register at sites? Or those sign up things stores have in lights? They get all your info and put you in the system. They got you by the umm balls and twist em. I'm snip snip so won't hurt my ball mass. But we'll still skip the registration with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Time To Go Vile By The Mile!

The cat saw this the other day. Someone really went out of their way. It was oh so vile they said. I just shook my head. They deserved a smack to their head. But then their vile may have been fed.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


That is vile.
Go get a room.
You just aren't in style.
You bring my eyes doom.

Breastfeeding in a corner.
That just can't be.
You must be a porn-er.
What next? Free pee?

Just like those pants.
The ones down to knees.
They offend my plants.
So vile they make me sneeze.

Like those horror shows.
You know, the ones.
The ones where the wind blows,
That has sharks by the tons.

Like banks taking money.
That is so vile.
That isn't fair, honey.
They add to their pile.

Like slaving away at work.
It is oh so vile.
This isn't a perk.
It won't make me smile.

Like buying a car.
That is the worst.
As vile as that bar,
Where all quench their thirst.

That's where you go.
There you can put on a show.
Take the spawn in tow.
Let it all hang low.

But it's vile here.
Here for all to see.
Doesn't matter if you aren't near.
Do you live in a tree?

You bring me doom.
You add to this pile.
So go get a room,
And quit being vile.

Did vile get a new meaning? Maybe dictionaries should get a re-screening. She was over to the side in a hall. Couldn't really see unless you looked in at the mall. Even then you couldn't see much. Unless you were a perv and tried to touch. But oh, it was so vile a nut went on about. Probably mad because no one wants her to whip hers out. Did I say that? Damn, I'm a mean cat. Is it oh so vile to you, especially if you can't see nothing at all, when breastfeeding comes to pass? Pfffft I've seen much more vile things come out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 23, 2018

A Nervous Nelly With An Upset Belly!

The cat is going to post today. What will people say? What will people think? What will they drink? What will they eat? What will they repeat? What....who cares. Did I just get stares?

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Nervous Nelly had a rhyme.
But it ended before its time.
She could have done it well.
Every word she knew how to spell.

She knew the meter.
She wasn't a cheater.
She knew the scheme.
It was her dream.

But what if ruled.
What if fooled.
Left on the brink.
Left only to think.

What if there's hate?
What if it's fate?
What if it's not?
What if it's hot?

The brain paved a path,
Leaving a what if bath.
Showered and drunk.
Stuck in a what if funk.

Nervous and not.
Won the final plot.
Nerves were in knots.
Like wires on cots.

Rusty and worn.
Nothing was born.
Not even a word.
Why let it be heard?

Could be worse.
Could be a curse.
Could be bad.
Could be a fad.

The rational took hold.
Nothing needed to be told.
Could be was scary.
Could offend the tooth fairy.

Nervous Nelly had a rhyme.
But instead she sucked a lime.
Sucked and stayed in place.
Never showing her face.

Do you let nerves win? Do you rationalize not doing it at your bin? Are you a nervous nelly? Care what people think like those on the telly? Ratings are a big thing to those. Pffffft they can go suck on a hose. As can that nervous crap. We'll let someone else fall into that trap. Instead I'll continue to give sass from my not so nervous little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Align Of The Define!

Today we will define nothing at all. At least that is how you humans give it a call. It is really weird, like worshiping a guy in a red suit with a beard. But who's the cat to say. Yeah, I'll say it anyway.

Webster can define.
Even without a spine.
Here in the digital age,
No need to turn an actual page.

No need to slog through,
Finding many in view.
Some catch the eye.
Others, oh me, oh my.

Can get to it.
Type and search hit.
There is the defining way.
A definition on display.

So easy, yet hard.
Can't pull that card.
Or punch at it.
If you vent a bit.

Nope, not at all.
For here is your call.
Especially when wrong.
And people play along.

Depends on your definition.
Is that like a new edition?
One where you make stuff up?
My, that would help a pup.

Few brain cells needed.
Anything can be seeded.
Depends on your definition.
Real one can go into remission.

So if I call you a wanker,
You can reach into a big oil tanker?
What you pull out is the winner?
Definition is "You're a big clown loving, fish humping, barbie collecting, tire spinner.

Wow, I like this.
It could bring bliss.
Of course that depends on your view.
Damn, view and definition = times two.

Does that screw with it more?
Depends on the definition at your shore.
With words you are a magician.
Of course, that too, depends on your definition.

Do you use that saying to try and cloud the displaying? Rather sad to the cat. But depends on your definition where you are at. Hey, we don't even need dictionaries any more. Everything depends on your definition at your shore. That will save people from searching in mass. I guess I'm just a defining little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.  

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Disastrous Day Comes To Play!

It is just so bad. No fun can be had. A disaster has struck. Back up the truck. Bury us now. I can't even meow. I can barely type. Can't get into the hype. Hip to be square? Hey, that popped in at my lair.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


My day is done.
Can't have fun.
Ruined and over.
Call out to rover.

It's that bad.
Friends with rover is had.
Yep, world is done.
You better run.

Not a tornado.
Good guess though.
Even cheat rhymed a bit.
This is dire umm shit.

Not an earthquake.
Did you feel anything shake?
No? Then why ask?
Hand me that flask.

Not a meteor strike.
That can take a hike.
It would be so much better.
At least it would kill every ugly sweater.

Not a volcano going boom.
It is far worse doom.
Lava can't melt it away.
Oh the dismay.

Not a plague.
That is far more vague.
My OCD could even take it.
After this bit.

Not a alien attack.
Those probers aren't back.
They went to Mars.
So no need for your ass to hum a few bars.

Not a robot uprising.
It is far more surprising.
You can't even fathom it.
Your pants may even split.

I won't pay the bill.
Oh, this is such a large hill.
How can this be?
Pat didn't scoop my pee.

Such a disaster it is. What if I need to take another whiz? It will be eight hours or so. But I still may have to go. What if he doesn't scoop it? It will be a disaster if I have to shit. Oh look, here he comes. No disaster today chums. Do you use disaster when really it's not? Forget the definition or never see a disaster movie plot? I think you're safe from most disasters you claim. But hey, having no place to pee can suck all the same. Going to use disaster still in mass? It just had to be pointed out by my disastrous little rhyming ass. 

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 20, 2018

A Joyful Post So Pop Some Toast!

Hmm my joy just died with your toast ride. I'd curl up my nose like smelling a bad rose. Hey, that you knew. If you didn't you must be new at our zoo. Now on with it. A joyful fit.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


The joys of life.
The joys that come.
For some no strife.
For others there's some.

Depending on factors.
Depending on view.
Forget the damn actors.
All comes back to who.

Some gets hate.
Some gets love.
The who is the fate,
When push comes to shove.

Choices for joy.
Choices to life.
From car to toy,
Different from husband to wife.

City or town.
Underwear or not.
Magician or clown.
Each have their own plot.

No hurt in calling.
Nothing to harm.
But dominoes start falling,
Raise that alarm.

It is so bad.
So bad they wear none.
Can't have that being had.
Would offend a nun.

My joy is great.
Yours isn't so.
So get rid of that trait,
Or you'll be a foe.

Fixing you is my way.
That brings me joy.
Just seeing your happy display,
After buying my ploy.

The joys of life.
The opinions of others.
Free that strife.
After all, a pillow smothers.

You humans sure are strange to the cat. Have to stick your nose into everybody's business where you are at. Just because you don't find joy in something doesn't mean another doesn't at their wing. Are you a joy stomper? Do you flap that chomper? Do you care if others don't find joy in what you do? Pffft to those types at our zoo. The cat gives stuff hate in mass. But if you enjoy it, won't be getting any flack, mostly, from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Are You Torn When A Star Is Born?

The cat is the star of this show. I'm sure that you know. But why be a star? Does that get you far? Why go with that? It must now be explored by the cat.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


A star is born.
Toot that horn.
I'm a star.
Can get you far.

Stardom you seek.
Give stupid a peek.
Then peak you will.
That pique you still?

Got all right.
A grammar flight.
A star is born.
Back to that horn.

Go into porn.
Dirty old men no longer forlorn.
A star to some umm rubbers?
Maybe even some clubbers.

Thought I'd go else where?
Should a star care?
A Lethal Weapon rubber tree.
Could work for thee.

A rubber is born.
Hmm counterproductive like corn.
Comes out the same way.
But at least safe play.

A moon is born.
Does that make you torn?
Still has light.
But only at night.

So only allowed half a day.
What are you the rest at your bay?
Just balls of gas?
Damn, watch where you stick your ass.

A car is born.
Can surely toot its horn.
And you may run out of gas.
Then you won't have to watch your ass.

A tree is born.
Grows like that porn.
Although it might get chopped.
No wonder at star they stopped.

Do you want to be a star? All that fame at your sand bar? Ever think about it literally though? Who wants to be a star at their show? Wouldn't it be more fun to be a umm human mass? I'll stick to just plain old cat as you stare at my oh so starry little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Little Light Takes Flight!

That cat is a little light on ideas today. Did you believe me at my bay? Boy, you must not be from around here. Do you also believe I have an actual rhyming rear? I should patent that. Full moon where all are at.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


You're a little light.
Come here and pay.
Don't give me spite,
Or I'll toss you in the bay.

All mob-like.
Such a bad cat.
Is that a strike?
We can take that.

But can it still be?
Light for you and me?
Whether a ton or free.
Same as a money tree.

Your debit weighs the same.
But you didn't pay in full.
Mud is on your name.
Another case of bull?

Making light of it?
Light of no pay.
Don't have a fit.
I'm light at my bay.

Only a 12 pound cat.
You can handle that.
Claws may make you scat.
Did I forget to mention that?

Nope, said it.
Damn, on a roll.
Light, mentions and mud shit.
All bull out for a stroll.

Have you seen the light?
It is all over.
Unless it is night.
Don't trip over rover.

I bet you can see the light of day.
Just google it at your bay.
There it is on display.
Always an easy way.

I'm nearing the end.
Light on words.
Even if you can't spend.
Tell it to the birds.

Did you come up light? Did I cause a confusing fright? Did you get my L? Do you need a shining light to show you a way out of hell? How did you get stuck there? Do I want to know at my lair? Feel free to shed some light on my question mass. No need to be light on retort to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Feline Crusade With No Trade!

The cat is always keeping an eye on the door, except for maybe when I go out to explore. But then it stays shut. They aren't getting into the stuff of my little rhyming butt.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


The scene of the crime.
6:27 pm Atlantic time. 
Cassie had distracted me.
Supposedly having fun was she.

She was doing this.
It gave her bliss.
 She kept it up.
That caused the hiccup.

That and her look.
 Distracted me at my nook.
She told me not to mess with her.
So I had to go ruffle her fur.

I would have at least.
 But then came the beast.
A furry mass.
Far more than my rhyming ass.

Cassie saw it to.
Was it her plan to do?
I still think so.
I'll let you be the judge though.

In he came.
 Starting this game.
What? I look tame.
Pffft that's not in my name.

See? The death glare.
He gets it for invading my lair.
 I'll make him pay.
He better not try to stay.

What was that?
Damn stupid Pat.
 Said I couldn't attack.
Bah, more to the pack.

Got it widdled down to two.
They still try to invade my zoo.
Pat let's me whack them back.
 Or I would, but they run before I can attack.

Hmph, stupid invaders.
 Need to sell them on auto traders.
Don't look at me that way.
When Pat's not looking I'll be sure you don't stay.

Did you guess F was for feline? Do you think Cassie distracted me so this plan could align? I knew you'd agree with me. I'll have to whack her one at our sea. But then she whacks back. I like it better when they run from my attack. No one is getting my hidey hole. At least I can keep that goal. So don't let invaders step on your grass. Trust my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 16, 2018

K In Nots Konnecting Dots!

Did you go all grammar nazi on that title? Did your power go from fast to idle? I'll get it back up to snuff today. For, sadly, I've seen these typed at many a bay. One even on a friggin store sign. The dumb truly can't spell or align.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Miss the knots.
Spell but can't tie?
Tie but spell it nots?
No need to lie.

Kats don't care.
Kit-Kat may though.
So just be aware.
A copyright show.

Kaught on to me?
If not, run.
For the cat will smile at thee,
And then poke fun.

Isn't this kool?
Need some aid?
Don't ask the Kool-Aid fool.
He has a scary trade.

May get into kombat.
Mortal it might be.
A waaaa may squash you flat.
Watch out for a fatality.

May hide in a krate.
Then get shipped to Timbuktu.
Spelling may work there, mate.
There it could be brand new.

Or it could be worse.
The Arktic may be your new home.
Then you'd really curse.
Cold wherever you roam.

Am I making fun?
Bah, get used to my pass.
Or before I'm done,
You'll think me krass.

Get up and cheer.
You are the best.
Got off your rear,
Failing the sokker test.

Saw that one too.
Was clearly the worst.
So kolour me blue,
If your bubble did burst.

There are sure a ton. Some show more than others as they are given a run. Ever see any k for c? They prove some are swinging from the dingy tree. That is dingy, not thingy. Don't get all gutter and clingy. I may then kough up a hairball in your grass. Just a warning from my one of a cind little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have as fling.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

On Sale So Hit The Trail!

Here we go. A great sale shall show. It is the best you will ever see. You can believe little old me. Hmm that may be totally untrue. But I'm sure you already caught that clue.

Today's a sale.
A sale that can't fail.
It is the best.
We beat all the rest.

So act today.
It may go away.
Notice how I said may?
Watch what I say.

Actually don't.
Miss it you won't.
Just buy today.
It's a sale this May.

One month ahead?
Forget that dread.
Sleep in a comfy bed.
With a free pillow for your head.

Today's our sale.
Hit the trail.
A new mattress for you.
Look, over there you can get a car too.

But only today.
Come and say hey.
Learn what the sale is about.
Then take your money out.

Thanks for the buy.
Great sale, no lie.
You got the best.
You beat all the rest.

Tomorrow comes.
Hey, there chums.
Today we have a great sale.
It surely won't fail.

The same as yesterday?
Bah, forget that display.
It's a new day with a new view.
Believe what I say to be true.

Come see our sale.
33 days later you can still get a whale.
A whale of a deal.
But our sale is sooooo real.

Ever notice how mattresses and cars are always on sale? Ever notice how such sales never fail? As in never fail to disappear. Doesn't that negate the definition of sale when they are always near? Wouldn't it be regular price? I guess that doesn't sound as nice. So go out and find such sales in mass. They are available every minute of every day to you and my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Personal Post....Almost!

The cat will get personal today. It will be way more personal than any other day at my bay. I may even call my bay my house. Damn, that will impress Mighty Mouse. A personal favorite of yours? Take any Mighty Mouse tours?

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


A personal post.
Through it we'll coast.
Or maybe even breeze.
Could be a main squeeze.

That even used?
Ah well, I'm amused.
But if you squeeze too hard,
I may shit in your yard.

Hey, it's the truth.
How's that for personal at my booth?
It will leave you with a gift too.
That ups the spirits of you.

Deeper you want?
That's a whole gutter taunt.
Want something that will haunt?
My, what else do I have to flaunt?

Maybe I should hire.
The job would expire.
But personnel for personal stuff.
That job wouldn't be tough.

Don't confuse the two.
Could come back to bite you.
Oh let's spill it all. repeats at my hall.

Been there, done that.
Can't be a more personal cat.
I guess the job ran dry.
No pay, oh me, oh my.

That's sooo personal though.
I took away your dough.
Now all know.
You made a whole zero.

You said it first?
The bubble did burst?
Whoops, you say far worse.
Yet me you curse?

Soooo personal it was.
I blame you because.
I put it out there.
But it is all the fault of your lair.

Like my personal touch? Was it too much? Maybe not enough. Hey, no zombie feet in the buff. Don't you love when personal nuts whine that it was shared yet to you they already bared? And to half the town. My, they sure deserve the oh so personal town. Feel free to share that you can squeeze the shit out of me. I personally will leave you be. Now I may even pass some gas. Things get personal with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 13, 2018

A Little Blip Of A Tip!

You will learn a lot today. You may even want to pay. The cat accepts all forms of cash. I'll take it and run away in a flash. I may even eat it as a treat. What? Anything I'll try to eat.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Helpful links.
So you think.
Watch those finks.
Tickle them pink.

All flamingo like.
For they get cash.
A helpful link strike.
They'll throw a bash.

Tip of the day.
Tip of the week.
Tips come to play,
Especially when up shit creek.

I'll help you.
They will too.
Help at every zoo.
Tips just for you.

Tips given to more.
But forget that.
Tips come ashore.
Tips from a cat.

Tips can come.
But what else will?
Many talk out their bum,
Giving you your fill.

Tips before help.
Help never comes.
But when you yelp,
Once more talking out bums.

Do this and that.
That and this.
A tip about scat.
You'll get bliss.

Show not tell?
Bah, no time for that.
Aren't my tips swell?
Still want to chat?

That I can do.
I have no time?
I have a tip that's new.
Go suck a lime.

Ready to tip the cat? Any tips where you are at? Are you a tipper? Either the paying or gabby lipper? A bad grammar tip. Had to sail that ship. Don't you love those with their tips who never actually do? Oh, they heard it on the internet or wherever and give it to you. That makes them as grand as your neighbors green grass. Yeah, and I'm really a $1000 tipping little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Whoopdi Calculation On The Nearest Station!

Robbie Raisin is back today. Whoopdi Friggin Doo has to have another display. Our usual guests didn't stop by. So today we get you all on the fly. Ready the blogger faction as it is time for the action.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Who shall start the day? Suza with her number one display?

Four in a row
If I'm not mistaken
Kept awake at night
By my chronic achin'

I guess no action for you. Hank, anything to come due?

Stay in a basket?
Nothing to dread
As long as one is not left all alone

A lonely, Hank? Birgit, ready to go into plank?

I have to say, that one house looks like it needs Viagra ...but I'd love to see inside it

Hmm other things on your mind.  Bijoux, ready for action of any kind?

I heard it's for sale, if you are interested.

Is the charge very high? Rosey, are you going oh me, oh my?

Grocery day alone would make you nuts.

And what are you buying? Susan Gourley/Kelly, what groceries are you spying?

Some would be too scary for me.

What section did you go down?  Theresa, any action in your town?

I was awake today, but not. Fell asleep on the couch but was stuck in the limbo of awake and asleep. Jason was watching Fear & Loathing in Las Vega at the time, which made for some really strange half asleep, half awake dreams for me. 

Our viewers may be interested in more. Betty, what's going on at your shore?

Not fully functioning
I often fear

Damn, that must suck. Mary Kirkland, do you pass the buck?

I'll have to use that an excuse one day.

I guess Betty helped you. Joanne, what is in your view?

I generally write the back-up post-it for Ray. No excuse then

So you want him to back up for you? Ann Bennet, happy through and through?

He'll start to moo and boo
A bitter fate has come due.

Wow, kinky at your sea. Brian, anything from thee?

It's nice to see you all on parade today!!!

You may what to close your eyes. Fundy Blue, any words to the wise?

Well Mr. Hatt, you've certainly been having a lot of fun
with your irregular A to Z run!
I've been enjoying your pangram play
which you've been building on every day.

Of course I love your little kitties,
even those ear worm ditties.
I think "boughten" may be a word.
In Newfoundland I surely heard.

The MOAB. Trump bombs away!
I'm fearing them falling in return at my bay.
Got my eyes on Cheyenne Mountain,
ICBMs I hope not to be counting.

I'd rather chuckle at Search Engine Crazies
Than contemplate pushing up daisies.
The veld for Orlin's origin was not where my mind went,
I thought it was another V.. you surely meant.

So, whoo hoo!
I've caught up with you!
I've commented on all here
Hopefully bringing you OCD cheer!

We only have so much air time you know. Gloria, enjoying the show?

these are really cute and funny Pat!! 

One satisfied viewer I guess. Belva, anything to confess?

Freezy breezes on the sea
Button up and follow me
Twilight moons are cold as ice
Like pizza pie, cut a slice

So naked with pizza on the sea? Diane Wolfe, what wise words from thee?

Bronze it like a statue? That'll look odd on the mantle.

You want to bronze naked people eating pizza at your place? The Silver Fox, do you have anything to embrace?

I have to wonder what kind of person would search for rat porn.

Don't wonder too far. Beverly, adding to this crazy sand bar?

I'm completely lost for words to say.
Maybe I'll think of something another day.

Keeping things close to the vest? Adam, anything to get off your chest?

Is that Hello Kitty's full name?

Be kinda wordy we think. Snowcatcher, are you the missing link?

May be an awesome game at this mat!

Oh the games we play. Tabbies, what do you have to say?

orlin N cassie; we R big inta cat soccer N de food serviss gurlz a cubis addict !!! heerz two a happee easturr anda grate week oh end ♥♥

Did our viewers get all of that? Martin, can you add anything where you are at?

I couldn’t believe it was true
When my wife told me we were through
So dark my dismay
Grim tears came my way
So wife said let’s play game’s round two

A second swing. Blue, care to say anything?

...I love that word

 Swinging is what you love? Betsy, care to spread words above?

I don't take the bait.
That kind of stuff I hate

So you are the bait-er? Alex, care to end this before we fall in a crater?

Nothing stuck in my head today.

Hmmm, we suppose that is good. Always good to have non-sticky wood. And that is all the show we have for you today. Whoopdi Friggin Doo is on every night at 11 est. if you are in space with its display. Don't miss an episode of the action. Unless of course we have to resort back to this scary faction.


You sure have action aplenty at your sea. The cat hopes you all stay fit with your action spree. Whoopdi Friggin Doo sure can reveal all. Do you remember saying such things on my wall? Each one sure is a true pass. You all make it too easy for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Yipppeeee For Meeeeeee And Theeeee!

Great view. So great of you. Great to see you. Greet view. Did I say that? Nah, spelling mistake where we are at. Great you! Great view! Hurts the head. But great is said.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Y's here today.
Come and play.
What's that you say?
Great post at our bay?

Yippeee for meeee.
Yipppeee for theee.
Too many an E?
Wanna buy a C?

Don't work like that?
Bah, says the cat.
Great post?
From coast to coast.

Yipppeee for meee.
Yippeeee for weeee.
Such a fun one.
My comment is spun.

Great for spring.
Great type of fling.
Great for winter.
I can't smash my printer.

Yiipppeeeeee for meeeee.
Sure flies free.
Free to you?
Free times two.

Great post!
A repeat toast.
Repeat on me?
Yippeeeee for thee.

Told on you?
Haven't a clue?
Didn't think one can tell?
Well isn't that swell.

Great verse.
Filled your purse.
Great rhyme.
Tell it to a mime.

Yippeeeee is here.
Have no fear.
Yippeeeeee for all.
A yipeeeeeeeeeeeee final call.

Did you get what I used for y? Didn't you see the yippeeeeeeees on the fly? Maybe I need a few more eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees coming due. Get the point at my zoo? The yippeeeeees fly free with the great posts coming to be. Is it easy for you to tell when a reading doesn't come due? Such comments we roll our eyes at when in view. Hey, followed you and now follow us back in mass. Pffft and I'm a platypus little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Spacey Chime On A Dime!

There are so many words for Z. The cat had a hard time picking at his sea. Yeah, I go z and not zed. That Power Ranger villain has been put to bed. Nah, I'm not done. Z is just next in my mathematical run.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Zilonatie is the word for Z.
Sure it gives a wtf to thee. 
But the cat shall explain it here.
By the end it will be crystal clear.

When you go to space,
A lot you can embrace.
From meteors and stuff,
To maybe aliens in the buff.

Zilonatie is the thing between.
The thing that doesn't make a scene.
You would never know it's there.
But it is surely there to spare.

It is the mass within the mass.
I know, redundant to my rhyming ass.
However that is what it boils down to.
Humans really don't have a clue.

It is there in space.
Kinda like an appendix embrace.
Not known what it's for.
Just there forevermore.

But recently it's been thought,
There may be a certain plot.
Could be gas from the moon.
I guess that man does more than a tune.

It focuses around space.
Hits a planet and does an about face.
When the planet is already good,
It does nothing at one's hood.

So it floats in space.
Paths it creates that none can trace.
It seems bacterial I guess.
As to what, it won't confess.

Or maybe that is they.
Could be stock piling it at some bay.
But either way, it floats.
Kinda like our boats.

Then it lands and creates.
Or maybe there it mates.
Suddenly probing aliens with zombie feet appear.
I guess the purpose of Zilonatie is still unclear.

Now aren't you in the know? Aren't I helpful at my show? Did you ever hear of Zilonatie before? It sure is something of lore. Wait! Was that a no? Zilonatie was made up on the go? Bah, the cat would never ever do that. It was not a word created by the cat. It is as real as your green grass. You can trust my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.  

Monday, April 9, 2018

An Unusual Time For A Rhyme!

The cat is going to screw with you today. It will be an unusual display. Are you thinking zombie feet may show? Hey, you never know. I'll go zombie first so that bubble may burst.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Unusual times.
Go to mimes?
Nah, not even those.
They strike the same pose.

Not unusual to see.
Depends where you be.
But everywhere you go,
There is a zombie show.

Peak and peek.
Unusual to to be in the wrong creek.
The peek had an annoying creek.
I sat by a creak and gave all a peak.

Unusual to hear a shout.
No matter what it's about.
Those shouts don't come.
People don't talk out their bum.

Unusual to see phones.
People don't look at tones.
Nope, they just enjoy the day.
There is no phone on display.

Unusual to drive a car.
No one goes very far.
Unusual to even see.
Unusual to pay a fee.

Unusual to need a job.
Just ask old welfare bum Bob.
So unusual to need one.
Unusual to see the sun.

Unusual to hear humans speak.
Unusual that they don't have a brain leak.
Unusual that I wouldn't say that.
Unusual sure beats the cat.

Unusual I'm now confusing.
That is sure amusing.
But so unusual to do so.
Such an unusual flow.

Unusual to see a rhyme.
I have a whole other chime.
I never rhyme at all.
So unusual what's on my wall.

Don't you love when you humans call something unusual when it is not? Do you need to learn definitions before out you trot? One nut said it was unusual to see a girl walking and looking at her phone. So this post popped in at the tone. Usual would make more sense but humans are far too dense. So unusual it is to see zombie shows and cellphone nuts and kids on your grass. Yeah, and I'm not an unusual little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

It's Live At My Hive!

Are these words really alive? Can they not or not so much survive? That sure beats the heck out of me. Why do you think I'm asking thee? Me? Make fun? I'd soooo never let that be done.

Five by five.
Time to hand jive.
Regis and Kelly live.
Time to dumpster dive.

Dove in my mind.
Popped out in a bind.
Maybe not so much binded.
I'm sure no one minded.

For mistakes are allowed.
Allowed by the crowd.
Allowed by the cat.
How about that?

Why is that?
Times two rhyme scat.
Scat from a cat.
How about that?

Strat work better?
Change and add a letter
Used in a book.
Give that a look?

Advertising for free.
Or maybe a fee.
Would it be either or?
This thing is a chore.

How does it fit?
Notes to hit.
Times to follow.
Tough to swallow?

Swallow that pill.
Comes with a bill.
Can cure any ill.
Advertising ain't nil.

Now we've reached the end.
Nothing we need to amend.
Maybe from yesterday's show.
What? Damned if we know.

Five by five.
Got out alive.
How'd we survive?
For this post was live.

Err umm do you believe that? It was a live post from the cat. Don't you love how things are live? Live as an extinct bee hive. Even if we are typed in front of a live studio audience too. Damn, I lied twice to you. We aren't live and the studio audience is a robot machine thing. Skynet we bring. Shhh we are really live though. In 3...2...1...we'll bring another live show. You saw nothing come to pass? Damn, they pre-empted my live err umm recorded little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a spring.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Mini Post At My Coast!

The cat is going to make life so much better for you. You will thank me for today's view. I just know you will. It is better for you than a pill. Humans love to do it. So it will surely be a hit.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


The cat is big.
The cat is small.
A perspective gig,
But damn it all.

A mini cat.
That's the way.
2 pounds at that.
Watch it play.

A mini mutt.
Name the breed.
Still sniff a butt.
But in a mini deed.

A mini post.
Nothing to say.
But I'll still toast.
What they hey.

A mini chat.
No such thing.
Yeah, I'm a rat.
As in I did sing.

For mini with chat?
Yeah, that is bull.
So says the cat.
For you yap until your full.

A mini break.
A break from thought.
Not a mistake.
We do that a lot.

A mini car.
Boy, it's cute.
You won't get far,
But it has a nice toot.

A mini man.
Not the little people kind.
Nope, one of which your a fan.
An action figure that's such a great find.

A mini rhyme.
Wording to see.
At least after a time.
All for mini me?

Are you a mini lover? Do you go and become a shover? Have to get that mini thing deal. Can't be for real. Oh it's a mini Iron Man. Yeah, you're his biggest fan. A mini mutt or cat. Wow, you have to have that. Do you humans like small? I thought it was bigger the better at ones hall? Can't make up your mind in mass. So confusing to my well-sized little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 6, 2018

A Horny Day At My Bay!

I know you are asking yourself one question now. Can a cat who is snip snip still be horny somehow? The cat will answer that for you with ease today. We are oh so horny at our bay.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


A horn of the day.
Right there on display.
Isn't he a horny sight?
 One that is not even bright.

 Time to fish.
Make a wish.
Give it a rub.
A horny fishing hub.

Not quite there?
Hey, meat to spare.
Sure looks snip snip.
Watch that grip.

Or use a stick.
Horny some slick.
The devil of Blue.
 He'll poke his horns in you.

Supposedly has taste.
 Don't you want that paste?
May have to cross the sea.
Enjoy your spotted dick eating spree.

Bat nipples galore.
They sure can soar.
 Don't you love the sight?
Hey, they have a sharp might.

Maybe skip the spotted dick.
Eat a carrot some slick.
That will give you a fun day.
 What? Wrong holiday on display?

A horny duck.
That rhymes with truck.
Is it a two for one?
Must be some horny fun.

Origins of it.
Horny by a bit.
So it came to be.
This is the true horny.

Now what do you see?
Done the horny spree?
Or are you stuck in the gutter?
Come now, don't stutter.

I guess being snip snip does blind me. I have no idea what you humans go on about at your sea. Are you horny in any of these ways? Damn, I could go on for days. The cat may not even get it right. Hmm maybe I'm just nuts at my site. Snip snip sure has gone to my head. Should I put this to bed? Did you know horny comes from a goat? Don't let one in your boat. The cat is done with his H pass. I surely am not much of a horny little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Envy So Mild That It Runs Wild!

The cat just rolled his eyes. I think I'll go back to chasing flies. I can catch them too. Does that impress you? Impress is okay but that can quickly go astray.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


You can do this.
I can do that.
Some find it bliss.
Some find it scat.

Scat gets a roll.
A roll of the eye.
Both gets that stroll,
From this rhyming guy.

I wish I had.
I wish I may.
Such a nice pad.
Such a nice day.

They are lucky.
They are great.
Everything is ducky.
I want to relate.

I want it all.
I want their life.
This tale isn't tall.
I want no strife.

They have it.
I envy such theys.
I want every bit.
Forget the dismays.

See what I did?
I'm so hard up.
I took a bad grammar bid.
What a life ending hiccup.

I want it now.
I just can't wait.
Oh I need it somehow.
I want to relate.

I envy that life.
I envy that house.
I envy that wife.
I envy their mouse.

Why can't I have it?
I want it too.
I deserve every bit.
As I envy their view.

Are you an envy nut? Get that E = Envy at my hut? Pffft to envy and all that crap. Nothing is so black and white across the map. What you see isn't always what it is. So pfffft once more to any envy biz. Want stuff like others at ones sea? Get off your butt and ditch the envy. A simple task that can come to pass. Now I'll go look in the mirror and envy my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Clowning Around With A Secure Sound!

Two for one. How's that for a math run? Figure out my logic yet? It may hurt your head thanks to this pet. But just go with it at my sea. For we continue with our usual spree.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Time to tell.
Tell and sell.
Whoops, two for one.
More math done.

Double the scare?
 Would it dare?
Who is it?
Quite the hit.

A remake one.
Two, how fun.
Or umm not.
Let's reboot the plot.

Done clowning around.
Wait, no clowns found?
Hmm, so how is that?
Would it be catting around at our mat?

Maybe it's fake.
A fake partake.
Like the scary clown.
Does that get your down?

Isn't it supposed to be up?
My, what a hiccup.
They scare poor you.
Creepy with a red nosed view.

Not the reindeer?
Not the same fear?
They can fly in the sky.
Poop on your head, oh my.

Gave another scare.
You better beware.
Should that be the reverse?
Come now, don't curse.

The class clown.
A classy one on the town?
No clowning done?
No wonder clowns aren't fun.

Time to reboot It.
From poop to shit.
This will be rated R.
Clowns at a space bar.

Now aren't your insecurities rebooted? They should be muted. All from there being no clown while clown was spun. My, clowns do get used a ton. Still scared at your sea? Never got the point of me? Scared I'm going nuts? Long past that as I co-exist with mutts. Whether clown or insecurity coming due, you control what scares you. Push on from such a pass and they'll be no less scary than my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Out Of Left For Some Heft!

We are going to the game today. We'll try not to bore with a replay. So many innings would make us want a nap. I guess we'll only taking one lap. Whoops, that is some other sport. This could be a weird report.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


This post popped in.
It wanted a spin.
Nothing popped though.
Could say it was a left field show.

As in out of left.
Nope, no theft.
Right field don't care.
Nothing happens over there.

Cost you $1000 to read today.
Oh, don't get full of dismay.
It's just a ball park figure from me.
I'll take more from thee.

I just wanted to touch base.
It is something we embrace.
Yet we don't do any touching.
My OCD likes that umm muching.

Grammar Nazi just scoffed.
He may want me offed.
Damn, I didn't hit a home run.
Even though no swinging was done.

I guess I struck out.
How'd that come about?
Take your ball and bat and go home?
Take it that isn't the Skydome?

But I want to know.
Time we go toe to toe.
Wrong sport, damn it all.
I meant to say play hardball.

So step up to the plate.
What you got, mate?
Are you ready to swing?
Something may be waiting in the wing.

Sure took your time.
I was way done this rhyme.
Should have swung away.
Right off the bat we say.

You are way off base.
Do an about face.
So out of my league.
Don't go suffering from fatigue.

Did you swing and miss? That may not cause bliss. At least need to get to third base. Did you know so many baseball terms you embrace? I figured I'd go to bat for you. Look, another came due. I'm really batting a thousand today and I didn't even have to play. I'm sure in the ballpark of this pass. On that you can trust my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 2, 2018

An Ass Starts The Class!

Did you know my little rhyming ass was going there? I do every day with each final line to spare. Now I just started that way. Where is my rhyming ass going anyway? You shall see as we start the a to z. At least in our way with a new foray.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Time for a new pass.
We have to haul ass.
Things may get out of whack.
Have to get done at our shack.

No need for ass kissing.
That can stay missing.
An ass chewing you say?
Nah, not into it at our bay.

Will I bust my ass?
I'll take another pass.
Can that even be done?
A busted ass sounds like no fun.

You're dragging your ass?
My, aren't you low class.
No tp left where you roam?
Hopefully you don't have carpets at home.

I pulled that out my ass.
Nah, it was just gas.
Why would I touch it?
Could be full of umm shit.

You got shot?
Oh, you shot the lot.
You shot them in the head?
How did popping a cap in their ass get put to bed?

It was done?
My, what fun.
You bet your ass?
Can taking it off come to pass?

A wild ass guess?
You sure are in a mess.
How many times does it get used?
It must really, really feel abused.

You need a kick in the ass?
Did you use the grass?
Nothing needs to get on my foot.
That would be way worse than soot.

You didn't scoff?
You're just laughing your ass off?
There you go again taking it off and on.
I don't give a rat's ass at my lawn.

Why would I give you a rat's ass? Why would any ass giving come to pass? Do you humans even think about what you say? Donkeys everywhere must be in disarray. Did you like thinking today? Did you get off your ass and comment away? No, you are still sitting while typing? Damn, your ass must be griping. Aren't I a pain in the ass like a singing bass? Nah, I'll stick with the tried and true little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easy As Quick Oh So Slick!

This post will be fast. It will be a thing of the past. I guess it is a thing of the future now. Can the past and future collide somehow? Hmm that question wouldn't make it quick. I guess quick may not click.

Same 4 times 10.
Easy at my den.
No generation one,
Or story is spun.

So figure it out.
Easy when about.
Quick and easy.
Isn't that pleasy?

Maybe not in some cases.
There would be no smiley faces.
But let's not go there.
Some may stutter and swear.

Easy to figure out.
Quick with no drought.
A mix of the two.
The verse works through and through.

But does it hold?
Can all join the fold?
Quick and easy edit.
Do you even read it?

See what I did?
Blink your eye lid.
That was quick and easy.
Editing ended up cheesy.

Quick and easy repair.
Car gets there.
But doesn't get back.
Whoops, there goes your money stack.

Quick and easy path.
You suffer wrath.
Find thorns you didn't see.
All from such a spree.

Quick and easy stroll.
You fall in a hole.
Took the easy way out.
Quickly you ran about.

Proved it quick.
So easy some slick.
A quick and easy rhyme.
In my quick and easy prime.

Do you reach for quick and easy? Is it far more pleasy? Do you end up screwed in the end? Not the fun screw that takes you around the bend. Quick and easy can work in verse but in other things it can be a curse. Do you still go for it? Can't take the time and instead have a fit? Then more time gets wasted from quick and easy coming to pass. I'll stick to quick and easy posting only when it comes to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.