Friday, August 31, 2018

Baked Up Without A Whoopdi Hiccup!

Did we turn into the food network today. I suppose all eat at their bay. Maybe a new audience will come due. That is fine for Whoopdi Friggin Doo. Fine by Robbie Raisin too. Syndication is just in view.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

What are you cooking up today? Anything that will make our viewers shout, yay!

Hope these are lies Pat 

Who is Pat? Can't we get a recipe where you are at?

There summer, here autumn almost winter, enjoy your summer Pat

So the season plays a role? Is saying Pat every time your goal?

Never would forget all you make and talk here Pat:) :)

A good memory is grand. If only we knew this Pat guy in Whoopdi Friggin Doo land.

the cat send you a dove?lol
Hope you feel well:))

Well wishes is fine. But when will a recipe align?

aah The cat know all tricks lol

You get obsessed quite a bit. First Pat and now the cat is it.

Really sounds scary but Im not a Halloween fan :)

They are Halloween people? Can't they hide under a roof with a steeple?

Good! I love walmart, microwves and Alaska:)))

The people of walmart must love you and your grocery cart.

Of course she is nice
Not matter she doesnt has any blog in her lair.

You meet a walmart fan? Into the woman and not a man?

Think positive is ok! you can sleep, think in others things (lol) and rets for a while, In some seminars when I was bore I draw:) good luck:)

Seminars on boring can be boring. Is that the point while you are positively exploring?

yes is true many pages and sites in blogland, but you have to know what sites are the best to you they offer and we choose or all we offer? I offer my recipes too:))

So you are finally going to give us a recipe to see? Come on. We want one for free? The time is running out. I guess you have a recipe drought. Leaving all of our fans in the lurch. I guess recipes elsewhere they will have to search.


Look at Gloria hoarding the recipes away. I guess she has too many seminars to go to at her bay. Or maybe she is spying on people at walmart. She has to go spy and fill her cart. She sure says Pat's name a lot with each pass. How rude that she ignores my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Ducky Post For A Whoopdi Roast!

Can we allow name changers on here? I guess Prince did it with no fear. That must mean it is okay. Robbie Raisin will let it play. Just don't go buying any ducks. Whoopdi Friggin Doo wants your bucks.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

A name changer is now on display. Maybe she is running from the law at her bay.

May you not get scammed
By one who's head with sand is crammed
Or ratface with IQ zero
Who sits alone, despised like Nero

Or keeping the scammers away. Those ratfaces can go drown in a bay.

To hate your hate you need some bate
It's plain and simple, natural fate
I was late to cheer the Blue
Should I drink some mountain dew?

You hate the hate but like mountain dew? Don't you know that can rot the insides of you?

Tie me down and feed me grass
I think sports are really crass
Grunt and groan and sweat like pigs
I'd rather read and eat some figs

Okay, mountain dew may be better than bondage and grass eating. That image our viewers may want to start deleting.

Curtain pullers, peek-a-boo
Attention grabbers through and through
Smile real big, ain't that a tooth
No excuse to act uncouth

You like peepers watching you? You sure have strange taste at your zoo.

A break through or a break down
Or a break up will give one a frown
Step aside, let the breaks have their say
With breaks, is there any other way

Commercial breaks pay the bills. With or without peeping thrills.

Come visit the prevention convention
You may get an honorable mention
But if you don't why fret and wail
Next year your ship will surely sail

How to prevent what? Scammers or peepers or maybe King Tut?

The 2nd verse made me laugh
Those around me think I'm daff
Fall in shower and hit your head
Not only blog but you is dead

Morbid too. You sure have weird thoughts for all to view.

One hundred is a far-out goal
Like counting guppies in a bowl
Gamblers like the number seven
Think it brings them close to heaven
Eleven too, can bring some luck
Like a galley shooting duck
Lots of numbers for Hank to beat
All the others he will defeat

Numbers and 100 in the making. In triple digits one day you may be partaking.

One more road to travel before I settle down
One more path that's leading to another dusty town
One more seedy honky tonk with corn meal on the floor
Cowboys lined up at the bar, waiting just to score
One more twangy melody from the strings of my guitar
A cacophony of buzzing flies on a wet and sticky bar
One more faded rodeo queen staggers to the door
With busted dreams of Hollywood, smashed forevermore
How do I get out of this rhyme, I really want to leave
I'll say adieu and close the book, go laughing up my sleeve 

You sure have lots to do. 100 must shine on through. Watch those cowboys though. They may want many a pasture to mow.

If Sunday became Friday, the old switcheroo
Would you piss amd moan and have nothing to do?
Would it just change a habit or change your whole life
Would it make one as stupid as ole Barney Fife?
Maybe cook in the kitchen from morning to night
Wear a hat like Aunt Bea that gives one a fright
Sing a song like the Gomar and play dumb inbetween
Wait for your chance and steal every good scene

Well no matter the day I'm going to piss at least 10 times before bed comes to play. But no singing or whistling a merry tune. That may scare viewers away from our sand dune.


Look at Belva go. She enjoys a peep show. That I never would have guessed. I guess it is good she confessed. Or maybe not. Some of those peep shows may cause eye rot. She sure has one more of a lot to do. One more can be good to ring true. Except if you always have one more need to pass gas. We wouldn't want to be a backed up little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pull A Card As Whoopdi Goes Hard!

Goes hardcore today. You may want to look away. Yeah, we really aren't going to. That is just a hook to fool you. Works for NCIS you know. Robbie Raisin doesn't mind stealing for his show.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see how she begins our show today. Will she go creative with that she has to say?

One more cookie sounds divine
one more chocolate..I won't whine.
One more nookie before I go?
One is never enough at my show:)

Damn. Sure wants more and more. Score for those looking to umm explore.

So much can hide in corn stalks from snakes to nasty spiders. I have never been a farmer but often visited one in my youth and cats were always there. Now all we have is 5 at our bay...that's enough I have to say.

Is that some kind of double speak? Viewers, avoid cornstalks that leak.

Just like those nasty brats
whether they be young or old rug rats.
they need a spanking or two.
Yes, I believe in that, I do.

Wow. Watch out PTA. Birgit is coming to spank you today.

I thought Patrick Duffy would appear as the man from Atlantis! I think breathing under water would be fun...unless sharks and Orcas were around. Being peed on is not fun, nor is throwing up or eating those white grubs-yuck

Did you have to go all bodily stuff? Isn't playing with cornstalks enough?

This might make people cringe
which is aok by me especially if they binge.
why, would they binge, you say?
I would have National Bowel day!

Yep. She went there. Poop and pee. Brats better truly beware.

I have to admit I like the Old and true
but I do force myself to try some new.
How can one expand one's mind
unless we change things up, I find

Old and true with a spanking. Don't forget that cornstalk yanking.

I am guilty of paying for a swim class
Going often but later, sitting on my ass.
I love to swim but hate the heat
I'm sweaty, clammy & can't put my socks on my feet.
Now, I'm wanting to write a book about my mom
Procrastinating and fear it will be a bomb.
I know, I know sounds silly for sure
Actually, sounds like a bag of manure.

Back to farming and poop. My, she sure goes around in a loop.

These are such adventures but not sure all humans should be fixed. Some should be for sure but not all.  

Told you so. Wouldn't be fun to be fixed, you know.

Do people know Mary Pickford?
Or Douglas Fairbanks? It sounds absurd
But nope, they don't. They were famous
In their day, no muss or fuss.
They created United Artists and more
Now they are nothing but folklore.
So many want fame right away.
They forget it is fleeting no matter what one has to say

So that is why you want to snip snip so many? So then there won't be any?

Thank you a bunch
I even read this before lunch!
I have had paper cuts and more!
I sneezed and created glitter galore.
Up the nose , all over the place
It was glitter in my hair and on my face.
Glad you like my Movie Picks
I am humbled that you wrote about me which gave me kicks:)
Ok..not a great poet..and you know it:)

Glitter up the nose and paper cuts galore. You may want to watch that for a nookie encore. She sure has umm fun farming in her place. To see who comes tomorrow, watch this space.


Birgit sure creates much. She even likes to touch. I guess if leaking cornstalks aren't near, power to her and her cheer. But if you make her mad, a spanking may be had. I suppose some like that too. Sigh to the old and true. All I can say is that I wouldn't want to trespass, she could spank my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Whoopdi's Claim To What's In A Name!

How do you even say that? Is that for French viewers at their welcome mat? Would they welcome such a thing? Robbie Raisin needs to find a new network wing. This is getting hard on my head. I may need to go to bed.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what the weird spelled name has up her sleeve. I hope she won't make our viewers leave.

Speaking of ass, I never understood the phrase, 'Your ass is grass'

Maybe your ass is concrete is far more neat? Why did you start off with that meet and greet?

I can't think of anything worse than winter.

So you went with second worse? My, your brain must be a curse.

I didn't realize it was such a strange word till now.

Brain is strange? Wow, you may be out on the range.

One and Done
That's it for Some!

One thought and then on to another plot?

May you not hear from any government agency!

I guess so. Do you give tinfoil hats a go?

The cat knows what to do (or not do) on a hot summer day.

And you speak to cats? Wow, Whoopdi Friggin Doo sure attracts some dingbats.

Well, I suppose now that you put it out there in cyberspace, we will have some Titanic conspiracies going around.

Me? That was you. Don't go roping Robbie Raisin into your tinfoil hat crew.

Nest time, they can cook something with a stick of butter?

Does butter keep the g-men away? What do the aliens have to say?

lol.....I'm already seeing the crap in the stores! 

Aliens are invading through making us buy junk? Wow. Are you sure you aren't just in some coma-like induced funk?

I have issues, but fortunately, none of those!

Clearly you have quite a few. I guess it is good no coma has shined on through. May your tinfoil hat keep you safe from everyone. I'm sure you have tinfoil sitting around by the ton.


Who knew Bijoux was so strange. Those aliens must sure have range. Putting stuff out for us to buy. Then they make us broke while they hover in the sky. I guess I may need to find some tinfoil too. Damn it. Bijoux bought it all at her zoo. I guess I'll just have to face the alien mass. They'll run when I gas them with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 27, 2018

A Halloween Sight For This Whoopdi's Flight!

Can we even say Nazi on TV? Isn't it not PC? Even if Halloween is stuck in front. The censors may grunt. But I'll let it go. This is Robbie Raisin's Whoopdi Friggin Doo show.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Halloween merchandise we can sure move today. Let's see what scary things she can say.

Can't say I've ever had a fake disease. I'm one who will have a real one and will brush it off like it's no big deal. It's only when I think I'm truly dying do I seek out medical help. 

Zombies are among us. That should creates some sales of fake puss.

I've already made my first Halloween purchase of the year. I'm getting ready. And no, that wasn't a dirty look I gave you. I named my voodoo doughnut Pat and pressed the pretzel steak into his heart extra hard before biting his head off ;)

Cannibals and zombies at play. Wow, I think she may need help at her bay.

No Halloween hate will ever come my way. I am already scoping out the stores wondering why they don't have their decorations out yet. I did make my first purchase of the year 2 weeks ago, but dang it, I am ready for more!

Yes. Yes. We heard you. Your first purchase has already come due.

I am a horrible breath holder, so I try to keep my head above water. Out of it if I can help it so I can avoid the pee streams too. 

Well that was a whole new direction. Good that you are on pee detection.

I try to learn something new at least once a year. An idle mind is the devil's workshop, or so my granny always said. 

So this year it was how to detect pee? Do I want to know what next year will be?

I can't remember the last time I read a classified ad, though I've seen some pretty funny ones in my day.

What are you taking out an ad for? Our viewers may run if they know the Halloween Nazi is looking to explore.

I know a lot of people who have been at it for years and have some great content, but hardly get any recognition. Then, you have some asshole like "cash me ousside" girl who utters something stupid, pops up a website and some social media channels and boom. Instant success. The world is a messed up place. 

Let's hope you aren't into classified ads for years. That would strike many fears.

Reminds me of the 30 year old at my nieces birthday party who joined in on Musical Chairs. The bastard was competitive too, trying to beat out the 10 year olds to win the game. A complete immature ass, if you ask me! 

Yeah. That is scary too. Go all cannibal on him if you want at your zoo.

Does he farm here in Indiana, because it seems that all we have as far as the eye can see is corn. I'm sure there are a few serial killers lurking about in them too. Or, just a few meth heads, since we are the meth capital of the country. 

No wonder you've gone zombie cannibal like. Corn, serial killers and meth heads would make any take such a hike.

I have a family full of them. Always talking about what they are going to be doing, but never get off their butts and accomplish a single thing. 

I guess a family that eats together umm any meth head storm they can weather? She really takes Halloween to heart. Watch out viewers as she may end up eating that and any other part.


No wonder Theresa likes Halloween so much. The cat wouldn't want her to reach out and touch. We have no meat on our bones anyway. Go after someone who sits on their butt all day. We don't want to be cannibal food. Biting off a head is just rude. Is a killer who eats serial killers that bad of a lass? Hmm I'll get back to you on that with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Spoiled Way For Whoopdi Today!

That is what I want. Ratings like that should haunt. I want to be pampered too. Robbie Raisin deserves it through and through. I even say my own name a ton. I want where they run.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Robbie Raisin has to keep his streak alive. I am not sure Whoopdi Friggin Doo would survive. Yep, we need another cat. Now we have two to double the stat.

Haha I do hope there will be less remakes but more new stuff. May you not have to watch remakes, revivals, sequels all the time

With Whoopdi Friggin Doo that never comes into view.

I often take blog breaks to take naps.

But how would you know. A napping you go.

I went to store the other day and they are selling Halloween stuff already!
We don't do anything special for the day.. No candy or no costume in our house :-)

So you lied? Liars never fall on the right side.

LOL thank you for friendly advice! No sugar coating, that makes the best advice:-)

Who is being friendly about it? Sugar coating may give one a hyper fit.

At work, something always, always gets in the way! Oh well, no smooth sailing, I just need to steer :-)

No wonder you are a sugar addict. Steer a ship can be hard to depict. 

I haven't searched job for years so don't have such experience. But it reminds me of automated phone system! You call and answer so many questions before reaching actual person. Then they ask the SAME question!

Didn't you say no more remakes? Are you now doing double takes?

I've noticed there are something-something day, like every day! I thought nap day would be nice, and I'm pleasantly surprised there is in fact national napping day :-)

And now you are back to the napping. You really are giving us a remake lapping.

Prevention keeps you from troubles for sure! But I often fall into "oh I should have done that" situation!

See what all that napping does to you? Not just remakes that come due.

Funny I'm waiting to hop on airplane right now! Not going where bear might come by, though :-)

How are you hopping on a plane if you are here? Do you have one landing near?

Blogger phasing off is a scary thought, even if I know it's not true!
LOL at fans blow ghosts away :-)

It is going to be a ghost plane? Bloggers everywhere better hop a train. Viewers you better as well. These ghost loving cats are trying to raise hell. Beware one and all. They may be coming for you from just down the hall.


Wow. They brought a ghost plane. I guess we better all board a train. Unless you like flying the sky with spirits that can fly. Then when they crash the plane, you can join them haunting some lane. That sure isn't a remake. A nap you may be better off to take. I think I'll go join Cass. A nap does sound good to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Bench View With A Whoopdi Few!

Are benches even a thing anymore? Do people even walk near a shore? Wouldn't that mean they'd have to go outside? Hmm, maybe they went out because someone died. Robbie Raisin guesses there are reasons to go out. I'll let this one come about.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what she shall tell. I bet what she sees on those benches can be swell.

Had a weird one last night
Caught in a tight place
But said to myself I need to wake up
And then I was out of that space.

Tight places can be scary. Unless maybe they are only a little hairy.

Haven't taken a blog break in a while.
Haven't done some of those things unless I am in denial.

Denial saves the day. Keep it that way.

When trying to sell something
One has to be clever with words
But some of these
Are very absurd.

Are you poking fun at our ads? But they are the latest fads.

One more is never enough
For some down the road
Rather keep it simple
At my humble abode.

Buy this now. Is that simple enough somehow?

I think all can occasionally act like a child
In some things we say or do
Been like that all through history
Probably nothing too new.

Are you calling me childish with that? Robbie Raisin can tolerate that.

I do prevent as I can
its safer living that way
and can keep the doctor away

Prevent what? Saying too much at your hut?

Have a few things I said I would do but didn't
Guess most of us can be that way
That is what I will say.

That is it? Our viewers want details to make this a hit.

Can't imagine typing standing up
Would get tired of it after a bit
I rather type as I sit

Who's talking about typing? You'd think this was before Skyping.

Dont like the cold or the snow
Give me heat any day
Even if it is too hot to play.

Heat you can handle. So you light your own candle?

Not too many a one thing success
Takes time to get it right
And I am sure
A lot of work at night.

Oh. That is a loaded one there. Try, try again with a try to spare. Get better at night and the day. Betty sure knows the way. Listen to her, one and all. Now go out and have a ball.


Standing up typing isn't so bad. Can get tiring though at ones pad. Heat in the middle of the night though. I'm snip snip, so I just don't know. And weird ones in tight spaces too? Damn, Betty sure gets quite the bench with the view. Should we ask where that bench comes to pass? It may just scare my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 24, 2018

A Winter Look With A Whoopdi Hook!

Why do we have to go to snow? Oh, some viewers have such a show. Well that is okay. Robbie Raisin will let it play. Just don't go showing too much cold. Our advertisers may no longer stand bold.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

I'm not sure most viewers will like snow but we may get the Eskimo demo.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
I think I might be as sick as lard
If I wasn't laughing so hard

Eskimo's may not take to kindly to that. Was that sarcasm where you are at?

Just read the other day
Some people get their likes for pay
Instead of working hard
They become a tub of lard

Now you are fat shaming? We are going to get letters from all your naming.

Human fixing... now there's a thought
Maybe required for politicians we ought...

Really going for the gold. Would be good if politicians weren't so bold.

True human resources is a thing of the past
They have no clue how to pick employees who'll last

That they truly are. Those fat people grow wider at the bar.

I'm glad my corn is in a box
I wouldn't like to find a bear or a fox
Fun and helpful hints from the ninja farmer
Hopefully our days here won't get much warmer
Or the boxes may wilt and produce no veggies
I'll have buy all the food I please

Summer with snow? How is that so?

No snowflakes for me
For months times three
But I didn't disappear yet
On my record I would not bet 

So you are snow too? Damn, confusing are you.

I live to try things new
One of my very favorite things to do
But the old and proven stuff
Can sometimes be enough

That means you live as long as there is something new? May something old never greet you.

As my dad used to say
There will come a day
When the comments that stank
Will keep you laughing all the way to the bank

So you are a rich snowflake? How much dough did you make?

I signed up and paid
For a big ride unafraid
Got started training
But disc problems began raining
So this year a looky lou I get to be
Boohoohoohoohoo, no miles for me

Is that like a computer thing? Did you get it from an online fling?

Oh my heavens, how you've made me laugh
At search terms with meaningful gaffe
As many variations I think you get
As the Snowcatcher at her dot net

There you are everyone. You can go to that dot net for umm fun. I guess that is how she gets her dough. We here at Whoopdi Friggin Doo just don't know. Watch out for Eskimos though. She may have made a new foe.


Who knew Snowcatcher had such hate. She sure has many a head on a plate. Although the politicians may look better that way. Snip snip them and be on one's way. We must go see if we have any money to take to a banker. Nope. We don't have a tanker. Thought I'd say wanker? Beats being a planker. That snow makes us go off track with our sass. Just thinking about that white stuff sends shivers up my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

An Old One Eyed Granny View For Whoopdi Friggin Doo!

Are we trying to scare viewer's away? Who let her get on display? Didn't the camera break? How much more of this can I take? I think I need to sit down. Robbie Raisin may give her the cyclops crown.

Elsie Amata's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

What will she do not to scare? Will she show a wig full of shiny hair?

For a minute I thought you were talking about me
But than I thought, "No, that couldn't be."
The cat wouldn't be that dumb
unless he wants to live on the run
from my big dangerous dogs
who would lick him into a fog!

So you are going to lick a cat? Wow, cat videos sure are where it is at.

Or they are amazed by my beauty
and think, "Wow! What a cutie!"
Then they ask if I'm a princess
but then I have to confess
that I am just Elsie Amata
a pretty, littler Long Islander (when I say it, it rhymes) 

A fake rhyme and a cute chime. Does it still hold for a one eyed mime?

It scares our dogs too
Not much we can do
To make people around here stop
unless we want to call a cop
but than we'd have a neighbor war
and a bag of poop would be flung at our door
Illegal or not they're here to stay
no matter what the holiday

So you have one eyed neighbors as well? Damn, you are in hippie heaven where you dwell.

I LOVE this kind of talk
it puts a bounce in my walk
a smile upon face
and it's sure to be your saving grace!

Guess you love the one eye remarks. Or maybe dog barks.

Of course you would go ahead and brag
While leaving me lying next to some Canadian hag
who wiped me clean of all the food and wine
then can't drive and causes a traffic line
thanks for ruining my summer fun
now I just to go and run!

You may alienate our Canadian viewers with that. They may get pitchforks after a spat.

Well, I'm still really grumpy from yesterday and I had to hold off on doing a ranting post about it so I wish I had 25% more of my damn income. I wish I didn't pay so much in taxes. Stupid IRS. You know there's a post coming....

Sorry, you only get one go. Whoopdi Friggin Doo doesn't do repeats posts or pay the IRS any dough.

That is why I love the sea
Even if someone pees
it is quickly washed away
so I can still swim and play!
Just wish it wasn't crowded with folks
maybe you can scare them with your jokes?

Can't you just give them the evil one eye? Then away them and their pee would fly.

I'm guilty of misspelled and dropped words
Because I type so fast, like the wings on a bird.
Maybe one day I'll slow down,
but everything moves fast in my town.

So bad spelling keeps them there? Slow down? Do we want to know while on air?

I understand loving my shampoo
Those soapy suds really do
make my hair healthy and shine
ain't no way I'm giving up mine!

You sure have a thing with hair. I guess you need it to cover your one eyed affair.

Are you sure that was a random scroll?
I could have written that summer droll.
I'm so tired of snow and rain
it's becoming one big pain!
I can't wait to be back on the beach
and summer is almost within my reach!
I'll even bring along some nachos and beer
I don't care what it does to my fine rear!

Give us that rear shot to end the day. That may take the scary away. Did I really just ask to see a cyclops's ass on air? I think this syndication thing is really becoming a weird affair.


Old One Eyed Granny sure goes on about her hair and the giant litter box a lot. She even has a Canadian ridding plot. Maybe they'll have to lock her in a tower. Then no one else will cower. It has lots of stairs for her to climb at least. She could be a reverse beast. On that movie we'd take a pass. It would probably scare my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Dream Show With A Whoopdi Flow!

Do dreams count? Can they up our stat amount? Can they bring ads in? Hmm so many questions for this spin. She is making Robbie Raisin's brain hurt. Maybe with viewers she'll flirt.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Will this all be a dream? Will it be some weird TV stream? I guess we shall see. So what is going to come to be?

What, Cement can be turned into gold
that sure must be a sight to behold
let us follow the yellow brick road
who will help carry the wondrous load

Okay. Out in la la land. But if you find a way, I'll give you a hand.

Barefoot for me is the way to go
at the Truedessa show.. lol

So barefoot down the golden road? Is that the only bare umm mode?

fun indeed
who knows what will take seed...

Are you trying to get pregnant on our show? The world will soon know.

I know many shades of blue
imagine that, but it is true
thinking about who we are
dreaming upon a far away star
on this blue marble we do spin
waiting for the tide to roll in
wearing jeans with holes
will that make us feel whole
working hard, day and night
in our dreams we take flight
drifting to Bora Bora bay
feeling the ocean's spray
enjoy your moments in the sun
as a new tale is softly spun
splashing in hues of a new day
may love always find a way!

Love and blue kids. People everywhere will be putting in bids.

Well, how could I lie about the moon
go look out your window it is real
it will make one dreamy and swoon
what seeing the moon is no big deal

You could lie and give a moon. Even with the dish and spoon.

One post may get many views
but, tomorrow you will be yesterday's news
hard work and patience is the way
perhaps success one day...

So you are lying to up viewer count? What is your top amount?

subliminal messages from the sky
reaching earth from way up high

Bah, you are going into our brain? I must avoid the rain.

no moon, what would happen to the tide
would water flow across the land so wide
I guess we would still have the sun
setting a course for our planet to run

That is very true. A moon brings about the tide to you.

Monday smile as pics came in view
Did they go to a doggie park?
hope they didn't leave poo?

Around here you have to bring a pooper scooper and bag, take out what you leave...

Are you getting the warming trend, it will be in the 90's today same as yesterday?

Have a good one Pat!

Hmm making people smile early or late? Is a moon-y tide your umm fate?

This is too funny, I am still chuckling as I write. You have to watch out for those corn mazes one can get lost in there and then who knows an alien might come down and get thee.

I think, I like the ninja image better, now I have an image of the Ninja in overalls playing his guitar on a hay barrel.

Hey, he can do a commercial for "Got Milk" and make some dough then he would no longer need to hoe...ok, now I have to go.

Crazy What off - Cat just crazy...

Wow, the ratings must go sky high now. A milk fetish, a ninja hillbilly fetish, a roll in the hay and a cat that can meow. Party at Truedessa's place for all. Whoopdi Friggin Doo has hit last call.


She really has dreams of much. Be careful if you touch. Especially if you are a ninja hillbilly guy. They may give a weird umm cry. Want a blue kid at your sea? Truedessa's place may be the way to be. Could go creating a blue kid mass. Be neat to see from far away for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Feline Whoopdi Comes Due With A Crew!

How did we get more cats on here? Must be due to that rhyming rear. I think he says ass. Am I allowed to give that a pass? Robbie Raisin can say all. No networks will give my show a stall.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what this cat has to say. We do seem to have plenty of cats coming here to play.

I often create some odd things, then I get into trouble!

I guess they aren't works of art? Those humans don't take them to heart?

I think my brain breakthrough done broke!

That isn't a good sign. Or is it for a feline?

HA! Brain dead nuts sounds like our politicians!

I guess it is good for cats but bad for human dingbats.

I keep getting viagra ads, but not on dating sites I hope!

Is there such a thing as kitty dating? Do the humans need help mating?

YIKES! That one dude or dudette sure needs their claws clipped!

Oh. This could make for good TV. You have a stalker at your sea?

We used to have ninjas living next door, but they up and left!

And with ninja powers too. This could be a hit show for all to view.

Sometime I have a really good dream and wake up to find out it was only a dream!

Are you saying it's all a dream? Don't tell that to the Whoopdi Friggin Doo team.

I'm not too sure but flying fish sound kind of scary!

Where did that come from? Flying fish would make many glum.

My sisters say I'm a really good sport, but they never said which one!

The flying fish throw? Yeah. We also don't know.

I son't think a catnip beer would be too odd!

A good way to end the day. Good luck with that at your bay. Catnip Beer. The next greatest thing to come near. High and drunk. Relieves any funk. Buy today. Only $199 and you get a free litter tray.


Brian may have invented a new beer. It may not come out too clear. Do you wish to try? Do you want to see fish fly? Getting pooped on by a flying fish would sure not be my wish. I also think on Viagra ads and dating sites we'll pass. Those are both no good to my snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 20, 2018

A Fundy Whoopdi Say Here Today!

Are we hosting a talk show? Damn, on and on she can go. Maybe she should do radio. I really don't know. Robbie Raisin is just ready to run. She can talk a ton. I'll have to go backstage. I hope we don't have to pay her a per word wage.

Fundy Blue's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

What will she start off with today. Grab a blanket, you may be here a while listening to all she has to say.

I think adult warnings are sometimes appropriate, but I also think that parents should evaluate those warnings and decide if they are appropriate or not.

I don't have children of my own, but I have spent much of my life in the company of children. Today some parents expose them to too many adult issues, and they should not burden their children with worries and fears. But it's a tough world today, and I have a lot of compassion for parents trying to raise children and get through it.

I've flown on a lot of flights with crying children, and it can be hard for surrounding passengers. I deal with it by putting myself in the child's situation and also the parent's or parents' and summon some compassion for them, especially when the parents are trying to quiet the child.

That said, there are some parents on flights I get very upset with ~ like those who let their child constantly kick the back of my seat (for example).

Have a good one! 

Warning. You and your kids may be up late watching this show. Warning. That was all one retort, you know.

Nope, I am not that kind of Looky Lou. I go after all kinds of things! As for accidents, well the other day I parked my car by the side of the road and raced back to an accident as fast as I could run. One of the cars was surrounded by ambulances and a fire truck, and I only caught a glimpse of it. I thought it was Terry's. But it wasn't. After the shaky relief, I was reminded that we can't sit on our butts. Life is short and we have to make the most of it. Take care, Pat! Don't be a Looky Lou!

So you aren't going to watch your own show? Our viewers may consider that a big no no.

I can hear my brother, sisters, and I begging for "just one more" echoing throughout my childhood. Just one more cookie, just one more game, just one more tv show ... Then adult constraints and responsibilities took over. Bah! Humbug! Now I can't even have cookies in the house! LOL Have one more good one, at the very least, my friend!

Adults do have a way of making ratings tank or not. Those constraints are part of the adult plot.

Your comment had me laughing, Rawknrobyn. You have no idea how many times I've been described as "loyal and true" in my life!

So you want to be a dog? Wow, now it makes sense why you are an air time hog.

You thoroughly freaked me out!
My stomach is flip-flopping about!
I shall have to go find something funny
to calm down my grossed out tummy!

You were freaked out by that? Hmm, maybe you secretly want to be a cat? Wow, sure double the air time today. We'll go to commercial break while Fundy Blue hawks up a hairball and continues on her way.

Give me a break. Give me a break. Give a break of that Kit Kat bar. 

Do you think our advertisers are trying to tell her something? Let's she what else she has to say that will bring us to spring.

Guys + tv + sports ~ I don't get it. Terry can turn on the tv, get a random game in a random sport, and before he knows what, who, or where, he's already cheering and yelling at the tv screen. I get him back though by screaming at political broadcasts. So we each have a real audience of one! I like to go to Parkway, our local bar and ask to watch curling on the rare occasions there is a game on. It's great fun to watch the regulars scratching their heads and wondering what the heck is going on. Have a good one, my friend! 

I'm sure some are yelling at the TV now. Some may even be having a cow.

I barely can get commercial cards out on time, lets alone make them and send them! BB's post on summer blockbusters was thoroughly enjoyable today! Sad to think that during my lifetime people died in isolated outports in Newfoundland when they got cuts that lead to blood poisoning and they couldn't get out to medical help. Have a good one, my rhyming friend. Hey, just a suggestion ~ Have you thought about putting a link to your new blog here? Or maybe you have, and I just can't find it. You think I'm bad with blogging comments? Well, I'm much worse with emails! LOL

Now she's trying to advertise for a whole bunch. No wonder she's bad with emails, as in order to type them she'd have to take off between breakfast and lunch.

Hey Mr. "Pat Hatt cat rhyme time blog!"
I found you through a popular dog,
Ms Sophie Doodle
who can be found through Google.

Okay, that's all the rhyming I can do today, or time will get away from me. You certainly had time on your mind when you wrote the last series of posts. Wasting time? Not in your prime! You have definitely mastered the art of the finish ~ no waiting till you retire when your powers may diminish. Resumes and interviews for a computer to peruse ~ I'm glad that I missed that indignity. See ~ I'm all caught up. Had a few zen moments contemplating all the gorgeous kitties at that other lair. I could use a word volcano cat as I dig myself a time sucking hole always searching for the right word. You think OCD is bad, Pat? Try ADHD with OCD! LOL Have a great day at your bay!

That is a lot of acronyms to be had. Hmmm maybe we should send her some medication at her pad. Or a rubber room. She's even advertising for that Pat guy that others have let loom.

I agree with her that dreams can contain messages and premonitions. I've have experienced both. Sometimes in my dreams I dream about past dreams within a current dream, and some nightmares I have had repeatedly since my earliest childhood. Maybe I should do a dream-based novel.

That would be one long arse novel we bet. I think our camera crew have went home for the night and left set.

Hey, hey ~ at your bay!
I'm catching up in threes this week.

You threw a new idiom at me: "At least my mind isn't a wreck."
It wouldn't work for me, because some days I wonder if mine is a wreck ~ LOL!

I'm a skeptic about driverless cars, at least not anytime soon. I'm more worried about endless drones filling our skies, especially from Amazon. We might end up with a lot of package rustlers.

I have to order this year's IWSG anthology, now that I am home. And I'm definitely going to order "The Connective." Looks really good. I remember learning all of Nova Scotia's counties in third grade, so I'm thinking that setting might well be near Liverpool, N.S. Good luck with your latest novel. Pat!

Can we even say more? This was a show that needs its own tour from shore to shore. She's even advertising again. Robbie Raisin now needs to take a nap, as we've gone past ten.


Look at Fundy Blue go. She sure knows how to put on a Whoopdi Friggin Doo show. Heck, she could do a whole season. Of course some may think that treason. Maybe it's a dream of a dream of a dream she has each night. Standing under a Whoopdi Friggin Doo spotlight. Sure had fun poking fun at that Fundy lass. Told her we would last year with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

A Rat In The Way With Whoopdi Today!

Is someone going to rat on me? I hear rat sex brings them to this sea. Why am I posting here again? I guess he has the pen. Robbie Raisin must seek out a new place. I don't want any rat sex in my face.

Mary Kirkland's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what words of wisdom shine through today. We hope a herd of rats don't come out to play.

Paper cuts hurt.

Short and sweet I guess. Can you say more, not less?

Oh no, not clowns.

Is this a repeat of yesterday? Are you camera shy or calling me a clown at your bay?

Bacteria on doorknobs cure cancer. Well hell, I better rub myself all over those cruddy doorknobs. Or maybe not. eww lol 

Please don't try that at home. Maybe we are better off when she doesn't let her words roam.

Drinking in the shower is a bad idea.

More wise words from Mary. Drinking in a shower can end up scary.

I love Halloween. I'm all about the horror movies, Halloween candy and spooky decorations.

I guess she likes scary. Maybe she will drink in the shower now, oh Mary.

Psycho bee's? Sounds like the bee's knee's. 

She sure has been drinking. What is she thinking?

Wood? Like morning wood? LOL No, never that. 

Whoa, that was rhetorical, you know. We don't really want to know what you got below.

A fake disease. Nope, don't think I've had one of those. 

Well that is good. For you and your ummmm wood.

My dog could care less about the fireworks as well. There were a couple of illegal ones that got shot off last year around here that scared me they were so loud but Falcor just slept.

So he doesn't get a thrill from your thrill? Sounds like a pup that fits the bill.

Blue is such a nice guy. I feel bad that he sleeps on the couch though. lol 

Are we talking about a guy or your dog? Playing with no wood would probably leave a guy in the fog. That's all the wise words we can handle for today. Now go enjoy piling that wood after our final commercials have their say.


Mary sure went this way and that. And she didn't even mention a rat. I guess viewers searching for rat sex will have to go elsewhere. Maybe this time they'll find her lair. The true rat lass and not my ever so rat sex free little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Fact Doo With A Whoopdi Crew!

I am the only crew. That will not do. You need to make these a hit. You don't want to see me spit. Robbie Raisin can spit far. Or I may just go to the bar. Such a hard life this racket. Maybe we'll move up a bracket.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Just the facts today. Doesn't seem like he has much to say. This may be a dull show. Do we have the Jeopardy tune to give a go?

had to be #1 and #2
that will make you blue

So if you are both numbers you go blue like dreams from bad slumbers?

Hail Santa  

Okay. Is 2 words all you can say?

Everyday is now Funday 

You doubled it to four. What fun taking a funday tour.

just one more, never satisfied

Nice of you to make that five. How will our viewers make it out of this alive?

ask any area with red lights
or the internet

The internet tells the truth? Hmmm, may be better off asking Aunt Ruth.

Talk about a breakthrough

Talk about one step forward two words back. Do words you lack?

All hands on deck

Do we want to know about the deck? I hope there isn't a dust speck.

When the singing wall bass has become the magic 8ball

That was out of the blue. I guess that means you are #1 and #2?

On my planet, it is a digit that represents the value of being the top person on the comment list. 

So you are an alien spy? Upwards the ratings are now going to fly.

Flying fish do have wings

cement can be if you have some gold spray paint (kinda)

only if they have good aim

I want to BELIEVE

Only those made by House Martell, they also can't be bent or bowed.

Cloud is in Smash Bros, close enough

I hope not.

And they ghosts have never been happier

I knew it. 

Whoa. It is alien talk. I'll have to take this to Spock. We have a prober on our show giving commands. Don't buy into their demands. Resist the probing when they come across the globe glowing and strobing.


That is how Adam knows so much. He can reach into a head, let's say head, and touch. He gets everything through his finger. He just has to let it linger. No aliens will get near me. I don't want to believe at my sea. He even hails Santa and the singing bass. I may have to watch that singing fish when it lingers near my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 17, 2018

A Letter Whoopdi Post To Give A Toast!

What's in a letter? A check would be better. Unless from a debtor. So what's in a letter? I guess I'll just let it go. Maybe some viewers will know. Robbie Raisin won't have to pay. That is a win, I'd say.

L. Diane Wolfe's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what that L has to say. Maybe it will turn into an M by the end of the day. I doubt that. K may be where it is at.

You think we need one more? All right, we'll get one more.

One more what? L at your hut?

I keep getting more Minions. I'm almost out of room in the Minion shrine.

You have slave labor hidden away? You better run from the FBI, CIA, SPCA and PTA.

If there was a race to have kids then I completely missed the starting gun.

So you don't run? You must have good lawyers by the ton.

Couch quarterbacks are only good at flinging beer cans.

Hey, now. No need to name call. We just don't condone slave labor is all.

I don't recall fireworks freaking out our fish, so no animals here will be distressed on the 4th.

And you call them fish? Damn, you serve up one mean dish.

Skinny jeans fate means he'll suffocate.

You kill them off with skinny jeans? Quick. Dial 911 whoever is seeing this on their TV screens.

Some people can't spell or speak worth a darn.
Furries and plushies - run away!

She's out to kill furries too. Hold on. That may not be a bad thing to come due.

I don't have breakthroughs, I just break things.

Or maybe not. She breaks bones with here slave labor plot.

I've always wanted to visit Alaska. Ittoqqortoormiit is close enough.

She is looking to escape the law. Someone grab her before she gets off on a technical flaw.

I don't mind if I sink. I like it underwater.

Oh no! She's drowning the evidence thanks to our show. We helped a slave labor crazy get away. This just wasn't Whoopdi Friggin Doo's best day. No wonder L stands alone. If a loved one goes missing, you now know who to phone.


So that is why Diane stays home all the time. Also how she can publish books on a dime. She has slave labor hidden away. Excuse us well we go make sure the door is locked at our bay. You mean it is those Despicable Me yellow things? She doesn't have slaves hidden in the wings? Hmm that L is still lingering there with class. We aren't sure we believe that with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Rawkin Doo With A Whoopdi Too!

Maybe this will spark a fire. She is rather umm not looking for one to expire. Her search may bring in a whole new bracket. I guess I'll ready many an info packet. Next on Whoopdi Friggin Doo from Robbie Raisin and not you.

Rawkin Robyn's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Not much innuendo left this time. Chocolate and other things she finds sublime. Have to be in your prime. Can't fake it like a mime.

Haha, kinky? Who me?
Why thank thee! Both of thee!

Both of us? Robbie Raisin is so great I get double space on the bus.

It's usually solo fun
and I'm the only one
But that's better than no fun at all
Or trying to have fun with something way too small.

We told you you have to be in your prime. Viewers everywhere sure know it this time.

What body parts would rise
if told "Stick, em up, you guys!"

Bah, we are going to get pics. Pics of ummm we don't want to say wicks.

A purple dude would come to pass
if Red poked Blue in the...

Now you're going the other way. Equal opportunity at play.

I dig this one
Digging is fun
But sometimes it's not
like digging for snot
That I don't do

Good you are digging in. That's the way to find a win.

The first post tends to suck
And for those who don't give a f*k
for anyone but themselves
as if they're more special than
Santa's elves
They'll never get
why they're not famous yet. 

So hop to the second post? Hopefully it's a bigger one for your coast.

I feel so bad
I feel ashamed
It's nearly Monday
And I'm dropping by now - how lame!
I've been remiss from the visits
I've posted little new
Thing is, Pat, I haven't had a date for a few...
years or many months, so no new stories have come due. But I owe you great thanks
I didn't deserve this post
I've been a big little flake
With no reason to boast
You're a great, loyal blogger
A silly fun guy
Who's always generous towards others
Even when I don't deserve it. I won't lie.

No dates for months or years? At least you still have kinky umm gears.

May you continue to produce
every last excuse
for playfulness and sillies
and weirdness gone loose.
Blogland would be a bore
were it not for your shore.
A good new year to you
And more weirdness all year through.

Weirdness is here. Whoopdi Friggin Doo will go into syndication all year.

Pat is so loyal, it's true
Hershey's, I hate thru and thru
Child enslavement they knowingly pay into
But any other chocolate will surely do
And the one that I decide to date
Will run scared. But if he doesn't touch my...
chocolate, I am great. 

Who is this loyal guy? He sounds like a dog, oh my.

I say, put kids in charge
the world would be a much better place
for all animals, and nature, and the human race.

Can't say we here at Whoopdi Friggin Doo disagree. And hey, in order to get kids one may have to be a little kinky. Remember to grow them big out there. Or when near Robyn, beware.


She sure doesn't hold back. The cat expected nothing less at our shack. Let the hair pullers run the show? Hmm, we don't know. They may whine and cry. Oh wait, that's that Trump guy. I guess they can come to be after a kinky fun spree. But the cat won't be getting kinky with any lass, I'm happily a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Whoopdi No Blog Time Hog!

No way even to promote. How'd she get a vote? I'll have to check with management on this. Maybe it won't miss. I doubt it though. But I'm Robbie Raisin and I'll still let it go. We need a show. Just so you know.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

She has no face. Could be a weird view to embrace. I guess a blurry face let's her fly free. Suza, what are our viewers going to see?

No... the winner is me!
Send the loot to my sea
Or if it's gold
A truck we will load

Begging for money already? This show might decline steady.

No blog have I
On Facebook I linger
I know you hate it
And give it the finger

Are you spying on me? How do you know my finger came to be?

Rawkn Robyn is a good lass
Has fun and jokes with lots of sass
Slim and short is sure no fun
But long and chocolate covered is the one!

(nudge, nudge, winky, winky
Suza's naughty and slightly kinky)

So you are spying on Robyn and soooooooooo much more. That may get ratings galore.

Farmers have
A lot of manure
But that's a bit better
Than a nasty sewer

Is that a way of telling our viewers they are in the gutter? Do you want them to remove any clutter?

Yuk, Barf, Ew
What's going on at your zoo
Gross things abound
Gore and guts found

I think you took that the wrong way. Did your Robyn play go astray?

One more, one more
I used to hear that song
When babysitting wee ones
For more stories they'd long

Turning it around to kids now? I hope they didn't read between the lines somehow.

Dating sites
Can cause some gloom
Most people there
Need to leave the room

Good reason to avoid dating and just skip to the mating.

My first career
Was as an opera singer
So this makes me smile
Might put the Cat through the ringer!

So you can hit a high note too? All must enjoy your zoo.

I've always had cats
But have wanted a dog
Probably won't happen
Lest I jump over a log

I think you took zoo literally at your sea. Any final juicy words for viewers who can't see thee?

I used to write for a living
A blog I didn't wish to start
Seemed too much like work
But I may have a change of heart

A liar? Not me!
And especially to the Cat?
I would not dare
Lest he swing a big rat

Okay, I'm rhymed out
But this was great fun
Thanks for the shout
I think I am done

Suza's face is coming soon to a blog near you. She doesn't lie and is quite done too. Done with what we don't know. Maybe that will be on another show.

Getting winky and kinky. Ratings sure won't be umm slinky. I guess she has better things to do than blog away. At least with what she had to say. The cat never made it come to pass. I am a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Whoopdi Donkey Day With Cats In The Fray!

Animals are hard to work with for a show. I'm a raisin, I should know. But kids love them all. Those SPCA nuts lap it up at their hall. This could work out well for me. Robbie Raisin the animal lover for all to see.

Marg's Animals'
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

A cat lady is here. She has donkeys to give a cheer. This may sure be quite the show. Watch where you step, just so you know.

So who pays attention to ads nowadays, unless it is something you just can't do without. But some ads are fun to read or look at.

You mean you ignore our ads and such? Bah, we can't give you airtime too much.

Something new is always a good thing to explore. Then you know that what you have is really good.

You are trying to tell us what to do? Are you a fortune cookie too?

Not a good idea to lie to the cat. They will know for sure right away that you are not telling them the truth.

Is it okay to lie to everyone else though? Do I really want to know?

Yup, one little post just isn't going to do it. But then who wants to be famous anyway. 

Isn't that why you are here? Fame is great when all peer.

WE think dogs are wonderful companions. They don't do any worse things than the cats here who have destroyed the furniture here. Have a great day Pat.

Who is Pat? Are dogs where it is at? Should we be catering to dog owners? I guess we need to stop selling print toners.

A roll in the grass sounds like the best idea. 

Wow, you really have gone to the dogs. I guess it beats going to hogs.

Just have to be happy with what we have, then we don't have to worry about what we get or don't get. 

Geez, that sure is the dog way. Although we hear eating poop and mooning isn't okay.

How could the moon not be real??? It is out there every night. 

A conspiracy now? Tell us more. Like where, when, why and how.

So sorry. Blue is one of my favorite colors so blue is not allowed to leave. 

Blue is leaving too? This will sure bring in the tin foil hat crew.

Hysterical post. We sure have cats in the barn, cats in the house, cats in the yard, cats in the trees, and cats in the bushes. 

Should we change it to dog loving crazy cat lady? So is the moon shady? Come on. Tell us before dawn. What? Our time is up? She went to play with a pup? This just can't do. We have to know if the moon not being there is true.


Marg sure left them wanting more. We agree with her fortune cookie advice to at our shore. Be happy with what you have and away you can go. Plus you can live easier with less need for dough. As there aren't a ton of bills. Credit card companies may not get thrills. Right now we can also find cats no matter where we pass. Although they tend to run away from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 13, 2018

A Whoopdi One By The Ton!

This guy really likes the top. Maybe it won't be a flop. This episode could be #1. Robbie Raisin could then be done. I'll be high up in the sky. Let's now let this episode fly.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Will this show be rated #1? I guess it depends on what is spun. So take it away. What do you have to say?

An Odd List That Can't Be Missed!
Perhaps saves time with just a gist
Is taking long breaks
Not at all brain dead
And meeting up ending with a feast

So you want to cook? Not sure they'll give that a look.

Odds Of Creation Get A Notation!
A paper cut in a card plantation
To keep on waiting
There is no stopping
So it might not be a reincarnation

You want to be a cannibal and cook? Hmmm, our viewers may give that a look.

Hank's right on the run
A go at New Year's fun
Thanks True,Pat and Blue
2017's joy with all pf you!

Aren't you a few years back? Did your cooking lack?

A Farmer Type Of Charmer?
Busy in spring and summer
Had been up at dawn
Since day was born
Doing the same as a blogger

Growing your own food. The big business people may give you attitude. 

A What Off Lie Ever So Spry!
Phased off, will make them cry
Must get the ghost-busters
They'll settle the fastest
To help save them from a good-bye

You have ghosts who help you cook? That show may just have the right hook.

Always One More To The Lore!
Better step on it to the fore
Just one more
Such a bother
Saving it for last, what a bore

Just one more? Kinky cooking at your shore?

A Travel Plan For A Winter Fan!
Location a big draw all the time
It's Ittoqqortoormiit
Tongue twister a bit
Experience akin to Santa's land

A tongue twisting time. Some may find that sublime.

Isn't It Grand To Get A Hand?
A thing worth the while to spend
Get the upper hand
Wave them the fan
Then they'll know what you meant

Being the hand on top. That may not be a flop.

Time To Get To It With This Hit!
Stay easy but still can get to it
Like to have
More in life
Getting something with lots of bids

He's taking bidding on is cooking. At least we hope so, we've stopped looking.

Rugrat Ville Fits The Bill!
Childish pranks create ill-will
They act wild
with a smile
Thriving on their own thrills!  

You want the kids to have a fit? Parents may not like it. But kids can make it a hit. #1 you may be for Whoopdi Friggin Doo by a bit. We shall see what else comes due. Watch the rugrats and their diaper loo.


Hank likes to cook? We never knew that at our nook. Guess he's not always on the road. Maybe off in cooking mode. Or Robbie Raisin may lie. Although he did let the words fly. The cat hates cooking and gives it sass. Just give the food to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Whoopdi Acronym Day Is About To Play!

Maybe they'll figure it out. Maybe they won't know what it's about. That is a good way to keep viewers tuning in. This could be another Whoopdi Friggin Doo win. Robbie Raisin gets that. I am where it is at.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

What do the acronyms mean? Care to tell all out there that are watching Whoopdi Friggin Doo on their TV screen?

I have vivid dreams every night. Some are great- some not so much. Wouldn't want to be stuck in a bad one.

We didn't ask that. But if they are naughty vivid dreams feel free to share that stat.

Dating and ads can both be tricky.

That's it? Dream about it but don't take the hit?

I can hold my breath for a while, but that is about it. :)

Why would you need to do that? Are we missing something where we are at?

Try to prevent things, but I also try to enjoy myself- as you never know what is around the corner. :)

Well prevention is good. Do that more should. Do they make ones that can go around a corner though? We may not want them on our show.

You can find all kinds of things on the internet! :) 

Okay, we'll leave it at that. Our viewers can search them out where they are at.

Makes me thinks of the picture book Dog vs. Cat- all about which is better.

Your brain sure goes to weird places. I guess to each their own embraces.

It is amazing how many celebrate days there are. Some are for true celebration and others seem to be just for fun. There is a day for everything!

Everything you say. Wow, really going all out today.

Love find and replace. Not quite as much as copy and paste- but it is a good one for sure. :)

Replaces the worn out ones. That must cost tons.

I don't win many things, but I would love to win $100 gift card.

Only a $100 gift card? I guess things aren't that hard.

I can't believe you have your posts written for a year out! WOW!

I think you saw a repeat of our show. These things aren't written, you know. But that is all we have for today. I guess they only let acronyms on display. Maybe it's a riddle. One you may not want to get in the middle.


DMS sure had some things to say. Who wouldn't like a $100 gift card at there bay? Unless maybe if it was too a spa. That just gets a bah. Yeah, we won that before. Pffft no bluff and fluff at our shore. There we shall never trespass. I can lick clean my own little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Whoopdi Drunk In A Funk!

Liquor and prima donna actors. We may as well have farmers selling tractors. What could go wrong? Hmm, maybe Robbie Raisin should play along. They may make news in a bad way. A ratings win for the day.

A Beer for The Shower's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Hopefully they aren't drunk like one of the past. I don't know what our viewers will think of a double cast. Maybe two drunks are better than one. We'll find out when this is spun.

A day that commemorates a man in an adult diaper shooting you in the heart with an arrow... I guess I'm not the only one who sees something deeply wrong with that.

Also, I wish I was cool enough to do a rhyming interview.

Being cooler than a man in a diaper is a promising start. Unless you take that fetish to heart.

Don't even talk to me unless it's endorsed by Dr. Oz, but if it is, then I'll hand you my credit card and you just keep charging until you're satisfied.

This show is endorsed by him. Hand me that credit card on a whim.

I wish my paycheck was bigger. What's 25% of 0?

Now you say you can't pay? Pfffft figures we'd get bums on the show today.

I once had a coworker who out of nowhere said, "I wish my penis was 25% bigger." We just all looked at each other in horror. That awkward moment when you know your coworker is undersized. Also, he's Asian. We just pretended he didn't say it.

Hanging around Asians with small peckers. You sure aren't out buying any double deckers.

So all I needed to enjoy Grease was a spoon full of Mary Poppin's sugar? No wonder I thought it was terrible and overrated and John Travolta has always been very obviously gay.

Did you send him to the pecker guy? Wow, what beer makes you let fly.

Today, as we go forth into a new era of artwork, let us all remember where we started from: football headed stick figures with nicotine addiction who constantly soil themselves.
And most people might think I'm going to lose that gun battle because I'm holding my gun wrong, but it's actually a defensive stance. The bullet from Brandon's gun will hit the butt of my gun, bounce off, and take out 90% of his tripod 'third leg' so we can be even.

Or is Brandon's tripod going to look him up? Wow, beer makes you one frisky pup.

I think maybe my dogs are cats. I take them outside, and they just look up at me like they want to come back in. Then I bring them back in, and they lounge on the couch like lazy a-holes.

And then I do the same thing, because hey, smart dogs.

It was just a comparison to force a rhyme. You didn't need to take it to heart like no speech to a mime.

I don't think we have to tell you how much we love zombies, so it's great to see this. What a cool story. He's a role model for me, not just because I love zombies, but because we share the same ability to grow facial hair.

Sitting around is dog like and zombie like? Wow, to the loony bin you may need to take a hike.

Ha! I especially love the million dollar book idea. It seems that everyone I meet has a GREAT idea for a bestselling book, but just can't find the time to write it. That's all you need to do to write a NY Times bestseller, you know. Just write it.

So my idea is bad? What can I do to get there then at my pad?

Hey, we're here! Don't mind the screaming child or the broken body parts. Those are just a part of the job. Unfortunately, I haven't yet broken my head so as to rearrange it back into a football pattern, but just wait until the next camping trip. Maybe I can have a bear sit on my head and flatten it out.

Have a bear flatten my head? I think our days of taking advice from beer nuts are officially dead. And so ends our show...

Greek Mythology: still makes more sense than Scientology.

And after those wise words, now ends our show. Zeus may come down and crap out kids like turds, you know. We can't be around for that. Tune in tomorrow for when we try to round up another dingbat.

Look at the beer guys go. They must have gotten into some and were all aglow. Zombie and Travolta loving would take a lot of beer. Not sure which one would strike more fear. Would sure need more than a spoon full of sugar too. Such fetishes the cat never knew. At least they one upped the crazy singing bass. He doesn't have any summer lovin planned that is known to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 10, 2018

A Whoopdi Fan In Joanne!

We have a fan today. A true one that wants to be on display. How can Robbie Raisin deny a true fan? I have made sure her episode ran. Hope she's not a flash in the pan or in need of a tan.

Joanne Faries'
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what she has to say today. After the tabbies I'm not sure what anyone will say. That could make for good TV. So again, let's see.

Haven't been on blog a few days. Having fun with friends at the Jersey shore. Drinking beer! All a blast. Have a happy Monday. Eclipse day here!

Greeeeeaaaat. Now we have a drunk. This episode may end in a funk.

That is a lot of hate. Did you get a rock in your bag like Charlie Brown? Serious issues dude.
Happy Friday- not the 13th

You could tell I hate drunks? Is it as serious as hating monks?

If you eat flying fish, you can fly. Ask Peter Pan. 

Am I supposed to read that like a fortune cookie? Peter Pan may be a monk as he never gets nookie.

nope. I pretty much know when to stop. My mother taught us portion control - applies to food and anything else. 

Well that is good to know. Wouldn't want you worn out for today's show.

Overnight success takes years of sweat. That is for sure 

Is that some more innuendo at play? But yeah, practice makes perfect they say.

Jazz hands for you (I'll stick them out my sunroof in the car)

Getting handsy too. Really raring to go at your zoo.

I refuse to rhyme today
Undersea I am at play
Holding my breath, staying wet
Will see in part 6 who breaks a sweat

You're on round six? Damn, you must know good tricks.

The internet has no soul. It broke our defenses. It does not mend fences
But we are hooked.
We need a breakthrough to save us

That is why you are on a tell all today. No internet, just a TV display.

Do not need it first day
Save for that rainy day
Bucks in the bank are key
In case of emergency

Good to have money to spare. Always able to pay fair.

I am pretty good about completing a mission, except for gym memberships. A good book can keep my butt in a chair instead of donning yogawear. Oh well

Who needs the gym when you are so active at your sea. Don't even need yogawear to come to be.

An ice house would be cool
But tough for school
Fingers writing would get numb
All scores would be dumb

It's no wonder you are raring to go. We would be too if we had to live in some ice house and do this show. So there you have it with another showing. We here at Whoopdi Friggin Doo are never sure where any of it is going.


Will the jazz hands keep a showing after that? She may curse the cat. But it wasn't me. It was Robbie Raisin with this spree. The cat just rented out the space. I'm sure you all believe that embrace. We sure wouldn't like to live in an ice house with no green grass. It would freeze off my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Tabby Whoopdi Doo Ever So True!

What the heck happened here? We were going on smoothly and all was clear. Where did this episode come from? Do they know how to talk without getting into the rum? The network may be confused. Robbie Raisin isn't amused.

Tabbies of Trout Towne's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

What is this? Is something amiss? How did cats get on TV? Who is this orlin N cassie?

orlin N cassie....ewe noe we iz knot all ther......we now haz de doors song...break on thru...playin in R mindz eye

I guess we get some background noise. Tunes can bring joys.

orlin N cassie

deer apples.... ???

18 centz anda sack oh friez thiz iz frum de bass terd vizshuz deer that tried ts steel de food servizz gurlz car a few bak

heerz two a zebra oto kinda week oh end 

Maybe some hunters will show. What do I know.

orlin N cassie....therz a shitz load oh howl o ween goin on in polly tix rite now, bye de time candee day o fish ul lee getz heer ....we mite all bee "in coztoom" de living dead

A horror feature might scare. Viewers beware.

orlin N cassie; when de food gurl waz young; like bak in de 1200's; her hada bulldog...he ate: de end table leg, de sofa cushionz, his bed and de siding off de houz.....

we whooz left in TT haz never been round dawgz....tho we due see em on de sidewalk day N nite takin ther peepulz fora stroll

1200's you say at your sea? Damn, we have a vampire on the show today for thee.

orlin N cassie

de food gurl came home frum her place oh employ a few ago yellin how her had two paperz cutz....eye toll her ta wash it out with sum salt add vize waz de last time eye offerz a health tip

tuna of moon

An ignoring vampire. This situation has become dire.

orlin N casie...odds R ya did a grate job with thiz one two day 984 pawz UP N oddz R dadz gonna take credit for it...... { will have ewe see in red  

A vampire with a cat that has 984 paws. Ripley's Believe It Or Not will give us an applause.

orlin N cassie

frank lee... manee haz questioned that we call R blog...a "cat" blog.......N like 700 bazillion other thingz....

A vampire hiding behind a cat. No wonder the questions come stat.

orlin N cassie...we getted a noe tizz once that we winned sum B and S

and all we had ta due waz pay $ 89,034.57 for shipping N handlin....

we were like oh kay, we iz rite on thiz 

A rich vampire too. Is the FSG looking to advertise on Whoopdi Friggin Doo?

orlin N mor onz round heer due shoot em off in de we R sew sure that "lite show" iz jezuz.... happee week oh end two all anda happee birthday canada !!

Shoot them off in the day? Hmm into vampire sex we may not want to stray.

orlin N cassie.....we think we can count on one paw N ewe noe uz N math.......faaaaaaaaa...

de number oh writerz out ther who hit it off big time with ther furst go round

now everee one else thinkz they will two ....oh well

So you are writing a book on your life as a vampire with a cat that has 984 paws? Wow, people may even ignore your trout speak flaws. Look out for that book soon. See you tomorrow before noon.


Who knew the FGS was a vampire? At least she'll never expire. Always be around to serve food and clean the litter. Although if she drains humans things may turn bitter. We think we'll leave the tabbies to the vampire lass. I wouldn't want her chewing on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Silver Showing As The Whoopdis Keep Growing!

Let's see how today's show turned out. It shouldn't make any pout. Any kids watching will think Santa has come. That won't make any glum. The network will get a thrill. Robbie Raisin therefore will.

Silver Fox's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Let's see what a fox can come up with today. Will you make the little kiddies dreams come true with what you say?

I always thought that one wife was one too many.

Kids, turn away. He's out to sterilize the population or maybe go completely the other way.

@ Giggling Betsy: Goosebumps can be a good or bad thing, I guess. Anyway, I like the Batman shrine, but I might design one featuring a Zorro motif. And yes, I can see how navy blue underwear could be a problem, if they aren't washed before their first wearing, haha!

Hmm, parents this isn't Santa for sure. He's delivering underwear and giggling at Betsy which may be impure.

I think of myself as a Thanksgiving turkey whose head was on the chopping block twice, but the ax never fell.

Wow. He's going grim too. These ratings will be something to view.

This post made me think of that old sign that said, "Please don't pee in our pool. We don't swim in your toilet."

Hear that kids? If you go peeing in pools he may be flipping some trash lids. What he does with them may be bad. Make sure no peeing is had.

Sometime in my early adulthood, I noticed that most children seem to run everywhere they go. I took a good honest look at my life as it was then, and wondered "All that running, just to wind up here?"
Years later, it occurred to me that children probably run a lot just to keep up with the adults, who have longer legs.

Or maybe they are running from you? What? It had to be said after your head chopping snafu.

And it's nice to see that there's still some mileage in Betsy's "Petsy" nickname.

Are you plugging the nickname you gave? Mileage left will sure let one rave.

Not counting years that I've joined the A-Z Challenge, the most I've ever had scheduled in advance was four or five posts. And even then, it seems like something time-sensitive comes up in the middle somewhere, and I have to post about that and re-schedule all the ones that I've already drafted!

Ohhh. Time sensitive, you say? Is that what it is being called today? Does the library have such a space for such a time sensitive embrace?

I think I've only gone to see Fourth of July fireworks twice in the last twenty years. It was so much more fun when I was a kid. Then again, so were most things!

Damn, that is quite the drought. Maybe one of our viewers will help you out.

Heh. Much better to be a Grammar Nazi.

If you say so. We sure don't no. See what we did there? I bet you did with seconds to spare.

I guess all of the above is just another way of saying that "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

We can live with that. Good intentions sure are where Hell is at. Down the rabbit hole we did go. Hopefully someone out there helps out with a firework show. That is all the time we have for today. Tune in tomorrow to see who comes to play.


Look at the fox go. Sure not Santa at his show. Maybe that scary Santa. He may ship the cat to Atlanta. Especially for saying Santa so much. Bah, it was just a touch. He is in the bearded class. Shouldn't expect nothing less from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Whoopdi Rose With Little Woes!

I hope we don't air on channel 666. That would get at least one changer flicks. She clearly doesn't like that. Even called someone a brat. Good it wasn't me. Robbie Raisin is too fine, you see.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo

Is today's show going to be Rosey? Like some ring around the posey? Did I even spell that right? Bah, when said on TV it just needs to sound tight.

I used to be anti-skinny jeans. I don't mind them now (on boys or girls, though I was slower to come around for the former). 

She must have seen yesterday's show. Blue better give those skinny jeans a go.

Ya had to throw in the triple digits. Why I oughta!!

I'm going to put a link in my next contest for people to come over here and type in something lewd as an extra entry. That'll bring search engine crazies to your blog...yep, I think that'll learn ya. ;) Ah...never mind, my posts are are family-friendly only, so that would never do. I'll have to think of some other payback plot. Oh, and I will (she says with an evil mom laugh).

On a side note, I'm putting up a big dorm giveaway today...blankets, towels, etc., if anyone wants to enter. Woot!! :) ;)

Threats and self promoting at the same time. This may turn into Desperate Housewives at the drop of a dime.

My erect back is hunched over like Quasimodo today
A pull from moving furniture is preventing my play
An Open House for my daughter today though is due
So I'll pay for that folly because I must follow through :)

Claiming back pain so we don't sue? My, threats don't become you.

or like me, you can try your best to make it to midnight
but realize the point is probably already moot :)

Can't even stay up late? I don't think payback will ever be your fate.

Zero fake diseases for me, though I just did pull out my back and I'm starting to think I may never walk or sit right again, lol.

Didn't we already do this? Do you need someone to come and give your back a kiss?

We had a visitor ask if they could bring their dogs with them so they weren't home alone all day. I couldn't do that to our cat, lol. He's old and I didn't want to tip the ol' ticker for the little guy. ;)

So are you saying you already did that? Can we ask who it was where you are at?

I always know exactly who you're talking about when you say Halloween Nazi. You've given her a new moniker, lolol

The Halloween Nazi came to visit you? Now that is quite the two.

I've been lost in the ocean...if you close your eyes on a raft and just chill, it doesn't take long for you to get carried away. Luckily, I floated parallel to the beach instead of out to sea. It happened a long time ago, but it was a lesson well learned. ;) When I think of Trudessa, I think of that voice you use for her in your videos, lolol

So you were lost together on a deserted island and dreaming of Truedessa's sexy voice? I guess whatever it takes to rejoice.

Adults who behave like (at least) at every job and probably most everywhere else as well. Rarely do they bother me, but there has been a time or two.

Are you saying we are bothering you? Score a win for the Whoopdi Friggin Doo crew.

Everything is a race. My second oldest got engaged last year on Valentine's Day. People are already asking him and his girl when they're going to have a baby. They're not even married yet. My son is taking it slow and I'm glad. He's seen a lot of families split up over the years and knows the importance of taking the vows seriously. Thankfully his girl understands (they're such a good fit for each other! I think they're very compatible). I am in their corner, but yeah, life's not a race. Slow is def sometimes better.

There you go all. Wise words after she gave a threatening call. Maybe that is why her threats take so long, or never, come due. She is taking it "slow" at her zoo. Not bad TV though. In some ratings should flow.


Geez, Rosey is sure as threatening as can be. I never knew she wanted to go get lost in the sea. And with the Halloween Nazi and Truedessa's porn voice too. My, what fantasies come from her zoo. Hmm, she may come give me sass. All the better for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 6, 2018

A Whoopdi Blue And Maybe Red Too!

A color coded one. This could be fun. A mix and match. A fine addition to the batch. The network can't wait. Robbie Raisin will up his fate. I'll soon be running that place. Go ahead, put another smile on another face.

Blue Grumpster's
Whoopdi Friggin Doo

A blue guy that can turn to red? This post will be all colors of the rainbow to bed. We cater to everyone. Blue/red guy, what do you have for fun?

Man boobs... YIKES!

Blah. That isn't for our show. Don't you exercise or cover up when on the go?

Blue mooning is the only way: CLICK!

No thank you. We will have to get the blur going for a streaker in view.

Skinny jeans they want me to wear
Gave him that angry look, made him lose some hair
Nutty salesmen types
Don't believe the hypes

So you go naked to protest skinny jeans? I hope all have tiny TV screens.

That President let me down
Made me look like a clown
But Blue doesn't lie
Or make you cry
Or make you sleep on the floor
Or show you the door
Or call you a wimp
Or make you say hi to The Gimp
Just so you know
At the typing-with-haste show

Now you are blaming a President not even yours? Wow, you really don't want to wear drawers.

Angie'd slapped me twice
Then put me on ice
How nice
Years is a long time
But the Cat won't whine
Which is grand
Where's that Bora sand?

Blaming your wife for it now? When you wear clothes, she must really have a cow.

WE makes THEM sound like a nurse
Making me curse

Playing naughty games as well. The ratings on this episode will be swell.

Fundy Blue and True Blue
And there's Scooby Blue too
Bora... here we come
Partying all night and then some...
Who knows, maybe one day
Having a blast at that Bora Bay

Whoa. You should get your own reality show. Bora Bora, Blue Hangs Low.

So I've gone red?
I'm sure I'm pretty much dead
That's what red devils are,
You know, near and far
Students shiver
When they don't deliver
Hump-happy neighbors run
When I... come (such fun)
I send the cops on their collective hump-hump butt
They might get stuck in a rut
Snip snip sounds like a plan
That neighbor of mine used to be a man
Boot Camp Red sounds good to me
Much more scary than Booty Blue

Too many humpers are a crowd? You don't want them to stand proud? You are embarrassed now? Your life really does wow.

Blue was on the road
Had to work like a blue toad
But I'll be back real soon
Not once in a blue moon
Is that working
Could it be
Let's ask Scooby Dooweeeh

Wow, dancing too. Really putting on a Magic Man Boob Mike show in view.

Away you were sent
No idea where you just went
As you created another post
From coast to coast
Didn't mean to boast
50,000 bucks would be more like it, though,
If each hit were a buck at the Kitty Cat Show
Now, wouldn't that be grand
As they send those bucks to your land?
Then some would throw a fit
And not just a little bit
As you show off that butler maid
Or maid butler or whatever you call your aid
Or would she be a guy maid
Or a maid guy with a braid?
Where are you going with that feather duster,
Gold paths a plenty
Check my shit out, you cognoscenti!
The Cat's on a roll minus the rock
There's a New Cat on the Block!
Forever read and admired, too...
Eat your heart out, Scooby Doo!

I suppose that sums it up there. You won't be getting no $50,000 from Whoopdi Friggin Doo's lair. Didn't you realize this is done for free? But you and your nude butler maids gave plenty of ratings for me.


Look at Blue go. A protesting the skinny jeans at his show. That may be rather scary. Angie better keep him hidden and not let him on any ferry. She does enjoy slapping him though. Kinky on the go. The cat will go share this with Cass. Scary Blue isn't getting near my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.