Friday, November 30, 2018

A Never Act Dreams Up A Fact!

I never knew what I never knew. That sure can confuse through and through. Or maybe out and out. It can confuse like a slippery trout. You know, as it comes out your ear. Boy, am I a confusing rhyming rear.

Something you find.
Something that's kind.
Something that's not.
We follow the same plot.

The plot of night.
Or in the light.
Night shifts suck,
So we'll pass the buck.

Here's your deer.
Take it by the ear.
What? We passed it to you.
I told you so at my zoo.

You never dreamt that?
My, I am a crazy cat.
You should have known.
Was staring you in the face in your ice cream cone.

You never dreamt that?
Are you toying with the cat?
I know you knew ice cream cones can talk.
Just like bears in tutus can walk.

You never dreamt that?
Do you even dream where you're at?
I really don't want to know.
For your ears may wake me with a glow.

You never dreamt that?
Damn, where's my hat.
I need to pull out random things.
Maybe I'll find you the ace of kings.

You never dreamt that?
Made up by the cat?
Bah, it is the real deal.
It has a Star Wars seal.

You never dreamt that?
Do your dreams fall flat?
Are you a smudge in the dirt?
Do you wear that bear's tutu skirt?

You never dreamt that?
Okay, you can chew some other fat.
Like the cat on a gnat.
I know. I know. You never dreamt that.

Why would you ever dream such things anyway? Are you a nutty dreamer at your bay? Do Star Wars and bears in tutus play in your head? Like sugar plum ferries in your bed. Hmmm that could be a bad porno. I think we will umm leave that hang low. Of course you never dreamt that, it was foolish stuff from a rhyming cat. So why even say it? Do you humans really dream crazy umm shit? The cat must have killer gas as he knocks you into dream world with his little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Little Fly With Each Cry!

People say it far and near. You humans sure like to whisper it in many an ear. Except you don't really whisper much. That is good, then your germs won't reach out and touch. So stay far away as it you say and say and say.

Said it a bunch,
From breakfast to lunch.
Said it some more,
Like it's something of lore.

Always the good.
That's just understood.
Never the bad.
Not even a tad.

What would it be?
What kind of spree?
It's not very big,
But you better dance a jig.

I'm saying it now.
I may even meow.
You'll be in the know.
Away it shall flow.

It's the little things that matter.
Not that you just got fatter.
Not that you have nowhere to stay.
Nope, just the little things at play.

Okay, let's pretend.
We won't even amend.
We'll just go with the flow.
Gotta love the little things in tow.

You step on a little tack.
You fall and give your head a whack.
You are good and dead.
The blood comes from your head,.

But wait...that's bad.
No fun and no glad.
That just can't be.
The little things are good for thee.

You eat a french fry.
You choke and you...die!
From a little piece of fast food.
But...but...but...the little things can't be rude.

It's the little things that matter.
Not your allergic reaction to a seafood platter.
Not your house burning to the ground.
Not the little bad things that are always found.

Do you see the little things in the same light now? Don't the little things truly wow? I'm glad the little things are so fuzzy and warm. I hope your coffin keeps out the snow storm. Damn, went all morbid there. It's the little things that send me that way at my lair. Bah, I just ruined it with another pass. It's just the little things I do for you with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Watch Your Back With A Time Attack!

The times are coming. the clocks are drumming. Marching one, two, three. The times are after thee. Are they watches or clocks? Beats me, but they may throw rocks.

That you knew.
That you did not.
Both are true.
Or maybe they're not.

But one is bad.
One may be good.
At least a tad.
Pull back the hood.

The not knowing.
That gets the case.
It gets a showing.
So words you embrace.

You're behind the times.
You better run.
Watches on mimes.
Clocks on a nun.

Same or not.
Could be nifty.
A nun time plot.
At you swifty.

Grammar for me.
Grammer for you.
What did you see?
Whut did you view?

Catch the wrong?
Catch the right.
Sing that song,
You're behind the times, all right.

You're and behind and the is behind.
I may have offended the clock.
My, the workings of my mind.
It could give me a shock.

Static is all.
I take up too much space.
No plug in the wall.
It may crush my face.

Then it would be under the times.
Under and behind double the chime.
Watches on killer mimes.
On a clock, don't drop a dime.

Are you confused? I'm rather amused. It popped in and out. So it came about. Are you behind the times? Do you live in NY behind the building and report crimes? Do you hide behind a clock? Do you rock around it with a sock? I may be behind the times today with my sass. Of course I could be ahead of the times with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

We Board The Ferry Of The Scary!

The scary will be here today. You may want to cover your eyes from the display. Hmm does that work with words? I guess you'll have to ask scary moose herds.

The world is scary.
Board that ferry.
Been said and done.
It's just no fun.

Scary here and there.
Scary oh so everywhere.
But is it really?
Forget touchy feely.

Hey, it rhymed.
So it was primed.
Primed to go.
Like say, a tornado.

An earthquake too.
Throw in a hurricane to view.
Making a backed up loo?
Yeah, smelly and nasty to view.

But whoops, not the world.
A hurricane is hurled.
But nope, not that.
Sorry, it's your scat.

A volcano explodes.
An invasion of alien toads.
One is a worldly count,
The other not in the amount.

The ground shifts apart.
You see an ass crack at Walmart.
Sure not either or.
Only one comes ashore.

Nut with a gun.
Nut trying to blow up everyone.
Nut with a disease.
Nut with killer fleas.

All rather scary.
Especially if the nut's back is hairy.
But did the world do it?
Nope, back to your backed up shit.

Mankind is scary.
Now you've got the right ferry.
The world is not.
Well except for its movie disaster plot.

Still think the world is scary? It could get you with a poison berry. But then who picked and ate it? You did, so stops the scary bit. Maybe brain dead comes due. That can be scary too. Mankind scares up its own woes. Scary as they go to new lows. But we will give volcanoes a wide berth and not trespass. The world makes those scary to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Just The Side Takes A Ride!

The side is here. Not even a rear. Nope, just a side. Whether small or wide. The side is here. It is near. I said that though. Just making sure you know. That fine print says to. Believe me, it's true.

Here comes the writing.
Better have good lighting.
For on it drones.
What may give you moans?

May lead to shortness of breath.
May bring about death.
May make your immune system suck.
May make you say what the fluck.

Or fluckity fluck fluck.
But we'll take your buck.
You were warned though.
And now you know.

But that you knew.
That's in view.
That we've told.
May make you feel old.

We just can't stop.
May make you hop.
Damn, we have to.
May make you moo.

Where is this going?
What's with the showing?
How can you moo?
There is no mouth in view.

You can't say fluck.
You can't spend a buck.
You can't even take a breath.
Can you even bring about death?

Nope, they lied times three.
Or maybe two came to be.
I guess blame the drug.
Let's pull out the rug.

The rest of you is fine.
Only your side shall align.
Which side? Beats me.
But it is a side of thee.

Legs, arms, head, and ass.
Those all get a pass.
For from far and wide,
The side effect is said with only side.

Did the cat think about that too much? Maybe more than a touch. But if it effects your heart, shouldn't heart effect get a start? Ass effect may sound bad. Is that why only the side is had? Maybe head effect was off that day and so side only came to play. I will blame this on my gas, it is such an ass effect to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The World May End With This Timely Trend!

Nah, the cat isn't a world ending nut. Those guys are stuck in a rut. For the world will, most likely, still be here. Humans just may be wiped clear. But others are in a rut. A rut that needs to make the cut.

I have to shit.
So just do it.
Nope, I can't.
Comes the rant.

Has to be then.
Like written in pen.
That is the time.
Not to is a crime.

I have to shop.
Groceries can't flop.
We were out a while ago.
Today is the day though.

Rather starve than switch.
Don't call me a witch.
It has to be today.
It always is that way.

I have to eat.
What a treat.
Food is there.
I'm hungry at my lair.

Damn, still not time.
Hours can suck a lime.
But wait I must.
In 5 we trust.

I have to write.
It will ignite.
I'll be in heaven.
Come on, seven.

I have to post.
Here at my coast.
I really have to.
And yeah, I'm a dog too.

A cheat rhyme to end.
My, what trend.
Scheduled to go.
Have to went out the window.

Pfffft we say. Some things may have to at their bay, but most of it is crap. Are you a non-changer at your side of the map? Even when you have to take a crap? I hope not, chap. The cat will ruin your perfect world though. Are you ready for the lethal blow? You don't do it at the exact same time every day. Why? Because seconds are also at play. 30 or 35 or 21 or 54 or whatever may come to pass. Whoops, sorry, not really, to be a time ending little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Only At Of The Cat!

You can only get a rhyme here. No other rhymes are near. Nope, none at all. They can't be at another hall. The cat would never lie. We just let the rhymes fly.

Come one, come all.
Come on down to the mall.
Or to the whatever.
Any place with a selling endeavor.

Take your pick.
The Walmart hick.
The car sales place.
The sleazy smiley face.

Any and all.
Right, back to the mall.
Or back to the store.
Could go on forevermore.

But we need to thrill.
Sure not run of the mill.
Thrilling and filling.
Our pockets fill with billing.

For we have it.
We have the shit.
Whatever that is.
Pop, pop, fizz, fizz.

Yep, that's it.
It's such a hit.
And guess what?
It's only sold at our hut.

Only sold here.
You heard it clear.
The one place to buy.
You can trust this guy.

No deal will be better.
You'll want to write a letter.
Our deal is the best.
We beat all the rest.

Whoops, I mean err umm
Forget that, chum.
We have the only deal.
It sure is a steal.

No other out there.
We really care.
You saw it in the window at the mall?
Pffft that's a rip off from last fall.

Don't you love the one and only spot? You can only get it there...not. You can get most things in many a spot, but oh no, they try and pull such a plot. The sale is only hear. Heard that loud and clear. Then looked and the sale was all over. Are they more brainless than rover? Maybe they have been eating too much grass. At least this is the only spot where you can find my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Round Sixty Six Brings Back Tricks!

And here they finally come. The search engine lookers must have gotten less dumb. That or Google steers them from my sea. But hey, at least a few comes to be. That may be good or bad, but it lets another round be had.

The Acer Predator

Is that like a team up movie? Those two alien ones were not groovy.

shining through the odds meaning

It means you have a flashlight. Have a good night.

I have two relatives with that name. One is dead, the other, kinda lame.

joint sea 2017

You want a mash up with me? Pffft get your own sea.

pumpkin thicc

Is that some kind of slang for the whole umm she-bang?

booby prize rhymes

If you watch Scooby,
You won't get a booby.
But word to the wise,
You may get a prize.


Adam must be out at play. Did he turn into a blob at his bay?

kathy noe's big titties

Wasn't the booby prize rhyme enough? This crowd is tough.

ygflip hate on

Hate on, hate off. Like wax, don't scoff.

Sorry, it's just a book. But you can buy it today at my nook.

where to buy an oompa loompa wig limerick

Why bother with buying.
Just start the hair dyeing.
Now plaster your face.
Zone out into space.
In jail you'll go for even trying.

corner feeders

Can't eat in the middle? In the corner you like to fiddle?

strong like donkey kong

And he has no ass crack. Never need to buy toilet paper again at your shack.

cats in the gutter

That we may be. It's just the mind of me.

And the winner for today, really has a strange umm foray. I guess my kids book can really be taken the wrong way. Who knew? Not us at our bay. But we'll take the sale if he wants a thrill. With There's a Dog in my Frog though he may not get his fill.

free dogi frog sex xxx

And look, he wants it for free. Can you believe that at your sea? Can you believe that was even searched out? I don't even want to know what it is about. Could be scarier pics than zombie feet. In one's brain they would stay and never delete. Got to love, not really, the search again mass. Some crazies always seem to find my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Complex Post At Our Coast!

I'm not sure you will understand anything today. It is going to be sooooo out there at play. I can't even understand it myself. I may have to call on a Santa elf. I may need the whole batch. Maybe they can mix and match.

So many to do,
So little time.
That sure is true.
Oh look, a mime.

It is so scary.
It is so hairy.
A mime complex is born.
I watched it while eating corn.

A corn complex.
It came out with sex.
A sex complex.
It made a muscle flex.

A Superman complex.
Look at them pecs.
A superiority complex.
Like better than latex?

A glove complex.
Can't have those objects.
An objection complex.
Blame that on an ex.

A Judge Judy complex.
Who knows the subjects.
Just practice safe sex.
A safety complex.

A practicing complex too.
Two complexes came due.
Two from one.
A numbers complex, run!

A walking complex.
Can't climb that triplex.
A hilly complex.
Can I get those specs?

A instruction complex.
They could bring a hex.
A witch complex.
They sure can convex.

Oh, look a shoe.
A Cinderella complex for you.
Or would that be for me?
So complexing for thee.

Are you complexed now? Do you have a complexion somehow? Is it good or bad? Did the cat mix it up a tad? Did I give you a grammar complex? I guess that is better than one concerning sex. Get snip snip and that too goes away. I cured a complex at my bay. Would that give me a superiority complex now? I think I have one with each meow. Pat does tend to whatever need comes to pass, so it may fit my oh so complex little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Little Deceit Meet And Greet!

The cat will help you out today. I'll stick them all in one spot at my bay. Well I guess I lied. Damn, I already took you for a ride. Where did we go? Damned if I know. I better get going before I add more. I don't want to be a completely deceitful shore.

Easy to install.
Already had a ball.
It's filled with deceit.
No need to repeat.

Luck is on your side.
Deceit took you for a ride.
Fake word and fake crap.
Sorry that you lost your pants, chap.

It's fun to run.
Yeah, and I'm a nun.
They are both such a true fact.
Didn't you see the cat in Sister Act?

Things will get better.
Are you my volleyball setter?
Can you get it in the air?
I broke my leg, not fair.

Things can only go up.
Umm, sure, right, yup.
The house just went boom.
I did climb a mushroom.

No knowledge necessary to apply.
So a plane I can fly?
Sign me up today.
With those big things I want to play.

Makes life easier.
Are you a pleasier?
Now I have Grammar Nazis after me.
I thought you said life would be easy?

A monkey could do it.
Did they just throw shit?
Did they just eat your ear?
Damn, I so want a monkey near.

It can help you.
And I can moo.
Sorry, I don't.
I can, but won't.

Knowledge is power.
Wow, I just used up an hour.
I learned that grass can grow.
I'm so powerful at my show.

Know any more deceitful sayings at your shore? We could go on forever as there are plenty more. Most of them are just crap. Sometimes true when they take a lap. But more often than not, they have no bearing on the plot. Of course if you hired a man servant or some maid lass, you could make life easier like it is with a human slave for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

It Doesn't Apply. Oh Me, Oh My!

The cat always seems to find the dumb. I guess they like their head up their bum. Beats the heck out of we. Yep, Pat brings in some to our sea. So we go with we. Or we could use we three. Yeah, we said it before but, according to some, we have to be careful with an encore.

The repeat craze.
A remake maze.
That you may think.
Nope, not today's link.

In fact, unlink.
Google's on the brink.
It hates the un.
It can confess to a nun.

You've answered a phone.
You listen at the tone.
You've done it a while.
You can even, oh my God, dial.

Sorry, that doesn't apply.
It just isn't going to fly.
This phone is umm dusty.
It may even be a little rusty.

You've dealt with a kid.
Didn't flip your lid.
Diapers and all that crap.
Literally, poor sap.

Sorry, that doesn't apply.
You may make them die.
You haven't changed a diaper in weeks.
You may forget the sight of cheeks.

You've driven a car.
You've driven it far.
You've driven it near.
You can even, oh my God, steer.

Sorry, that doesn't apply.
It is more like you try.
You just can't fathom it.
Brake to gas, or some shit.

You've repeated and done.
You've walked and run.
Or would that be ran?
Bah, a flash in the pan.

Can't do it once more.
Nope, not an encore.
For it just doesn't apply.
Go now, go home and cry.

Pfffffffffffffft idiots near and far. The three we used we actually heard people tell others at our sand bar. We rolled our eyes and walked away. A few we wanted to smack upside the head at our bay. But hmmm, we haven't done that before. Maybe if we did it it wouldn't apply at our shore. Do you think that would work? Have you ever heard that from some brain-dead jerk? The cat will let them suck on the gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Who Will Win With This Spin!

A lot of w's in that title there. I guess a lot of t's just came to spare. Which one won out? I'll let you figure out what that's about. For the cat has to win another fight. That interloper is back at our site.

He stole my spot.
Thanks a lot.
I'm talking to Cassie.
She's such a lazy lassy.

Can you see?
She just stares at me.
Stares and stares.
Life is hard when no one cares.

Now I'm stuck here.
My disgust is clear.
I can't be seen with that fluffy thing.
I need to go chase a string.

Hmm what's that?
What's up with that cat?
He sees something there.
Should I care?

Bah, he's got my string.
He can't have that thing.
He can't have it one bit.
I need to get in on this shit.

Closer to me.
That gets a yippeee.
Stay over there or get a whack.
I will go on the attack.

Don't inch closer like me.
That isn't the way to be.
Back off, shifty eyes,
Or you'll be feeding the flies.

All mine now.
That gets a meow.
The string will stay with me.
Shifty eyes can fly free.

And now I have to wait.
Wait for Cassie to help guard the gate.
Does she really need to scratch that itch?
Can't she just let it twitch?

And there we go.
Double the show.
Now we can ward off any foe.
We have double the laser eyes in tow.

Ever get an interloper trying to steal your string? That sure doesn't leave the cat whelmed at his wing. Hmm, maybe they stole something more from you. Put the run to them at your zoo? Laser eyes can do the trick. Or hit them with a brick. The cat heard the latter from the singing bass. So you can blame him and not my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A Convincing Rhyme To Drop A Dime!

After today you'll all nod and agree. You'll nod and agree with even a flea. Why is that? Because I'm such a great cat. Don't think that? You will soon where you are at.

The cat is great.
The cat is grand.
I'm never second rate.
I have my own band.

But you may not.
But you may hate.
You may get eye rot,
If you take the latter bait.

Saved your eyes.
I'm so great.
They won't be food for flies.
You can stare at your date.

Found you one.
"I like animels, stuffed turkley, stuff and things,"
She sounds like fun.
I bet she likes diamond rings.

I gave you one.
And only one too.
No long dating run.
No brainless two by two.

Score another for me.
That's double the win.
I'm sure by now you can see.
I'm sure by now you are in.

Being in is best.
It passes any test.
You don't even need to be a guest.
Out is such a pest.

Thought on that?
Told you so.
You love the cat.
That I do know.

And now you do.
All because I shared.
You'll never use my loo,
But at least I cared.

Cared to show you.
Show one and all.
What I said was true.
Now go buy me something at the mall.

Still not buying it? What was that shit? My, you may have a brain. You didn't board the sheep train. Don't you love when convincing is had? Telling you everything you want to hear at your pad. Then you nod and agree. Like you just did for me. Oh, I know you agreed with me after my ohhhh so convincing pass. It is okay to tell my oh soooo convincing little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

A No To Yes Button Press!

You humans can sure confuse. The exact opposite is what you use. When you want to say this, you say that. I'm supposed to be the only confusing cat. Guess I better up my game to keep my amused and confused claim.

That's a no.
A no to go.
Take it and run.
That's what is spun.

My brain says so.
It stays a no.
A no that is had.
I don't feel bad.

My lips flap.
They fall for the trap.
No turns to yes.
Oh, what a mess.

I wanted no.
I wanted it so.
I wanted it more.
More than anything at my shore.

Why did I flap?
Flap my dumb yap.
Why couldn't I say no?
I wanted it so.

See? I can repeat.
That sure is neat.
It means double the no.
But my lips are a foe.

No to yes.
More not less.
Stuck with more.
More with a yes encore.

Yes from no.
How does it go?
No in the head.
Yes gets said.

Flip and flop.
It won't stop.
Yes in the head.
Yes gets said.

What's with the lips?
They want free trips?
Maybe those hips?
Hmm those other lips?

Do you think no and then say yes? Come now, you can confess? Is that a no? Whoops, a comment below. Proved the cat right there with seconds to spare. No to yes. More not less. Then you humans wonder why you have so much to do. If only lips came with a no and a clue. Why did you say yes to that out of the grass? Beats me, it wasn't the lips of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Know The Score At Your Shore!

Time to play a game. A game that is ever so tame. Or a game that may not be. Beats the heck out of me. It could be an imaginary one, but if you hear thumping, run. Jumanji isn't fun. You could get crushed by a ton.

A game not played.
A fine fair trade.
Don't play and score.
Score forever more.

The opinion of one.
The opinion of done.
Then done to do.
All the score of you.

Performance report.
Use it to build a fort.
A small one if only one.
But you scored a ton.

Forwards and back.
Glee or flack.
Beats the heck out of me.
You scored at your sea.

Score up your date.
A very fine mate.
Magically add a number.
Think about it as you slumber.

Oh, there's a snore.
That lowers the score.
Or ups the score.
Maybe you like the snore.

A repeat rhyme.
Such a fun time.
An easy go to one.
What have I done?

I lowered my score.
Damn, what could be in store?
I used an idiom too.
Damn it, my score is few.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.
Like a doctor's room or some mating.
Bad mixture there.
I may have no points to spare.

My score is in.
Yours took a spin.
We have been scored.
Where's the cheering horde?

Don't you love random scoring crap? Say the right thing and you score higher with a lass or chap. Or maybe with a workplace thing. Pull points out their ass for a ding ding ding. When really you swap out the I. Dung then gets to have a try. Did I score well with this pass? I know you would score me quite the little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

A Significant Look Here At Our Nook!

The cat is still here alone. No one even picks up the phone. And yep, it's as nice as can be. We just make those intruders flee. We may do it in a significant way. That just makes our day. By we, I mean Cassie and I. She can be significant to this rhyming guy.

Some will come.
Some will go.
Big or small bum.
Tall or quite low.

Hey, it rhymed.
So it was said.
It was well timed.
So don't worry your pretty little head.

Some have an impact.
Some just walk by.
Some have little tact.
Some you make fly.

In the memories burn.
In the memories stay.
I guess that's how you learn.
And it gives you something to say.

But then stuck on one.
One only the case.
May have met a ton,
But stick it to only one face.

Slap it on there.
Take a big stamp.
But stamper beware,
Your leg may cramp.

That's the best option.
Others are worse.
You may end up for adoption,
Or just get a curse.

Significant others do that.
They may even get arrested.
So avoid this part of the chat.
Unless you are being tested.

But there it is more.
Nope, came out all wrong.
We'll give it an encore.
The significant other song.

So what are the others?
Do they have their own scale?
Like mothers, sisters, friends, enemies, brothers...
Do you rank them from pass to fail?

Do you have a significant other? Sounds so weird saying it is mother or brother. Unless one is a hillbilly and into that thing. Then ummm power to them at their wing. Or is it husband or wife? Do you give significant strife? Do you not use it at all? Maybe you are PC and give partner a call. In a Howdy Partner kinda way? That may not turn out okay. But aren't others significant too? Or are they just wonderful at their zoo? The cat will have to go ask the singing bass. He can significantly hurt the ears of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Cleaning We Go With Bills In Tow!

We are going to clean today. We don't even need any spray. We don't need much at all. So much easier than cleaning a toilet at your hall. Those are as nasty as can be. But, meh, so is where the cat goes to pee.

You've got no wealth.
But you've got your health.
Or so they say.
Then they come for pay.

Obvious as can be.
Obvious to you and me.
At least I hope so.
If not, check for an alien glow.

And you're even clean.
Clean and serene.
That has to make you happy.
Even if the bill makes you sappy.

You have a clean bill of health.
A little less wealth.
Or maybe a lot less.
But come now, confess.

Doesn't that sound grand?
Let's spread it across the land.
It is soooo great.
A clean bill of health is first rate.

Here's a clean bill of gas.
Not the kind you tend to pass.
The kind you use to fill the car.
It is so clean that you'll get...umm...just as far.

Here's a clean bill of food.
The store clerk was rude.
You stood in line all friggin day.
And you still got the food and we still took your pay.

Here's a clean bill of property tax.
Oh, sit back and relax.
There is no need to pay it.
We can always auction off your shit.

Here's a clean bill of Bob.
Yep, he brought corn on the cob.
He tracked dirt all over your floor.
He even put a hole in your door.

Doesn't it work wonders?
A clean bill as the government plunders.
That should be written into law.
A clean bill of health isn't all we saw.

Did you ever stop to think of that saying? Now I bet you are giving it a replaying. Is the bill clean if they touch it? Wouldn't it have germy hospital shit? How can your body give a clean bill? Does it pop out either end for a thrill? The cat may have given this too much thought and sass. But oh well, that's just the mind of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Buy It Because Of That Where You're At!

Don't you want to buy? Buy what? Bah, I lie. Nothing to buy here, so move along and peer. Yeah, peer over there. That is where you spend all you have to spare. That is so much better. Hmm, Pat may get a nasty letter.

Comparing to this.
Comparing to that.
One's always bliss,
That other always scat.

One has to win.
One has to lose.
Do the other in,
Win a free cruise.

Catch germs galore.
Puke over the edge.
Kiss the germy shore,
Unless you fall over the ledge.

So why do that?
It is just so wrong.
Forget that strat.
A resort is more strong.

Stronger than a ship.
Stronger than staying home.
But oh, its not stronger than this trip.
Go where the dinosaurs roam.

You'll love it there.
Back in time.
Stuck completely unaware.
But you'll never see a mime.

Speaking of which.
That was a glitch.
You may want to switch.
Dinosaurs are a bitch.

They just lose.
Stick to the cruise.
You get free booze.
Maybe some cool ooze.

Flipped back around?
Round and round we go?
Bah, a resort can be found.
That cruise is filled with you know.

I didn't say germs.
You just thought it.
You opened the can of worms.
We'll get back to you in a bit.

Don't you love the compare? They sell you it with comparing to spare. No matter what. Movie, book, trip, etc. at any hut. You are sold by comparing away. When really, they just want your pay. Then round and round it goes. Have you fallen for comparing highs and lows? I'm sure that one has shinier glass. On whatever that is you can surely, not really, trust my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, November 12, 2018

A Contemplation Kinda Consultation!

The cat will consult with you today. I want to know at my bay. So I will consult with you just because. I mean consulting has to be done when you find strange fuzz.

Sit back for contemplation.
Enjoy this consultation.
You will be rewarded with elation,
While I charge your credit card for the aggravation.

How can fuzz create duplication?
Does it come from a fuzz station?
Is there a fuzz federation?
Does it have a fuzz Yoda due to fornication?

Does the fuzz need liberation?
Hopefully it avoids lubrication.
That would be a nasty observation.
But Yoda may need it for penetration.

See what happens with relaxation?
One's mind creates a variation.
Then it gets stuck in constipation.
Unless it goes for amplification.

Are you waiting in anticipation?
Fuzz doesn't have any assimilation.
Fuzz is just fuzz on the same coordination.
They record that stuff and have a whole civilization.

I blame Yoda for the domestication.
He created the fuzz factorization.
Did you know fuzz had such fertilization?
It is out to cause humiliation.

That will be a jollification.
Does that word need an explanation?
This is seeking fuzz verification.
Later on you can discuss that revelation.

The fuzz are seeking retaliation.
They want self-gratification.
The fuzz may equal modernization.
Sit back and try intimidation.

A fuzzy puke in transformation.
Hiding from the population.
At least until this publication.
Then they may get a weird skin pigmentation.

Can fuzz turn to that station?
Can they get representation?
Are you in fuzz over pollination?
Maybe the bees need to do that in moderation?

Did you know fuzz could cause such investigation? There is just so much information. We had to put together this contemplation. You will only be charged for half a two day consultation. Does math give you a herniation? You may need a whole other type of consultation. On that type we'll have to pass. I have enough trouble licking my own little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

An In The Know With This Flow!

The cat knows a ton. I see things as around I run. I know you can't pick up a ton. Sorry, the Hulk is not really anyone. He is some computer generated thingy. Maybe even a majiggy. Beats little old me. But did you know at your sea?

Did you know.
Did you know.
That a cheating I must go.
Did you know?

Did you know people mate?
Did you know houses can have a gate?
Did you know I'm a cat?
Did you know people can get fat?

Did you know I'm typing now?
Did you know the weather can wow?
Did you know I hate snow?
Did you know this may flow?

Did you know a stupid question?
Did you know a stupid suggestion?
Did you know one you can make?
Did you know you may not want to partake?

Did you know I have eyes?
Did you know I may be wise?
Did you know that I eat flies?
Did you know that you'd reconsider the wise?

Did you know that babies stink?
Did you know that eyes can wink?
Did you know that hairballs stick?
Did you know that they are rather ick?

Did you know these are questions?
Did you know the cat takes suggestions?
Did you know the cat may ignore?
Did you know the cat can open a door?

Did you know I talk first and third?
Did you know that can be a bit absurd?
Did you know a welcome mat can do that?
Did you know it can be full of scat?

Did you know any of this?
Did you know that knowing is bliss?
Did you know that a ball can sting?
Did you know that I would give this a ring?

Did you know redundant gets said?
Did you know most of this should be in your head?
Did you know I'm almost done?
Did you know another rhyme would be spun?

Did you know this would come? You can tell my rhyming bum. Did you know all of that? Most was common sense from the cat. But did you know that people ask such stuff? Did you know that they think it rather umm tough? Did you know that they act like they got the best secret ever? Did you know that it is such an annoying endeavor? Did you know I would give this many a question pass? Bah, I know you know it is not the first time from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Can You Get Far In A Jar?

You humans have a jar fetish at your sea. Do you like having a ton of them come to be? You jar this and you jar that. They may, or may not, get knocked over by the cat.

A jar full of pickles.
A jar full of nickels.
One had worth.
Another a craving of birth?

Hey, beats me.
I'm snip snip at my sea.
That may come in a jar.
Pat didn't put it in the car.

The vet jarred it.
Isn't that some shit?
A collection of balls.
That ought to spruce up his walls.

I'll leave that for you.
Quite the view.
But I won't explore,
Instead, I'll leave ajar the door.

Did we jar the door?
Damn, what a chore.
That has to be a big jar.
Maybe as big as a car.

Or did it turn?
You know, a spell kinda reburn.
Turned the door into a jar.
I guess it is a step above tar.

Jar some tar.
Maybe a tar bar.
The newest best thing.
No longer will the kit kat people sing.

Tar will get stuck.
They'll go what the fluck.
Then that can't share.
No breaks to spare.

I just closed the door,
But it's ajar forever more.
Ajar just for you.
But it is closed in view.

A door in a jar.
An ajar door of a car.
Maybe balls in a jar isn't so bad.
That vet just better steal them from another pad.

Ever notice that? Ajar or a jar where it is at? Do closed doors still work as ajar? Did the cat think about this waaaay too far? Do you have tons of jars at your sea? The cat has knocked a few over on a running spree. They can bust rather fast. We aren't part of the jar cast. But we'll leave the jar ajar for you out on the grass. If it is closed, it could still be a jar filled with cat poop from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 9, 2018

A Yell And Stop Kinda Hop!

The cat runs under the bed. Some humans hurt my head. Other humans are just scary. Some may even be far too hairy. But we don't look at those. They may scare us with their pose. I said POSE. Don't roll your eyes and curl up your nose.

We are here.
We are right near.
As in right beside.
We smile wide.

Did you see?
Do you see?
A cheat from me?
Did or do times three.

Can it be done?
It is such fun.
FUN I say.
Turn my way.

I want you to do that.
Maybe I mean Pat.

That covers all.
One size on the wall.
Fits and works.
So has PERKS.

Hurry up already.
Traffic isn't steady.
It still comes steady.

Work, you thing.
Work at the ding.
Still no ding.

Stop itching.
It brings twitching.
Still got the switching.

Give it to me.
That I need to see.
I'll turn you over my knee.

We need to clean.
I want it serene.
Still the same scene.

Did you catch on? CATCH ON BY DAWN? Still in the lurch? You rang at your perch. So we shall tell. You humans love the yell. You yell at it to try and make it get done. Yeah, like that will work under any sun. You kinda have to do it or wait. Traffic won't magically move faster if you yell at it, mate. The house can't get clean if you don't take a cleaning pass. No need to yell, I'm Right, at my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Ask Of It All Has No Ball!

The ball must have bounced away. It could have been chewed by a mutt at play. Beats the heck out of me. The cat has even chewed one or three. But enough about the ball. Time we get to it at our hall.

I want to know.
A blow for blow.
I need to know.
Ducks in a row.

But here I sit.
I give a shit.
I really do.
I'm staring at you.

Can't you tell?
Not a tough sell.
I'm here and sitting.
The notes I'm hitting.

Not saying a word.
It's not absurd.
But I want to know.
So let it flow.

Tell me, now.
It can wow.
Tell me, please.
Oops, that was a sneeze.

Look, another.
Some sister and brother.
That's times two.
I'm looking at you.

I know you know.
Tell me it is so.
Then tell me it all.
I need to know at my hall.

I want to know this.
I want such bliss.
I want to know that.
I gave my cat a pat.

You are so far away.
Come here and stay.
Come and tell me.
What? I didn't ask thee?

Bah, why should I?
I need to know on the fly.
You should just automatically tell.
Being lazy is so swell.

Are you one one of those? Do you only strike a pose? Are you too lazy to ask? Know a few that fall under that task. The cat won't tell you what it is, especially if he doesn't know your question biz. So you'll have to ask away. Or wait until it shows at our bay. Everything at some point or another seems to come to pass at the lair of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Up And Down Comes To Town!

A to and fro.
A fro and to.
A down in tow.
An up for you.

Round and in.
In and round.
Lose to win.
Sand to pound.

Jig and dig.
Claw and strike.
Re-dig and re-jig,
Take another hike.

A hike through trees.
A hike over land.
Sometimes a breeze.
Sometimes ever so bland.

A flip and flop.
A flop and flip.
Something shall drop.

Mark up and down.
Mark down and up.
Can see through your gown.
That may be a hiccup.

Expenses and free.
Free and expenses.
Oh golly gee,
Look, more fences.

Value and lost.
Alive and ghosted.
A make or a cost,
The past is hosted.

Like or hate.
Not or do.
Early or late.
Could be times two.

The flip and flip.
The up and down.
Every day a trip,
From golden to brown.

Don't you love the ups and downs? Insecurities sure can cause frowns. But then comes the smiles. Always much along the many miles. Do you see the light, so to speak? Or are you always up shit creek? Things do turn and always return. So best to toss those insecurities in the fire and let them burn. Or just act nuts with each pass. That works well for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Does Meep Meep Go The Sheep?

The cat may be off there. But I really don't care. Do I want to get it right? Bah, not all the time at my site. For wrong can be fun. Oh no, that's such a wrong run.

Everyone plays a game.
Everyone finds it lame.
Everyone hates it.
So you pretend to call it shit.

Everyone reads a book.
Everyone loves it at their nook.
Everyone talks it up.
So you pretend it filled your cup.

Everyone goes for a walk.
Everyone takes some chalk.
Everyone says drawing lines is fine.
So you pretend for you it will align.

Everyone hops to work.
Everyone says it's a perk.
Everyone gives it a great rating.
So you pretend for who you're dating.

Everyone cooks with that.
Everyone says that's where it's at.
Everyone finds it a tasty treat.
So you pretend to like it as you eat.

Everyone helps those guys.
Everyone says it is wise.
Everyone donates away.
So you pretend to give them your pay.

Everyone stares at a clock.
Everyone watching it tick and tock.
Everyone thinks it is grand.
So you pretend across the land.

Everyone bickers with a nun.
Everyone finds it fun.
Everyone finds it a thrill.
So you pretend it fits the bill.

Everyone wants you there.
Everyone wants you to grow hair.
Everyone wants you do it now.
So you pretend it truly does wow.

Everyone reads this rhyme.
Everyone has a fun time.
Everyone comments away.
Everyone doesn't pretend at our bay.

The cat is right there. Right, so right at my lair? No pretending at my sea. Oh wait, "great post" has come to be. I guess that is wrong too. Are you a faker at your zoo? Do you pretend to be with the mass? Do you meep meep with each pass? Are you faking it while I pass gas? Yeah, that's the only sound that comes from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Fall In The Trap Of The Map!

Dictate the way. That is how you say. Say how you want. It has to or will haunt. Map it from A to Z. Not that month yet at any sea. I'm sure it will come though. When? Don't you know?

Need a map.
Fill that gap.
Have to get there.
Need time to spare.

The best shortcut.
Don't hit that rut.
Can't let things unravel.
Today is the day you travel.

GPS shows the way.
Easy peasy at play.
There and even back.
Nothing to it at one's shack.

Why can't it do more?
I need the best encore.
I need it to show me the way.
I need it every single day.

Life needs a map.
The one run lap.
Follow the flow.
Away you shall go.

Writing a book.
Map it at my nook.
Every single word.
The end comes at the end of the herd.

See? A map works.
Has its perks.
I'll map out everything.
Map out my next fling.

End in an STD.
Maybe a pregnancy.
Even pulled a cheat rhyme.
Mapping is so not a crime.

Did we skip the middle?
Nah, that's where you diddle.
The start is where you go.
Whoops, a slap provided a blow.

Blow for blow.
Oh friggin no.
The end never came,.
The map was lame.

Do you make life go all a mapping? From A to Z are you a yapping? Sorry, even the cat knows life doesn't work that way. Your map may as well be toilet paper at your bay. At least then it will have a use. You'll get to use it on your caboose. This post has been mapped out with its pass. For I know it shall end with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Get It All At Our Sitely Hall!

Even bad spelling comes due. Or cheat spelling at our zoo. Sitely Google doesn't like. But, yeah, it can take a hike. For we will say what we say. Don't like what's on display? Pffft is our reply. Actually, it will rhyme, so we lie.

Look at this.
You can't miss.
An article for you.
Says the best color is blue.

Don't worry, we're mellow.
The best color is also yellow.
The best is also pink
Drive you right to drink?

We have the best liquor here.
We like it because it is clear.
We have the best liquor here.
We like it because it is foggy when you peer.

Exercise this way to work it off.
This is the best cure for a cough.
Exercise this way and keep a little on.
This is the best cure at dawn.

A flip and flop?
Nah, we can't stop.
We just want you.
And you and you and you.

A cheat rhyme?
Not this time.
Just an easy one.
Now on with the fun.

Fun is had at this place.
It is not had at this space.
Fun is had at that space.
It is not at at this place.

This place is where you go.
This place is in the know.
That place is from where you run.
That place is really no fun.

And don't forget the third.
A fourth isn't absurd.
Five is the best number.
Six could come while you slumber.

For what do we need?
We need hits to take seed.
So for that to come due,
We pander to you and you and you...

Don't you love sites like that? They tell you one thing and then stomp it flat. Two contradicting articles, or more, at play. They want all eyes on their display. Have to pander to one and all. Do you enjoy that at your hall? After all, one of those articles will agree with everyone in mass. Pffft, still not impressive to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Another Can't Goes Down A Slant!

So dramatic you humans are. You'd think you just stepped out in front of a car. And the car actually hit you. May explain why many are brain dead too. But we'll leave that for another day and just be on our way.

My shoe. My shoe.
Nope. Not a cry from Blue.
Just some shoe nut.
Probably in a shoe rut.

I can't live without it.
So you will be dead in a bit?
That must be one nifty shoe.
I think I'll take two.

My fan. My fan.
It was made by Jackie Chan.
Okay, that may be a lie.
But it is so great that I may cry.

I can't live without it.
I'm not full of shit.
It is super cold out and not needed,
But my life has just been deeded.

My grass. My grass.
Where can I wipe my ass?
I can't go on without any.
I need blades by the many.

I can't live without it.
Times two with that bit.
Can't live or go on.
Must really love that lawn.

My clock. My clock.
It has New Kids on the Block.
It is a must own.
It was stolen at the tone.

I can't live without it.
I must throw a fit.
Maybe then I'll get hit by a car.
See? Told you I can't live far.

My pacemaker. My pacemaker.
Someone became a taker.
I can't live without it.
That deserves a fit.

The correct cry.
One out of 5 did fly.
If real life though.
In a million, probably still be 1 to show.

Are you an over dramatic nut? Do you go in an I can't live without it rut? That may be bad. You may drive yourself mad. Or drive off a bridge. Or become a pavement smidge. Would that be smudge? Bah, either way you'll look like fudge. Don't you want some fudge now? You can't live without it? Wow! The cat can live without sass, but it doesn't mean I'll stop doing it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Time To Detect With The Connect!

Could go more than connect four. That is a board game tour. Not sure it has a board game though. But hey, just wanted to let you know. Now on with the show. A connecting we shall go.

He is there.
He can swear.
Did you hear shit?
That has to be it.

My dog took one.
It crapped a ton.
And my dog came from Spain.
It came aboard a train.

On that train was a lady.
She was rather shady.
She had a funny hat.
Her face looked like a rat.

That means she knows him.
That guy with one limb.
A rat ate it off.
He sounds like a bird with a cough.

That means he knows her.
That woman that can purr.
She watches birds each day.
Her eyes never seem to stray.

Her eyes are blue.
And she has two.
Just like that lad.
He smiles more than a tad.

He must know that clown.
The one walking through town.
That one had big shoes.
Boy, this is really news.

For those shoes are great.
Another can relate.
A shoe collector.
She's a fire inspector.

And my neighbor has a dalmatian.
That deserves an exclamation!
For it means it is meant to be.
A true love for the neighbor and me.

I connected all the dots.
He will love me lots.
Did I see him go in with another?
That has to be his mother.

Did you follow that? Nonsense that fell rather flat? Yep, that is the way with nuts night and day. Humans make up stupid, very stupid, connections that aren't even there. By them they still swear. If you look you shall find you are connected to Bigfoot, Elvis, and Timbuktu. Not really that hard to do. Are you a connecting nut with some fetish for a fake connection pass? No need to tell it all to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Doing It Win Takes A Spin!

The cat has done this and that. I am a stretching out cat. Did we always do it right? Pffft maybe one night. But were we doing? You bet, as the wrong we kept shooing. So away we go with a wrong to right show.

The cat will rhyme.
The cat will slime.
The latter a hairball,
Right down the hall.

It beats the bed.
Or on Pat's head.
One of two came due.
The former at our zoo.

No right, no wrong.
Just played along.
A playing theme.
My little thought stream.

Just what pops in.
It gets a spin.
Like flying geese.
They mock meese.

Whoops, meant goose.
Or was that moose?
One is wrong.
But I go along.

Another is right.
One still takes flight.
But I did to learn.
Knowledge the return.

Do and doing.
Not with canoeing.
Water and wet.
Not for this pet.

Too much like work.
Some find it a perk.
Tipped and fell in.
Returned for a spin.

Made it and landed.
Doing got handed.
Skills improved.
Up they moved.

Wrong returned.
They got burned.
But they learned.
Right now turned.

Like lefty loosey.
Maybe some kind of goosey.
Back to the geese.
Do they ever cease?

That we'd know.
A return go.
For even if doing it wrong,
We actually played along.

Don't you love those who say you are doing it wrong yet they never get off their fat arse and do? We can just flush those down the loo. Need to be a mighty big one though. Wrong is fine to go. Unless you are in control of nuclear stuff. Then getting it wrong may end up tough. But wrong leads to learning and learning leads to right returning. So let doing it wrong come to pass and just keep on learning like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.