Who's Who At Bush #5

With so many crazies at Bush #5 the cat figured he would do this to help you get out alive. So now you can keep up without a hiccup.

The Cat

As if you did not know the cat always let loose with his rhyming flow. Orlin is his actual name in case anyone wants to remember it with his ever growing fame. The cat runs the blog no matter what Pat tries to do and if you need any more info on the cat he may pity you.


Pat is the owner of the cat or at least he thinks he owns me at my mat. He always takes credit for all my work and I have to put up with each quirk. The nut and his OCD can be a sight to see. Plus when he shows up here he really strikes fear, as he thinks there is a cast of voices in his head. From Robin Hood to King Arthur, oh the dread. Of course he is a movie nut too which explains all the DVDs in the pics of us as you view.

Miss Priss

Miss Priss thinks she is just the cats meow that no one can miss. She gets along with Pat with ease as the pair make me shake at the knees. For she is a clean freak too. Touch her and she will give you a nasty view. Then go clean herself up all nice and neat from her head to her feet. Also when need be here at my sea, Cassie can be really sassy.


Not sure how this mook showed up at my shore. But he keeps coming back forever more. So this nut thinks he is a God from above and all should bow down showing their love. He has a thing for saying his own name and makes talking in the third person seem anything but tame. His eyes can somehow glow and he has a thing for cat fur slippers when it gets cold and starts to snow.

Tarsier Man

As you can see above this nut even has his own theme song. I wish it was a dream for that is so wrong. The bug eyed creep always seems to show up and make a save. In the process he may send a few to the grave but he still saves the day. At least that is what he claims as he lets his theme play. His eyes can pop from his skull, meaning at least things are never dull.

Gung and Ho

A pair of nuts that come and go. Gung is a rather large fellow the size of a house while Ho is his twin except the size of a mouse. The pair just show up and ask stupid questions making no suggestions. They then answer themselves and go on their way. They surely cause me dismay. But before they go they have to rhyme Gung with Hung and Ho with anything from "has nothing below" to "I just don't know." 

The Beyonder

A quack from the future that shows up and asks questions to the cat. I guess in the future all they have to ask is a rat. Worse yet the guy appears as nothing more than a hologram. So that cat can't give him a wham or a bam as I go right through. But I can turn a fan on and blow him out of my view.

Riot Man

This crazy loon tries to stir up a riot by noon. It does not matter if it is something simple and tiny as he will still get quite whiny. He likes to rap about, for the most part, stupid crap with each shout. But once in a while as he goes the rhyming mile, he will make a good point. So I allow him to show up once and a while at my joint.

Robbie Raisin

This nut comes along and pulls the news or game shows from his butt. He then makes all the regulars here at Bush #3 play and causes most of them dismay. The title of his show does have a fun flow for it is Whoopdi Friggin Doo that he uses to play with all of you.

Gunafu of Color

Another crazy guy the wants to steal the colors from all around the globe. He shows up with paint all over his robe and has some magic brush that he uses to make everything flush. He wants to make the world simply grey from sea to sea. It does not matter if it is Timbuktu or Bush #3. Sadly he never seems to be able to beat the cat or even Drazin. He really must have the mind of a raisin.

Honorable Mentions

Petsy or Numb Tongue = Betsy

The Grammar Nazi = The Silver Fox

The Gawker or Betsy's twin = Brian

Irish Air = Anne

Old One Eye = Elsie

The Ninja WannabeAlex

Dishonorable Mentions

To all of those who curl the cat's toes and who he would never want to see once more show up at his shore.

Flappy = a mindless nut that talks out her butt.

Miss Nostril = trots around with her nose always in the air thinking she has such flare.

Jiggle Jugs = a crazy loon that could squash us flat no matter if he fell on Pat or the cat.

Poor Pitiful Me = a germy attention seeking nut that likes to scratch her butt.

Peacock = a hate mail sender that thinks rhyme shouldn't count in the poetry blender.

Turkey = another bird who sent hate mail making himself sound absurd.

And now you are up to date with all the characters we here either love or hate. So do not go whining if Drazin's bald head is shining, Old One Eye starts blabbering away, Flappy shows up at my bay, The Grammer Nazi corrects you upon each view or Petsy shows up with animals galore. For you have just gotten the low down on all the nuts that visit and/or occupy my shore.