About Us

So you want to learn about the cat? I guess that would also mean Pat. We'll get him over with first so of boredom you don't burst. Once we get him out of the way then you can see the true star on display.

Real Name: Pat Hatt (It is real, how about that?)

Other Names: Patrick Hatt, Litterbox Scooper, Food Person, Scratching Post...you get the point at our coast.

Lives: Each Day (Sorry stalkers, won't be knocking on any door near our bay)

Skills: Creative Writing (At least in bad lighting)
          Accounting (For when the sales start amounting)
          Blogging (At least when I'm not hogging)
          Rhyming (I'll let him think he has good timing)
          Litterbox Scooper (Doesn't need me to elsewhere be a pooper)

He can be found in other places around. If a link you'd like to strike the places I speak of are like: Pat Hatt Books, Twitter, Linkedin

And in case you didn't know, you can buy books so his wallet can grow. The cat needs to eat. I'd make him use it to buy me a treat.

Patrick Hatt on Amazon
Pat Hatt on Amazon

Were you looking for something more? Pat has a spiel at each above shore. I wanted to be original here. No copy and paste allowed at the lair of my rhyming rear. Now on to me. I'm truly a sight to see.

Name: Orlin

Other Names: Master Of All

Lives: Wherever I Please

Skills: Who needs those? I can get whatever I want with a pose.

I can be found right here. This is where I keep my little rhyming rear. But if you really want more you can venture to Twitter to explore.

Wasn't that less boring than Pat? No snarky comments for the cat. I rule all at my sea. No one would dare question me. Oh wait a moment on that. There is one who may question this cat.

Name: Cassie

Other Names: Miss Priss

Lives: Wherever She Wants (She may run after a few of my taunts)

Skills: The same as me. She can also get whatever she wants for free.

She can be found at home. Nowhere else does she want to roam. Hence the Miss Priss name. She sure can hold to that claim. She doesn't like it when I don't though. It can make for a fun show. But once in a while we get along swell. Here's a pic so you can tell.

And now you've met us all. Are you satisfied with what you learned at our stall? Do you want to know more? Well there is a contact page at our shore. If you can't find that then you may get made fun of by the cat. Oh, and I want to leave you with one final piece of advice. Hey, I can't always sound nice.