Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The God Of It And By It When Mean Shit!

So Pat did a humorous post at his non rhyming sea and then this popped in for me. Both came about just as a thought and so we added to the plot. Of course we've dealt with such nuts too. I'm sure you've dealt with a few.

I've been working with God,
Which some may take as odd.
Some may be appalled others just enthralled,
As he's short, fat and extremely bald.

He saves little kids,
By taking off child proof lids.
He ignores all your wishing,
Instead deciding to go fishing.

He's always got your back,
Like any good heart attack.
He'll help when you say please,
Cutting you off at the knees.

But that's not a sin,
For as a team you win.
Isn't that poetic?
Or just plain pathetic?

The latter is the case.
But not the full embrace.
For he's so full of it.
And by that I mean shit.

Some may be offended
Not what I intended
At least that's what I pretended
As I really find it splendid

For he's so full of it,
And by that I quite simply mean shit.
Not the, holy, tough or hot kind.
There is only one he can be assigned.

With piles and piles around,
Growing larger with every sound.
Meaning he's quite full.
Full of shit with a side of bull.

So as he enjoys it,
Maybe even employs it,
Reaching for a hand he'll crap in,
As he let's shit happen.

Here's your final tidbit,
When dealing with the full of shit,
Don't stick your hand out to accept it,
And be mistaken for someone who gives a shit,

Ever meet such a "God" at your sea? This rhyme just came to be. Was fun to do as we know a few. Can sure see much of the full part in those we know. For of the full of shit part they glow. Can apply it to any you like if you want them to take a hike. The cat doesn't mind as they are out there in mass. So feel free to quote my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Round Fifty Six Brings More Clicks!

The search engine nuts trickle in still at my bin. A tad slow though. Good thing I'm ahead at my show. Some sure raise an eyebrow. Others are having a cow.

The cow won't fit

Told you so. I don't want to know.

sweetmook scat – girl eat dog shit

Do the two relate? What the hell at any rate.

painting of woman farting

They really want that. Farts and eating scat.

little jiggle juggs

And small boobs too. Picky at their zoo.

dragon tales feet

And big feet. Aren't they sweet?

big heads on ice

A killer on the loose? Maybe just watching a goose?

clocks turned ahead sucks

That they do.I can agree at my zoo.

movies on ice

Am I missing something? What's with the icy ring?

Top grosssy movie bad bgys

I hope they mean bad guys. If not, any idea how that acronym flies?

mixed legs in bags

The killer is back. Head and Leg Killer on the attack.

Cat TV for dogs

Is there such a thing? Dogs know the cat is king.

Hannibal players

Why you asking me? A mock killing spree?

ding ding ding hope I bring

Ding dang dong, you better not be wrong.

maxy production rates

I hope they are cheap. Don't get in too deep.

And the winner for this round must not like a hound. That or they are jealous of them all. Short,big, fat and tall. Maybe the cat should give butt sniffers a break. Then these nuts may not do a double take.

darn dog lick balls better thn me

I guess they have a frisky pup? I don't really want to know what is up. That could scare the cat a ton. From such people we will run. The search engine nuts sure have no class. I guess that is why they find my not so classy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Back We Go Changing Flow!

Or maybe not. This is a done plot. But a switcheroo may come due. At least a new view. Maybe not from our zoo. Just crybaby crap that still fills the map.

Change we want.
Change we taunt.
Change we won't.
Change we don't.

Said that though.
That you know.
Been there, done that.
No repeat cat.

Change came due.
Today at your zoo.
A simple update.
Those we hate.

But code changed.
Maybe rearranged.
Out the old was tossed.
It had little cost.

Look another one.
Wow, change by the ton.
Updates every which way.
Change is here today.

A billion computers got it.
Or some other round number bit.
Hey, like you know how many computers there are.
Don't judge my lazy sand bar.

Let's apply that change.
It sure won't be strange.
Let's update buildings everywhere.
Billions of those there are to spare.

Whoops, take a 100 years to do.
Costs billions if not trillions too.
Hmm that change is too hard.
Let's go mow the yard.

Let's do cars too.
Billions of those in view.
Whoops, no one wants to update.
Damn that high interest rate.

Easy change check.
Hard? Not even on deck.
Oh, another update for me.
I'll update and change for free.

Did you ever think how much it would take to do a building change for all to make? That would take forever in a day. But then humans are lazy and don't even want to start at any bay. Damn the future that comes due. Let's stick with the easy at every zoo. Not sure what they'd update with such a pass. But that was just an example from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.