Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Zombie In Disguise As The Dead Rise!

Those brain suckers are hiding everywhere. Today the cat will make you aware. I may put my life at risk though. Or you may need to bail me out with lots of dough. They may lock me away, but we can't have the brain suckers get their way.

Strolling along.
Singing a song.
What is that noise?
It brings no joys.

Humans are speaking.
Their brains are leaking.
Leaking common sense.
They have gone dense.

Dense in the head.
It's like they are dead.
Oh no, they got me.
How can this be?

They are walking and talking.
They sure are a squawking.
They are hard on the head.
I wish they were dead.

Normal state of mind.
I'm back and so unkind.
It just had to be done.
This tale needs to be spun.

Spun and weaved.
Don't get peeved.
Do something though.
It's like you're dead, you know.

Bah, caught once more.
I've lost brain cells galore.
How could that be?
The zombie must have got me.

The invisible kind.
It sucked out my mind.
That is so unkind.
I'm sure in a bind.

I can't move.
I now can't prove.
Prove what I said.
It's like I'm dead.

I must be.
I'm dead to thee.
Oh, that is okay.
Just means you're nuts at your bay.

Did you follow along? Did my dead go all wrong? Do you says such things at your sea? How can one be like they are dead when busy like a bee? Isn't know...dead? Can one be dead in your head? Would that make you nuts? I may have just created zombies at many huts. Head for the hills in mass. Zombies are dead to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Oh Me, Oh My You Can't Count High!

The cat can do this with ease. Even a dog finds it to be a breeze. Okay, maybe I give too much credit to the mutt. But I'm sure they can when they view many a butt. What is it? Just count to three and then sit.

One, two, three.
Do it for me.
Do it today.
Do it come what may.

One, two, three.
I'm counting for thee.
What happened to four?
Doesn't want to tour.

One, two, three.
Do it for me.
Do it and do it right.
Do it day or night.

One, two, three.
I'm warning thee.
I've warned and warned.
Don't leave me scorned.

One, two, three.
Listen to me.
I've counted for you.
Three has come due.

One, two, three.
It is scary for thee.
Do you know what's coming?
No four will start humming.

One, two, three.
Count with me.
But do as I say.
There is no other way.

One, two, three.
I'm coming for thee.
Get to your task.
Do what I ask.

I screamed this spree.
That means you do it.
Don't give me any shit.

Do what I want.
Those numbers will haunt.
They'll forever come after you.

Is there magic in three? Does it give you humans glee? Not sure it would. You swing at balls with wood. Three strikes and you're out. That kind of three we wouldn't want about. But just three to say? Hmmm, do you do it in a scary way? One, two, three. Nope, still doesn't do it for me. Are you a one, two, three-er in mass? Sorry, it won't work on my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 12, 2018

A Moving Fresh Tries To Mesh!

No one is moving here. At least not that I know of with my rhyming rear. This is about a year ahead, so we could have put our 19th move to bed. Only 8 for Cassie and 4 for me. Right. On with it at our sea.

Life is great.
Life is grand.
Always first rate.
It gives a hand.

A hand for me.
A hand for you.
No need to flee.
Everything is true.

Life is okay.
Like is pretty good.
I get some pay.
I stack some wood.

Wood to burn.
None to use.
No need to learn.
I just amuse.

Life is crappy.
Life is stinky.
People are yappy.
I cut my pinky.

The finger hurts.
The hand tingles.
Blood comes in spurts.
I hate places for singles.

Time to stop.
Time to move.
Life is a flop.
I need to find my groove.

I'm moving away.
I'm going far.
A brand new foray.
Sure high above par.

Smell that air.
Smell that stench.
A fresh start to spare.
No monkey with a wrench.

So fresh it stinks.
Life is
Where is the missing links?
I'll go and feed the ducks.

Think a fresh start is really fresh? Do you and a shower mesh? If not, you'll still really stink. Not going to change life if you keep going down the drink. A fresh start can only work if you don't stink and make changes to you. Otherwise, back down the drink you may go at your zoo. Moving may change things as well. But won't always where you dwell. Can't always count on that green grass. I'll now go pass some fresh gas from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.