Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Spin Of In Can Be A Sin!

Did you know you are full of sin? Yeah, oh so full at your bin. At least if you are like me. I refuse to go up that tree. I'm sure that you knew after so many a rhyming spin. But time to go with what's IN!

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Today we will rhyme,
Much like we do every time.
But we can't make fun.
Not the in thing to be done.

We have to cry.
The world is bad, oh me, oh my.
I just stubbed my toe.
That eye roll is offensive, you know.

I have to show pics of food.
Don't give me attitude.
I have to show it all.
Oh, I'm now at the mall.

I'm at the doctors office now.
Hmm that would be vet with a meow.
I give many of those.
They cause me such woes.

Just thought I'd tell.
Oh, my life is hell.
It is so bad with my stubbed toe.
Ugg, must I sink this low?

Those shoes are in.
Can't have a hairy chin.
Those shirts are out.
Skinny jeans are best, no doubt.

That haircut is out.
What are you talking about?
No one knows that anymore.
Show that they door.

Ignore your kin.
They aren't in.
Do what's the best.
It beats the rest.

That was yesterday.
Don't need a replay.
What was in, is out.
Do you want me to shout?

Stay with what's in.
To not is a sin.
If you want to win,
You'll stick with the in.

Pffft are you in on the trends? Like that which offends? Or some clothing crap? Pfffft again from this chap. If it is in then we are most likely out. Like the crappy reboots that are about. Any love for what's in? Should I stop my question spin? That isn't in anymore? Damn, I'm so out at my shore. I guess I'll stick with the singing bass. He is as out as my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Registration Day At My Bay!

The cat is going to be like the man. I know you are a fan. Hell, everyone else is like them too. I may as well go with it at my zoo. Me? Conform? Pffft and I will go back to living in a dorm.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


Sign on up.
Follow like a pup.
You'll get free words.
I may throw in dead birds.

The tabbies will cheer.
Or maybe run in fear.
They'll register that.
It will become a stat.

I need your name.
Your claim to fame.
Your many homes.
Include those garden gnomes.

Don't forget the email.
That has to hit the trail.
If you have more than one,
Be sure to give all a run.

We have to find you.
Everything we say is true.
So you better tell the truth.
Include your old long dead Aunt Ruth.

We want your life story.
Register it in all its glory.
Register, don't read.
That pesky fine print is a crappy deed.

Phone numbers are great.
You'll be our mate.
Your grocery bill is fine.
Your home bills should align.

Register your wife.
All people in your life.
Hamster, dog and cat.
Even your prized baseball bat.

You'll be helping all.
So register each one at your hall.
Go through the motion.
Your ass may need lotion.

There is a lot to fill.
But you'll get over the hill.
Don't forget the valid photo.
Need help? Dial our handy dandy boto.

Don't you want to register now? I know, registration here is wow. Do you like to register at sites? Or those sign up things stores have in lights? They get all your info and put you in the system. They got you by the umm balls and twist em. I'm snip snip so won't hurt my ball mass. But we'll still skip the registration with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Time To Go Vile By The Mile!

The cat saw this the other day. Someone really went out of their way. It was oh so vile they said. I just shook my head. They deserved a smack to their head. But then their vile may have been fed.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


That is vile.
Go get a room.
You just aren't in style.
You bring my eyes doom.

Breastfeeding in a corner.
That just can't be.
You must be a porn-er.
What next? Free pee?

Just like those pants.
The ones down to knees.
They offend my plants.
So vile they make me sneeze.

Like those horror shows.
You know, the ones.
The ones where the wind blows,
That has sharks by the tons.

Like banks taking money.
That is so vile.
That isn't fair, honey.
They add to their pile.

Like slaving away at work.
It is oh so vile.
This isn't a perk.
It won't make me smile.

Like buying a car.
That is the worst.
As vile as that bar,
Where all quench their thirst.

That's where you go.
There you can put on a show.
Take the spawn in tow.
Let it all hang low.

But it's vile here.
Here for all to see.
Doesn't matter if you aren't near.
Do you live in a tree?

You bring me doom.
You add to this pile.
So go get a room,
And quit being vile.

Did vile get a new meaning? Maybe dictionaries should get a re-screening. She was over to the side in a hall. Couldn't really see unless you looked in at the mall. Even then you couldn't see much. Unless you were a perv and tried to touch. But oh, it was so vile a nut went on about. Probably mad because no one wants her to whip hers out. Did I say that? Damn, I'm a mean cat. Is it oh so vile to you, especially if you can't see nothing at all, when breastfeeding comes to pass? Pfffft I've seen much more vile things come out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.