Saturday, February 23, 2019

Could Go Into A Funk With The Sunk!

The cat watches you go here and there. Many humans sure pass my lair. Some with this or that. They are all sunk to the cat. But more comes to play. I guess pirates are everywhere with booty to pay.

Sunk like a rock.
Now comes the shock.
Or maybe it's the burn.
You haven't a return.

You wait and wait.
When's the date?
Isn't it magic?
No? That's tragic.

Sunk it all.
Could head for a fall.
Like Humpty Dumpty's splash.
Except he still makes cash.

Yours has been sunk.
It just went kerplunk.
Thrown in the sea?
Beats little old me.

But it has sunk.
Not in a trunk.
Maybe actually the trunk.
Or on an animated skunk.

The costs are sunk.
That desk can plunk.
Like head meets it.
Sunk has been green lit.

Or would that be red?
This of that in bed.
Maybe it's in the black.
Still suffered a sunk attack.

Should that be sinking?
Sit there while thinking.
Or stand if you wish.
Those sunk costs can swish.

Down down down they go.
Davy Jones' Locker in tow.
Or would that be sunk?
Maybe some sort of ocean slam dunk?

Give it a goodbye kiss.
Costs gone into the abyss.
Sunk in a majestic sea.
Oh look, another fee.

Why would costs sink? Did that make you think? Do you throw money down the drain to make them sink? Hmmm double word play may bring you to the brink. Don't you love sunk costs too? Never get them back at your zoo. May as well be a majestic abyss. Do fees make you hiss? May have to talk to the upper brass. Feel free to sink costs into my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Explanation For This May Bring Bliss!

The cat will explain away today. Explain what you may say? Or maybe you'll just think it. Either way, we'll explain in a bit. A bit means in a minute or two. Depends on how fast you read what's in view.

Did or done.
Fail or fun.
Done and did.
Got or rid.

A roundabout.
An in or out.
An out or in.
An sure got a spin.

Thumbs or diss.
A little dismiss.
Bleak or bliss.
What's up with this?

This to thunk.
Junk in the trunk.
This to that.
Can't fool a cat.

Fool or fooled.
Foolee retooled.
Grin or stammer.
So goes the grammar.

This was this.
That was bliss.
This was that.
Dig to drat.

This came after.
Hole or rafter.
Up or down.
This from a town.

Town or city.
This took pity.
Went with city.
Thanks, old bitty.

This was this.
Smack or kiss.
Lips or ass.
My, that's crass.

This was thunk.
Now in a funk.
This was just this.
A post not to miss.

Did you get this or that? Was this the only thing shown by the cat? Wasn't that long? This sure came on strong. All of that to say that this is this. My, sure a post you can't miss. Don't you love long-winded explanations at your sea? Why use two words when 1000000000000 could come from thee? That is sure to impress the singing bass. You may just get an eye roll from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Default Way Day By Day!

The settings are out. They swim like trout. The follow and swim. My, the settings are dim. Maybe out on a limb? Ferris Bueller may think that dim. Or was it his sister? Hey, he wasn't in Twister.

The computer comes.
You beat the drums.
Brand spankin new.
Look, some adware for you.

Default at start.
Taken to heart.
A full adware cart.
Wanna buy a pop tart?

Type and find.
Ads have a mind.
All there in view.
The default of you.

Speaking of which.
What's that twitch?
You don't like my spelling?
You just had to go telling?

The default of you.
It just came due.
A default setting.
There's more I'm betting.

A gambling way.
Bye bye to your pay.
Got more and go.
A default heigh ho.

The adware is there.
It can still stare.
It gave you that site.
Gamble all night.

The double default.
Two in one vault.
You and it.
One doesn't give a shit.

The default of you.
Whatever will you do?
The adware gets a delete.
You're stuck on repeat.

Is that not neat?
Brought it back, sweet!
That time for real.
Default grammar setting is the real deal.

Do you ever look at your default settings? Would it upset you if I used gettings? If so, I just got it for the third time. Or at least the second with my rhyme. Any default setting stand out for you about you? Don't you hate when adware comes with any computer that's new? I think my default setting is stuck on sass. It sure pops out of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.