Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Flock of Talk!

The cat talks all year. Every day without fear. Now I may cause some fear. After all, zombie feet has come near. But the cat sure does talk as I sit and gawk. You may have guessed it is T and talk sure comes to be.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quart_, ___!

Can talk the talk.
May take a walk.
That how that goes?
Damned, if I knows.

Look at that grammar.
Did you stammer?
I made you talk.
Guess it's a lock.

Was that a shock?
I made you talk.
No mind reading came due.
Is that strange to you?

Why didn't you do that?
Flapped where you're at.
Did you ask it to be done?
Nope, but now your mouth does run.

Hmm, backwards land?
Mind reading at hand?
Psychics are everywhere?
Who knew at their lair?

Wait, it didn't get done.
The mouth did run.
I guess psychics are fake.
No mind reading to partake.

Mouth still flapping away.
Talk about having your say.
You should have done it.
Even if talk before was never lit.

You should just know.
No need for flow.
Talking is so overrated.
At least until it's been dated.

Then if you are past due,
A talking will come through.
I'll talk your ear off.
You made me scoff.

Did I ask for it to be done?
Nope, my lips didn't run.
But now they do as you should know.
Not like I talked in riddles on the go.

Pfffft says the cat. You want something, ask where you're at. As in, you know, talk. Don't just sit and mind gawk. Do you expect and not ask? That can be a rather futile task. Now if you talk and it doesn't get done. Then maybe you can let your mouth run. But if you don't, done it won't. Whoops, bad grammar once more. Made you talk twice at my shore. I threw in a question too. 3 times at my zoo. I better go before you talk more than that singing bass. He never shuts up sometimes when talking to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Ra Ra Ra Well La De Da!

The cat goes all ra ra ra today. Ugg it hurts the head at my bay. Lumping in with nuts makes me wish for butt sniffing mutts. At least they have more brains. Nope, not the god Ra causing pains. Humans do that with ease. I guess you know in R is about to breeze.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quar__, ___!

Head in the sand.
Head up an ass.
Life is in hand,
Agree with your mass.

Along comes a schmuck.
They are ever so dumb.
But who gives a fluck,
They are automatically my chum.

They'll get my vote.
They have to have it.
They are my party of note.
So I have to vote like a twit.

They really did that?
Bah, all is forgiven.
They may have fallen flat,
They were simply driven.

They are the same religion.
I have to stand by their side.
It was only bad by a smidgen.
So simply take it in stride.

They are allowed to do it.
That is simply their way.
Who cares if they are a dumb shit.
They are part of our fray.

By fray I mean race.
Races must stick together.
No matter our bad embrace,
Those oh so racists we must weather.

They deserve every single cent.
They work hard for it.
There is nothing to repent.
The company is a hit.

The simple folk don't get it.
We are what keep it going.
So he embezzled a bit.
The rich keep the money flowing.

And a ra ra ra.
Stick your head up there.
With a la de da,
Join the correct mass blare.

Pfffft an idiot is an idiot no matter the affiliation to this, that or the other thing. The cat doesn't care what affiliation you bring. If you go all ra ra ra and make excuses because they are in the same whatever as you, means you're no better or just don't have a clue. Let's blame the other side to whatever it is. Yep, that will sure solve the idiot biz. Easier to justify and shift blame I guess than to actually admit and deal with the mess. Do you ra ra ra blindly for whatever mass? Pffft is all the cat can say with his little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 24, 2017

An Every Day Where We Stay!

The cat finds it fun so this has to be done. Fun with word fun. A double must be done. A double whammy maybe? I can wham at my sea. My wham is more of a slam. But we don't need to get into that jam.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx qua___, ___!

An every day thing.
Today I'll sing.
Sing like a canary.
Not like Little House on the Prairie.

Why did that pop out?
Who knows what it's about.
I'm delaying you say?
Bah, we'll get there, okay?

You can't catch me.
I can sure flee.
But when your laces are half gone,
That makes you less knight more pawn.

Hungry you say?
Some bread on a tray?
What? Don't look at me.
You ate it in your last spree.

The toilet paper is gone?
You found it on the lawn?
Who rolled that all out?
What is that one about?

Your baked goods went missing?
Looks like someone was kissing?
Who'd kiss a baked good?
Maybe your baking is just misunderstood.

That meat tray walked off?
Now, now, don't scoff.
You can go vegan for a day.
I now have to go play.

 Your sheets have holes?
The fabric was taken by moles?
Damn, mole sheet eaters.
Worse than trick or treaters.

Your watch is long gone?
Who pulled such a con?
Those pesky watch thieves are about.
You better watch out.

Stop staring at me.
I think it's time I flee.
Oh, right it can be flee for A.
So I will absquatulate away.  

Aren't I such a pesky cat? I say poppy cock to such accusations where I'm at. Why would I absquatulate with muffins or bread? Do you see them under the bed? Oh, there were crumbs in the litter box? Hmmm maybe it was left by a fox? I think I'm digging a deeper hole with each pass. It's time I absquatulate away with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.