Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brian I Blame YOU, Look What You Made Me Do!

So I was going to wait a few days to post, with my usual rhyming roast. But then Brian had to go and challenge the cat, as I was looking around at this and that. As I headed over to onestoppoetry for a look, at Brian's little nook. Ok it's not all his, oh did your ego just fizz..haha.

Then something rather clever was posted there, that raised the cats eyebrow hair. As I wanted to see if I could do the usual rhyme, using each word he posted telling others to use to chime. Yes I am rather slow, as it was supposed to be a Friday show. But oh well I can pretend, Friday just didn't end.

So what he did was stick seventy six words and two additions making seventy eight, that you could only use to make a poem that would elate. So I'm not sure if mine can do that, as it may only make sense to the cat. But what I did was use every single word he gave, over at his onestop cave. Bet none have done that, yes I'm still proving how I'm a clever cat. Oh and I ended up with seventy seven, meaning I was over by one not eleven. So I had to go back and see which one I used more than I was supposed too, that was not fun I tell you. So now as I go back to work on finding facts, here is my little try found over at the onestoppoetry tracks.

So boat carry if took
You try to whisper me a look

Here drank worm, said hello
Teardrops have pooled, go

Balloon ride cold near the moon
My green beans eat soon

Sound you make sour
These are mine, our

Sweet delicious magic some old friend write
They I treat tonight

Funny today the love pool does blue
Sunny yellow before was true

Rain dance in his sleep from her
Only a school dream this were

So there was my attempt at Brian's limited fun, as I used every word and that's how it's done. So now I'm done the post the wasn't supposed to occur, but no worries as it didn't ruffle to much of my fur. But Brian didn't give me crass, grass, or lass, so I wasn't able to add how I'll always be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. What a beautiful school dream.

  2. Wow! Very impressive!
    A little aggressive
    but not excessive!
    Mighty expressive
    but not oppressive!
    A little obsessive
    but not possessive
    and not depressive!

  3. lovely ...

    invite you joining us when you are free.


  4. Hey, look at that! An official invitation to play with the big leagues! And you deserve it, Pat... or Cat or whoever wrote that. Cassie, was it you? lol....

  5. Fox, yes I will agree with that sentiment
    But blame Brian for not letting me using my words like fit or turd or even

    Wow Betsy wasn't the first
    Neither was Brian with the burst
    Orlando beat both to the punch
    Never had that hunch
    Thanks for the comment you gave
    Next up it was Betsy with her rant and

    To many big words you hurt my head
    Are you saying I should go the bed
    The only thing I'm obsessive over is the facts
    Being progressive getting tons of acts
    Look I found one you didn't use
    But I won't use it to abuse

    Oh a big league invite you say
    Hmmm I guess I could come your way
    Since you asked so nice
    With an invite and no mean spice

    We'll blame this one on Cassie
    Incase the big league players get sassy
    Then the cat can go back to being a nut
    Stuck in a rhyming rut
    Maybe it was Arthur you think of that?
    As Pat could still be controlled by that rat

  6. dude you rocked the line whisper a look...thats hot, not that the rest is not but glad you played and likes what you said, better to be writing alive than dead.

    oh god pat let me be serious for a second, dont go anywhere near that promising poets crap, she follows me around leaving comments...her name is jingle and i will gladly email a little tale that will turn your toes about her...

  7. Yes I suppose you make a good poitn about being alive than dead
    I wouldn't want to go losing my head
    It was quite the challenge using the all
    So I was happy to try and answer the call

    hmmmm I trust you over her anyday
    But did go by there way
    Left a link
    Am I going to sink

  8. Oh this is so sweet, makes a girl's heart tweet, but don't be a bird, because he's a cat but a genius one at that, this is a league of a different kind, it almost blows my mind.

  9. Ocean has returned with a rhyme of her own
    Glad you liked my profound little tone
    See taking over the world in a league of my own
    Now if only I had opposable thumbs to use the phone..LOL

  10. you are super witty.

    enjoyed your little poem in the comment section,
    big smiles.

    have fun in the rally.


  11. This piece is colorful and beautiful.

    masterful flow.
    poem on.

  12. Hmmmm sensing a spam alert here
    As you give one to many a cheer
    The others always say it in one go
    Or if not they have something to add to their show
    I guess we shall see
    Whether you get blocked by me

  13. My brain is fried
    and though I tried
    my rhyme bone is broken today
    so I'll give it up and just say
    I love your poem, it is fantastic!!

  14. Well you rhymed a whole bunch
    Even with your brain fried from lunch
    So you didn't give up until the end
    Hopefully you don't start a trend
    As thanks for the remark of fantastic
    It was solid and not plastic
    See I can rhyme it at least some
    May be a little bit numb

  15. I think she's more than mere spam
    and you should tell her to scram!
    If Brian says beware
    then I wouldn't dare
    mess with her
    or be a follower!

  16. Yes I agree very much
    I already sent Brian an email to get in touch
    But I don't think blogger email's work for some reason with me
    As I never got the ones from you about the Factinary
    Who knows stupid thing doesn't work
    But yes I won't go there and lurk
    Already deleted the comment I left
    And unfollowed with quite the heft
    Link is still stuck there on their weekly thing though
    Guess that's what I get for being nice to those that visit my show
    Maybe I should be mean to all
    Except those who answer the rhyming

  17. I think everyone else is fine
    just that one that will mess with your mind.

    So you got a carload of pringles to take home with you?
    We mom's certainly know what to do.
    Making our kids happy whether they choose
    to crunch the salty or have a sweet tooth.

  18. Yes pringles by the bags
    Enough to put on strain on my legs
    Ok maybe not quite that amount
    But a pretty high count
    The cat got tons of turkey and chicken too
    As much as any person would eat like me and you
    Yet he still wants more
    He's such a food whore

  19. Jingle is a friend
    She is not a spam
    She is very friendly
    Likes to give awards
    But she is wonderful
    I can't make things rhyme
    But she is not a spam
    I am her friend

  20. Hmmm maybe I need a referee
    To come and sort this out for me
    Betsy can be nominated I guess
    So have fun with this
    I'll just go on with my rut
    Being a rhyming nut

  21. Betsy, you are rude by making a public comment about me...

  22. hahahahaha wasn't exactly rude
    Not even crude
    Just stated to have nothing to do with you
    Which was sung by Brian too
    So that is the way it will be
    Pound Sand if you don't like her or me
    Now that was rude
    And a bit shrewd