Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Curse if Done, Almost Getting Back to Fun!

So they say things happen in threes, who ever made that up I'd like to kill with some trees. But today my computer went kaput, thanks to some stupid virus it took. The dumb thing popped up as I was about to click some other site and instead I clicked the virus fright. So after three hours of going through the motions, I finally cleared me of the virus in the file oceans, then poof the documents all disappeared, as if they had been cleared, but it just made them hide, thankfully nothing got fried. Some stupid pop up site is where it came from, I'd like to get a sharp object and shove it up their bum.

At least I didn't step in dog poo in my bare feet, Oh Brian that must not have been neat. At least cats bury their shit, trying not to make you have a fit. Also got a new car the other day, making another payment come my way, but oh well it beats the crap out of my old piece of junk, which is now hopefully in one big hunk. Maybe will put a picture or two up some day, as I rhyme and play. But right now it's off to make sure everything is back to normal with this damn thing, just wanted to give a ring. If you need funny for the day, go over to the WaystationOne bay. As Brian clearly had a fit, one that could rival this rhyming twit, but sorry I still win, even if I have to cheat and pull something out of a garbage bin.

So that is all for now the cat with the new car that is red not green like grass, which will now be used to drive around my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. A little new red car
    Your smile can't be far!
    Sounds really neat
    and running well can't be beat!

    Things break in threes. What can I say?
    Heck the stork delivers babies that way.
    At least at our house he does for fun.
    Then has a good laugh before he runs.

    Need to see what happen to Brian
    sounds like he may be cryin'

    Hoping that I'm first
    I've been so much worse
    lately being third
    but then that's my favorite word.

  2. It's not so little actually though
    For it is a bit big don't you know
    Yes no more worries about breaking down on side the road
    With a better transportation mode

    I think if the stork every brings babies by three
    On day to me
    That be cause for a fit
    As be too tired to have any wit
    Yes he prob had a good laugh for sure
    Before running away from your door

    Yes you ruined the fox's streak
    Maybe he wasn't around to peek
    Or off taking a leak
    Or maybe this post was to meek

  3. haha thanks for the sweet review
    even if i had to throw garden gnomes and step in poo, for poetry the things we do, or do do or anyway, sorry for the computer problems today, they suck as do spammers, virus creators and other menacing f**ks...see what you have me doing now, dont have a cow, hope the day gets better, at least you are not a bed wetter, so go near or far, and you got what kind of car?

  4. Yes my virus scanner is about half way done
    After that I'll be less weary and have some fun
    Wow you really are on a roll today
    Think you're the one having a cow to some
    Bed wetter hahahahaha nope not that
    I don't know about Pat
    So I won't throw you for a rouse
    As the car I got was a cruz

  5. My time to comment is real tight.
    I have a post tomorrow night.
    I won't be online much on Sunday.
    Hope to see you all on Monday!

  6. Do you rhyme as you drive?
    If so :
    You do well to survive.

  7. Never fear Fox I know how that goes
    And a break is sometimes needed before more grey hair
    See you Monday
    And I always come your way

    Actually I've thought of rhymes well I drove
    Even past a ditch or grove
    But it's safer than taking pictures like a certain person here
    Unless she stops and puts it in neutral

  8. Chevy Cruze?
    With that you can't loose!
    Cute in red, too
    and good gas mileage to boot!

    Whoever do you mean?
    Someone taking pictures as she careens
    down the road in her jeep.
    Silver Fox has lectured her before!
    Don't worry, she's careful and more!
    She would never take her eyes off the road.
    And lays the camera down if danger she beholds.

  9. Yes the gas was a big plus I'd say
    As hopefully it will save me money that way

    Lectured by the Fox
    hahahaha did he curl your socks
    Good that you avoid the danger
    As we wouldn't want you to run over a stranger

  10. Don't remember my socks curling
    but I do remember some silent treatment stirring
    as he was so upset
    I'd risk my life like that.

    I challenged him to stop the eating and smoking while he drove
    Then I'd leave my camera safe at home.


  11. Obviously (from my recent post), I get better results from Betsy than she does from me when a challenge is issued! Anyway, I no longer give her any crap about driving with camera in hand, but she knows I'm still concerned. ("She" also knows I know "she" is reading this... Right doll?)

    New Foxyblog rant is up, btw.

  12. Eating, smoking and taking pics
    Now all you need is to talk on a phone and you'll have your licks
    Doing all the things that are frowned upon when you drive
    As they supposedly want to keep people alive
    Geez you two are scary drivers I must say
    Glad you are far far away..LOL

  13. See you agree
    Aren't you so nice to me

  14. actually I was talking to Silver there
    in his last comment here
    but I'm always nice to you!
    Nice is my middle name, not Lou.

  15. This post is most fun
    as the comments are never done!

  16. Betsy Lou
    hahahaha that probably wouldn't do
    Although it be quite funny
    Of course I'd spend some money
    And have it changed
    Or at least rearranged
    Yes the posts will never be done
    As long as I know there is a new comment by someone
    For you and Brian never it doesn't tell
    When you come and rhyme for a spell
    So I don't know
    You've been at my show

  17. hahaha Betsy Lou
    sounds like someone from Dr. Seuss!
    So, how appropriate for the Cat in the Hat
    thanks for the chat!

    Got a funny idea for a postcard, no less
    So whenever you feel brave, email me your address!

    And yes, I'll include a rhyme
    not to would be a crime!

  18. Yes finished mine up yesterday
    So I'm almost ready to send it your way
    Just have to see if I can make one more think work
    As I found it during a lurk
    Too funny not use
    Promise I won't abuse
    At least not much
    As I reach out and postcard

  19. Ooh, I guess I better get busy
    as mine is just in my head and a bit dizzy
    Need to get it down on paper
    so I can send it now, not later!

  20. Mine still has a kink or two
    Plus a bit more facts work I have to do
    But by Wed, Thurs it should be near done
    Then I can send it with such fun