Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't Call a Cop, Hippity Hop!

So today that cat has bad news, that really might give you the blues. As the cat was such a good boy this year, that the Easter Bunny came to give me an early cheer. But I thought Pat had left me some dinner and thinking I was a real winner, I chowed down quite fast and when I reached the last, I saw his collar and Pat let out a hollar, as I ate the Easter Bunny, I wish I was being funny. Sorry there will be no eggs this year, now don't sit there and peer. As Pat took some time from finding facts and helped the cat look for a new Easter Bunny acts.

First we went to try Bugs Bunny, but he wanted to much money. His royalty fees would cost ten thousand trees, yes that many trees would be wasted to make the cash, so we weren't long making a dash. Plus some weird hunter came and started some sort of game. Sticking a gun to his ear, but he never showed any fear, just chewed on a carrot and said "What's Up Doc", after that we figured they were all nuts and took a walk.

So we kept going and going, looking at each new showing, than came across a pink rabbit with some sun glasses, who seems to appeal to the masses. But every time we caught up beside him, he acted all dim. He just kept going and going down the street, banging on his drums to his own little beat. The cat could keep up with him and Pat could as well being slim, but he just wouldn't stop, not even for a nearby cop.

The next one we found was a real dodger, with the first name Roger. He was even more a nut than the other two, acting all crazy in his cartoon zoo. Doc Brown was there, except with no frizzy hair, Mario was there too, plus he was real who knew. He was too busy with his wife, thinking he had such the life. Plus she was drawn rather well, I really must tell. So he said no and than ran to and fro, like a fire had be lit, before we could get him to commit.

As we left his little realm, we came up to a big elm, I turned around rather fast, as the thumping was quite vast. There was a young rabbit that would do, thumping so much it would annoy most of you. He did say yes one thousand times, but you'd be better off with a few mimes. As he'd probably surpass every single house, trying to make friends with a young deer or maybe Mickey Mouse.

The next one we tried to catch, looked like he was playing fetch, yet didn't know how to return, as he kept running everywhere even across a fern. Saying I'm late, I'm late for some important date, I really wanted to slap that mate, upside the head with a big steel gate. Him I would eat and it would be a treat, but that watch was quite shiny and he was really tiny, so no meat there, just a whole bunch of white hair. After that pink one that wouldn't stop, we knew this one would also be a flop, so ignore him we did, as he'd just scare each kid.

The next was just kind of nuts, I thought Pat had sniffed too many butts and his weirdness was rubbing off on me, as a shadow is what we did see. Someone said is name was Harvey I think, as I was too busy trying not to blink. I jumped on the shadow to no avail, I even tried to naw on his fluffy white tail. But it didn't work, as that shadow did lurk. We thought he'd make a perfect fit, but the dumby acted like a twit, not answering back, as I went on a usual rhyme attack. So he followed us down the road a ways, then when I gave him a hateful gaze, the shadow was no more, plus he was beginning to bore.

We even stopped by Betsy's to see if Nugget would take up the mantle and after trying the window and door, which were locked tight, and we couldn't dismantle. We figured she was out on the farm with her usual charm, trying to fight of the germs and not step on any worms, as she took all their money, just happy it was sunny.

After that long journey we came home to Cassie smiling like some ugly garden gnome. Then she just slinked off onto her favorite chair and I really had to go to my litter box after eating that extra pear. After I was through and went to bury my, well, shit, Pat had a big fit. As it turns out that dirty sister of mine tricked me quite well, as my poo had no smell. For it was mostly fiber and cotton, as the taste of meat I must have forgotten. As Cassie told me I killed the Easter Bunny, making us go on that long trip and spend all our money, when what I really ate was a stuffed look a like, as it sunk in Cassie waltzed up and said psych. So I will say the Easter Bunny is still safe, so no longer will you sit wiggling your legs making them chafe and your eggs you will get, so no more taking a fit. Now I must go on the attack of Cass, chasing her all around with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. hahaha....what a romp, and a somewhat happy ending so the kids wont stop to your door for masticating the famed hare, you would not dare. did you say you smelled poo, eww...not too vain either, calling your deriere little, oh piddle i just burst your bubble, roger is rather funny for a bunny, and bugs over done, they breed fast enough not to miss any fun if you happened to kill one...oh well, hell look at the time, to miss your post would be a crime so i stopped by but now have run, out into the rain which has drowned the sun.

  2. hahaha Yes I'm glad it wasn't the real bunny
    Or the kids wouldn't think the cat too funny
    Yes Bugs is waaay over done
    Roger is lots of fun
    They are supposedly making a sequel to that
    Might impress or be crap to the cat
    Yes they do breed rather fast
    So if you kill one it won't be the last
    Hopefully it gets sunny soon
    And the rain is gone the way of a bad tune

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  4. Betsy said...
    Next time you stop by, just knock!
    We'll answer the door, even if locked.
    Silly Pat and Cat trying to get in the window
    Peering through the weeping willows.

    Not sure if Nugget would have played along
    Can't see a black rabbit singing the Easter song
    or laying the candy eggs
    or delivering baskets to those who don't beg

    Happy Easter, Pat, Orlin and Cassie!
    Hope your weekend is fun and sassy
    Don't eat too many jelly beans
    or you won't fit into your jeans!

  5. Orlin tried to knock
    But he was to fascinated by the lock
    He said it didn't work at all
    So Pat lifted him up and he peeped in the window near the side wall
    Didn't see a thing
    Not even that grape face to fling

    Yeah a black rabbit may seem a bit off
    As the kids would all go and scoff
    Knowing he wasn't the original one
    Then Orlin might be done

    Happy easter to you and your four men
    As I read the other left your pen
    Going to a concert of someone I don't know
    Yeah I am a tad slow
    That stuff I don't eat
    So no worries about getting a bigger gut or feet

  6. Yea, Nugget would be more of a Halloween bunny if there is such a thing!

  7. Well, I'd like an all-black Easter Bunny!

    Enjoyed all the cinematic references in your "hare-raising" tail... errr... tale.

  8. You could use Nugget instead of a black cat
    Scarying all the kids and making them go scat
    Then you could save money on candy
    Now wouldn't that be

    Fox are you splitting hairs
    Of course no one here cares
    See what a clever thing I did there
    I never did watch Harvey yet though to be fair
    Just saw a preview along my way
    I will watch it though to see if it's any good one day

  9. Bugs Bunny is my hero
    too bad that was a zero
    He's so funny -
    no dumb bunny
    so Happy Easter you crazy kitty
    on top of the world you're sitting pretty

  10. You like the guy who chews on a carrot
    Maybe he really wants to be a ferret
    He does sound kind of funny
    And is quite greedy with money
    Happy Easter to you
    From the cat and maybe Pat too.