Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It Had To Be Done, Time For Movie Fun!

So I've been threatening to do what I did with song titles the other week with movies to prove I'm quite sleek. Yes I know you all already knew that, as the cat gets more attention than poor Pat. At least over here, as with my usual cheer. So now I'm going to see, how many movies can be remembered off hand by me. Can you keep up with that cat? Or will you fall flat?

So I hope I don't Die Hard today
In a Major League way
Then my visitors will no longer be in Hot Pursuit
To Stakeout my blog listening to me rhyme and toot
As they might ignore and go Homeward Bound
Having Nothing to Lose by not being found

Did you know you can get it at Porky's they say
One day Serendipity might send you that way
Snow Dogs can stay in the cold
Although Turner and Hooch need to be told
Those Critters lie about
And they move Fast and Furious no doubt

I've never seen a Beverly Hills Cop
For when I tried Coming to America I was told to stop
But I guess that is the Life
A Midnight Run might cause you strife
Unless you can go Back to the Future whenever you want
But then a Ghost might haunt

Then who you gonna call?
Of course it be Ghostbusters to your stall.
So I guess some would get busy living or get busy dying
As a Shawshank Redemption they'd need and I'm not lying
Or maybe they need some Adventures in Babsitting to clear their mind
When dealing with Bad Boys you never know what you'll find

Or it could be the Dawn of the Dead
Of course that might be a Mission Impossible that could hurt the head
Then The Dream Team would have to assemble
Beetlejuice or Batman I swear one guy did resemble
Or maybe I'm just Gung Ho
As a K-9 is no where near my show

If one were I might Scream
Or throw him out in Rush Hour to get a butt ream
Would that make me a Predator then
Or just a Chicken Run avoiding men
Maybe I should be on The Road To El Dorado soon
As then I could pull a Life Stinks and rhyme like a loon

Betsy did you see that Bird on a Wire
One Short Circuit and he might catch on fire
To The New Kids I must say
I might cause Tremors with my rhyming way
Maybe you sould go to the Police Academy and join
Of course don't get Left Behind with coin

Aren't I a rhyming Lethal Weapon all the time
It's a Wonderful Life when you can rhyme
Don't Mimic me
As you might make The Mighty Ducks flee
Citizen Kane wouldn't like that
The Terminator might go and squash you flat

Do you have an Animal House
Could go all Silverado and shoot them up close
Or could recruit becoming The Magnificent Seven
Heck you could become The Librarian number eleven
Oh I should state Batteries Not Included with my blog
You might need some or risk getting lost in The Fog

Brian did you use your lingo and go all American Graffiti on some poor wall
Now you're caught and have to use Air America before you fall
I'm sure The Firm nearby will give you a deal
Just don't listen to Babe squeal
Sue for Brewster's Millions well you're at it
I can't tell you The Secret of My Success as then I'd have a fit

Doc Hollywood could patch one up nice
It be nice to be Forever Young with some spice
Did you see that Blue Streak
Maybe that means you have to Escape from New York so skip the leak
Avoid the Fortress though
Become a Freejack on the go

Maybe that will lead to the Revenge of the Nerds
Or at least at High Noon scare some birds
I bet reading this you aren't Gone in 60 Seconds from my place
Maybe I should serve up some Meatballs so you can stuff your face
Finding Money for Nothing would be sweet
Or robbing a Money Train might be neat

Who says White Men Can't Jump
Some just need Anger Management to get over the hump
Hoosiers might show you how it is done
Or Secondhand Lions could help you practice for fun
Did you ever Meet Bill
He has a Mannequin that gives him a thrill

Do you have the Sixth Sense
That allows you to see the Signs or are you dense
Did I turn you into an American Psycho yet
Bah you had A History of Violence I bet
Is that how you got your Stripes
Acting as if The Fifth Element gave you gripes

One day I will say Take This Job and Shove it
Or maybe I won't Say Anthing when I quit
But then only 12 Monkeys would remain
On Arlington Road they might pop a vein
Some can be Bad Company if you get my drift
I'd rather be home with Bedknobs and Broomsticks without things to lift

So have I delighted The Fox and the Hound
Or caused you a Breakdown sending you six feet in the ground
Bah you're Bulletproof so there is no issue
But a Chain Reaction might cause you to need a tissue
Then you'd bring on the Hard Rain
Joining The Crazies in another lane

The Day After Tomorrow is when you might get done reading this
Especially if you have a Fraternity Vaction you can't miss
Or if you go become a Gladiator in the past
Maybe a solar flare hit a Stargate and you went back fast
Then Godzilla could still roam
Or Gremlins might infest your home

Am I visited by Grumpy Old Men
With them I might not score a 10
I am way better than Howard the Duck
As I won't let you have an Indecent Proposal for a quick F***
Not even on Independence Day
Or if an Iron Eagle flew by my way

My Jaws are just a flapping
I'm sure you and Billy Madison are napping
Or thinking O'Brother, Where Art Thou?
As I can make even Old Yeller go wow
Don't bring no Desperado here
As you might get knocked Out Cold I fear

April Fools Day as come and gone
Unlike Weekend at Bernies I didn't drag it like some dead guy across your lawn
Oh don't go turn on the Radio ignoring the cat
For it's Risky Business doing that
As you might become a Scarface
Blame Shrek for doing that to your face

Don't you wish my place had the Silence of the Lambs
Instead of giving you a Silver Streak in all your going cold hams
A Simple Plan is what I had
But now you Sneakers might be mad
As even at warp Speed
I'm Taking Care of Business and you just have to read

At least if your stuck in The Terminal on your laptop
You will have something to do and not bother One Good Cop
But if you're traveling with Three Amigos by your side
When you go all Total Recall you'll know I lied
Don't choke on your Tootise roll
For White Fang still needs a stroll

Opportunity Knocks as things are getting dire
Have I lit your St. Elmo's Fire
Or have you become Airbourne
Riding an Airplane to come stab me with a thorn
But after 48 Hrs I might not be here
As Another You you might find as you come to peer

Wow this is really getting Big
Blankman might come and snap me like a twig
The Meteor Man will protect the cat
As it's time for a Boat Trip for Pat
But you Can't Buy Me Love
Not even if you Cast Away a dove

Things are Cheaper By The Dozen I'm told
City Slickers might not feel so bold
Conspiracy Theory is what I'm creating
While the Cops & Robbersons are mating
Fletch Lives don't you know
Even after Cool Hand Luke tried to have a go

Are you one that Dances with Wolves under the moon
Or are just Dazed and Confused by this rhyming loon
Equilibrium I do not give
So if it's the End of Days live and let live
Unless you're an Enemy of the State
Then Bruce Almighty might seal your fate

Liar Liar now now
Eye See You calling me a cow
Yes your Frequency I have tuned into
So when you become The Fugitive I will find you
Unless you're slain by the Gangs of New York
Before you get to pass your Good Morning Vietnam report

Don't fall in that Grease
Or go all Groundhog Day and kill yourself using geese
Wait it was H2O
Blame The Hangover for the screw up at my show
Oh I Love Trouble
Unles an Ice Age came on the double

Oh I just got called for Jury Duty
That's the Kiss of Death so they can call Rudy
Don't worry I'm not like Mad Max
As like being in The Matrix I am lax
Unless the Men in Black come
For all the Mischief you caused by being a bum

My Fellow Americans I have something to say
Whoops I'm not American so maybe the Newsies I will pay
Or call The Negotiator to come and stop
This Necessay Roughness or you doing the bunny hop
Office Space he might need
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest he might think after a read

What Women Want I have no idea
But then Wildcats don't have that to fear
Zapped now it's your turn
Trading Places to feel the rhyming burn
As I drew First Blood
And remember when abusing an American Pie don't make a thud

Ok that was a tad long, but I'm sure there is nothing wrong, as for me that was kind of short, for I could go on way way way more with my movie retort. But to spare you all the hurt to your eyes and making sure no ones sits and cries, I won't show anyone up any more today, unless you leave a comment just saying hey. Then I will roast you like burnt grass, as I have to be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Very impressive! Now, the question is... Are those all films that you've seen and enjoyed, or were you just pulling them out of your... errr... hat?

  2. Oh I've seen every single one
    One or two were just ok and not fun
    But 99% of the ones I used
    Always keep me amused
    No pun intended on the hat right?
    lol, I had to bite

  3. The "hat" was a pun that I couldn't resist.
    And I knew you would like it, and wouldn't be...




  4. I've seen quite a few films m'self. Before I broke down and bought a DVD player, I'd amassed well over 2,000 videotapes.

  5. Yes I myself can't resist
    So I won't shake my fist

    Yeah my grandparents owned a convience store, so films I watched for free and when it closed took some 2500 vhs..lol...since sold them and I'm up to a little over 2000 dvds, blu ray can bite me.

    And now I flee
    See still in rhyme
    Just a tad long the first time..lol

  6. dude you have seen a lot of movies, your verse though masterful done and much fun to read, take head though too much porkys will give you eye strain or maybe some other muscle, no not your brain...

  7. Oh, dear Brian! Control that head
    The one on shoulders, enough said!
    Here's a cat who knows his shows
    Which ones rock and which ones blow
    Oh my god, that's two today
    I'm back on track to have my say
    And Bossman thinks you're really cool
    So dear cat, looks like you rule!
    I'll go now, keep it at that
    And that's the lets face it facts!

  8. Brian that probably didn't even scratch the surface of what I've scene
    Yes that is sad but I'm not a couch potato and still lean
    hahahaha yes peeping through that hole
    Or sticking something else through with a mole
    Might cause great pain
    As something could pop a vein..LOL

    hahaha Oh another good one slung by you
    Finally back in the role of Tashtoo
    Yes one day I'll do a movie one about the crap that blows
    And we'll see how that goes
    As sadly I've seen alot of crap too
    But if you didn't have a coaster they'd make do
    Yes it seems you have jumped back into the fold
    Now lets see if it takes hold
    Who would have guessed
    The bossman would be impressed
    Maybe I'm getting to much fame
    Heck than I might need to be tame
    Hell that will never happen here
    Thanks for the Face it Facts cheer

  9. That was amazing!
    You were blazing
    through those titles
    that went on for miles!
    I think this was your best
    and if to impress
    was your quest
    you certainly did that and more!
    It's you, cat, that we adore!

  10. It figures movies would be my best
    As that's one subject I know better than most of the rest
    Of the crap I do or have done
    Even if they were fun
    Although I'm good at most things I try between me and you
    That's just a lets Face it Fact that is due..lol
    So since you adore
    The cat will never show you the door

  11. Your movie poem rocks!
    It knocked me out of my socks.
    A lot of those movies are great
    some of them I can't wait
    till they fall into obscurity
    cuz when I watch them I want to flee.
    Hope you're doing quite well
    and that your life isn't hell.
    Have a wonderful day
    and make sure to make time to play!

  12. Yes alot are great
    Some may not be very good out of the gate
    But coasters they can make
    Or good frisbees to throw in a lake
    Today was not a wonderful day
    I shouldn't have even gotten out of bed to play

  13. So sorry you had a bad day!
    Don't you wish there was a way
    you could be told to stay in bed?
    A way to be warned of the dread
    that you were about to experience
    before you made an appearance?

    Here's hoping your evening is brighter
    because I know you are a fighter!
    Wish a smile is back on your face
    and the frown is gone without a trace!