Thursday, April 28, 2011

Should Have Stayed in Bed, Careful Coming Here Might Explode Your Head!

So today was one of those days when Pat should have stayed at home with the cat, but then if he got out of bed he'd probably have fallen and tripped on a mat. Yes it's been that sort of day, but came here to rhyme for a short stay, before Pat takes back over, as today there was no four leaved clover.

First the stupid car went kaput up the hill to work, as the stupid thing is such a jerk. Then come to find out for a car that's worth a whole one thousand at this point in time, it cost four thousand to fix the piece of shit which is a crime. So if a good river can be found, there might be a big splash sound.

Figures since it was all paid off and such, now I feel the debt touch, as once again a car payment with come, as he goes and looks at some. Isn't that always the way, once you get free and clear of something one day, the damn thing breaks right up the ass, whether or not you fill it with gas. So car shopping should be interesting tomorrow, although the new debt could bring sorrow..haha.

Then as it was about time to find facts, the computer at work went off the tracks. The stupid thing wouldn't work one bit, don't worry there wasn't much of a fit. As it was just very very very boring I must say, but that has come before my way.

So you might want to avoid me like the plague today, as coming by my way, could give you quite the streak of bad luck and you might end up saying f**k, over and over again, like some foul mouthed men. So now I have to scat, giving the computer back to Pat, to see what he wants to buy, I only wish I were telling a lie. So today I might sound a bit crass, but you still love my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. dude, sorry for the day of suck
    no wonder you end with f**k
    car problems oh my
    would rather take one to the eye
    go on to bed, rest your head
    tomorrow is a new day
    the quicker to get here
    the quicker you hit the hay...

  2. Ugh!
    We've gone back to car payments after a few years off.
    So I feel your pain and will not scoff!
    Our old van was so gross if we drug it to the river shore,
    the river would have thrown it back up for sure!
    Hope you find something snazzy
    that isn't too gas-guzzly.
    And hope the computer comes back to life
    So work isn't full of strife.
    You have to be able to peak at blogland while you're there
    or you'll die of boredom, not being able to share!

  3. There are good days
    There are bad
    just know there's better
    to be had.
    You might be happy
    You might be sad
    Don't pay to cry
    Nor get all mad
    Give a smile
    And just stand tall
    knowing you
    have gave your all
    And a better day
    You're sure to get
    Perhaps even
    The best one yet
    So say what the hell
    and get to bed
    Rest your heart
    And rest your head
    And when you wake
    You will find
    That you can leave
    Worries behind
    And start all fresh
    Just like brand new
    A'int it amazing
    What you can do!
    ~Keep smiling, it'll get better...
    And it might get colder, so grab a sweater! :)

  4. I don't know if I'd rather take one to the eye
    I think not seeing would make me cry
    Unless it was just a poke
    Other than that I'll take a quick choke
    Yes a new day indeed
    But no matter what the lead
    It could always be worse
    Still relieving to give a quick curse

    Yes payments will defintely suck
    And I'm sure I haven't heard the end of me saying F**k
    But yeah the car now is such crap
    I think a turtle would do a faster lap
    So hopefully I find something soon
    As the public bus has had enough ventures from this loon
    Yeah the computer got fixed an hour or so before I left
    So I had to get the work done right fast with a little heft
    You're right need to be able to lurk
    Or I'd be quite bored at work

    Wow that was really good
    Make that a post all it's own you should
    Yes it is quite correct as well
    But at least it's fun telling the crap car to go to hell
    Sure the best are yet to come
    As long as I don't end up a bum
    Maybe I should get a big one
    So it has room for Pat, 2 cats, and dvds by the
    I don't own a sweater though
    So a jacket I would have to grab on the go
    But you had to rhyme
    Still say you should make that a post sometime

    Glad I'm at least a little funny
    Now if only I could win the lottery

  5. Pat's car went kerplunk
    and now it is junk.
    To the river it will sink
    and his mood is on the brink!
    He needs to win the lottery
    or maybe sell some pottery.
    Better yet, just buy some face time
    on his factinary, so sublime.
    That will change his mood
    and maybe make you rich, too!

  6. hahaha oh quite the fact plugger you have become
    As you go at it and then some
    I don't thinl my pottery would sell
    As it probably wouldn't turn out too swell
    Yes the car is junk
    But it has a clean trunk
    I'd love to watch it sink into the deep blue
    Right after I use it for the loo...LOL

  7. Oh, the ultimate insult
    using it for a portajohn as a result
    of it turning to junk while on a hill
    bet you needed to take a pill!

  8. Take a pill or pop a vein
    Heck I just go passed the tracks for the train
    Wouldn't that have been a fright
    Although watching it get smashed by a train might have been an odd delight
    Yes insult the damn think I will
    Before I go for the kill

  9. Scarlett O'Hara used to say
    "Tomorrow is another day!"
    Such attitudes may take you far...
    Much further than your effed-up car!
    I hope you'll have the best of luck.
    (Loved Brian's line, "the day of suck!")

  10. Yes never know what the next day will bring
    Could be the same old song that you sing
    Or could be much better than before
    Guess you just have to wait and open the door
    Even though you might want to hide away
    And not come out to play
    Yes Brian's line was done really well
    Even if he was looking for I way to rhyme F**k I have to

  11. Haven't heard a peep from you today
    Hope a lack of a car didn't cause you a delay!
    Are you stuck on a bus or taxi,
    forgetting to get off at bush number three?
    Or maybe the police caught you by that river
    giving your car one last shiver
    as you rolled her under the water
    as your hatred didn't falter.

  12. No it was a long day
    Of once again signing my life away
    Going into yet another payment a month for me
    Wouldn't it be nice if it was
    Actually I took a ferry
    It wasn't too hairy
    But a nice shiny new car is now outside my window
    The other one I was going to give a heave ho
    Into the river it would go
    But then I like money better you know
    So I sold the piece of junk yesterday too
    Least that's one less thing I have to do
    So now very frugal I must be
    Until the Factinary fills or I win the lottery..LOL

  13. New wheels
    Nice appeal
    What a deal
    won't wear out your heels
    or slip on a peel
    Know how it feels
    glad you didn't steal
    might loose a meal
    paying for the steel
    almost seems surreal
    hope your wallet heals!

  14. Wow that was quite the ordeal
    Almost made me want to kneel
    But that will never occur
    As that would ruffle my fur
    Yes wallet healing might take a while
    But fortunately it doesn't cramp my rhyming style

  15. You really should celebrate
    'cause driving new wheels is really great
    I got some last year
    and I'm still full of sheer
    love for the thing
    and gave it a name

  16. Oh I drove it to and fro
    And boy it can really go
    So much better than that old piece of crap
    Still wish I could have relieved myself on its lap..haha
    Oh a name you gave did you
    I don't know if that is something I'll do
    Car or thing comes out easier I must say
    But you never know maybe one day
    What is the name?
    You going to make me play the guessing game?

  17. I've known people of both sexes
    (Meaning me, my friends, my exes...)
    Who have named their cars and trucks,
    While others do not give a...

    Oh, never mind.

  18. hahahaha yes I know some too
    I think between me and you
    I'm more of the later
    Although I could turn into a name batter