Monday, April 25, 2011

This 1 is Four U Fox, Don't Cut Me Two Pieces n Stuff Me in a Box!

"The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less.” Woody Allen
LOL That was seen among the travels of Pat and it was quite funny to the cat. But now on with the show and away I go.
So in honor of Brian from old WaystationOne, coming here and spreading his slang fun, I'm going to take it one step more and really send you for the door. While Silver at least, as he's quite the beast, when it cums to what I'm about too due, in front of each and every 1 of u.

Oh know its happening to fast, I just hop it doesn't last. Due u get where I'm going yet? If not do not fret, as u might have the reading skills off a goat, but at least u tri so u have my vote. Oh this is harder to due than I thought, maybe a miss spelling book for dumbies eye should have bought.

Damn did eye just give away what eye was doing, now nun of u tri and go suing. As first the cat wud have too have cash, either way eye'd make a quick dash. So u couldn't catch me, hope ur lawyer was free. Look eye can still joke as eye miss spell, but if u cannot tell the difference shhh eye will not tell. Ok eye probably wud, as rightfully eye shud.

Isn't it amazing how u can still use different spellings and make cents while at the same time seeming more dense. Ok eye have to give credit wear credit is do, The Lair of Silver Fox is also the cause of what u sea in front of u. I guess lightening(haha) can strike twice, oh eye am not being nice. Four Brian brought the slang and Silver stated we were being a lazy gang, using rhyme and time when we shud bee using climb and mime. So the cat gut to thinking, with a little bit off winking, how sum people rush they're words, sounding like such turds. Plus how stuff like Twitter and that stupid book thing, has some limit or dunce bar they bring, making sum that much more lazy and all they due is go oopsy daisy.

Not that the cat is a big grammar nut, but eye can notice when sum are stuck in a rut. Betsy of coarse is always in rut as she is the equivalent of king tut, to her Five Men, wuld u rather eye compared u to mother hen? Or was that goose, bah she had too big of a kaboose. Uh Oh looks like shes creating a noose, eye better go any which way but loose. Get that 1 did u? Didn't think eye was old enough too use that one as eye due? While trust me scene quite alot, sum that were not quite so hot. Went off their, due u really care?

Mary also cam back to play the other day, guess she missed the rhyming fray. But than u all miss the cat, even when eye am spelling like tht. O K eye no it is not fare, that eye can get away with this at my rhyming lair, ooops stole a fox word, are not eye such a nerd? Wait do not answer that, as you might offend Pat. Yeah really who cares about him, but eye guess right now eye am the 1 looking dim. May be the Tales of Tashtoo is wear u shud go, wait on 2nd thought do not leave my show. Oh ok I no u'll cum back, after u sea Natasha does not lack.

Oh this hurts the head, I think I need to go to bed. The cat has no idea how people can keep this up, spelling like they are some two month old, butt sniffing, pup. Yay I shook that urge, to show all you why you should purge, the lazy way whether you are here, there or at my way. Yes I really don't care, as you can even swear. To which Brian can attest, as well as most of the rest.

So as I always have my mistakes here and there, none of them are bad enough to ruffle any hair. But if I ever saw a post like this, I would definitely give a hiss. Unless I was some inbred, Deliverance, banjo playing guy, thank God I'm not or I'd have to cry. Eye see u, u no eye due, hahaha had to do that, as I just like being an annoying cat. So I know with this post I gave you gas, get rid of it, feel better and know I'm still a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. You've just overwhelmed my knack for correction!
    Glad my post sent you in this direction!

  2. ha, way to put the drop on miss spelling
    no not tori, or wut she be sellin,
    wurd playaz gots skilz fo sho
    n u just as dope yo

  3. Funny howe ewe can't reed this as fast as if the spellings where correct! ha. Almost like reading Subby's stuff...if you've ever ben two his blog.

    If eye don't stay out of the easter candy, my caboose will bee that big. Just sayin'. Butt I was already on the treadmill this morning hoping that would even things out. ha.

  4. Overwhelm you?
    I don't think that I can do
    But yes your post gave me this idea
    So the title gave you a big cheer
    Maybe not in a great light
    As some grammer nuts may be in for a fright

    I think I've been reading Brian's stuff to long
    As now I can make perfect sense of his song
    Is that good or bad?
    Maybe that later just a

    Betsy did that rhyme at all?
    Your words made me stall
    As u r write
    Reeding miss spelling's aren't as tight
    4 it takes longer to reed
    Guess eye made u spend more time at my fead

    Bah the treadmill will get rid of some
    So you don't get to big a bum...LOL
    Thankfully thanks to my picky eating I have nothing to fear
    From the candy that everyone eats and give a cheer

  5. No, it did not rhyme at all!
    Have a nice fall!


  6. Not rhyming and stealing my line
    All is not fine...LOL

  7. Um, are you going to have one of those famous fits? Wait...let me get my camera first...

  8. If you want to film a cat fit
    Just know you need to have a permit

  9. only if I do it for profit...which I won't. Only for amusement purposes, I swear. :)

  10. I suppose I better start rhyming
    or you'll tell me to start climbing
    out of the group
    cause I'm not in the loop
    not one of the troop
    as my phrases droop
    like egg drop soup.

  11. So you are going to use me to amuse
    hahaha I guess it's ok if you don't abuse

    Yes you were being a tad lazy tonight
    But if you don't rhyme I won't bite
    At least not too hard
    But I might take a piddle in your yard
    Dig up the garden and bury it there
    Leaving a few strains of hair
    There is such a thing as egg drop soup?
    I guess there I am out of the loop
    Sounds like goop
    That might make me run and poop
    Look two you didn't get
    Are you going to have a fit

  12. Yes, there is such a soup!
    It's Chinese and looks like goop.
    And although I love almost any food
    That one is not to me any good!
    I'd rather eat chicken nuggets with you
    than to eat egg drop soup!

  13. Not that I'd ever eat it anyway
    But now I'll just steer clear even more of the egg drop soup bay
    As if you like almost any food
    But think that is crude
    I'd prob throw it back up
    Like some silly grass eating

  14. Oh my gosh!
    You have been busy!
    All this reading
    Makes me dizzy!
    Just wanted to pop in
    Before I start UN-packin
    To say hey, hidie, ho
    Go Rhymers Go!

  15. Well look who it is
    Finally came back tot he rhyming biz
    Yes You've missed like ten posts or so
    Being always on the go
    But I guess when you move
    You don't have time for the rhyming