Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Could Go All Wrong But I'll Still Zoom Along!

So in between oh so great work, the time I take to lurk, the facts and plugging here, there, everywhere for all the acts, a rather interesting idea popped into my head, when really I should have a nap in my bed. Stay up late, get up early, might make one quite squirrely. At least Betsy could say she had a friend, as her yard squirrel watches as she types at My Five Men to no end.

Once again Brian from WaystationOne got me in the mood for a little rant, as the seeds he did plant. Of course The Silver Fox can rant up and down, but it seems he knows quite a bit about being a vampire which gives me a scary frown. Maybe in that lair, he does more than ruffle Orson's hair.

Then of course I had a visit, finally, from the Tales of Tashtoo, I think that was well past due. But then she made two, so I guess that makes up for all her time in the loo. Whoops was I supposed to keep that to myself, it could be bad considering we're one the same continental shelf. Look the plugs all at the start, I can just be so smart. So now to the harder work I decided to try, if it doesn't work we'll blame it on that Pat guy.

Face, Facts, Faith

Promise, Preach, Praise
Disgust, Dismantle, Delays

Cheques, Chips, Cash
Slash, Smash, Stash

Deals, Dug, Done
Spun, Shun, Stun

Golf, Goods, Glory
Shake, Splurge, Story

Informative, Initiative, Ideals
Admission, Apprehension, Appeals

Courage, Court, Claim
Balk, Bury, Blame

Enlighten, Enlist, Exclaim
Retort, Revamp, Reclaim

Happy, Honor, Health
Worry, War, Wealth

Gifts, Glad, Grandeur
Pucker, Plague, Poor

Face, Facts, Faith
Liar, Lore, Lost

There is my indirect rant, that Brian did plant. So of course it might make less sense if you haven't seen his post from yesterday, but I'm sure you did go by his way, as he's everywhere, the cat must swear. So it wasn't hard to see what I wanted to try, if you can't you might need a new eye. As it all ends in my typical rhyme, but a new hump I tried to climb, using the same letter at the start, yes I know I'm state of the art. So if you like to pretend your big and bad and squashing others under your shoe makes you glad, as you mingle with the upper class, you can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Nice twist on your usual sign-off. Nice ranty poem, too.

  2. Yes I twisted it a bit
    Figure I better wouldn't want to give someone a fit
    You must be lying in wait
    As you've always been first of late

  3. no need to swear cat, stand proud on your soap box or hat, our words are our sword, to battle back the overlord, nice bit of flow, feel free to give me some mo...just hope they dont leave a mark when they kiss you on that part...

  4. If I stood on my hat
    It be squashed flat
    Yes their lips are probably so greasey and worn
    That part will prob be torn
    Words can delight
    But unless you're rich you won't get on their sight
    Unless thousands start to write
    Then who knows, maybe just might

  5. You even made the lines form
    something like your Facts icon!
    I'm sure that was on purpose
    so you could act all pompous!

  6. Ummm sure I'll take credit for that
    As that was ummm thought of by the ummm cat
    I guess it's just engraved in my brain
    Hopefully I don't pop a vein
    Or a pill
    Not even for a

    But come the end of the night
    The Factinary will be even more bright
    As an overhaul of sorts is in the process by Pat
    So we shall see what comes of that

  7. So the shape was just a coincidence?
    It was a spontaneous incidence?
    Well, it's cool either way
    That's all I have to say!

    Thanks for the warning
    that it will be brighter by morning
    I'll wear my sunglasses to gawk
    Will I also need sunblock?

  8. Well that depends
    On if the Factinary milestones meet their ends
    Then you might win and go to some warm beach
    As who knows what will happen if we reach each

    So after 5 hours of so
    Of coding, coloring, this and that and needing to go
    Plus a neck crap or three
    The Factinary has been overhauled by me
    Oh I mean Pat
    Now it is much easier to find this and that
    Plus now they can see your blog link page right at the start
    And have no need to go to wal-mart

    Yes it was just a weird coincidence I must admit
    But this time you caught it and made me have a happy fit
    As yes it is really cool
    The cat's subliminal messages

  9. A neck crap? Whoa. That sounds interesting.
    Didn't know that was possible!
    lol. Sorry, just couldn't resist.
    If it was a neck cramp, that would be bad enough.
    lol....sorry..oh, lol.
    Believe me, if I didn't tease you about it, Silver Fox would have for sure.

    No, that didn't rhyme
    But it's still sublime. to check out the new look
    of your little nook...

  10. hahaha damn I didn't notice that
    Blame it on poor tired Pat
    He pressed to many buttons and now some stick
    Maybe I should give them a lick
    Yes I'm sure the Fox would have took a dig
    But I can take it just fine and dish it back, so you won't snap me like a twig

    Sublime I guess would be a word
    For you being a picky
    Yes have a look
    As now it is also easier for ones to find your nook

  11. This would have been great words for my A-Z Challenge but it is too late now.

  12. Guess I am late
    To challenge home plate
    But the challenge I never saw
    So no win, lose or draw
    Guess I am blind
    Don't slap my behind