Friday, May 13, 2011

Alan and His Postcard Fetching, Seems To Be Catching!

So the cat is a bit ummm young, so is used to crap like Twitter to flap my tongue, but over at News From Nowhere, Alan stirred everyone up with this postcard affair. So after Betsy pleaded for the address to bush number three, I decided to peek my head up and see what I could see. Then the switch took place and now in two places you can see my face.
So you can see my bush with a crack, sorry doesn’t include a rack, gutter talk there, not that you care. But as I was saying you can see bush number three and all that surrounds me over at My Five Men, where I even show a bird or ten. Although one is in the shitter, I think I scared him out so now he’s quite bitter. But that’s what he gets for leaving a mess on the seat or on the floor where I put my feet. Ok enough about that, as if you want to see the postcard by the cat, go over there, if you’re a prude it might ruffle your hair.
But what did the cat get in exchange, here at my open range, ha I wish, maybe one day I’ll have a pond with fish. Damn there I go again, nope wrong it wasn’t a hen. As the cat gets shown off in style, although if it housed my past poo that be kind of vile. Hopefully Betsy had a clean can in mind, when she drew my behind. So here is the postcard I received in the mail yesterday, Alan aren’t you glad everyone has decided to play?

Now wasn’t that picture of the cat so cute, and the rhyme was just a hoot. Plus she has such nice handwriting as well, mine is pretty scary, which if you go look, you’ll be able to tell. Heck I could be lazy and didn't even need to retype what she wrote, all and all giving this postcard a big thumbs up rhyme time vote. So once again I give My Five Men a toot, Alan for treating twitter like a newt and me for just being me always here for one and all to see. Even if she did stuff me in a Pringle can, good thing I’m not a six foot tall man.
So to the full Pringle cans that Pat eats and the empty ones that he stores for the treats, that Cassie and I, live in the litter sometimes smelling like something did die and the full ones that house our past movements from the other end, what a nice post card from a friend. Now I will stop all this nice shhh, umm crap and say my usual last lap. So stay off the bush number three grass or I’ll chase you down with my little rhyming ass.
Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Betsy's really quite a good artist, isn't she? And quite imaginative, as well! This whole Twitter for Gentlefolk thing is quite enjoyable as it spreads across Bloggerville..

  2. Hey, how fun!
    And now our deed is done.

    I'm glad you liked the picture I drew
    and I really tried to make it look like you.
    Although maybe a bit more like Cassie
    when she was a very young lassie.

    Cats and chips are such a big part of Pat's life,
    I knew he would approve without any strife!


  3. Yeah I never would have thought of the cat in a pringle can
    She told me she had a good plan
    And pulled it off real well
    As her postcard was just swell
    Yes it is interesting to see what Alan brought to light
    As it is taking off across the land and some are just so bright

    Yes I admit it looks more like that lass
    With the first name Cass
    But the cat won't hold that over your head
    As I'm so hard to retread
    Being one of a kind
    As no other spotted rhyming cat you will
    Yep no strife at all
    If I had a pringle can that really could fit both cats they'd have a ball..haha

  4. Maybe some day Pringle's will have a limited edition jumbo size
    and that would really be a prize
    The cats would love rolling around in that
    and hearing big laughs coming from Pat.

  5. nice card from betsy i got one too,
    albeit with a little bigger doo
    with things stuck all in it
    her art is a hit
    so you eat pringles alot
    i might have known that, not
    just mailed one to alan and one to fox
    cant wait to see what shows up in my box

  6. Hey if the Factinary fills and I get lots of dough
    Maybe I could go to their factory and show
    How I want a really big one for the cats
    Give them enough money and they'll scurry like rats
    Making a jumbo sized can
    Enough to fit a man

    Yes she does have the art nact
    And that is a lets face it fact
    Not gonna show yours off on the blog
    Or is it lost in the fog
    Yes you are a bit here and there
    So expecting you to remember the pringles isn't all that fair
    Geez you are going right to town
    Did you send them a picture of you in your gown..LOL

  7. I hope Brian shows my card
    as it's a pic of him and I worked hard
    Could be a fun icon when
    he ever tires of the real him
    made me laugh at the idea
    I should keep a galleria. :)

  8. haha yes it would be interesting to see
    Especially if it gives me something else to use to poke fun here at my sea
    Yeah you could add another section somewhere
    With all the art you can bare
    Then one and all can view
    Old ones or new

  9. Well, if nothing else, I might have to put cassie in the pringles can on my sidebar

    cause she's especially cute in that whether you're near or far

    yes, Brian's card would make you laugh, too
    as it's pretty funny, his new doo

    I took the liberty of exaggerating it a bit
    and I think it will be a big hit!

    if you get the company to make a big can
    do you think the chips will also expand?
    Maybe just one chip will fill you up
    because it wouldn't even fit in a cup!

  10. haha Cassie will take the fame
    Rubbing it in to Orlin as they play their game
    Yes Brian is always good for a laugh in some form
    So if you exaggerated the norm
    It be quite funny that much more
    And don't worry the rhymes I will pour

    I don't know if I'd want a chip that big
    As eating those make me quite wide and not like a twig
    Plus prob cause death or clog some crap
    Making me take a dirt nap
    So the can I will just get
    So my tummy doesn't have a fit