Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Tale I Weave, Plus You Can Believe!

So Natasha over at The Tashtoo Parlour saved me time today, as I don't have to plug the facts my usual way. For she saved me the trouble of all of that, with her comment from before in rhyme chat. So if you think I'm a loon and full of crap, see her little rap. So guess I'm not full of crap after all, at least not to much as I just did the number two nature call..haha.

So wasn't that more descriptive than my usual little dig, plus that comment was really big. So I guess I do something right, as I go for a new height. Ok now enough with making my head grow, as I move on at my show.

So I was thinking I'd use Mr. Linky again over at the onestop way, as it was fun and caused little dismay.....

"In came the voice of reason, the voice of strength, the voice everyone should listen too, as he had escaped the grasp of a so called God and remained in the shadows telling all of those how it is."

What the hell are you trying to prove? You trying to ruin my groove?

"As this cat rhymed back at me, I could see why Drazin was annoyed by him. For he was a loon and reminded me of a cartoon. Look I can do that as well, I'm just so good at everything."

Oh go blow a goat and get back to your God fellow, with his stupid bellow. As it's onestop time, so beat it so I can rhyme.

"Does onestop mean it's your only stop? Or does it mean it's just one stop along the way? If so does that make it stop number five? Stop number ten? How do you tell, the rules aren't really that defined."

Oh you want to play voiceover nut? Ok the cat can crack you like a nut. As I'll send your behind packing, as brain cells you are seriously lacking.

"But do I lack more than you? For you are a cat that likes to rhyme and does so all the time, maybe you are the one who need to seek help, do you think?"

This voiceover guy seems different from the last, doesn't seem to be as fast, with all the comebacks like the other, could this one be his brother? Or maybe all his good material was used or maybe Drazin whacked his head one to many times when he abused.

"Oh you can tell there is a difference? Maybe you aren't as dumb as you look. But you'll never be as good as me."

I know who you are, I'm going to throw you in front of a car, as you interrupted my post, I'll make you a ghost.

"Oh shut up bro, you're afriad of everything you know."

Miss priss is using one of those voice disguiser things, as she tries to pull my strings. Thinking I'd fall for that, by that prissy Cassie cat.

"Hey give that back"

What you going to do miss priss, sit there and hiss?

"We'll see about that, you so called wild cat."

Yikes she's chasing my behind, a good place to hide I must find, so before she jumps on me with her bigger mass, I have to take off with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I certainly hope your dwelling place
    Has lots, and lots, and
    lots of space!
    I know
    my home could not begin
    To fit all those who live within
    Your living quarters. Quite the crowd!
    I suspect, at times, it must get loud!

  2. Well lots of space I do not have at all
    Plus I can hear people through the wall
    Which is annoying as hell
    I really must tell
    But the cats make due
    Running about from the bedroom to the loo
    Finding something to occupy their time
    Maybe that's why Orlin decided to rhyme
    Yes it does get loud too
    When nutjobs think something is untrue
    And I have to listen to their idiotic speak
    Due to the walls being weak

  3. haha gotta love listening through the walls, being thin and all...i like your verse, all those voices though might make me curse...

  4. Yes a curse or two I've let out
    I'm sure through the wall they heard me spout

  5. Good for you,
    It's only very few
    To tell a man
    Whether he will or can
    To go blow a goat
    As long as he doesn't swallow down his throat.

  6. Someone new with a chime
    And he did it in rhyme
    Yes swallowing be even more scary
    Plus after that your mouth might be kind of hairy
    Ok now I went into vile territory
    Wouldn't want to get to gory
    So do you heckle people for fun
    Here that is the way things sometimes get done

  7. blow a goat...hmmm...I think I'll leave on that note...yikes.

    from Betsy..blogger is messing with my sign-in.

  8. hahaha blogger would let you show your charming face
    But a least you showed up and didn't leave without a trace
    So screw blogger the piece of junk
    As you left a comment and didn't get sunk