Monday, May 30, 2011

Back To Playing What's The Point, Here At My Joint!

I really have nothing specific to say, but decided to cause a little dismay. Plus I haven't really bugged or shouted out those who come all the time, so that's another tree I will climb, because as Betsy from My Five Men has said, I have the work and lurk part down quite well in my head. Plus I can pull it off too, quite easy with my work between me and you. Unless you count plugging the facts all over the place, as then of me you might not see a trace. For when I get a good idea for that, I either do it or tell Pat. Yeah make the lowly human do the work, hey don't call me a jerk.

So something that really has no point anymore, except if your a sports nut or a news hound or some reality whore. Is cable I must say, for with all the crap today, it isn't needed much at all, although it will never take a fall. As any two bit, washed up clown, can cause me to frown, with another show on how they walk their mutt and try to get everyone to kiss their butt. Plus the IQ has fallen way way way down of most of TV, as anyone with half a brain can see. Sadly half a brain most don't seem to have now a days, as more of the same old crap comes on that makes any normal person's eyes glaze.

Not to mention you get to see the same commercial 100 times in the course of a day, that will cause anyone dismay. Year after year more time is taken for commercial cheer and less for the actual show, soon it will be flipped and be a totally different flow. Plus the news is 90% BS anyway and talking about idiotic celebrity trash like who is gay. Who really cares one bit? Oh I just caused ten brainless people to have a fit. Whoops sorry to ruin your great life, wouldn't want to cause you strife. After all talking about others just makes your day, making you feel big and important in some way. Pffft on second thought glad I offended and nope it won't be amended.

There is some good stuff though, but that can be watched on the internet or wait for the dvd to come wrapped in a bow. So again what is the point? Did I make your nose go out of joint? This just furthers what The Lair of Orson has said, we animals really need to put these brainless humans to bed.

Yes now with some luck, most are thinking either what a or what the f***, and this was to good to pass up, as I have to tip my cup, to Brian from WaystationOne, who on the last post left this little diddy that was so much fun.

ho-lee shiznit what a rant, reading the mile long post made me pant, you sound like marshall mathers, with all your beat down hate words, hit my knee, gee that i'd like ta see, so step of the soap box, cant even carry my jox when it comes to rhyming i be triple timing, while you still climbing and crying cause you legs are dying, take the blue pill, and chill cause only one king o the hill, take yo dump, while you sit on yo rump, i go rope a dope, tour the ring, chump, must be drunk from the bar, but dont ride no car, weaving while the road you be leaving, and us never seeing your cat with a hat, no scratch that, pat, whats with the tude dude, all rude and sh-t, brute wit, wont quit til i fill the comment box, rocks sox off a fox, you chicken, yeah chicken pox, but dont eat lox,it sux, wear chucks & just a little loco in the head room, max in the bed room, and not the witches that ride brooms but my wife, she got my back mess wit me she strike strife in yo life and no need for a lead pipe, her fist got bite, trust me on that, pat, so no rat a tat tat, booyah, school ya, see ya, later player...peace...LOL

So now you really must be in your truck or going nuts as a lemon you suck. Thought I was going to reiterate that word did you? Confused you once more here at my zoo. Speaking of movies also, if you want a review or a preview you can go, visit DeeDee, who between you and me, can't keep up with the rhymes of Pat or the cat, but shhhhh we won't tell, she might get her lover Hitchcock to damn us to hell...hahaha. Also did I mention she has blogs up the you know and changes the names every time I go. Yep might confuse some, at least those who at the same time can't walk and chew gum.

Oh and yes I can't forget the Tales of Tashoo, whoops it is all brand new, as The Tashtoo Parlour is what it has become, if you get a tattoo there your arm might go numb. I don't know if I'd trust Natasha with a needle as well, especially if it hurt and you were to give a yell. Plus she likes to stay in the dark, so the light might not be to good and you might get the wrong mark. So I'd stick with the reads and writes and avoid any tattoos even with lots of lights.

So that was back to form, being more of the norm, not being as umm lazy as they other day, talking in my Twitter way. But I have one or two more of those up my sleeve, when the facts get in the way so don't grieve, as they might come back, or you might grieve as they didn't get the sack. Either way it's been another fun day, here at my way, plus I was a little crass, but oh well that's my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. hehe, with glee, tash with a needle i see, better run, before you see what fun she might inscribe on the bottom o your bee hive, by the time when you revive it might be grafiti you are draped in...

  2. haha yes she might take you to her dark room
    Whack you over the head with a broom
    Strap you down to a table
    And start covering you in some graffiti fable
    Very scary thought
    I'll hide at bush number 3 so I won't get caught

  3. Oooh...tattoos are not for me
    Although number 1 son has a little one you see.
    I thought he'd get a basketball or some such ugly thing
    and he came home with the word autism on the inside of his wrist
    in honor of his brothers. Gee.
    I guess he's just as sweet as me!

    Yes, I agree that there isn't much on tv
    It's news and sports we watch the most
    the other shows are just crummy.
    I'd rather go out where it's sunny.
    And is it just me or have the commercials become really dumb
    Makes you wonder what we've become.

  4. Yes I don't have one of those
    Nothing on my head to my toes
    As when I get old and wrinkly they will look like crap
    So I never took the tattoo lap
    But that was a nice gesture I will say
    I guess a little of you did rub off his way

    Yes it's not just you
    As they just make me blue
    Nothing original to them all
    Just some bland wall
    Yep we've become pretty simple if you judge from what is shown
    Things really need to hit a new tone

  5. yes, a little sweetness did rub off
    and the only son that looks like me, too..don't scoff!


    Do you have siblings, Pat
    or are you just a spoiled only child brat?

    haha...oh, that was funny. Sorry. couldn't resist.

  6. I think Nugget looks like you a bit
    hahahahaha see I get payback no need for a fit

    Yes I have one of each
    Unless you count the cats then big numbers that would

  7. hahaha...oh, you got me good.
    Well, yes, I deserved that so you should
    get in a little tease
    I laughed out loud at that one, geesh!
    We do both have dark hair
    but I hope my ears and nose aren't that big, so there!

    One of each...that's perfect!
    At least last time I checked.
    I always wished I had a brother,
    but I just got two of the other
    although neither likes me much
    and give the silent treatment and such
    that's why I adopted Brian as my twin
    probably much to his chagrin.

  8. You say you hope they aren't that big
    Is that a question or are you waiting for another dig
    I'm sure the Fox will be along to suck up in a bit
    So your ear and nose won't have a fit
    But hmmm you forgot your feet
    Are they lucky like his as that would be neat

    Perfect you say?
    Hmmmm that's one way
    To look at it
    As here I sit
    How can they not like you
    Aside from maybe your backyard
    I get along ok with mine
    But if not seen for months that's just
    Especailly for the cats who hate their guts
    They get along better with big old mutts

  9. I don't have Nugget's lucky feet
    at least not that I've ever believed
    and they aren't as furry
    well, not furry at all
    which my five men appreciate as I recall!
    I guess you could say they were bare.
    or 'bear' as you would say...
    but then that would be furry like a grizzy
    and that would just be misery.
    lol...oh, that was funny!

    How could they not like me...
    well there's a good question
    I guess I give them indigestion.

  10. Aren't you being rather funny today
    Here at my bay
    So you like my bare and bear
    I guess it's good you don't have the feet hair of your hare
    See what I did there
    I know just not fair
    Now I'm on a tear
    Like a grizzley not a mare
    But what is a grizzy
    Does it make you dizzy
    Send you into a tizzy
    Or just go plop plop and get all fizzy
    Oh what a relief that is
    Look I ripped off another

    Do you feed them poison food
    That would be rather rude
    Putting in a laxative be rather funny
    As you know what would get

  11. OH HA!

    grizzly...not grizzy
    although that made a very funny reply you see.

    yes, it's good I don't have the feet hair of my hare...that's got to be the line of the day, if you dare. haha.

  12. Yes mistakes can make a great reply
    As one can rub them in the others eye
    Which you take delight in doing to me
    But I can take it and give back for free

    I made the line of the day
    Here at the end of May
    Damn my head just hit another swell
    Pretty soon the difference of my head from my body you will be unable to

  13. Fox is on my kitten post telling me I can't grow a beard
    and you're here saying my feet are furry. How weird!

    Yes, your head will swell
    how big no one can tell
    natasha might pop it with her needle
    and then it will deflate to the size of a beetle!

  14. haha yeah that is kind of weird
    Although if you had both you'd certaintly be feared
    Or at least shown off in a cage
    Hey you might be all the rage

    Bah she'd have to find bush number three first
    Before my head she could burst
    The size of a beetle be rather funny though
    Don't know if it could store all that I know
    But then maybe they can make a computer chip
    To record each tip

  15. I guess I have blackmail material
    to give to natasha or a killer, serial!
    as I know the real address of bush #3
    so you'd better always be nice to me!

    We could call you Beetle Head
    I'm sure that you would dread
    You'd have to get a smaller hat
    I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate that.

    You could just get a melon helmet
    like Orson showed for his cat army getup!

  16. Your blackmail material might no last
    As if I get a new job I'll be moving fast
    Out of the hole
    Then I'll hide underground like a mole
    So you'll be out of luck
    Like a duck
    Of course big if there
    But what do I care

    haha Big Bad BeetleBorg I could be
    I doubt that reference is well used my many
    Hey but if I was smaller
    And not taller
    I could go on the attack
    Fit through a crack
    And Orlin would conquer all
    Being only a few inches tall

  17. Underground like a mole?
    That does sound like the feline army goal!
    I wonder if Orson is stocking up on ammunition
    I'm sure that's one of his ambitions
    Are you and Cassie going to help
    and when the call comes, give a little Yelp?
    I hope you take pictures of the group in their helmets
    while you're eating chicken cutlets.


  18. Yes we will have photos galore
    As we want to commemorate the day the pets came ashore
    Taking control over all around
    No longer will we be house bound
    Then I'll have all the chicken I can eat
    If miss priss helps that be a feat

  19. Sounds like Normandy and D-Day only feline style
    I can see the cats for miles
    coming ashore to take over the land
    oh, won't that be grand!
    So will they make us eat People Chow
    and our comforts disavow
    as they become the owner and we the pet?
    Heaven help us when we get to the vet.

  20. Oh I will not spoil the surpise
    As spilling the beans on the plan would be unwise
    But yes slapping on a collar
    Listening to all you hollar
    As you come up on the vet
    Will surely make you fret
    As if we do to you
    The same you do to us two by two
    With a snip and a rip
    You all will dread the trip

  21. So you're saying it will be pay back time
    and you won't spare a dime
    in repaying tit for tat
    and all of that?

    Maybe Cassie will be merciful
    If I tell her she's more beautiful.
    She'll let me sneak away
    Instead of watching me sit and decay
    with a collar on my neck
    and People Chow to peck.

    lol... to fold the laundry I go
    so the men here have socks, you know.
    Wouldn't want them to have bare feet.
    Or bear...oh, look, how neat!
    We've come full circle on this beat!

  22. Oh I wish I understood just a fifth of what is going on here.
    But as I can't, I just suppose I'll go and have a nice beer.

  23. That's funny but I can't find a rhyme this time...
    (or maybe I can)

  24. Yes we'll take all your money and use it get you back
    As we go on the human attack
    Cassie might let you go
    You never know
    But I doubt you'll get far
    With no car
    As the cats will do away with all of that
    And just live walking around like a cat

    Yes we wouldn't want them to have bare feet
    Or a bear might think it has something to eat
    That wouldn't be neat
    If it thought it found a toe treat
    Full circle it was
    About anything just because

    But can you understand a sixth of what is going on
    Least you're kept busy and won't yawn
    Don't get too drunk
    Or you might end up in a funk

    Oh you used the easy one
    But you joined in on the fun
    Well done
    Next time you could rhyme a ton

  25. Are you sure you're going to do away with cars? I always imagined it to be something like this...


  26. Hmmph "This video is not available in yoru country"

    Damn Americans and their inability to share
    Almost makes me want to swear..LOL

  27. oh, are you kidding? was so hilarious, too! I sent it to Silver Fox, too. Maybe he could post it as part of Orson's revolution. You could see it that way.

  28. Yeah I'll have to rely on Orson for the show
    As us cats are just that good you know

  29. Aww..Cassie looks great on the sidebar!
    Next time I'll draw her in a jar!

  30. If it was a see through one she wouldn't be able to hide
    Although for her it might need to be kind of wide

  31. Pat Hatt aid,"Speaking of movies also, if you want a review or a preview you can go, visit DeeDee, who between you and me, can't keep up with the rhymes of Pat or the cat, but shhhhh we won't tell, she might get her lover Hitchcock to damn us to hell...hahaha. Also did I mention she has blogs up the you know and changes the names every time I go. Yep might confuse some, at least those who at the same time can't walk and chew gum..."

    PAT HATT!!!!
    Come back here!!!!
    You wait until I get my hands on you...LOL!!!!

  32. Hi! Betsy...
    If only I can play on my "flute" I would play how your drawing Of Pat's cat and Pringles can like Betsy, is too..."cute!"

    Betsy, what your son did is really neat and I have to agree with his mom too...sweet!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  33. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Oh! yes, I had to "rest" but now I'am back with my "best" rhymes Of all times...
    ...I agree with you about the "telly"...just watching some Of the programs can become quite "smelly."

    Now, it's time for me to go...However, before I go I want you to know that I have many blogs, but only one "name" and before you can "blink" or hook up another "link"

    I bet you, thought I was going to be "lame"...I fooled you, I'm back in the "game" ... "Gotcha!"

    DeeDee :-P

  34. Oops! I meant to say [Pat Hatt, [s]aid]
    and not "aid..." It was getting "late" and Therefore, I made a simple..."mistake!"
    DeeDee (Blushing!)

  35. Wow DeeDee you really went to town last night
    While I was in bed sleeping with the odd cat bite
    haha You got a little ways to come
    Before you can get your hands on my ummm

    Oh now sucking up to Betsy too
    And even her son what a suck up are
    Surprised you actually read all the comment rhymes we did
    That must have been enough to make you flip your lid

    Oh you are never too lame
    Maybe a bit tame
    But your not bad at the rhyming game
    DeeDee the ummm dame
    Yes most is trash
    That might make one dash
    Develop a rash
    Or your TV you want to bash

    Yes I saw that
    As everything is picked up by Pat
    And as I gush
    You made yourself blush
    hahahaha love it
    Least you didn't have a fit
    Yes it was late
    You must have had a lot on your plate
    To be up until that time
    And you even did more than one chime

  36. Addicted to ink in more ways than one
    Pen to paper and a tattoo gun!
    Mind you I don't do the art...
    I'd rip your poor old skin apart!
    Can't believe so many posts
    Came before me...silly host!
    That's what happens when work kicks in
    Sometimes it all seems such a sin
    But the writing life is the life for me
    And one day it'll happen, just wait and see
    So with my pen and tattooed back
    I will present the Face It Facts
    You can't beat them, you can't beat Pat
    And you certainly can't beat the cat!

  37. Yes you are just a tad behind
    But sure your happy with the find
    As I gave a plug
    To your newly named rug
    Which you retort with the facts
    Had almost 1,100,000 hits looking at all the acts
    In the month of May
    Growing and Growing as people start to come my way
    Yes I wouldn't want to let you at my skin
    As ripping it apart wouldn't be a win