Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Can Kiss My Ass, Don't Care If I'm Crass!

The title says it all and I hope they see it all the days until fall because they are a load of trash, that I'd like it to be something physical so I could bash. I'd take a bat and smash it into more pieces than a collecting sewer rat.

Made my last post disappear, as well as some comments below I fear. Stupid, Stupid blogger is a piece of junk, maybe I'll just stick to watching Monk.

Ok that is enough of a rant for now and I hope these (fill in really crass comment here) have a cow. I hope it hurts when it comes out and they sit and pout. But at least Brian can take a sigh of relief, as the skirt crack now won't cause him grief.

Just wanted to say how crappy they are and I will have a better one that will hit a higher bar, sometime later on, as blogger is nothing but a stupid con. I hope it rots somewhere swell, likes down in hell. Oh aren't I crass, screw them as they can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh, well, "you get what you pay for," right? :)

  2. You get what you pay for
    My smiles are free
    And that stupid Blogger
    Ain't got nothing on me!
    I lost some tunes and some comments too
    So hats off to Blogger and a big ol' $%#^ YOU! :)
    See I can be so crass as well
    But still on Blogger so what the hell.
    Ya win win some, ya lose some is what they tell me
    You get what you pay for and blogger is free!
    (Please note as well that I was ALMOST first!...Silver distracted me on purpose!)

  3. woo hoo now tash is up a cuss, and blogger can kiss my ass, 24 hours of now hearing your crass sass bought drove me sane, not something i need in my brain, but glad we are back almost had an attack thinking the end had come leaving me all alone...

  4. Never will you be alone
    Worse comes to worse,
    We'll use the phone! :)
    And rhyme and chime in real live sound
    Running blogger to the ground!

  5. Very true
    But then sometimes the pay stuff is lousy too

    Wow that was the closest you've been to the top in a while
    With your rhyming back style
    Good shout out to blogger I like that alot
    As the stupid thing deserves a lesson to be taught
    Did Silver give you a flash
    Or were you all having a bash
    And forgot to invite me
    Bah prob just a busy bee

    haha so you don't want to be sain
    Well nuts I can help you remain
    With ease
    Rhyming whatever you please
    Everyone is being crass
    Look what you started tashtoo lass
    Oops I set the wheel in motion
    Or was it blogger that gave that notion
    And yes I'll make my own damn blog on my site
    If blogger continues with this plight

    That could be big long distance fees
    Be better off setting up a bunch of wires in trees
    And using morris code
    Now that would be quite the work load

  6. We'll use the gmail phone
    For now its free, no charges, no roam
    But wait, I made a mistake
    For we'd probably share bloggers fate
    Hmmm...for this I have to think some more
    For unlike Brian, I prefer sane for sure!

  7. Yes we'd have to create something new
    Maybe a site that could be used by everyone we knew
    That could work
    Then others could come to lurk
    Then screw stupid google we could say
    As we rhyme and do whatever else each day

  8. Now don't get your undies in a bunch,
    I didn't know, but had a hunch
    that you might be the type to have a fit,
    and now you proved it with your little snit.
    You need to take a deep breath, Pat
    learn to chill and be a cool cat. :o)

  9. What if my butt is bare
    And all that covers it is hair..LOL
    Then I'd have no undies to bunch
    And nothing to pull down as I poop out my lunch
    Oh that was rather good
    Remember that I should
    No deep breath needed as I said my peace
    Now blogger can once again get shot down like geese

  10. Hey it worked!
    Blogger hates me worst and left my blog for last
    But finally it is working
    And now my stress is past.
    OK, Pat...let's post our postcards!

  11. You're test didn't rhyme
    But I'll forgive this time
    As you were caused some stress
    With this whole blogger mess
    Ok here we go
    On with the postcard show

  12. 'test' didn't rhyme. lol...

    neither does this. ha.

  13. hahaha could have said you passed the test
    Now you're the best
    Better then the rest
    Going to infest
    Bought a vest
    Run a nest
    On a quest
    At your behest
    Gonna buy some Crest
    Heading out west
    YOu just jest
    I'm a pest
    Full of zest
    But I'm the host and you're just a guest..haha

  14. Ah, see...that's why you're the king
    of this rhyming thing!
    Actually, I'd typed out long rhymes a few times during the day
    and blogger ate them away
    said they didn't know me
    and turned their nose when I typed the verification exactly.
    So one little word was all I did
    to see if the betsy ban had been lifted.
    lol.... oh that one cracked myself up! hahaha

  15. hahaha yeah I hate when blogger does that
    See you now don't need the cat
    You can crack yourself up quite well
    With a quick rhyming spell
    That was rather good too
    Glad the ban as been lifted on you