Monday, May 2, 2011

I know I'm One of Kind, Especially Since This Got Stuck in My Mind!

So after Pat was done plugging the facts, getting all kinds of new acts, with a million hits no less, oh he can be smart I guess. Ok enough about that, now it's time for the cat, as I was saying after Pat got done playing I went for a jog over to The Lair of Silver Fox and saw a challenge at his little soap box. I thought it was neat, as he and Betsy making a childrens book would be neat. But then something got stuck in my damn head, after that I read. So I figured what the heck I'll give it a go, just one more thing I've done at my show.

Keep in mind I can't draw what so EVER, so you have to be somewhat clever and make up the images in your own mind, try not to think to much and fall behind. What DeeDee did I just offend you..hahahaha...laugh at that I do. But at least you got a shout, does that restore some clout? Oh and if you want pretty pictures give Brian over at WaystationOne a look, as a buddy of his has gave him quite the image in her sketch book. Of course that will just further Brian's ego, but you know, he will never catch me, as mines bigger than the sea.

So I took liberty with past experiences that once was, to create this little buzz. Fox gave me the idea, so I guess you can give him a cheer and if it is bad blame him, then I won't look dim. So here is the cats attempt at going kiddy, with this new little diddy.

Cassie and Orlin
Meet and Greet

It was a day like all that came before
As Cassie stretched out on the floor

Lying in the sunny rays
Giving here little kingdom a quick gaze

When she heard the lock on the door
Knowing her human had returned once more

So she set off down the hall to greet
Hoping for a head rub and a treat

But a strange smell filled the air
And she quickly noticed a cat with spots and yellow hair

Her initial reaction was a hiss and a glare
As this cat came out and rubbed up against her grey hair

After he gave her a puny meow
She cracked him upside the head, ka pow

Then jumped up on her favorite cat stand
Disgusted that her human would bring a new cat into her land

She noticed his shiny tag
As the name Orlin flied on his flag

Of course he didn't take the hint
And after a quick sprint

Climbed the Cat tower by Cassie's side
To which another hiss Cassie quickly replied

The rest of the night he followed her everywhere
Even if she gave him an awful stare

For Orlin was glad he had a new friend
But Cassie just wanted this nuisance to end

He finally settled down in her favorite spot
That is when Cassie came up with her new plot

For in the morning when her human left
She would get rid of Orlin making it look like a theft

Cassie awoke to a familar sound
As she looked out the window seeing the garabage truck could be found

She smiled and looked over at the garbage can
Knowing her human had forgotten about the garbage man

She walked up and called Orlin over
And he came like a simple minded rover

She pointed out how some swanky new clothing could be had
For her new feline lad

So Orlin wanting to impress
Took a dive into the garbage mess

Her human came seconds later
To her plan he did cater

As he tied the bag up rather quick
Cassie had just begun to think she was quite slick

She watched from under a nearby table
But the garbage bag became unstable

As just as her human reached the door
The bag ripped and spilled out all over the floor

Cassie gave a big sigh
As Orlin ran over quite spry

He was sporting a bottle cap as a hat
Cassie just wanted to give him a quick bat

But played nice as her human cleaned up the mess
Then set out for his work address

Now her plot could be put into place
And all signs of Orlin she could erase

Her first attempt was to tie him to a balloon
And watch him fly off towards the moon

It worked rather well until he hit the ceiling fan
Causing him to fall in the dish pan

She then had the idea to give Orlin a flush
So she told him after being in that garbage mush

He now had to have a bath
So she showed him the path

Then with a sly grin
Got him to hop in the human litter bin

She quickly hit the handle down
But could do nothing but frown

As Orlin would not fit
And when he jumped out water everywhere he did emit

So Cassie thought maybe she could put him on ice
Then slip him out the door so nice

They set off for the freezer getting the door open easy enough
And Cassie explained how he'd be hot stuff

As no cat had every survived the freezer for an hour
But she knew he had the power

Orlin once again wanting to impress his new pal
Lost all rationale

He jumped into the freezer with delight
And Cassie slammed the door shut tight

She went and stretched out on the mat
When seconds later back came this cat

He asked if an hour was done
Then wanted to do something else fun

She then glanced around taking notice how everything was so clean
Remembering how that monsterous loud noise was a sight to be seen

So Cassie went over to the vacuum hose
Getting Orlin to stick it right to his nose

She jumped on the button turning it on
Watching as Orlin looked like a swan

As he had it stuck to is head
But the hose would not spread

So once again her plan had failed
As Orlin pulled his head free looking like he just got it detailed

The hose went a bit crazy before Cassie could make it stop
And a letter fell down beside her with a plop

She then had the best idea yet
Knowing her wants would almost be met

So she pushed out a box into the middle of the room
Orlin jumped in with a zoom

Thinking it was quite a fun place to play
Although Cassie made it soon change to night from day

As she closed the box real tight
And pushed it to the door with all her might

She addressed it to the north pole
Then waited for the mailman to take a stroll

He came and went ignoring the box
As Cassie forgot to undo the door locks

She sighed as Orlin peeked out at her through a hole
As he thought getting out was the goal

He quickly chewed through the box
Then started playing with some nearby socks

Cassie had, had enough
And knew it was time to play rough

She grabbed one of the socks and pretended to play tug a war
Tugging Orlin across the floor

She placed him on the end of a broom
Then backed up clear across the room

She ran and jumped like she was crossing a ravine
Landing on the other end sending Orlin flying out the window screen

Finally she had rid herself of Orlin the pain
Now she could once again reign

She heard a little meow from out in the yard
As Orlin stood there unscarred

He asked if they could do it once more
But then it began to pour

He yelled for Cassie to let him in
As the rain hurt against his skin

Cassie knew he would never take the hint
So decided once and for all to end this little stint

I flushed you down the drain
Yet my goal I still didn't gain
I sent you out with the trash
But you came back like a bad rash
I tried to send you to the moon
But you came back like an irritating baboon
I tried to freeze you cold
But you just would not be told
I went to suck you up the vaccum hose
But all you did was pose
I even tried to mail you to the north pole
But I still couldn't meet my goal
Now you've been launched out of my place
Meaning I have rid myself of your face
So go, get, scram
Stop following me like Mary's little lamb

Orlin hanged his head
Taking cover in a nearby shed

He used a wheel barrow for a bed
And kept thinking about what Cassie said

Cassie ran around the house
Like she was on the hunt for a mouse

She jumped up and down with such delight
As her plan had worked and Orlin was gone before night

She stretched out on the floor
As she had done a million times before

But suddenly things seemed rather strange
As if there was some sort of change

She looked around
Seeing everything where it was supposed to be found

But things still felt kind of stail
Then she hit the bottle cap as she wagged her tail

Could it be she missed that annoying cat
No, it couldn't be that

She tried to shrug it off and go to sleep
But into her head the days events did creep

She found herself smiling at what they had done
Thinking it was actually kind of fun

She once again sighed knowing she was stuck with this new cat
So sprang to her feet and jumped out the window with a splat

She made her way through the rain over to the shed
Giving a sleeping Orlin a lick on the head

As he awoke
He listened as Cassie's words she did revoke

She then stated if he stayed there would be some changes to be made
Such as her spot he would have to evade

Orlin sprang into the air
Stating he'd follow them, he'd swear

As the two set forth back to their home
The rain stopped and the sun did roam

Cassie pushed him back up on the widow sill
Then stepped up on a dirt hill

She waited for him to go inside
Before taking one big stride

She jumped clear into the room
Showing off one would assume

Her human came home a short time later
As they tried to cover up their screen hole crater

He didn't notice so they had got away
With all that had transpired today

As night came she curled up in he favorite spot
And as Orlin came over she was no longer ready to swat

He curled up beside her
Rubbing up against her fur

Each knowing they had found a new friend
Who would be there until the end

So did that please all the kiddies out there, I'm sure the older folks are glad I kept it tame and didn't swear. That came out of me with ease as well, guess that little story was easy to tell. Now if I could draw, one could have read and saw, but you'll have to use your brain, might work better if you're a tad insane. So the helpful tip of the day, as you finish reading at my way, don't use the bottom of a table to store your nasty gum and that is all from my little rhyming bum. (see tame right through, aren't I being nice to each and every one of you?)

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. That little cat story was really enjoyable.
    But as a hit-man, Cassie's just
    not employable!

    Reminds me of a party I attended years ago. To make a long story short, the host's pet cat fell into the bathtub, which was loaded with ice for the party. By the time we discovered this, the cat seemed frozen to death. Someone said he'd heard that rubbing kerosene on a near-frozen cat's lips and nostrils could restore life to it. The host said she didn't have any kerosene, but one of the guests had a gasoline can in the trunk of his car, so they tried that. After a few moments, the cat started twitching, and suddenly began running around the room like he was being chased. Just as suddenly, the cat stopped running, and fell onto his side. I ran over to look at the cat more closely, and the host said "Is he dead?!?" "No," I replied. "He's okay. He just ran out of gas."

  2. that was adorable and no way snorable, two friends begin, trying to get rid on one, rather fun trip along the way, say you should do a movie, it would be groovy, i would watch it if my head, was not so freaking big...

  3. Yes she wouldn't make a good hitman at all
    As she doesn't have the nerve for it after all

    hahahahahaha ran out of gas was a great retort
    Hope the cat didn't sue and take someone to court
    Never heard that wise tale
    Think I'd rather fill a hot water pail
    Then dump that cat in that
    Over using gas or kerosine on the poor cat
    Definitely a funny story though
    Did the cat awake or to the sky did it go?

    Oh I have ideas for movies too
    If only I was rich enough one I would do
    But alas that isn't the case
    Maybe one day I'll win the lottery and start my own studio base
    Then we'll all have big heads
    And each would need their own personal

  4. Uhhh... There was no party, no cat, no gasoline... I set you up for the punchline.

  5. And you sounded so sincere too
    Making it less far fetched coming from you
    Good set up is was
    Last time I believe you just

  6. Well, foxes ARE sly, no matter what the Journal of Animal Ethics says! :)

  7. I loved this story you told so cleverly
    and I didn't even need a dictionary!
    Cassie sure tried to get rid of Orlin
    and then decided he was kind of darlin'.
    Love the little lick on his head
    not really wanting him to be dead.

  8. The Journal of Animal Ethics might disagree
    As sly they don't tend to be
    But we know better of course
    As a fart in the wind has more force
    Then those nutty clowns
    Hope I didn't cause to many frowns

    Yes I kept it rather tame for the kiddies that abound
    Heck maybe none are even around
    Cassie tried her very best to get rid of the little runt
    But then had to go on the hunt
    Finding him all curled up outside
    After killing him she tried

  9. Nice little ditty Pat
    to you I tip my hat
    thanks for being a loyal cat
    and taking a peek at my flat
    Your center align
    looks real fine
    No jeers, or tears,
    just cheers!

  10. Thanks for the read
    Here at my feed
    Yes things are starting to get back to normal for me
    So to you I can come and see
    The cheers were great
    And not at all late

  11. If she had really wanted to do him in
    She should have used ant spray in a tin
    It's really quite a killer
    Ask me! I've had a thriller
    As my tongue, I can not feel 'er.
    LOL. :)

  12. hahaha she's aware of the poison sign
    And won't cross that line
    As she could get some on her
    Numbing up her fur
    Then you two would be a pair
    Maybe you could join the circus and people would pay a fare..LOL