Thursday, May 5, 2011

Now I've Hit the Brink, As You're All Going to Think!

So after my stupid saying post diddy I did the other day, this came into my mind so I will use it to play. So when Pat was at work, the cat decided not to lurk, hence the lazy day yesterday, really is a rainy May. Remember thanks to Ocean Girl reminding me, that all the rain used to be someones pee..haha. Yeah so very nasty I will agree, but at least the color you can't see. Yes that is quite enough of that, as it is really nasty to the cat.

As I was saying I took a stroll, sneaking across the bridge so I wouldn't have to pay a toll. Yes the cat is cheap, but I'm sure that won't make you weep. Once I was across the bridge, it reminded me of the fridge. As it started to rain once more and it made me so cold and sore. But I kept going as I wanted this done, plus now I can use it to such fun.

I went to this rather big building and stood in a long line, picking a number that was supposedly mine. I stood and I stood, until no more I could, then the bell rang with my number above and I took off like a dove. I got to the desk and took off my hat, pretending I was given permission to be there by Pat. As I forged his signature too, oh the evil things I do.

She raised an eyebrow at me, not knowing whether she should say hello or flee. But she took the little money I had and acted all glad, laughing as she filed the paperwork through her machine, I don't think she was trying to be mean. So I took the final copy and took off for home, as I had enough of this long days roam.

I placed the paperwork under my bed and went to rest my head. As after the days long venture, making me pass a place where you could even buy a denture, I had become perfect indeed and I copyrighted it so no one could follow my lead. As now I've changed my name to nobody for real and you know what happens with that deal.

So from this day forth when you tell one and all, acting all proud and standing tall, that nobody is perfect, whether referencing a bad score or a project, you will always remember that there is one, that always has fun. As Nobody is Perfect for sure and you've just met the perfect one at this shore. So what do you think of that, as now you know a perfect cat...haha

Oh wait there is some News from Nowhere, as Alan and two twitter guys are now following the cat with short hair. They made Betsy's face no longer be there, at least now my visitors won't have a scare..hahahaha. Yep it is time I went, before someone gets bent, so today I was a little more crass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Well, hello there, Nobody. :)
    Oh you really are quite snobby
    Doing that so we say you're perfect
    So on your greatness we reflect.

    So my face fell off your front page?
    Well, Pat's will do the same in days.
    On my site as he's slipping near the edge
    Soon he'll be hanging on the ledge!

  2. I was first
    and all others are worst
    hope they don't begin to curse
    as their bubble I burst
    and now their lips are pursed
    as they still have a thirst
    for being first
    so I know it won't last
    and this day will pass
    and next I'll be slow
    and this gloating will go.

  3. Yes the cat likes perfection
    Plus he has such a nice complexion
    Although he isn't as much of a snob as Cass
    There is the snobby lass
    Yes all the new followers you get with the facts
    Will make mine disappear from your tracks
    But I'll hang on
    But you'd prob step on my fingers then yawn
    As I fall off the cliff
    But I'd be back with a big tiff

    Wow now who is the one gloating a lot
    Better hope you are away and don't get caught
    But Silver Fox is too smitten
    And by your twin you'll never be bitten
    Alan is to nice
    Deedee says her name twice
    So unless Tashtoo find a break
    To come partake
    Guess I'll be the one to take you down a peg or two
    Wait did that I just do?
    Oh well it was worth a shot you know

  4. sorry i have been away, was a rather busy day, bows to the cat, oh my i lost my hat, so you snuck across a bridge, my its a long way to the fridge, today is frickin hot, but the soda sure is you took out a loan, nasty business that, your interest they collect, or repo where you live at...bout all i got to say about that.

  5. Yes I'm sure you know all about the repo
    Yeah crappy interest they get in a monthly row
    But what can you do
    Drives one right to the loo
    Send of of that heat up hear
    As it's still cold, wet and rainy I fear
    Hell maybe I should jus gamble once more
    Then the interest can kiss my butt and I'll be free at my shore
    Or I could lose my shirt
    So maybe I'll just flirt
    With some rich woman instead
    Wait that could be hard on the

  6. A loan? I thought you bought a copyright.
    Maybe it's my eyesight
    I was thinking it was for the Face It Facts
    which probably would be a very wise act
    You wouldn't want your name to be stolen
    That could give you a pain in your colon!

    ok...I've brought you a lemon bar
    It's from Ohio, a distance so far
    And if you make a face
    I'll not act with grace.
    Naw, I'm just joking
    I wouldn't want you choking.
    I'll eat the bar with crumbs on my chin
    and you can have the pringles and eat the whole tin.

  7. I got mixed up with the car and the name
    Nobody and the car both played the game
    One has interest the other does not
    As for Face it Facts the copyright doesn't really need to be bought
    As it's obviously mine
    But if someone steals it fine
    I'll sue quite well
    Just be a bit harder to tell
    Plus that takes money to do
    And yeah all out of that between me and you..haha

    I don't see no bar any where
    Maybe Orlin, errr, Nobody ate it and I'll find crumbs in his hair
    Yes I'd make a face for sure
    Then close the door
    Leaving you standing in the hall with your bar
    Least you'll have something to eat after traveling so far
    Yeah the whole tin I would eat
    Not really that big of a feat
    Least not for me
    And of course your three
    So that is that
    Maybe I'll make a face like a rat

  8. A face like a rat.
    I want to see that!
    Will you take a photo?
    It might be worth more than the lotto!
    at least it would make us laugh
    even if it was on your behalf.

  9. hahaha if it was worth more than the lotto I'd do it quite fast
    But I have to say I don't think a rat face would make anyone rich especially that vast
    So go to the mirror and try
    May look so funny you'll cry..haha

  10. I think I'd rather see you do the face
    with your lips and nose all out of place
    then I'll laugh until there are tears in my eyes
    and look at you with giggles and sighs.

  11. hahaha well sorry my face and I will remain that of Pat
    Not going to go all rat
    As we can't have that
    Then I'd outdo the cat
    He would get jealous and no longer chat
    Making the rhymes fall flat
    Maybe even hit me with a bat
    So I will forgo the rat

  12. Betsy was first
    This other is worst

  13. There's nothing 'worst' about you, dear Alan. :)

  14. Yeah especially when you compare yourself to who commented first
    hahahahaha oh that was a good burst

  15. Be nice! I know where you live! haha.

  16. Oh MY! Oh My! The time does fly,
    I've not often had a say
    But as it does so quikly die
    Time has come back a bit today :)
    Sneaking across the bridge, bad you
    Even I tried that once
    But with my luck, not lots a few
    I got caught, I'm such a dunce!
    You put your papers under bed?
    Dear CAT, don't you know
    That's the first place theives will look
    It's not the last place they will go.
    It may be official, but we'll wait and see
    For I think your way too cool
    To be referred to as Nobody
    You silly Cat, you know you rule!
    And so you know, I've not forgot
    about my new logo
    But now we've got another biz
    For Face It Facts, you know.
    So soon another ad I'll need
    So rest while you are able
    Soon Face it Facts advertising
    Will be as much as cable!
    So I'm off again, but will return
    This week the house does close.
    With fingers crossed, and strawberry wine
    It's time to strike a pose!
    For victory is mine you see,
    I've beat the silly banks,
    Cashing out on home equity
    Is the utmost thanks!
    Until next time my furry friend,
    I hope you're doing well.
    I'll return soon with lots of rhyme
    And other tales to tell :)

  17. Yes but you are far far away
    And with Five Men to watch I have no worries about you coming my way
    So I'll tease and shout
    And there is nothing you will do

    Wow you came back with a long one this time
    Doing the harder type of rhyme
    Or at least more thought out one
    Then my normal fun
    Yes the cat is cool
    Now Nobody can rule
    As perfection the cat can be
    Here at bush number three
    Another business you have made?
    Did the big bossman aid?
    Or was that the equity that let you do that
    Wish the stupid facts would work soon for Pat
    Maybe it's time to stop this ramble
    And go take a
    Yes never have to fear when you come with rhymes
    As it's always fun times