Friday, May 6, 2011

That Damn Sound, Making Me Go All Profound!

Brian you know the cat has delicate ears and doesn't want to listen to those cricket cheers. As that sound just drives the cat nuts, I'd take a barking mutt who sniffs butts. But the cat can tune noises out, so I won't sit and shout. I once again surfed around here and there, finding your new onestop affair.

So after listening to nine minutes or so of that thing, here is what I bring, as you drove the cat insane, wait, I'm already in that lane. So I guess no harm done, now on with the fun.

Resulting Appreciation

Night has fallen and noises of crickets completely surround
Subtle noises in the night they help to drowned
Helping ones moon lit enchantment to be blurred
Creating an illusion so passerby's know not what they heard

Yet when the need for our days departure arises
With the subconscious manifesting surprises
No longer does one thank the sound
As its piercing surge lifts off the ground

Curses pulsate from your mind's eye
As you toss and turn wishing they'd die
Finding light shimmering on your face
As it's time to once again join the rat race

Sirens blare across the earth
Strangers stare judging your worth
The same old melody arises from days past
Already scrutinizing time soliciting it to go fast

The phone rings off the hook
Realizing the increasing appeal of your nook
Treading lightly through the rants and raves
Swerving away from creating waves

Anticipating that final tick
Bolting away quite quick
Longing to lie in a yielding place
With nothing but familiarity before your face

Beaming with light as darkness ascends
Even with cricket cheers to no ends
As their song doesn't just engulf a pair of lovers
But extricates the days events as you pull up the covers

There we go my profound moment for the week has been done, now I must take the last lines advice and end my fun. As sleep is what the cat needs now, but I'm to good for a bow. So there is what occurred when I once again ventured over to the onestoppoetry way, aren't you glad I came to play? So before my head becomes an even bigger mass, that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. are you not glad our legs dont make that sound when we rub them together round and round,
    not me rubbing your of course,
    get your mind out of the horse's...
    ahem, wonderful rhyme, slay it every time
    should mount it on your wall,
    poetic antlers and all,
    waves bring texture to life,
    just not too much strife,
    the cricket cheers your words
    though that may sound absurd,
    its time for bed so i can get these rhymes out o my head.

  2. We had a cricket underneath our bedroom window one summer that drove us crazy! We tried everything from sweeping away leaves under the window to hosing down that side of the house. Nothing drove that little thing away! lol...

    no, that didn't rhyme.
    I went to the dentist today and my head is still numb. lol...

  3. Brain I will admit that I never thought of our legs rubbing together
    No matter night, day or the weather
    My mind stayed far far away from the gutter there
    Of course yours so well it didn't
    Yes waves can be a pain
    As they could make one pop a vein
    Or they could bring something new
    Plus make one sit and stew
    Yes it's good to get them out
    Before you go to bed and have them still lie about

    It just had so much joy
    Watching you try and kill it with your evil ploy
    Or maybe it was a perv
    Now there would be a swerve
    A peeping tom cricket
    Should have told Nugget to sick it
    Or maybe the Fox projected himself into the thing
    Ok I'll stop before I sting..LOL
    Ewwww the dentist is all yours
    I rather open up some germy doors
    Numb head and Numb tongue
    What next a lung?..haha

  4. So now he's the Silver Cricket?
    Wouldn't that just be the ticket!

    yes, my head was numb.
    I was feeling rather dumb
    and couldn't rhyme my words at all
    at least no pain to make me bawl!

    But pain I have today
    as the numbness went away
    except for a little on my tongue
    but that song I've already sung

    good for you checking out onestoppoetry
    you have a certain symmetry
    that they will appreciate
    and obsessions you'll alleviate.

  5. When I posted last night I thought I was first
    didn't even give it a second look!
    Now I see Brian beat me by seconds
    Guess at the same time your post did us becon.

  6. haha yeah he can transfer animals at will
    That would be a thrill
    At least you could still type
    And the numbness didn't make you gripe
    Until today when the pain came back
    Put some pills on the attack
    You've sung a song more than twice
    So you can just pretend you like giving the same advice
    Yeah I check it out when I get a chance
    Although only time for a glance
    As the facts are quite the pain
    And I have to keep at that train
    My symmetry is really strange
    I might make some of them go all home on the range

    But you are twins after all
    So shouldn't you be in sync when you answer the rhyming call
    Wait yours didn't rhyme so never mind
    Guess Brian was just faster than your numb behind..LOL

  7. Projecting myself supernaturally into a cricket? That certainly beats the heck out of something more pedestrian, like, say, spy cameras...

  8. Okay, so the profound moment was awesome
    But are you guys playing opossom?
    What's up with the leg thing?
    Oh my, the images that one brings!
    Put in one hell of a day
    That's all I've got, I'm afraid to say :(
    Until next time!

  9. Okay, to late to play, but I'll just add Great read!

  10. Yeah goes a step further then spying with a camera I must agree
    Least you chose a cricket over a flea

    Hey Brian brought that into play
    That wasn't thought by me on this or any other day
    So erase those images from your mind
    Or you I know where to
    It's Saturday aren't you supposed to stop
    Or were you out back planting next years
    But twice in a row
    On a high roll not low

    To late to play
    But I guess if you need to hit the hay
    I can excuse the non rhyme
    As a comment is welcomed almost any time

  11. Well, today nothing is numb...not my tongue
    or mouth or even my bum. :)

    I had a dream about you, Pat!
    No, not about your cats.
    It was you walking all over town
    yes, you were going all around
    carrying two huge shopping bags
    so heavy they were starting to drag!
    and when I looked inside
    I wasn't a bit surprised
    to see that they were so stuffed
    with Pringles that you huffed and puffed
    To get them all home you see
    to your place at Bush #3.

  12. Yeah I didn't need to know about your bum
    But maybe Silver will appreciate that little hum..LOL

    Dreaming about me now are you
    I think this rhyming stuff is getting to you too
    But it must have been quite the load
    As even in walking mode
    They aren't that heavy at all
    Now apple juice is a whole different call
    The suckers I buy are quite the pain
    Glad I don't have to take them on a train
    I think the cats might take offense
    But they don't eat pringles so hence
    It was me in the dream
    And not Orlin with his rhyming gleam

  13. Well, you brought it up dear Pat
    but you called it 'behind', so that's that.


  14. Mine was more subtle in the exchange
    But I guess both refer to the same anatomy range
    So that is that
    To get even Orlin will lift his tail and show you a bare one of a cat..hahahahahahaha

  15. Tell Orlin he doesn't need to do that
    As I'd prefer the other end of a cat
    to have in my face
    or any other place
    as I might be the one to have a fit
    I'm sure I wouldn't appreciate it!

    Yes, the dream was you in your blue shirt and tie
    and your bags were getting heavier as to your apartment you drew nigh
    I know Pringles really aren't heavy
    but in the dream they were, believe me.
    But you were determined to get them home
    not matter how far you had to roam.

  16. Yes most would prefer that
    But Orlin is a weird cat
    So you never know
    What he might show

    Figures as that's the only picture you've seen
    So that is how I'd look in your scene
    Maybe there was rocks in the bags
    I hope they were just original on the name tags
    As the other flavours I'd never eat
    Unless I got paid for that