Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Visit My Reef, Good Grief!

So as I was typing up a new rhyme, I stopped before I was even 25% through that chime, as I called my place another name, so I decided to use this for today's rhyme game. Yes I will keep things somewhat tame and promise not to mame. Unless you are a mouse, then you might lose your life at my house.

See I just did it there, I know it's more than you can bare. As I confuse some unsuspecting visitor at my watering hole, as they come to take a stroll. Even if they want to relax at my shore, I bug them that much more. So at my rhyming tree, you get what you see or maybe you get nothing at all, can you follow the bouncy ball?

Oh doesn't that just annoy, watching that thing go up and down with such joy. Oh don't be coy, you know you don't go oh boy. More like oh brother, as I name off another. For at my rhyming land, I am quite grand. Maybe my shore should have a yellow brick road, as I seem to be full of quite the load.

At my bush, is where I plank my little rhyming tush. Or maybe I have a lair, yeah that's already taken so no fair. Is this to much to bare? Am I ruffling your hair? Do I call where I lurk by to many names? Have you had enough with these question games? Hmmm that could be an interesting post too, might have to try that to annoy all of you.

Sorry for those that come to my rhyming sea, that are confused by me, as there is no dub here at by pub. That would just take to damn long and might get the words wrong. Then you could think I'm a donkey as I say my last line, although some might think that already with the words of mine. But oh well, I could care less in the mountain where I dwell. Hmm first time I used that one, maybe out in my rhyming field I need a run.

Damn I could go on all day, but I can't just not work and play or then my place would be in a gutter and I'd have no internet connection to mutter. So I'll finish here at my rhyming grass, by simply stating I'll always be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. maybe you could name it....It's Pat...or Just Pat...kinda like the old SNL skits, that would give me fits everytime i come by, sigh, that bouncing ball really hit my ADHD into a trance, my eyes just danced...i am lucky i can still type, but love to come by when the picking is ripe...

  2. hahaha I totally forgot about that
    Oh how annoyed I was after seeing that trailer 50 times for It's Pat
    But give you fits would be kind of fun
    Have to think to see what can be done
    haha the bouncing ball I had to show
    As it just keeps bouncing to and fro
    Or up and down
    That ball could be the talk of the town

  3. Well you know his name is Rhymetime
    And he loves to sing and chimetime
    But if you really need to know where it's at
    May I recommend a site called Face it Facts...
    For just ten bucks you be the man
    Shouting out for you like no one can
    And for eternity there you will stay
    No contracts, no more to pay
    So help this cat reach his goal
    And the chance to win may save your soul
    Cause he's going to give back too
    And if you're lucky, it might be you!
    Three more ads I'll send his way
    And he will shout for me all day
    Just need that final AOK
    And our new biz will be underway.
    And if you need to find out where we're at?
    Just look us up at Face it Facts! :)
    So with that shout out I hope you'll take
    That bouncing ball down off this page
    It's made me go all crosseyed
    And annoyed me much, I must testify!

  4. hahahahahaha Oh the bouncing ball must stay now
    Maybe I'll to a theme around the bouncing ball to make all have a cow

    Damn you really plugged the facts in rhyme almost as good as me
    Hopefully one and all will see
    But who knows as some are weery
    But some are cheery
    And could get the dough
    When each count is reached with a hi and a ho

  5. Today our little rhyming cat
    Just sits and wonders where he's at?
    A feline nose, pushed out of joint?
    (I'm trying to discern your point.)
    Some unrest there at home, perchance
    Has caused a muted form of "RantZ?"
    Has your computer chair caused sores
    That make you long for distant shores
    Instead of staying there at home?
    You may find comfort if you roam.

    Before my remarks make Orlin scoff, he
    Needs to consider, I've not had my coffee!

  6. The point could be there is no point
    Everyone is rhyming long today at this joint
    Look used another one to describe my shore
    You never know what I have in store
    Roaming may be something in the pipe
    But I really have no gripe
    So Orlin won't scoff today
    Although miss priss might cause some dismay

  7. That ball irks me

  8. hahahaha hmmmm I should find something else to annoy
    This really could bring me some joy
    Others some hate
    But I'll open that gate

  9. Wow, I'm glad I didn't have a headache when I came over
    As that ball would have done me over.
    I didn't laugh until I got to "rhyming sea"
    and then I let out a little tee-hee.
    No, the only thing that makes me have a fit
    is that you keep exchanging bear for bare.
    Bare is naked, bear is something burdonsome.
    Now you know the difference and won't look dumb.
    hee...ha, couldn't resist that. lol....
    Aw now, don't have a fit
    and don't hit me with a mit...

  10. So did you miss me today?
    I ran errands and at the grocery did pay
    an arm and a leg
    and almost had to beg
    them to make bigger carts
    as my load won't fit and they need to be smart
    and make them really huge
    for buyers that aren't rude.

    wow..that was bad. sorry. ha.

  11. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    I really like the bouncing ball...However, I hope that I don't take a fall...while watching the bouncing ball.

    This post was quite amusing, interesting, and fun...Now I must run or I must go and hide before the sunrise!
    [Just in case you want to know
    Oh! yes, I like to watch baseball, but I'am not an empire and heaven no, I'am not a Vampire!
    DeeDee ;-/

  12. No a bear is an animal so there
    So get out of my hair..lol
    You let out a tee hee
    Hope you didn't whack your knee
    I already look dumb
    So that's why I just talk out my bum..lol

    I had the bouncing ball to keep me amused
    So your neglection didn't leave me too abused
    I don't need a bigger cart
    Not even at wal mart
    At least not yet
    So that I don't fret

    One that actually likes the bouncing ball
    Is your tale rather tall
    Meaning you are lying
    And the ball is very trying
    Wow I was all three things wrapped into one
    Guess that was a job well done
    Not a vampire but you have to hide
    Is it possible you lied
    I can watch baseball too
    But would rather play between me and you