Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For My Onestop Stunt, Time For A Treasure Hunt!

So today I thought I'd take a page out of Tashtoo's book and give the place where I roam a look. This I already knew, but I decided to share with all of you. As there have been documentaries and all kinds of other crap, done on this so called booby trap. But nothing in rhyme, so I figured it was about time.

For all the facts, for those like the Fox who like to know the past acts, click the link and a timeline can be found about this treasure that has brought many to the brink. Even took the life of a few, what greed can make some do. Or it could be just a hole, that was made as mother nature took a stroll. Anyway the riches from the movie National Treasure are said to be there, as well as Captian Kidd's loot and other stuff that is rare. Heck even some say the holy grail is hidden down below, so I decided to use Oak Island for my onestoppoetry show. Now enough with the background crap it's time to take an all rhyming lap.

In This Plot, X Marks The Spot!

Each trap was set                                                            Fire fueling from deep within
Leech cap does wet                                                           Aspire ruling hum steep win
Breach, clap, buzz met                                                   Dire drooling, slum creep skin
Reach wrap because threat                                         Perspire pooling, some weep sin

Vex remarks store hot
Perplex sparks assure squat
Complex embarks pour not
X marks your spot

Big guns brought aboard                                                         Collapsed forever more
Dig tons thought scored                                                           Relapsed however roar
Swig ones caught hoard                                                        Elapsed endeavor tore
Rig ones distraught chord                                                        Lapsed, sever, swore   

Damn once again I'm so grand, here at my land, rhyming every word once more, as you never know what is in store. Bonus points to those that noticed how it was set up, to you I tip my cup. So back to the facts in between some work stacks and some other junk, which seem to be in a funk. Also just to note, I was going to number each one in the order I made but decided for a no vote. As each can take what they want in the order they see fit as they fall into the Oak Island Money Pit.

Maybe the cat will go treasure hunting too, yeah probably a big nothing down there between me and you. But you never know, big foot may show, or some huge treasure could give off a shine and be all mine. Yeah probably not going to happen I'd say, but we may find out if anything is down there one day. So until then time will pass and I will still be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. all bow to the rhyming king, as he plays with his X thing, its really cool actually, oh master of the factionary, x marks this spot and you poetry is hot

  2. Grammar Nazi would have a field day with that
    But it was enjoyed by Pat
    Now my head will grow some more
    Soon going to need its own shore
    The x thing popped in as I was doing it
    So figured why not add to the whole theme a bit

  3. It's even laid out like an X
    Oh don't you think you're the best!
    With all that gushing from Brian there
    Your head will reach clear over here
    I may have to take a pin and burst your bubble
    saving us all the trouble
    of listening to you go on and on
    about yourself in a little song
    How great Orlin the cat is
    at his little rhyming biz.

  4. I don't think, I know..LOL
    As the cat can't be beat at his show
    Oh that was a tad cocky I will say
    But I got four legs to use and play
    Which means I can stay 2x ahead of all
    Here and there at every stall
    Hmmm that's a good idea
    Maybe Orlin the cat should have his own cheer
    I should make a theme song
    Think that would be wrong..haha

  5. Oh dear Cat, you're on a role
    As you rhyme about this treasure hole
    And all the lives that would be the cost
    But my friend all is not lost!
    Did you know back in my day
    Neptune theater even had a play
    Dedicated to this woeful treasure
    That brought most pain instead of pleasure
    And in that play there was this man
    Who came to us from Beachcomber land
    On the show he went by Relic
    His real name? Long since forgot it!
    Can't wait to see this oneshot link
    Could be my fave this week I think
    But then again you are the cat
    WHo brings to us the Face it Facts
    One smart like you would do no wrong
    And this layout reads just like a song
    So perhaps X may mark the spot
    But I tell you Cat
    This one is hoT :)

  6. Never knew there was a play
    Could be before my day..lol
    Heard of that Beachcomber too
    Think I watched an episode or two
    Fave of the week?
    Trying to make my head hit a peak?..lol
    Oh I don't know about no wrong though
    As a bit of wrong is fun don't you know..haha
    Geez two say it's hot
    That kind of PR can't be bought..haha
    Also you really came back with a long rhyme
    After being away for a time

  7. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Nice! I think that your rhyme was just like a perfect precision watch on..."time" and it sounded just..."fine."
    I know that this may not be saying a "lot,"
    but your "X" lay-out like a cool drink on a "hot" day marked or hit the "spot."

    Thanks, for sharing and the comments are funny as usual.
    deedee ;-D

  8. Oh you always say alot
    Enough to fill a pot
    But then that gives me ammo to use
    When I go to abuse..lol
    Yes the comments keep on coming
    As my X keeps on strumming
    Or would it be slumming
    Maybe I should stick to humming

  9. Awww...C'mon Pat Hatt, what's the need to abuse...are you trying to make me feel like old worn-out used shoes?

    "Oh you always say a lot
    Enough to fill a pot..."

    Oh! really?!?

    "But then that gives me ammo to use
    When I go to abuse..lol"

    Hmmm...When it comes to rhyming I know that it's nothing that I "lack"...Therefore, Pat Hatt,
    place your ammo right "back" in your backpack...lol

    deedee :-P

  10. well this was fun to read.. cant think of any rhymes right now, so... I'll go.

    haha, lame, I know.

    *sigh* i'm a shmoe.

  11. Awww but it's such fun to place
    Right back in front of everyone's face
    Maybe I'll just leave a small trace
    Letting your mind race
    Of course it could confuse
    Then you might be wishing for me to abuse
    Either way I can't lose
    But you are a bit higher up than old worn out shoes...lol

    hahahaha shmoe that hasn't been used here yet
    So I guess you got one up, meaning there is no need to fret

  12. Pat Hatt....?

    You seem like a decent sort of a fellow I must say!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Yes Pat is a decent fellow
    Although the cat likes to bellow
    So he remains mellow
    As the cat turns everyone to jello

  14. I'm not jello and I refuse to be rattled
    by that cat carrying on like he's a herd of cattle!

    Moo and Meow are so similar you see
    That it could be easy to confuse you and me!

    So now that I type that,
    I'm wondering why it isn't cowtle for cows and cattle for cats.
    I'm sure Orlin will have an answer for that!

  15. haha interesting you responded to the jellow
    Are you red, blue, green or yellow
    I'm my own herd
    Oh now you'll make me sound absurd
    Wait I already do
    haha beat you
    Yes you are easy to confuse
    But that I won't abuse..lol
    Ummm because cows are fat and eat all day
    Leave patties and their stink cause dismay
    Cats are nice and clean
    So the terms aren't as mean
    Does that work for you
    Or more digging I have to do

    You think
    Was that with a wink
    Or did your head explode
    Thanks to my rhyming load

  16. The only thing confusing is your changing of the spelling
    I'm not really a jello fan anyway
    Does that cause you dismay?
    You can have the whole rainbow of colors to yourself
    and I'll just watch like a little elf.

    Hey, I see you're visiting my towers
    Better go see what you bellowed. lol....

  17. This made my head spin...
    Does that mean I win?

    Not very clever, I know.
    I'll step back quietly and go.

    Seriously, you're cracking me up here... :)

  18. I never thought to find
    another dotty mind
    beset By rhyme
    with every line!
    I raise my hat
    to Pat The Hatt!!!

  19. how cool! what wicked rhyming...love the X shape as well...kudos mr. rhyme king...smiles

  20. I give myself a black mark for wayward capital letters - you'd think by now I would have learned to edit comments better!!

  21. Thanks for the time
    and rhyme
    as yours is x-spots
    like by lots

  22. Intriguing and complex. I enjoyed the challenge and you certainly know how to rhyme.

  23. Yes it was late and I didn't watch the spelling
    But only you are telling
    haha no dismay here
    As it's nasty to me I fear
    Bellowed didn't even rhyme
    Guess one of those towers must have confused you with a chime

    haha but if your head does spin
    A none clever rhyme isn't a sin
    For even confused
    Rhyming you used
    Cracking yourself up
    Don't drop your cup

    Oh going all pun on me are you
    Pat the Hatt will take it old or new
    As I'd imagine you guessed it has been done before
    Multiple times at my shore
    Never called a dotty mind though
    Always something new at my show

    Kudos to you
    For giving the rhyme king his due..lol

    Bah as you can see I take liberties as well
    So a few mistakes won't send you to hell
    Unless the Grammar Nazi shows his face
    Then you might need to disappear without a trace

    x-spots by lots you say
    Works for me thanks for the rhyme play

    Yes the rhyming just comes out
    Usually not a flat note
    Complex I'm not so sure
    But at least I don't bore
    Thanks for the feedback
    Sharp as a tack

  24. Great poem patt. Not a word came close to falling flat. From the image x to the, what I cite as the final act and its past tensed flex. Created from this work became, yes a game, but unique still all the same.

    But one final note, you had to go bring intentions up from your throat. Indicating a specific numeric order, was in your creative recorder. So pen to paper I must now make. So many combinations these lines will take.

    Consistent rhyming is very difficult. Rhyming aside this was a very clever and creative piece. Enjoyed it very much so, thanks for doing this:)

  25. Goodness & Wow! he rhymes all these words somehow! (yes I know very lame of me!! ) :)

  26. Wow you really brought forth the rhyme
    With your great feedback chime
    haha good luck with the combinations you try to unlock
    May make you want to beat me with a sock
    Of course it be filled with a rock
    Don't worry I'll run if I hear a knock
    No problem at all
    As I can answer the rhyming call
    All profound I am unsure
    But fun is had at my shore

    Lame or tame at least you played the game
    And your words didn't mame
    So the words of you
    Didn't drive me to the loo..lol

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Betsy said...

    Now don't turn all yellow
    I can rhyme with bellow!
    Will it make you more mellow?
    There's you eating that jello
    While listening to a cello
    I'll stop and say hello
    since you're a nice little fellow!

  29. Awww you screwed up the first time
    With you rhyme and chime
    And had to delete
    Making your comment deplete

    And Betsy said under Betsy said
    Are you trying to hurt my head
    Jello I'd spit back out
    And a cello could make my ears pop out
    But I'll pretend you are right
    Wait that would be a first, I'll never see that light..lol

  30. Yes, why did blogger stutter
    printing what I uttered?

    You can delete the rest of the clutter
    that first comment I goofed and no other!

  31. You admit to the goof
    Did your head hit the roof
    Didn't have a fit
    Where you sit
    Or need to pop a pill
    Or a vein climbing that hill
    Still here
    Guess the utter was just to give you a second cheer

  32. Yes, I admit one line made no sense
    and I had to correct it
    so you wouldn't reject it.
    No, I didn't have a fit or any such thing
    It would take more than that to pull my chain!

  33. Rhyme central here! A nice break from the ordinary to say the least, well put together ~ Rose

  34. Bah half the time I make no sense
    As I say my two cents
    So I wouldn't reject
    Although it be funny if there was a button labeled eject..lol
    Yes I wouldn't want you to pop a vein
    So I won't try too much to pull your chain

    Yep nothing ordinary around this place
    As I set the rhyming pace
    For rhymes abound
    At my central ground

  35. Dang, this is some serious rhyming, my friend. Good job. Vb

  36. I wouldn't say much here is serious
    Maybe I'm just delirious
    But thanks for the retort
    At my rhyming fort

  37. haha...you had to correct your line
    but since you're the boss you can do it on the sly!
    I still caught you cuz I can see
    right through you...totally!

  38. a fun exploration...very ADD kitten feel to the motion!

  39. Now, I'm sure you know how anti-rhyme the poetry "establishment" is-- anti-everything, really. Thanks for visiting me-- and I want to say that these are beautiful. I love the snap, crackle and pop of your language and the reach for unusual as in not everyday words. xxxj

  40. You weren't supposed to see that
    Do you just wait for that as you sat
    I tried to be sly
    Next time I'll try
    Not to screw up as I lurk
    From crappy old work
    Oh and I hope you can't see through me too much
    That be an invasion of privacy just a touch..lol

    Exploration abounds
    Here at my grounds
    Yes can't say I disagree
    With the ADD
    Although I'm partial to OCD
    Oops have to go lick a flea

    Yep they can be quite the prude
    And sometimes rude
    A bit shrewd
    Maybe even crude
    When it comes to plain rhyme
    But I just don't give them the time
    As when you care too much what most think
    You'll just end up on the brink
    Thanks for the feedback too
    As nose stuck in the air doesn't apply to you..lol

  41. Yes, you tried to be sly
    But I got you good, you can't deny!
    Mom's have eyes in the back of their heads and with the boys home
    I'm in that mode
    And I notice those things
    so the teasing I bring!
    Besides, I have to even out all the gushing
    the others are pushing
    your way with compliments and kisses
    and other such things
    Oh what flirting they surely to bring!

  42. I'm with Brian - Hat's off to you Pat! I am just amazed at your way with words.
    Thanks so much for visiting. It's a delight to meet you!

  43. Grow some more hair
    As that is just no fair
    Yes they are all being nice
    But you keep it interesting with your spice
    But I can take it and give it back
    Plus your comments usually don't lack..lol

    Wow you read the comments and all of that
    To you I tip my hat
    Betsy's must have been a real bore
    Did you snore...LOL
    No problem as it was a great read
    Thanks for the visit back at my feed

  44. Oh my. I won't even attempt to join in on this. But the rhyming is really cool. Love it.

    (Daily Spirit)

  45. Won't even attempt
    I guess I can allow you to be except
    Just this once though
    As you can do it I know

    Oh it's good to be king
    Ok I'll stop there before I become the jester or something

  46. Wow, you are a terrific poet as well as responder par excellence! I'll be back!

  47. I guess I can live with that kind of par
    As that is a pretty high bar
    Guess I have no where to go but down
    But then I think I'm already in loonie town
    So it won't matter at all
    Thanks for visiting my stall

  48. Incredible, not only the post but the comments, too. I wish my fingers could comment in rhyme but my recent freeverse lingers so I'll do it another time.

  49. Look you rhymed and didn't even know
    Really I'm sure it was what you meant to write here at my show
    Thanks for stopping on by
    Calling me incredible me oh my..lol