Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hmmm A Rant With Style Or Could Turn Into A $%^& Pile!

So as I was going about the daily stuff, I found a story that make most people puff, some in a huff and sadly some would get rough. Those are the nuts that need a good smack upside the head, yep you heard what I said. Or would that be read, heck maybe it's time for bed. So according to more so called statistic crap, hate crimes have risen up here by a gap. So lets see what kind of fun I can bring, with this thing.

Hate is Gone, Try a New Lawn

No matter where you go
Looking high and low
You hear some slang
That souldn't be rang
Yet you still allow it to show

Where the dollar is king
Depending on how much you bring
Making the transition fast
Yet bringing your past
Dangling many words you sing

Not even having any merit
Just repeating like a parrot
What you were told to believe
Thanks to some little peeve
Scrunching your face up like a ferret

Yet demanding change
Forcing what has been in place to rearrange
As what you have brought
Doesn't mix with what you have bought
Creating a wide range

Equality you state in plain sight
Yet behind closed doors still fueling the plight
Not even remembering why
Just unable to open an eye
Standing hunchback in the night

Placing more demands
Shouting out commands
That this doesn't qualify with that
So the rule should scat
When you decided to come to the land

Taking to the street
Blistering your feet
Attempting to stray
From the light of day
Just to satisfy some festering heat

No one forced you to come
So the rules shouldn't make you numb
Beliefs are fine
One has no right to impend mine
Or yours as to our own tune we hum

The bars slam shut
Look what you got
Nothing but woes for some reason unknown
Just because of some long forgotten moan
And if you drop the soap, something may go up your butt

What's here is here
Give it a cheer
Or ignore it at will
If you find no thrill
Shedding the fear

Then two sides become one
All this hate is done
Fighting pound for pound
The middle ground can be found
Becoming one in the same under the sun

There that was my little playful spin today, here at my way. Somethings exist everywhere, raising a what the hell eyebrow hair, as there should be no rhyme or reason to it and no fit. But then with other crap thrown in, like some idiot out west filling his money tin, saying if you don't like it move, that has to throw a wrench in ones groove. But alas I doubt it will change, as greed has all the range, with appeal from the mass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Well, how very insightful!
    And really delightful!
    Well, not the subject, of course
    but the way you wrote it in verse.
    I see what you are saying
    and things do need some changing.
    I completely agree
    as you give wise words for free!

  2. cha ching makes the world go bling
    aint nothing but a thang
    ya know bro
    suggest if it ever comes
    you buy soap on a rope before
    you can comes undone, no fun, i tell you
    not that i know, but they just aint caught me
    yet, but dont bet on it and dont send no
    pictures on your cell phone, just go home,
    esp if your name is weiner, that should
    be a dead give away, you'll get caught some day
    but i have rambled on well past the time i should be gone...

  3. Thanks for the praise
    And for the gaze

    Came up with that a few minutes tonight
    So glad I can delight
    As it sometimes can be a tough crowd
    Some are rather
    Not really though
    Oh so you think I should charge for my show?
    Calling me wise too
    What is being looked for by you?

    hahaha I knew you'd be the one to pick up the soap on a rope
    The not that I know part was dope
    As that was funny no doubt
    For if it took place really be time to pout
    Yeah if your name is weiner your just screwed
    For being...well
    So best not to do
    Or at least hide from others view
    So one doesn't whack down the hammer
    And you end up in the slammer

  4. I love both the message and the beat of this. Great writing.

  5. Nice rhyme scheme, cat. "Equality you state in plain sight
    Yet behind closed doors still fueling the plight" says a lot. Very impressive (even if you did manage to sneak in one of your ever-present "butt" references, haha).

  6. By the way, was there a specific article that prompted this poem?

  7. Very good rythmn and rhyme!
    I have a glass window sticker says: Dogs have owners, cats have staff. So true. Gotta love em :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by
    And increasing the head of this guy
    hrrmm ummm cat
    But you knew that

    hahaha I had to stick that in to keep Brian happy
    As you see he picked up on it and got quite yappy

    Was the link I read
    Although the comments below it were more inspiring than what it actually said

    Yes that is more than true
    As cats think they own you
    Dogs are more needy and open most days
    But both are great in there own ways

  9. I think you give ferrets a bad name here lol!

  10. Thanks for the link. I despise racism, and often joke that there are plenty of reasons to despise people as individuals. But the subject of hate crimes is a sad one indeed.

  11. haha I'm sure the poor ferrets will excuse me
    If not I'll have a lunch for

    Yeah despise people as individuals nothing wrong with that
    For they usually bring it upon themselves by opening their yap with some dumb chat
    But any form of racism is just plain stupid no matter what
    Should be no room for it but alas some just can't see it and have a few bolts missing a nut

  12. Oh, dear oh DEAR!
    It's a rant I fear
    As you dare
    To write and care
    For such a plight
    Who has the right
    To hate that way
    When morals stray
    We are all one
    We share the sun
    The ocean, sky
    We live, we die
    We all bleed red
    So it's been said
    The only differences
    Are in their head!
    We are humans
    Hear our roar
    We hate what's different
    Than us and more!
    This condition must be undone
    Without wars and without guns
    We must love each and all
    And only then will hate fall.
    Until we do,
    Much love for you
    And this lovely variety
    Of cat in hat stew :)
    Diversity is the key
    Guess maybe that's why your blog speaks to me :)
    So together we'll push hate to the back
    As our numbers grow and that's a fact. (Face it!)

  13. Damn what to say to that
    You really lit into my chat
    Greed will seems to always win
    No matter what the sin
    One has to commit
    In some dark pit
    Yes I'm definitely diverse
    My gift and my curse
    Oh damn that was good too
    Great little play with the face it facts also by you

  14. Thanks for having a look
    Here at my rhyming nook