Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time, In Rhyme!

So back again giving Mr. Linky a Twinkie, I think he's getting a tad fat though, maybe a diet he needs for his belly button is beginning to show. But I guess the onestoppoetry show can handle him even if Mr. Linky is less than slim. Making fun of a link, oh how low I'll sink. But lets skip that and on with the show, back to rhyme don't you know. Although as per the usual a tad creative with my One Shot cheer, shouldn't be that hard to peer.

Oh and if you are confused or feeling a tad abused, scroll down a bit and you'll get the drift before you have a fit. But this is really two in one like that previous one I made out of mess, although unlike last time this time there is a method to my madness. So two in one and to each their own as they read my fun. Oh and yes I did the picture thingy all on my own, to help set the tone. It took some time, oh any more puns on that would be a crime.

Once Upon a Time In Rhyme

Peering Upon in Abyss Like Wonder
Steering Dawn, Spin Bliss, Strike Plunder

Pivotal Deductions Corral Increased Proclamations
Mythical Concoctions Rationale Decreased Examinations

Cherished Bounty Freely Received
Perished County Ideally Deceived

Relinquishing Rights Toward Fate
Revisiting Fights Stored Freight

Holes Fastening Flows By Worms
Goals Lapsing Crows Cry Confirms

Refusal, Ignorance, Hoarding Groves
Perusal, Recurrence, Recording Droves

Life Altering Game of Twister
Knife Faltering Shame Love Transistor

Clutching Bestowing Verbal Reaction
Retouching Foregoing Herbal Attraction

Anticipating Sparking Light Speeds
Dissipating Embarking Spite Heeds

Flaunting Treasures Abstaining Life
Haunting Pleasures Painting Strife

Wishing Forked Road Transference
Fishing Uncorked Reload Occurrence

Delve Fading Plenty Yore
Twelve Braiding Twenty Four

So there was my little diddy on time, which of course was an all rhyme chime, as I had to make up for last week, with my non rhyming tweak. Now back down the tracks finding facts. As time continues to amass and it marches on carrying my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. how appropriate to rhyme about time in verse
    as onestop celebrates an anniversary, their first!
    Very impressive as always, dear cat
    and the picture really deserves a clap!

  2. Yeah I knew nothing about the anniversary when I did it
    Until I went to visit Brian for a bit
    Then saw it was week 52
    And now that it's pointed out by you
    Guess it really is a serendipity event
    Lets pretend it was meant

  3. dang bro, you spin grow-s, as does your art, and thats no pumped up fart, thanks for linking in, as ever you a win-ner haha

  4. haha win-ner you say
    Sure that will cause the Grammar Nazi a little dismay
    Pumped up fart too
    I think you've been around here to long, as soon butt will be used by you..haha

  5. your rhyming always gets my tongue twisted
    i have to be careful i don't rhyme in my emails
    or else it would get everyone confuzzled ~

  6. Just came back over to see if you head had swelled.
    Um, yes, I see it's as big as hell.

  7. haha yes I do it every now and then
    Even when I tell myself to stop I do it again
    Can be quite the pain
    But funny when they look at you like you were hit by a train

    Shame on you that didn't rhyme
    The "ed" made it a crime
    And you are really getting a foul tongue
    Watch out you may pop a lung...LOL

  8. well, I could have put a hyphen
    before the 'ed' like Brian
    But it's in poor taste to copy your twin
    except every now and then.

  9. Aren't twins generally supposed to be well umm twins
    So doesn't copying your twin equal a win
    If you did things differently you wouldn't be twins
    So by copying you aren't comitting any sins

  10. yeah, but you know how siblings fight!
    He'd tell me to go fly a kite!
    Besides, identical we are not
    Does that put your tail in a knot?

  11. Maybe he'd tie you to the end of the kite
    Make sure it's really big so you'll take flight
    And wave bye bye as you float away
    On some bright sunny day
    Identical maybe not completely
    Although you both are so close it confuses me deeply...lol

  12. If that happens, you better beware
    'cause if I float east I could land over there!
    I have your address and oh what glee
    if I happened to land upon bush #3!
    oh...lol...I'm laughing out loud here...

  13. hahaha that one was good
    But be forewarned you should
    For if I see you coming
    The ants are marching two by two I'll start humming
    Pull out my pellet gun
    And put holes in the kite by the ton
    Then with a whistle
    And watch out for the thistle
    As you fall
    Wouldn't watch you messing up my port a pottie stall...LOL

  14. a time rhyme...for you not to, would have been a crime!

  15. ok, but if you do that to me
    don't make me land on that topiary!
    because nobody would want to be caught
    straddling that thing! I think not!

  16. Glad you see that too
    As if it was a crime that just wouldn't do

    hahaha oh that would be a sight to see
    I'd snap a picture or three
    And plaster them all over blog land
    Wouldn't that be grand

  17. Oh my, the rhymes are tight as ever...and the comments are just as worth the read I see. Looks like you and Betsy have quite the witty little back and forth going.

  18. I won't even begin to try to rhyme.....but you continue to amaze!

    And every time I see that cat...He just lifts my spirits!!! I LOVE Him!

    Lady Nyo

  19. I come here to read the comments as much as anything else! Interesting work, as I've come to expect, and enjoy! :)

  20. Yes she tries to keep up with me
    And I pretend to let her come close to my bush number three
    But I still remain in the lead
    Just do't egg her on as we wouldn't want to plant that seed..lol

    I can amaze
    With my rhyming all ablaze
    And the cat likes that he doesn't make you want to nap
    Right now he is on my lap
    Watching as I type
    Think maybe he has a gripe

  21. Yes it seems the comments are quite fun too
    Never know what some will do
    Interesting I can be
    Here at my rhyming sea
    Unlike Betsy
    Oh look two shoots back to back with such glee

  22. You kind of make my head spin when I read over here, but in a good way :)

  23. Hey I'll take head spinning over not any day
    Dismay, confusion and all those good things are strived for at my way..LOL

  24. My, gosh, Pat. Do you think and dream in rhyme??? This is just amazing, dazing, crazing! I don't know if I ever told you but I love that cat (and I'm a dog person).

  25. I have to give you props for your creativity. Rhyming is like a second language to you.
    At least you entertain us!

    Thanks for visiting me earlier.

  26. I've been known to dream in rhyme
    From time to time
    Well you have good taste
    As the cat does not waste
    For he is part of both dog and cat
    As Savannah cats are known for that

    Hmmm think I should put that as a second language on my resume
    Probably get laughed at and thrown in the trash tray
    So I'll continue to entertain
    And keep my rhyming language in my brain

  27. please join in cianphelan
    as I feel outnumbered at his den
    he and Pat against little old me
    as least with you it would be even you see! :)

  28. If I could write a rhyme as good as these
    I'd put it all in verse but, it wouldn't be as good as these.
    Thanks for the clever fun and smiles :)

  29. Oh are you begging here at my way
    What the cat and Pat are too much to take today
    I'm sure the old Grammar Nazi would help
    With just a single yelp
    As you have him wrapped around your finger
    So he'd come and linger...lol

    Oh it wouldn't be bad I'm sure
    Should give the rhyme a tour
    For you might find you can do it more
    Than you ever thought at your shore

  30. Always creative...always fun :)

  31. You got the skillz to pay the billz!

  32. Wow. Just wow. how in the world do you come up with these. I love this piece. I didn't scroll down, I used the clocks and came up with something. I'm gonna share it when I get a chance and give you a link back for the inspiration.

    Anyhow, the poem itself is really strong too. I just got so stoked about the clocks count down puzzle- Anyhow, pat- really, really good one shot.:)

  33. Pat, your poems always make me smile
    even when I haven't laughed in a while
    Your words have a way of making my day
    of taking my worries away.

  34. Just when I'm thinking that you are one of a kind,
    In comes Betsy! You two blow my mind.
    I'd be crazy to get in that game,
    You're way out of my league, so I won't.

    See what I mean? ;-)

  35. Oh, you rhyme about time
    And make it so sublime.
    It's such a pretty trick,
    You sure the name ain't Nick?

    (sorry, it's all I got...)

  36. Always creative and fun
    Even when I rhyme a ton
    Guess that says something right there
    Might raise a tightwads "you know" hair..lol

    Oh I wish the skillz
    Paid the billz
    That would give me thrillz
    And I'd give work the finger and some chillz

    This idea popped into my head
    Looking at the clock in bed
    Couldn't sleep
    And in it did creep
    Nothing wrong with getting stoked over the clocks
    As they both were in the same box
    There to read
    Both in my feed
    I gave you inspiration you say
    Geez never know what can occur here at my bay

    Guess a smile from my confusion
    Is great I pulled off my illusion
    Of being half good at this stuff
    With a huff and a puff..lol
    Glad I made your day
    And get rid of those worries causing dismay

    Oh praising Betsy are you
    That just can't do
    But I will admit she can keep up quite well
    When she comes to rhyme for a spell
    But don't be afriad of the game
    As we aren't that tame
    I see what you mean
    But 50/50 isn't a bad start to your rhyming scheme..lol

    My rhyme is sick
    Needs a lick
    You want to hit me with a brick
    Shut up you hick
    Such a flaming wick
    I'm just going to pick
    Sure you ain't a chick
    Damn I'm such a prick..LOL
    See tons can be used
    Don't worry I never feel abused

    Thanks for all the comments below
    Now signing off this big long comment I go

  37. Just when I get done
    In comes another one
    Don't go blowing too far
    After all afriad of heights you are..lol
    Thanks for the retort
    Here at my fort

  38. Betsy has fans and friends, Orlin. That's that!
    Maybe more than a certain rhyme-obsessed cat!
    There are many of us who are in Betsy's corner,
    And we would all line up to fight for her honor!
    But I hasten to add, I'm much fonder of
    Than I am of his pet and its all-rhyming chat!
    My Orson may have little glitches, you see,
    But I'm betting he's nicer than
    Orlin would be!

  39. Oh Mr. Fox you are so nice and sweet
    When really I can see right through your deceit
    Trying to stay in the good graces of Betsy
    So maybe one day you won't have to peek through the window to see
    As Orlin that rhyme-obsessed cat will always be here
    To state your hidden intentions clear
    Poor Pat can just watch trying to stop me
    While I just laugh with glee
    I'm nice to Pat and Cassie that's it
    So if one can't handle that they can join that Drazin nitwit
    Glitches and rhymes will come out of me for life
    So one just has to smile or pop a vein causing strife
    But it would be fun to see a parade
    Can you gather up all the ones that wish to come to her aid

    I think Betsy can defend herself OK
    Enough to keep me going with rhymes half the day..haha

  40. Can Betsy defend herself? Definitely!
    Although many others would help her, with glee!
    I'm willing to bet -- and I'd bet several dollars --
    That Bush #3 would be swarmed with her followers!
    And my motives are honest, on that
    you can bet.
    She knows the real me (and she's not scared off... yet).

    Now Orlin, I'll leave a peace offering. It's true!
    My Wednesday morn post has a "shout-out" for
    A link to your blog is my planned integration
    To thank you for giving me its inspiration.

  41. OMG checking out your rhyme. You did it all relating to time. lol I know that was lame but your rhyme was sweet and love how you made the words into a pic! Mad skillz

  42. Outstanding! Thanks for the double rhyming poetic treat! You sure didn't miss a beat.

  43. Hey I have a bush with a crack
    So if you and her followers attack
    I'll just climb right in and hide
    Closing the opening so you can't get me from any side
    I have a force field too
    So you can attack until you turn blue
    But it will do no good
    So stay far far away you should..lol
    And don't go gambling just yet
    I wouldn't want you to lose the bet

    The peace offering was great
    I'll take the bait
    As the shout out made me laugh quite a bit
    Two times today I gave inspiration with my fit
    Damn I'm good
    Charge a fee I should..haha

    Hey you rhymed a bit
    Meaning your candle was lit
    It may have been an easy one
    But still quite fun
    I'm sweet now
    That's just wow
    Mad skillz too
    How nice of you

    Very clever endeavor you say
    Glad you came my way today

    Rhymed too
    A good one from you
    I take it the treat satisfied
    Do you like it grilled or fried

  44. woohoo the rhyme king's in the house...wicked rhyme chime and great flow to this pat

  45. An enjoyable and clever verse. I like the rhythm of your rhymes.

  46. Interesting and intriguing all at the same time.

    I enjoyed that, very cool!

    I have something for you but it's been so long since I've emailed that your email address has been sucked into the abyss in gmail. :/

    Sooo, if you get the time, take a break from the rhyme and send me a note or I'll shoot that goat.

    I have no idea what that means, but it sounded funny to me. :)

  47. Rhyme king is a nice moniker I will say
    So it will work and cause no dismay
    Guess flow is in the know
    Or at least I can fake it as I go..haha

    Clever I can be
    Make sense maybe
    Rhythm some of the time
    But I can always rhyme

    Two things at once you say
    Guess that makes things twice as good at my bay
    Something for me
    Oh I see
    Computer is being crap
    So I'll see if it will let me log in for a lap
    Yeah it doesn't have to mean much
    As it worked even if it was nuts a touch..lol

  48. Whoa~ a lot has happened over here
    since I last did appear
    lots of reading to make me smirk
    it's just so much fun here to lurk
    Orlin, you make it fun to return each time
    and give another go at a comment that rhymes!

  49. Oh and it was almost perfectly done
    Yet you messed up on the last one
    That's why you will never beat me
    Oh doesn't that cause such glee...lol
    Yes the comments can be more entertaining than the post
    Of course you provide plenty of banter for Pat, Orlin, Cassie, bah whoever is host..haha

  50. When it comes to rhyming, yes, Orlin is king,
    But when it comes to
    rhythm, I must say that our little cat's poetic musings occasionally seem to lack a certain something.


    [Silver Fox sits back and waits for the inevitable fallout...]

  51. Oh you switched gears to your Rhythm Nazi now
    And look you bolded them, weren't you stating how deedee doing that made you have a cow..lol
    I can use rhythm when need be
    But I admit it isn't my top priority
    I won't cause too much fallout for you
    As you admited Orlin is rhyming king giving me my due..lol

  52. Grammar Na-- I mean, Silver Fox sez: HA! Fair enough, oh Kingly Cat!

    Orson sez: Hm. I hope Orlin realizes there's only room for one general in the feline revolutionary army! I'd hate to see this insurrection become one of those Cheshire Guevara and Fidel Catstro things...

  53. Kingly Cat....
    I can accept that
    Both monikers are interchangeable for you
    Look what I created, who knew..lol

    Yeah Orson can be the general that's just fine
    As he leads the troops up to the front line
    I'll sit up on high
    As the king can't afford to die
    Catstro..hahaha nice
    Although watch it Grammar Nazi might slap you if you try and say it twice

  54. Orson sez:

    Foxy'd better not try to slap this cat,
    Or I'll grab his keys, and lock him out!
    He'll be standing outside on his "welcome" mat
    And I'll only laugh when I hear him shout.

  55. haha us cats really rule the domain
    I just made Pat feel pain
    Changing the profile write up, making him fully second fiddle on the blog
    As I am now king of this log
    I let him keep the picture for now
    As he does feed me chicken and cow

    Think the Fox is smart enough to have a second key
    If so you might what to shove a chair under the knob, just some advice from me

  56. Orson sez:

    I love the way you just took over!
    Pat had better run for cover!*
    And a chair might keep out that Foxy creep,
    Although it'll give me one less place to sleep!

    (*That's one of those "sight rhyme" things. Cut me some slack, Jack!)

  57. A sight rhyme you say
    Hmmmm I guess this one time I'll look the other way
    Think you're making that up though
    But I'll let it go
    True but then you can just steal his bed
    As he sleeps out in the hall using the welcome mat to rest his head

  58. Nope, I'm not... I mean, Orson's not making that up. From Wikipedia: "Eye rhyme, also called visual rhyme and sight rhyme, is a similarity in spelling between words that are pronounced differently and hence, not an auditory rhyme. An example is the pair slaughter and laughter."

    And -- no lie -- would you believe that my "welcome" mat actually says "Go Away?"

  59. Hmmm maybe I'll have to try a sight rhyme sometime
    Although that could be a tricky chime

    hahahaha yes I find that easy to believe
    After all stupid people are a pet peeve..lol

  60. A master of rhyme that cannot be denied, especially in this piece.Wonderful piece ~ Rose

  61. Thanks for the feedback
    It didn't lack
    As master of rhyme
    Can be stated any time..lol

  62. the cat in the hat ever floating ever wandering, rhyming about the universe, challenging life before our very hearts...enjoyed your poem, piquing my curiosity...i enjoy how you test the limits within the limitlessness of poetry...i enjoy how you fill in life's blanks with rhyming our very imaginations...

    great originality and pure fun...


  63. wow you enjoyed a lot of things with this one
    Glad it was lots of fun
    Which is all I try to do
    The uptight stuff I could care less about it's true
    Remember curiosity killed the cat
    But satisfaction brought it back, how about that..lol

  64. Pat - I'm impressed that you can write in jest and take the time to make each thing ryhme. the body of your poem I am impressed for certainly rhyme has stood the test. What I like is the picture form and then a poem with talent you were born. this has been fun but in poetic words I've got to run

  65. haha nicely done with the retort
    Glad I could impress at my fort
    Guess my so called talent keeps me on the right track
    And creativeness so far I don't lack
    With my fun little diddy
    Sometimes kind of witty..haha