Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A dVerse Cast, Warning They May Get On Your Nerves Real Fast!

"Through space and time, I send this chime. Bring forth a crew, who's hearts are true. Let them host a pub for all, from coast to coast, answering the poetry call.....Damn flies, I never said I wanted you guys. If a did I would have said send a crew who's hard on the head.....oh no look what you did, I forgot to close the lid."

Suddenly my bed was rough and rather cold, I awoke thinking it was mold. But as the cat looked around, I didn't know where I was found. I looked from side to side, wondering if I crossed life's divide. But if I did this was hell, as an assortment of characters followed me down the well.

I slapped myself thinking it was a dream, desperately wanting to hear my new theme. Yet as I closed my eyes I didn't awake, meaning this wasn't fake. I cracked Pat upside the face, hoping he'd know this place. But he seemed just as confused as I, OK he was more confused, I won't lie. Cassie leaped up rather fast, as she saw some of the other cast.

That Voiceover Guy loon was here as well, as was Gung and Ho who gave a yell. Those three were no wiser than I and of course I saw a glowing red eye. He awoke on the ground looking at me side to, wanting to make a pair of slippers out of you know who. He shouted blame, asking why I was playing this game. Why I brought him here on the street, with no shoes on his feet, throwing him on the ground like a worn out raisin, thus it was a typical rant by the self declared God, Duke Drazin.

Yet all of us kept our cool, after some loud mouth remarks from that tool. As the only building in sight, was "Merlin's" basically telling us to come in, with a big red "open" light. So in barged that Drazin mook all hot under the collar, ready to give the bar keep a hollar.

Gung and Ho still looked out of it, but followed Drazin and his hissy fit. Voiceover guy had nothing to say, so he joined the fray. Cassie and Pat looked at the cat, indicating we should steer clear, but there was just nothing else I fear. This pub was all that could be seen, everything else looked like a blank screen. As it was pitch black in every direction, like someone yanked us out of our existence for some collection.

So in we followed watching chairs fly, as Drazin was searching for this Merlin guy. As a chair came whizzing by, I noticed a piece of paper fall from the sky. It read, "one way out, give a shout", I shrugged dropping the thing, until a spotlight came on, over the place one was supposed to sing.

We all stared at the microphone, Drazin laughing in his usual tone. Stating how this guy was trying to get free acts and that was simply the facts. But Drazin decided to play along, getting ready to sing a song. As he hoped this Merlin guy would show his face, allowing Drazin to bury him under this place. I figured it was a good time to plug my ears, but after a few Gung and Ho cheers, Drazin began. I can say I'm still not a fan.

It's tough to be so great
As no one can relate
To the powers of a God
My voice can shake a quad
That's just one impressive trait

The rest is too dVerse
And can do far worse
So avoid Drazin like the plague
And if that was too vague
This once Drazin will hit reverse

Stating you will fry
And most likely die
Becoming slippers on Drazin's feet
As Drazin walks Drazin's Godly beat
So come don't be shy

Get on up here cat
Don't hide behind Pat
As Drazin has filled Drazin's dime
With some type of rhyme
And now it's time to squash you flat

As he stated his final line, a bright light started to shine, and poof Drazin was gone, it was like we were in the world of Tron. But would singing secure our release or simply make our existence cease? We took a vote and even with huge doubt, decided this was the only way home, as clicking our heels three times didn't work, so why not sing into the chrome.

We found some straws and each took one, as Voiceover Guy got to start off the fun.

Follow me to a place where the bells toll in your face
Where the residents are dVerse, yet won't steal your purse

Where poetry runs the show and lines are aglow
Off the page, all the rage
Come and engage, no matter your age
Whether rain or snow, just get up and go

A chair will be saved, the street will be paved
The doors are unlocked, the bar will be stocked
The tunes will blare, the words will have flare
You can even pop a vein, as someone caters to the insane

It's a cheapo's delight, day or night
As there is no fare, come if you dare
Fill your canteen, get glued to the screen
With words taking flight on the first OpenLinkNight

He gave us a smile and disappeared off the tile. Again there was no trace, just like Drazin and his ugly face. So up went Pat, having no idea what to say unlike the cat. Although as if there was ever any doubt, it wasn't hard to tell he'd use movies for his shout.

Did we all Die Hard in the night
Maybe Critters caused this plight
Either way I think Heaven Can Wait
No matter if this is a Serendipity trait

As I'll be a Lethal Weapon if need be
Sending this place Out to Sea
I'll employ the Lion King
Hey at least it isn't Grease I have to sing

Maybe we've been Bad Boys
Or Gremlins got in our toys
Transporting us Back to the Future once more
Taking the We're Back tour

Because Chances Are we are still alive
For we have such a Braveheart we will thrive
Meaning we won't have a Breakdown
So Catch me if you Can you Merlin clown

This isn't Dawn of the Dead
With an Eagle Eye one can see it's all in our head
You can make use think it's the End of Days
But Equlibrium is where my mind stays

So I wave away this Fortress of yours
Going back to the Frequency of my shores
For The Magnifiecent Seven we may be
But let me out now or The Full Monty you will see

As Gung and Ho laughed at the threat of Pat, he disappeared from Merlin's mat. I guess this Merlin guy didn't want to see all of him, every single ummm limb. Those two goons were the next to jump on stage, acting as if they were all the rage.

Hey Gung lets go
It's time we put on a show

Hey Ho calm down
They can hear you across town

Gung I never knew there was a town here
Just this pub with that Merlin puppeteer

I wasn't being serious Ho
That you should know

Wow we are really dVerse Gung
Maybe we should go on the road while we're young

Yeah and make lots of dough
Wouldn't that be fun Ho

Look here's a glow
I guess time is up for Gung and Ho

Weren't we grand
Give us a hand

For Gung is Hung
And Ho is...slow...can row..hates snow...away we go

My ears were never more thankful, to be rid of their bull. I didn't even know what to call that, as their song was more of a chat. I think Merlin just wanted them gone, so poofed them away with a yawn.

Now all that remained was Cassie and I. But we figured somewhere in the shadows, lurked this Merlin guy. So together we decided to finish this so called fun because if he was around, it would be better to face him two on one. So up we went to the stage, when out came this man dressed as a mage.

He simply picked up a chair and took a seat, acting as if he was in for a treat. Cassie and I both tried to make the leap, figuring we'd end this creep. But we were stuck to the floor and couldn't move no matter how much we swore. Out of nowhere a tune started to play and we began to sing like some blue jay.

We have ourselves an ocean
With words too dVerse to ignore
So lets create a commotion
Providing a place to mingle and explore

Allowing us to discover
More and more as time goes along
Through the eyes of another
Creating a kinship through poetry's song

Building on each others feedback
Over a quick pub snack
As dVerse reaches for the sky
All will be seen eye to eye

If the road should split
Too bright to see, too dark to choose
The skills learned will never quit
Helping out through life's cruise

So attempt to take a break
Think before you pass on by
As missing out would be a mistake
And that's no lie

Building on each others feedback
Over a quick pub snack
As dVerse reaches for the sky
All will be seen eye to eye
Eye to Eye

He clapped for a second than waved goodbye, throwing his hands into the sky. A bright light came over us just as those before and when we opened our eyes we were back, snug as a bug, at our shore.

"Thank heavens I fixed that mistake, as although the cat will partake. This wasn't supposed to occur, as Pub's don't usually allow so much fur. So as I was saying before the flies, made me bring forth these guys. Bring forth two figures to take charge, named Brian and Claudia to make poetry large. With a dVerse poets pub, creating a magical hub. Now that should fix that, but I also see great things for this cat."

So it's anyone's best guess, what came out of that mess. But it sure was dVerse and I suppose it could have been much worse. Admittedly we also had some fun and so ends this new tale I've spun. So if you ever go through the looking glass, remember the experience you gained from reading the words of this little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. haha you got tour de force on this one cat,all your sharacters got a part, glad we got called forth and great to see you on opening day, say keep spinning those words away...glad drazin got squashed you know...smiles.

  2. oh wow pat - this was amazing..thank you so much...there will always be a stool for you by the bar and some fish in the fridge for the cat...and i think we will put a chalkboard up right behind the bar where you can scribble your rhymes while you're drinking a beer..smiles

  3. This belongs with epic poems like Homer's ILIAD and ODYSSEY!

  4. Yeah all the crazy loons came out for opening day
    They just all wanted to play
    Drazin got what he deserved once more
    As did those other three or four
    The words will spin
    Sometimes maybe into the gutter or garbage bin..haha

    Do I get my name on the stool
    That would be cool..haha
    The cat will like the fish to eat
    Heck he'll take any kind of meat
    The chalkboard I may use
    If my brain blows a fuse
    As I tend not to forget
    Usually not one little bit

    haha I think it be more with the later though
    Unless you think the singing sounded like a crow
    Than it could be a tradegy like the first
    Maybe I should have shoved some greek into this burst..haha

  5. Wow! You have a lot of great energy...and an endless supply of rhymes. I know there must be an old song out there somewhere like that...or I may be talking through my hat, Pat :-)

  6. Not just poetry, but a full blown tale to rhyme and weave ourselves along here - really showcases your talent. Amazing doesn't even begin. To be able to produce something like this, and keep the rhyming going throughout...damn, sir. Kudos.

  7. Yep energy just flows out of me for now
    No coffee or other caffiene yet still do it some how
    Probably a song like that
    Or if not one could be made by the cat
    A pun on the hat
    hahaha they never fall flat

    This just flowed out as I went along
    Using all my past characters putting them to song
    Glad you liked as I weaved in and out
    More than amazing was also a great thing to add to your shout..haha

  8. Pat, you are brilliant what more can I say :)

  9. That works quite well
    I must tell..haha

  10. Very nice rhyme
    Like you do any time.
    And wow...this one was long
    with many verses to your song
    A great one for opening day
    when the dverse crew came out to play!

  11. yup, this was a classic Patt, you absolutely outdid yourself! Love the new look of your blog too, very cool.
    Keep rapping, keep creatin'
    Cos time ain't waitin'
    for a wordsmith's rhyme
    to be this sublime!

  12. Yeah isn't that Drazin loon a windbag
    We'll blame him for this one being a long tonque wag
    As opening day of the dVerse came
    I had to play the rhyming game..haha
    But since it was long a day or two I can take
    And do that other thing I am trying to make

    Oh I won't wait around
    And new stuff will be found
    Such as the new look I made
    Glad you liked the tale I played

  13. A day or two off?
    I'll have rhymetime withdrawl!
    Send me something to help
    with the side effects
    as you know I love the text!

  14. Was this as much fun write as it looks? Lol...you are a complete star! I so enjoyed it! :)

  15. haha I never said I would take it off though
    As I don't want your to have withdrawal from my show
    But today I did nothing on you know
    So tomorrow it's all that and we'll see how far I go
    When I go over the next four or five another ten
    I'll send it along to your den..haha

    Yes it was rather fun to write
    I could have kept going all night
    But then it would be really really long
    And everyone would think there was just something wrong
    Oh right they already do
    That I knew..haha

  16. oh good...
    waiting with anticipation
    with my den the destination

  17. lol hopefully by weeks end the next few will be done for sure
    If not a few more

  18. You mind must think in rhyme the whole of the time... goodness, you've got me doing it now too! Talk about an epic read, indeed!

  19. I agree it is contagious
    and outrageous!

  20. i can't even find words to comment
    on this brilliant piece of tales and content
    i wonder if the cat has a tap
    of words under his hat
    i do so admire and i feel oprah needs to know
    that there is a cat, somewhere in canada that must be discovered and shown to the world.

  21. You really worked it out with this post...whew...

    Hopeful words to the new poetry community...Cheers!

    See you~

  22. Yeah some times the rhymes in my head won't shut off at all
    And I even repeat them on a phone call
    Not all that great for work
    They sometimes think I'm a bit of a jerk..lol
    Making fun of them somehow
    So I try my best not to do that now
    Epic read was a nice retort
    Thanks for the feedback at my fort

    After reading all of that
    It be hard not to rhyme at least a little like the cat..haha

    The words you found will do
    I'll never tell what's under my hat but it could be blue..lol
    Oprah's almost done though
    Or is she already I don't know
    So I guess I better hurry up
    And beat out the scooter driving pup

  23. Yep went over board a tad
    Hope it helps the dVerse gal and lad
    And all the rest
    As they try their best

  24. LOLOLOL giggling at your note... LOL

  25. hahahaha sorry just had to add that
    As it popped into the head of Pat..LOL

  26. WoW! Pat, took me some time to get through it, but I have to say this has got to be the best of yours that I've read!
    You're definitely the superstar of the opening night! I think you may have booked a permanent stool with this one and I like what you did with the header too.

    Make sure they give you free rounds at the bar..lol

  27. I see you've told quite a story,
    So I had to stop by and give you some glory
    My rhymes here are weak
    But, no time to tweak...

    I know you'll understand :)

    Always fun over here!

  28. haha I'll make sure I get my free rounds
    Spreading them about at the dVerse grounds
    Yeah this one did come out rather well
    An idea I came up with about two minutes before typing, I have to tell..lol
    Be nice if my stool had my name
    Then I could have to myself, keep away the germs and a little fame..haha

    haha yep time runs out here and there
    Glad you stopped by for a stare
    The rhymes worked too
    Fun over here is surely true

  29. brilliant, bloody brilliant :)

  30. Yay! I was looking forward to seeing what you were offering and I wasn't disappointed at all. So much fun and maybe a touch of insanity, but in a good way. Love it!


  31. Not just brilliant but bloody brilliant wow
    I think I have an even bigger head now..lol

    I try never to disappoint
    Except those who get their nose out of joint
    Fun picking at them I must say
    But not today
    Yes I'll admit to being a tad insane
    I think I popped the wrong vein
    Leaving me a bit open to becoming crazy
    Glad you liked and it didn't make you hazy
    Or maybe it did
    Flipping your lid..haha

  32. Claudia said,"and i think we will put a chalkboard up right behind the bar where you can scribble your rhymes while you're drinking a beer..smiles"

    Hi! Claudia...
    I don't mean to step on your toes...heaven knows, but I don't think that Pat Hatt, Orlan or the cat "drink..." I'm so sorry, for causing a "stink! lol!


  33. Here goes a limerick or a little ditty...
    There once was a young man name Pat, but he never wear a hat(t)...Who swore he would not drink any more...Therefore, he place all his liquor under the barn floor and now he don't drink anymore! lol

    Pat Hatt said,"Yes in my shack liquor is no where...
    So Brian and Claudia can have it all to themselves
    No matter what or how much is on the shelves...

    deedee said,"What a grand send Off since you don't drink anymore and liquor no longer touches your "lips" as you handed over your bottle to Brian and Claudia to [C]hristian their "ship!" lol

    [Was that really difficult to do? I bet they had to "pry" it [the bottle]out Of your hands too! lol]

    Pat, as for your post I salute you with a toast...Here! Here with a(root) beer...Because I thought that it swell and you probably want end up in _ell! lol

    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee ;-D

  34. Orlin, I think you stole the show
    at the deVerse opening row
    The folks are quite impressed
    with you as a new guest!

  35. I think that she knows
    As she has gone where the wind blows
    Coming my way before
    But offering a fake beer can easily be accepted at my shore

    Almost a limerick but not quite
    As a rule or two you surpassed on this night
    Sorta sounds like you had one too many to drink
    Repeating stuff found on another post link
    So suck that so called "root" beer back
    And sleep it off in your rack..lol

    I didn't mean to steal
    I hope I can give it back with no big deal..lol
    As I'm a terrible guest
    For I can be a rhyming pest..haha

  36. Yes, you did steal the show. This is just amazing. You must think in rhyme!!! I have to confess it makes me want to write some rhyming poetry. So much talent.

  37. Aw, this kind of stealing is A-OK
    and they loved you, so there's no returning the pay!

  38. Think and dream at times
    Better than looking at scary mimes..lol
    Glad you came through my rhyming maze
    And I was able to amaze
    Not put you in a daze
    Or a craze
    And now you want to rhyme too
    Oops what did I do..haha

    That's good that it's A-OK for me
    For I don't have to hide at bush #3
    Or crawl into the crack
    Thank God for that face it fact..haha

  39. gooD one.. I loved it Pat. Will be back soon. Have a good day!

  40. Well Writ and Rhymned even for those who are mimes... anyway... great write Pat ... awesome ... kiss the cat

  41. Another cornucopia of comedy and rhyme. Great fun to read Pat. Thanks for sharing. James.

  42. Good enough to make you come back
    And go around the rhyming track
    I'll take that
    As will the cat

    I think he'd have a fit if I tried that
    Probably bite the face of Pat
    Which he's done before
    Mistake but still hurt galore
    Yeah and screw those mimes
    They have no fun chimes

    Yep comedy and rhyme both abound
    Here where I'm found
    Glad it was fun
    And I'll continue sharing a ton
    Whether cold or hot
    Whether some like it or not..hahaha

  43. I went way beyond my tolerance for reading, but it was worth it. Sorry I missed that night, must have been quite a sight.

  44. haha the rhyming pushed your limits here at my place
    Glad it was worth the long storybook pace..haha

  45. Pat, you are a rhyming machine set to perpetual metrical! :-)


  46. Yep definitely went perpetual with this one
    As there was a ton
    My machine just wouldn't shut down
    So I rhymed all over town

  47. pat,

    i have enjoyed your poems and the magic of your heart rhyming with the world...thank you for moments you gave to comment on other's poetry and for all you have given to your love of poetry.."Think before you pass on by
    As missing out would be a mistake
    And that's no lie"..you said it all...


  48. I still say it's more rhyming lunacy than peotry at my shore
    But I guess it could be poetry galore..haha
    Moments were fun
    Yeah last night I read a ton
    The cats said it way better than the rest
    With that last little jest
    Thanks for the feedback
    It sure didn't lack

  49. Excellent as usual Pat, Cat and rest of cast. I don't know, I know Drazin got what he deserved, but there's something to him that I, well, don't mind all that much. He provides a difference here and there, laughs too. Well played piece, entertaining as always.

  50. haha yeah the Drazin nut can be amusing
    Even if he is abusing
    But he still gets what he deserves in the end
    At least that seems to be the ongoing trend
    Glad it could entertain
    And not make you pop a vein..haha

  51. Holy cow, how do you do what you do? :D Amazing!

  52. Wow - what an opening !!! Entertaining, clever, fun, and a stack more words I am struggling to string together right now.

  53. Pat Hatt! This was like the gift that kept on giving! I especially loved the verses with movie references. Very clever.

    Can't wait to read your next dVerse post!

  54. "Pat said,"Almost a limerick but not quite..."

    [Hi! Pat...and I'm not in rhyming mode, but I don't write poetry or limericks I was just kidding around..."as per usual!"]

    Pat said,"As a rule or two you surpassed on this night Sorta sounds like you had one too many to drink
    Unfortunately, that will never be true...Because I [don't or] never smoke and I never drink too! LOL

    ..."Repeating stuff found on another post link..."

    Omg...Pat Hatt, please don't get your nose out Of joint...Because I usually go back sometimes and retrieve past comments when I want to make a point! LOL!
    I know that this is your "shores" and I don't mean to sound like a "mean" boar, but my "repeat" comment was directed to Claudia too and not you!...lol

    Pat Hatt said,"So suck that so called "root" beer back And sleep it off in your rack..lol"

    Ha! Now, look what you made me do I went out and purchased three cans Of Pringles [Pizza, Cheddar Cheese, and Bar B-Que]
    PRINGLES and I plan to polish them off with a Dr.Pepper and a cold root beer too! LOL

    [postscript: Pat Hatt
    Please don't hit the roof, but if you purchase 4 cans Of Pringles Speakers For Your Can and mail in the proof you can receive Speaker(s) for your Pringles can...Listen here my good man I bet when all is said and done you will own each and every one! LOL]

    deedee :-P

  55. Have no idea how I do this stuff
    But it comes out easy and is rarely ever tough
    So let's just pretend when across the keyboard my fingers blaze
    I mean to amaze..haha

    haha hopefully it's not too big of a struggle though
    Of course that's not unusual for my show
    Giving dVerse some cheer
    Helping those find their way for a beer

    Oh movie references I can do
    I can do them until I turn blue
    If I did them it be ten times as long
    As with them I can do no wrong...haha
    The gift that keeps on giving you say
    Guess I can help brighten everyones day

    So just naturally drunk you say
    Boy that must cause dismay..lol
    Yeah commenting to people who leave a comment and well leave
    That makes as much sense as ummm, wiping my you know with my sleeve..lol
    I can rival that pic with ease
    And as for the speakers one should always read the fine print, whether about pringles or cheese

  56. Haha. What a fun rhyme!
    A trippy dream time.
    Love the movie name drops
    and that the rhyming never stops.

  57. haha damn everyone is really egging the movie side of me on
    Guess I'll soon have to go back to that lawn
    Dropping them non-stop
    Although I might get pulled over for by a movie cop
    Trying to give me a peacock critic
    As they come to peak
    But I do have an idea
    Thanks for the cheer

  58. Late to post again my host
    But had to deal with some pain
    I'm making up, could not have forgot
    To come and shout your name
    For dVerse is my saving grace
    Along with Pat and Cat
    And I think we should take their name
    And put it on Face it Facts :)
    I'll send the dough, you do the work
    And we'll have another one
    To add to the facts and face it cat
    That just adds to the fun! :)
    Great post, great write
    That Drazin really is a fright
    Glad you made it Cat in Hat
    And brought along your rhyming Pat :)

  59. Yes a tad late this time too
    But doesn't change how you always ring true
    Hope the pain is long gone
    And back to all happy on your lawn
    Hahaha yes I brought Pat along
    He had to join in with the catchy song
    Drazin is a loon
    Make a good big bad in some cartoon
    Face it Facts you say
    Yeah I could add it right away