Friday, July 8, 2011

It Is Your Fate, To Step Through The Rhyming Gate!

The title is the only hint you are going to get today, as I was sitting here and starting to play. When I looked to the right and an idea popped into my head last night. So I put what ever I was going to say on hold, beats me what it was but I'm sure it was gold. Hey don't roll your eyes at me, you know it's true at my rhyming sea.

So lets step through this gate and see if you like or hate. Damn was that hint number two, I have to watch what I say and do. As too many facts, will give it away before you even go down the tracks. Now with out further adieu, the little idea I had will be shown in front of you.

Fate Through The Gate

So I guess it's passed A Hundred Days
Since my Point of View came out in rhyming ways
As you've all entered this Serpent's Lair
Prisoners to my rhyming flare

Fire and Water couldn't keep you away
Hathor herself couldn't cause you to stray
As I do my little Show and Tell
Although Secrets are still hidden in my well

Maybe I'll make them Fair Game
And send a Message in a Bottle with my name
But One False Step opening it
Bloodlines may start to drip a bit

Then a Brief Candle might be held for you
For you broke The First Commandment too
Sending you across The Broca Divide
Claiming your Emancipation along the ride

As you enter Within The Serpent's Grasp
There But For The Grace of God your hands will clasp
Spinning you back to 1969
For a Holiday unlike mine

Maternal Instinct could take hold
And Family may be told
As you feel the Need
Revealing the Shades of Grey you lead

Finally breaking New Ground
Demons being lost and found
Forever in a Day
Spirits continually at play

The Rules of Engagement stated
Your Nemesis gated
Urgo put to rest
A Foothold situation at best

Your Learning Curve swoops into the red
Serpent's Song crawls into your head
Out of Mind you feel the want
Bane existence you will haunt

The Torment of Tantalus picks at your skin
Cold Lazarus beaming such sin
Past and Present colliding as one
Deadman Switch missing none

The Devil You Know
Thor's Chariot could over throw
The Gamekeeper prevents pass
Politics use windpipes for gas

A Tin Man you remain
Crystal Skull rarity you obtain
Small Victories give thanks
Forsaken the way of tanks

Metamorphosis has begun
Unnatural Selection on the run
Beast of Burden accepts fate
Between Two Fires dangling bait

Window of Opportunity takes form
Watergate floods breaking the norm
The First Ones continue to cling
Revelations they sing

Redemption shouts
The Other Guys amass in boats
Prometheus himself suffers the wear
For creating Shadow Play stitching the tear

Meridian sways in wake
Red Sky soothes the fake
Scorched Earth claims are made
Exodus is all but laid

Forming a Chain Reaction
Paradise Lost through inaction
Smoke and Mirrors tease
Emitting a Frozen breeze

A Sight Unseen it's not
48 Hours and it will rot
Ascension of the mind
2010 did not find

The Light may dim
The Curse through acting whim
Creating a Tangent fiction
Absolute Power the affliction

Full Circle we come
Menace remaining as table gum
Preparing a Fail Safe
In case formed Allegiance does chafe

Full and complete Disclosure
The Warrior warns brings much exposure
Optimism of a Cure
Upgrades obtained through announcing that chore

The Fifth Man takes the blame
Beneath the Surface all a game
Memento given for compliance
Sight Unseen thanks to reliance

New Order flushed away
The remaining Threads lay
Growing Affinity for change
Yet Revisions concede no range

Lifeboat given to a few
Yet Birthright makes old new
Fallen from Grace
Orpheus neglecting embrace

Fragile Balance enacted
Zero Hour retracted
Citizen Joe states his case
Yet Gemini predict waste

It's Good to be King
An Icon to sing
An Avatar for social creation
Resurrection through animation

Suffer the Lost City
Avenger 2.0 feeling no pity
Cries for an Inauguration of sorts
Wishing Prometheus Unbound upon courts

Avalon thoughts dream
Across the Beachhead they gleam
A Ripple Effect occurs
The Fourth Horseman blurs

Bringing Arthur's Mantle to bloom
A Crusade ending in doom
Modern day Camelot pursued
Collateral Damage shrugged shrewd

Off the Grid trips few take
Flesh and Blood refusing partake
Dominion of ones self
Bounty not forged upon shelf

The Road Not Taken awaits
Family Ties highly rates
Company of Thieves no longer permitted
Line in the Sand has been fitted

Uninvited stopped in their tracks
Whether one or 200 searching for facts
Counterstrike to lay waste
The Bad Guys quicken with haste

Brand naming The Quest
The Pegasus Project thought best
Suffering The Shroud
Once more, signaling the Unending proud

Hmmm a lot more there to work with then I thought, just look at all the nonsense it brought..haha. I didn't make you suffer though, as I only referenced 132 at my show, at least around there or so, look another hint before I go. So today I went through the gate with my mass and thankfully I'm still a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. dude how many movies can one man mash into verse, enough to curse the reader though not make them haters, quite the 'star' gaze through the 'gate' err...see i even done it, but what fun it is this could turn into a biz, propping up redbox, though watch the grammar fox, i wont point it out, for he needs some fun and oh by the way this comment is done....

  2. Oh I can mash tons upon tons and them some
    But then I might even make haters out of their mom
    Technically this one had nothing to do with movies though
    Although I suppose it can sorta count as one feature from it did show
    You guessed right in your ever so subtle remark
    I'm sure it will help others who can't disembark
    Yes I know there are some errors with some words
    But Grammar Nazi can go to the writers and flip them the birds
    For that is the correct spelling of the titles they made
    I just followed the plans they laid
    A biz you say
    Oh that would be such fun to play
    If only it was
    I'd no longer rhyme just because..haha

  3. Fate through the Gate?
    Is that like the Gate of Fate
    and Alexander the Great
    Or a game title? Wait!
    Click on the chest and turn the key, mate?
    I'll take the bait
    Nobody I hate
    Don't know my fate
    no matter the date.
    Could it be freight
    coming in a crate?
    Hope it doesn't arrive late!
    Today is the eighth
    So don't hesitate
    Isn't this great?
    Just increase your gait
    as you skate
    and look what you ate
    it's gone from your plate!
    Should we close this case?
    Can you negotiate
    the debate?

  4. Pat, this piece is crazy good. The references used are so wide spread, from history to theology to mythological heads, from lit to perhaps a bit o' song to stir. I can't keep the rhyming up, it would be a dishonor. Anyhow, this is a masterpiece, well written and crazy good. I think I know the key to this puzzling Gate, but if even so, not quite sure. I thought it was this one thing, but now I see you stating Brian threw out a subtle clue, and now I'm thinking I need to watch more tv, to be sure If my thought is right or wrong. Perhaps a good old sphinx is what I need?

  5. Shakes head back and forth at you
    Would have been great but then you made me blue
    For case rhymed with nothing at all
    I guess you're permitted one rhyming
    haha and I had to laugh as today is the eighth
    Could it be coincendence or fate
    Maybe just another serendipity event
    Although maybe you were just trying to pay comment rent
    And didn't know the answer at all
    Hmmm trying to deflect me with your rhyme call
    Almost worked but you used case at the end
    So you couldn't blind me with your "ate, ait" rhyming trend
    Oh and the case you didn't solve
    Although you have such great resolve..LOL

    Yes as I was going along
    There were so many references not using them would be wrong
    So I used a far amount
    Well over half the episode count
    More like a Pyramid than a Sphinx
    As they have some outer space links
    Brian ' ' both words in his clue
    So find that and the answer will be upon you
    Masterpiece sounds great
    Guess I should go more often through the gate
    Oh and rhyme or not
    I'm sure it wouldn't dishonor, at least not a whole lot..LOL

  6. Oh gosh. I did my best
    and still you're not impressed.

    both have long a's
    don't be so dismayed!

  7. Yeah that isn't going to work this time
    As that's a big stretch making those looooooooooooooooooong a's rhyme..LOL
    Oh I'm impressed a bit
    Just have to have a little fit

  8. You just don't like the word case because it has a silent letter
    But next time I'll try to do a little better.

  9. Holy cow, this is one of the longest rhyming poems I've seen of late. Hats off to you, Pat!

  10. hahaha yeah you got me that silent crap
    Really sends me into a fit running

    Oh I can go on far longer too
    But then you might want to take off your shoe
    And chuck at me to shut me up
    That's why I don't go on as long as a noisy pup..haha

  11. Just so you didn't pop a vein
    because they'd hear that clear over in Maine!
    oh, lol...hahahaha

  12. Maybe my yelling will get trapped on a plane
    Then when it lands go on a train
    Get stuck to an old man's cane
    Go down some old lane
    Attach itself to a Great Dane
    Being walked by Jane
    Or some guy named Kane
    Maybe a couple with the last name Cain
    Then all the hurt from my vein
    All that piercing pain
    Will land at your door
    And you'll see what you did with your silent word tour..LOL

  13. gnash, gnash, gnash!

    Oh that will really send you over the hill
    you'll feel so ill
    need to pop a pill
    want to kill
    stab me will a quill
    chop down my daffodils
    worse than eating a pickle, dill
    I'd just sit and chill
    Oh, that would be a thrill!

  14. hahaha want me to tackle the grammar issue there
    Then I can get back at your gnash flare
    So is it stab my will
    Cutting someone out at your hill
    Or is it with a quill
    Now which one of us is feeling ill
    I can pick back
    On the grammar, rhyme or whatever attack
    So attacking my ocd
    May make me flee
    But it is such glee
    When you mess up the spelling bee
    Good thing entry is free
    Or you might have to show your knee
    As a fee
    Just to get up and spell you see
    That is all from me
    Don't go spilling your coffee..LOL

  15. Oh, now you want to see my knees?
    Can you handle that, silly cat with fleas?
    Already have one cat that likes my toes
    So goodness knows!
    So what did I spell wrong
    I looked again and don't get that song
    you're singing about the spelling bee
    I think you're pulling my leg, not to mention my knee.

  16. Do you have your contacts in
    Or are you squinting here at my
    "Stab me will a quill"?????
    Oh pointing it out is such a thrill
    Grammar Nazi is soon going to have to pay me a fee
    For these little tidbits from me
    Oh and I have no fleas thank you
    But I'll go find some to bite your knees leaving them red and blue..haha

  17. here dear Pat and cats...

    QUILL ~
    Search Results quill/kwil/

    Noun: Any of the main wing or tail feathers of a bird.
    Wikipedia - - - Merriam-Webster

  18. what happened?
    choked on the crow you now have to eat
    or are you 'googling' quill to see if I am a cheat?

  19. Shakes head at you
    Quill isn't the error due

    "stab me will a quill" = "stab me with a quill"
    Now do you see where I'm going at my hill
    Read real real real slow
    hahahaha torture I know...hahaha

  20. eat and cheat
    perfectly neat!

  21. I think Pat was referring to the fact that you wrote "stab me will a quill," instead of "with a quill." But even Grammar Nazis know those things slip by.

  22. See the Fox caught on fast
    But you let it slip past
    Oh the shame
    Now who has to play the eat and cheat game..LOL

  23. Yep, I was right, as he wrote while (or is that "well?") I was typing.

  24. No it's while
    I knew that one by a
    Next time it could be well
    Just because I'm lazy as hell

  25. Oh! LOL! I guess I have to eat the crow alone!
    But I refuse to finish off the bones!

  26. hahahaha yummy crow was it
    I'm sure a local mutt will finish the last little bit

  27. And why can't we laugh at the clever rhyme?
    Why must we only point out the spellings and non perfect rhymes?
    It didn't used to be that way
    here at your bay
    ok...back to munching on my crow
    it's not bad roasted, you know!

  28. Hey I'm just beating you to the punch
    Because you used to point out my grammar crunch
    But I guess a truce can be called
    Before we're old and bald
    Yeah I'm sure not many will fight over the crow
    But then you never know

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Well and While but months ago
    and coo from yesterday at my show
    but that is all and I think you have me
    mistaken for the grammar nazi.
    I'm not him...just compare our knees
    I have no spelling or rhyme OCD's.

  31. I'm not THAT bad. I do it to occasionally tease. If I were to point out every single error I encounter on every website and blog I visit, I'd sleep a lot less than I do now. Hell, if I just pointed out every time someone used "it's" instead of "its" as a possessive pronoun...!!!

  32. You're bad enough to have the title and badge.

  33. Well, some of you certainly seem to think so.

  34. Hey in an email or two you did it too
    Yes you know it's true
    But I'll forget the whole grammar crap
    And leave it to the Silver chap

    hahahaha on the defensive now are we
    But yeah don't seem bad to me
    Only pick out a few here and there
    Not that I care
    Then I'll see
    And hopefully that mistake won't be made again by me
    So go ahead and be a grammar nazi
    As every once in a while it doesn't bother me at my tree
    I just like making Betsy eat crow
    It's fun don't you know

    Yep Betsy's well blame for that
    Or a certain hairy cat

  35. See messed up right there
    We'll it some be but I rushed with that rhyming pair

  36. 'Should'
    Damn this one is right, "knock on wood"

  37. wiping mouth with napkin
    picking feather from teeth...

    OK..I've paid my dues
    So, Pat...any clues
    as to the puzzle above with a star
    and gate
    and fate?

  38. haha just take the gate and the star
    Swith them around and push them together with your car
    Then you get "Stargate"
    And all is revealed on your plate
    Of course you add an SG-1 to the end of that
    And all the capitilized words were episode titles picked out by Pat
    As there was well over 200 to choose
    So did you win or lose

  39. Well, I never!
    How very clever!
    No matter how hard I endeavored.
    I would have been puzzled forever.

  40. haha yeah big box sets with each episode title on the side
    Lead me down that ride
    As I looked at them last night
    And figured it would be interesting to use the titles to rhyme a new height
    And away I went at it
    Easy enough with no

  41. I suppose it would help if one has ever watched the freakin' show.

    Wait until you read my post based on episodes of "The Hathaways."

  42. Fred knew most of the titles
    I guess he has more time to be idle

  43. I could have cheated, and put a few sets of capitalized words (an obvious clue) in quotes, and Googled a bunch of them together.

  44. HAHAHA! I just did that with "Brief Candle," "The Broca Divide," and "Your Learning Curve." Wanna know what I got? TWO results... and both of them were links to this post!

    WV is "nerses." That's what someone needs when he's so sick, he can't even spell!

  45. haha yeah that would probably help some
    Otherwise your brain may just be numb
    Of course the whole 'gate' play was there
    And with 200 episodes or so isn't that rare
    Now it I did Threshold or Day Break or some crap like that
    Yeah no one would ever guess what was used by that cat
    Brian knew
    Guess he's wiser than you..LOL

    I think he knew the show a bit
    But the titles just made him have a fit
    Saying how good they worked
    When he came and lurked

    HAHA wow little time has past
    And Google pinged it awful fast
    Usually doesn't show up for a day or two
    Guess Google likes what I do
    hahaha nerses
    A sick Grammar Nazi using that would follow it with cerses..haha

  46. wow what did you have for dinner, lima beans??

  47. Lima beans can make you rhyme like this?

    (Betsy makes mental note to stock up on cans of lima beans on the next grocery trip!)

    Thanks, OG ~ Pat was holding out on us! lol...

  48. Wow Pat that was quite a read
    On a Saturday morning with a bread
    I thought I was in the twilight state
    No it was just Pat's rhyming estate

    Happy weekend ~

  49. Lima beans are my secret you say
    Hmmmm maybe, maybe not, it will never be admittied from my way

    I'd like to see you stock up on those
    Hey maybe you'll rhyme more who knows
    At least you'll get your fill
    Of nasty food at your

    Yep rhyming estate would be a good description
    To describe my addiction
    Or maybe confliction
    To some rhyming fiction

    haha it just worked so well
    I figured what the hell

  50. you forgot affliction.
    yep, that fits right in! lol....

  51. True it fits in good
    Use it next time I should