Saturday, July 9, 2011

To Word Verify or Give No Go A Try!

So over at Betsy's way, she had a post the other day, bringing up word verifying things, about some of the crap the word verification sings. Most of the crap is funny, some right on the money, but it is another annoying step, just to give your comment pep.

Of course the Silver Fox said he liked it to keep the spammers away, although quite frankly I don't see many spammers where I stray. Once and a while some big long rant type thing shows up, but one can easily delete that hiccup. But then that is adding another step too, not for others, but for you.

Brian spouted off how he hates it acting all mean, although coming from a comment machine, I can see how he'd hate that, it slows down him reading/leaving comments on the next person's mat. Wouldn't want to throw off his groove, as onward he has to move..LOL

But it does allow posts like the one Betsy made and that wouldn't be the case if it were to fade. Then again maybe one could make up their own words, by the herds and use that, instead of wearing the word verification hat. That would have a big down side though and would really make Grammar Nazi's eyes go, as making up words could be bad, they'd look like ghusit, juseit, pwout, houyt, so sad.

Also I guess one good thing about it, as sometimes you can see if you spelled something off a bit and change it if you like or shrug, telling it to take a hike. Where as posting right away, if you see it you don't have the time of day, to change a single thing, when you give your comment ring. Although if you aren't lazy it shouldn't matter anyway, for one should see it before they stray and hit submit, giving their two cent fit. Never ever going to be perfect all the time either way though, as some slip by no matter how much you know.

As for the cat I don't care one way or the other, as I just carry on with one another, whether you have to pay the word verification fare or it isn't there. Although when a blog is really really slow, like certain ones I know because there is too much widget crap, word verification really doesn't want to make you stop, comment and flap, as it just takes to long to beat that gong.

So there are ups and downs to it I guess, just like almost every other thing I confess. But I could turn it off if you'd like, until when/if spam comes and I need to tell them to take a hike. So if you want to share your facts and see it turned off at my rhyming tracks, know majority rules, unless I think you're fools. Then I just win and sit here with a big grin. haha That just came out, oh don't pout. I even worked in a shout, to those that come and gloat. Even if a certain one ate crow, it's still fun don't you know. So the word verification for today is frass, aren't I a fun little rhyming ass?

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Sure! Turn it off. It's mainly to help the blog author, and if he or she doesn't want it, why should I?

  2. When you leave a comment here at your blog,
    do you have to do the WV slog?
    Or since it's your own place
    do you get a little grace?

    Yes, crow was eaten don't you know
    because my mind was working slow.
    But I proofed this typing twice
    so I won't have to eat mice.

  3. Blog authors don't have to go through WV to comment on their own blogs, no.

  4. Pat, I didn't care for the captcha thing the first bunch of times. Now I jot down each of them as they come. One day I'm going to do a captcha poem, obviously a whole bunch of mish mash what's that type of stash but that's okay, should be fun that way. All's good in the captcha hood. Protect and inspire, that's the captcha's desire. Wow, that's a lot of rhyme for me in one comment box tonight, don't want to overstep the captcha bounds and annoy the cat with my failed attempt at rhythmic sounds. Good post though, brought up some really good points. The last attempt at spelling check is one I never realized before.

  5. Well that makes sense that you wouldn't spam yourself
    but it's hardly fair to irritate everybody else!
    And I'm just kidding, everyone gets a choice
    to do what they want and how they make their noise
    Music is a far worse offense
    as it can cause you to wince.

  6. i have comment mod on posts over 7 days old...that catches most of the spam comments...i get maybe 2 a week that it does not catch...just saying...

  7. Brian has a good point. And I just did that this afternoon. The spam is usually on the old ones.
    And if you go into blogger you can see your spam box and all that they catch now. They still come to your email but don't show on your blog. It's much better than it used to be.

  8. I think mine is set up with that little feature.

    Captcha doesn't bother me unless I KNOW I've typed it correctly like 10 times and it won't let me post. I like it when a word pops up that coincides with the subject on the page.

    The captcha for this comment was puditcha (before I had to edit for a spelling error). LOL! I'll have to see if that's really a word. :)

  9. Hey doesn't bother me either way
    Just figured if it was really causing dismay
    I'd turn if off
    And relieve the scoff

    Yeah Fox answered the questions correct
    The author it doesn't neglect
    And yeah mice taste better than crow
    Just so you

    Fred you can never have too many rhymes
    OK yes you can sometimes
    But not in the comments below
    So away you go
    Yeah a captcha poem would be interesting for sure
    Although it probably make less sense than the stuff at my shore
    Yeah I sometimes use it as a last attempt
    When I don't want my spelling to be exempt

    Yeah music is a pain
    Hearing the same thing over and over and over would make me pop a vein
    Now if it was various diddies it be OK
    At least for an extra day

    Hmmm that be a good way to go
    Have to look into that at my show
    So the general feeling is yes or no
    Or doesn't really matter or don't

    Yeah true they spam on the old ones because it gives them links
    And the fun little finks
    Hope you won't check
    So they have a new backlink to add to their deck
    And FYI most of it is automatic stuff
    They type 1000's of blog addresses down with a huff and puff
    Then slap them into their program
    And spam spam spam

    Yeah yours has it too
    Oh I'm with you
    HATE when it does that
    When I know it was spelled right by this cat
    But oh no have to do it ten times
    Ruining all my good rhymes
    Piece of junk thing
    Nothing but annoyance it can bring
    hahaha puditcha is a fun sounding word
    Hopefully it doesn't mean it was flipping you the bird..LOL

  10. Would you believe I've never heard that captcha word?
    I know, you think I'm absurd
    I must live under a rock
    and you're now in shock.
    So now I learned something new
    to take back to my zoo!

  11. Truth be told I seen it once or twice
    But rolled over it like dice
    Because I had no idea what it meant
    Could have been telling me to get bent
    So guess I learned something new too
    Who knew? Guess not me or

  12. I couldn't even think of a word that rhymed with captcha
    except gotcha
    But I couldn't say gotcha
    because I'd never heard of captcha.

  13. But now that you know "captcha,"
    You're going through a rapture?

  14. Cute, but somehow I don't think that will pass for a rhyme
    you might get the denial chime!

  15. Well, if you're one of those who believe I speak with a stereotypical Massachusetts accent, it does rhyme!

  16. haha gotcha would have worked
    If only you knew what it was when you lurked

    Never really thought about that
    But you're right some words can rhyme depending upon the accent they are spoken in at the person's mat

    Many can rhyme with it if you take a liberty or two
    Of course not many true rhymes so those may turn you blue

  17. What's a girl to say
    When good Christian Soldiers
    stop by to raise cain?
    Seems not all enjoy my posts
    But I'll continue to be a gracious host
    And delete them as I see fit
    Let's just call it my power trip! :)

  18. So what did you decide with the WV situation?
    You know we'll keep coming back no matter the decision!
    I don't stop posting recipes although they make you nauseous
    I do it just to be obnoxious!
    But I do state an apology just to be cautious.

    Give it a go
    for a week or so
    and see if you're still alive
    or if spam really does build a hive
    right in your space
    'til you have to use mace.

    At least you know Brian and I will let out a cheer
    every time we come near.
    But we love you no matter
    we'll still come and chatter.

  19. I have word verification for older posts because I have noticed that these are the ones that get the spam type comments. For newer posts I go without because typing in a word can slow things down and discourage folks from leaving a comment (and sometimes there is a glitch with redirection and whatnot - who needs that?).

  20. almost all spam comes from anonymous comments, come to think of it. Instead of WV, you could just not allow the anonymous!

    Of course, that would prevent all peacocks from commenting, so don't know if you want to prevent that kind of entertainment. lol...

  21. I also have a word verification for all comments because I don't moderate it. I used to moderate but found it too tedious and time consuming. If I see a post I don't like in my personal email, I just delete it.

    Now reading the comments here, I just put up my moderation feature if the comments are older than 2 weeks.

  22. I never did get moderating the comments. I mean, if you don't like one, you can delete it from your blog. I personally like the flow and conversations that develop if comments appear in real time.

    I know...I haven't rhymed the last few.
    Why? I haven't a clue!

  23. The biggest advantage I've been able to figure from Comment Moderation is when the blog author has reason to believe that one or more commenters will say potentially damaging stuff. If I were one of those bloggers who scrupulously guides his identity (for whatever reason, no matter how innocent), all I'd need is for one yo-yo to say "Silver Fox, huh? Why don't you just tell people you're David Lynch of Webster, Massachusetts?"

    Or worse, what if the blog commenter sends really embarrassing personal information, whether true or not, like "Hey 'Blog Buddy,' or should I say, John Smith of NYC? That was a great post you did about children. Does that mean you're finally going to pay me the $47,000 of child support you've been neglecting to pay since 1997?" Imagine if every commenter got to see that until John got home from his vacation and finally deleted it? Heh.

  24. haha...oh, you would really just say

    "That's David M. Lynch, thank you very much!"

  25. Well, I would, yeah, haha. But what about poor John Smith, who owes all that child support? ;-)

  26. i get your point...but you could just delete the comment. More than likely few people saw it or believed it. Besides, if he's such a cad, maybe everyone should know! $47,000 in child support?

    And nobody should leave comments open while on vacation. Just sayin'.

  27. My main point was that some people could receive comments they wouldn't want even one person to see, and if you're even away from the computer for a few minutes, that could happen. In fact, you don't have to be away at all. Once the comment is left, the damage is done as far as anyone who receives follow-ups. And as far as John Smith being "such a cad," haha... What if he's not, but the other person wants to spread vicious lies?

  28. Wow this really stirred up some chatter
    On the WV matter

    Yes I've seen a spam comment once in a while about religious crap
    Trying to push their views on some poor chap
    I even had one with WV on
    So sometimes it's a real person and not a bot spreading crap across the lawn

    Yeah I'll come back food or not
    Whether frying pan or pot
    I might take it off next post
    To give it a go for all who comment boast
    If crap arises I'll shove it back on
    I doubt it be enough to fill a jumbotron
    maybe just one or two
    Yeah I know I'll still get visited by the two of you..haha

    Yeah that's a good point
    Some people are lazy when they come to your joint
    And if they see WV is in need
    They'll forget about commenting on your feed
    Prob do the two week thing
    Then see what apam gives a ring

    True I thought about that
    But anonymous can be fun for the cat
    As ammo it can provide
    So right now those I won't hide

    Glad the comments could help you too
    And nice feedback from you
    Yeah it's to much of a hassle at times
    But I am usually around to catch all the chimes

    Just too lazy to rhyme were you
    Did that solve the
    True real time conversation is fun
    Although hard to keep up if you have a ton

    hahaha Fox that is very true
    But if someone goes that far to try and embarrass or tell the truth/lies about you
    I'm pretty sure typing "hudtyuos" in for WV they'll take
    Just to post what they deem true or fake
    So the WV isn't going to stop that
    Then again that crap doesn't bother the cat
    Not much can be said that I haven't said about myself
    Here at my shelf
    Plus most would be from mooks I don't give a crap about
    So I'd just sit and gloat

    Also if they really wanted to spread lies and crap like that
    There is facebook, twitter and a bunch more for that chat
    Then link back to your blog and poof
    They could make poor John Smith hit the roof
    Damn that was a long retort
    Guess lots of WV issues of some

  29. I see you used 'gnaw' in your twitter
    At least it didn't give you a shiver!

  30. hahaha yeah figured I slap that in there for fun
    Good catch at my tweeting fun
    If you can call it that
    As it can annoy

  31. Maybe if it was call Meowing, you'd like it better
    Just isn't fair that a cat has to Tweet and Twitter!

  32. Yeah meowing would be a whole lot more acceptable to the cat
    Heck even barking would be better than the tweeting noise of a rat

  33. Rats don't tweet, only squeak!
    But birds do!
    Hence the blue birdie logo for you!
    Rats just Squeak Sniff and Scurry.
    in a hurry
    looking blurry
    no need for a jury
    to know they're furry.

    When I was a freshman in the college dorm there were rats in the ceiling
    and I had the top bunk so I could hear them squealing
    not to mention the scurrying just above my head
    at 2am it was enough to make me dread
    going to sleep up there close by
    how very creepy as night drew nigh!

  34. Yes that would be nasty for sure
    Especially if they weren't gotten rid of because there would be more and more
    Plus the germs they could give
    I'd quickly find somewhere else to live
    Or bitch and complain until I was moved out
    Or the rats went belly up, no longer running about
    Hey I can pretend they tweet
    Especailly when the cat munches on them from head to

  35. Yeah, it was a really old dorm
    definitely made me feel forlorn!
    Mostly my roommate and I would giggle
    and hit the ceiling to make them wiggle!
    Moved to a better place the next year
    and let out a little cheer.
    Actually broke my finger running from the rats!
    As I ran from my room, the door latch
    hooked the ring on my finger and made a catch
    completely stretched out a gold ring
    and left me cut and broken and crying.
    I even blacked out from the fall
    really crazy freak thing in my hall.
    Weird story I know
    but nothing is normal in my life's show.

  36. haha wow really slim chance of that ever occuring
    Yet it happened sure not leaving you purring
    Odds of that are probably through the roof
    Those rats must have loved that little goof
    Maybe that was their payback
    For the ceiling hit attack
    Yes weird story for sure
    You definitely don't
    My place may be crap
    But at least no rats have bothered this rhyming sap..haha

  37. oh gosh...laughing here at my own expense
    at how really crazy my life is at any tense
    Past and present are quite unique
    makes the future seem full of mystique!

    I never thought of the rats enjoying that mishap
    but I'm sure they did have a knee-slap
    happy time
    oh how sublime

    At least they never came in our room
    that would have really caused some gloom!
    They were happy to stay in the rafters
    and us they never came after!

  38. Probably afraid of you
    If that old saying is true
    Although sometimes I doubt it
    For if they want to have a fit
    They'll come out whether you're afraid of them or not
    Hey maybe they just never got caught..haha
    Fun to laugh at ones own expense
    And to give ones own two cents
    Always good to be unique too
    Well most of the time that is true
    Hopefully no more finger breaking future mishaps
    Or stepping in any rat traps
    Oh that snap would hurt
    And a loud yell one would blurt

  39. Just to clarify:

    "But if someone goes that far to try and embarrass or tell the truth/lies about you
    I'm pretty sure typing "hudtyuos" in for WV they'll take
    Just to post what they deem true or fake"

    No, WV doesn't prevent that. Comment Moderation does, though.

    And... Boy! I sure missed a mess of comments last night!

  40. Oh yeah you definitely need to moderate them that is for sure
    Not saying that shouldn't take place at any shore
    WV is just a stop gap for the bots
    That like to spam lots
    Yep missed a bunch
    But you're always caught up by lunch

  41. Fun post!

    I wrote this limerick on this very topic some time ago: Captured by CAPTCHA.

  42. haha that was so true too
    The limerick written by you