Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today A Mutt Went To The Loo, In A Shoe!

Damn it, go away I'm trying to type. What is your gripe? Shoe fly don't bother me, you're as pesky as a flea. But I guess if the shoe fits, meaning I'll squash you to bits. Not that it would be a hard feet. I'll squash you when you land on my seat.

Stop buzzing overhead, land so I can cause your sole dread. What do you think it would be called if you're squashed with one shoe? Think a sole killer would do? I'm sorry this shoe looks rather old, Pat doesn't have many because he doesn't fold. At the newest pair like many of the opposite gender, going on a shoe bender.

But with crappy shoes he has a good DVD collection to boot. To bad you're buzzing I'm not able to mute. Maybe you'll get lucky with a Shoeshank Redemption, then I might give you an exemption. Or maybe you'll shoe em up, trying to tie them like a young pup. Heck maybe you'll pull a Heart and Soles, letting someone else take the controls.

But sense I'm only using one shoe, would saying the other was a lonely sole be true? Would it leave a Hole in your sole as well? Then it might Shoe me all night long on the Highway to Hell. It could then be a whole new shoe, that might do.

Maybe you should just shoe along, before I give you the boot for staying so long. So as I go on scheming to steal your sole, I guess you could blame dVerse for this shoe patrol. Oh you landed doesn't my shoe shine, wait it smells like someone went to the loo in mine. Oops it looks like Pat stepped in something well outside, I guess he wasn't wanting each stride.

So that would mean at least his feet are clean. So the shoe is on the other foot now, drawing in this fly literally like a fly on shoe wow. Yeah it's all thanks to what rhymes with it, as Pat tramped in it a bit. This has been the facts of the day, so shoe along okay? Or I'll give you some more shoe sass and a wiggle to boot from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Watch where you walk friend,
    The scent could put you round the bend
    Specially in all this heat
    Could smell as bad as rotten meat.
    Hope you have a heck of a day
    Living large in the Face it Facts Way
    Good to see you at dVerse too
    You obviously rehearsed, didn't you! :)

  2. Ha number one's the place for me
    Last time I won would be history! :)

  3. haha yes with this heat it doesn't smell the best
    Bringing forth a buzzing pest
    Rehearsed just a little bit
    With my newest rhyming fit
    But most of it just came to me
    As I can spurt out the Face it Facts easily..haha

    Yes this is a first
    As it's been a while since you were number one with the burst
    Very very long while
    But now your back at the top of the comment pile

  4. i loved your shoe sass, Pat! You definitely have 'dverse' writing skills, but I won't let you steal my 'sole.' Fun to read!

  5. haha shoes it is, flies all a buzz
    if the fit dont get you, the smell duz
    you do well for all the lonely soles out there
    there own hell, thank goodness for shoeshank redemption, otherwise i might give in to temptation

  6. I'll only take one sole though
    You can keep the second one just so you know
    My be uncomfortable on the feet
    But hey who wants to walk in this heat..haha

    Yeah you step on a fly with a shoe full of it
    And it's quite happy to dive into the you know pit
    The smell creeps up
    And you curse the pup
    That shoeshank redemption helps us all
    Keeping us from digging a hole in the wall..haha

  7. Nothing worse than standing in some poop especially if your don't have any shoes on yourself. LOLOL
    I don't know where you get your ideas from but, they do make for a fun read. :)

  8. haha if I didn't have shoes on
    I'd watch every step VERY carefully crossing the lawn
    As Brian said it's not fun stepping in it with bare feet
    Squishing between your toes wouldn't be neat
    Most ideas pop into my head just as I start to write
    Guess it's just like on pops a light..haha

  9. Love the tangency in here. Those shoe flies are bad news I'm telling you, my dog chelsea is scared shitless of them, buzzing about and she runs south under the table or beneath the bed, peering her head out occasionally to see if the coast is clear, and there I am swatting at air. Hate the pests. I can't get my shoes anywhere near my face, lol they're old, definitely need new ones, but in this heat at least their semi-airconditioned, that helps some what lol And to daydreamer that experience is nasty, and it's happened to me unfortunately before, the minute your foot touches you know something is wrong, but the gravity and motion make it too late and you're done, hairballs this fits in with too, thankfully this is a rarity around here, but being such it's a shock all the more, you turn and pick one of them and blame them say bad boy or bad girl then they drop their head or run out the room, thus accepting blame, whether warranted or not God, Pat look what you started here lol

  10. hahahaha damn that was quite the rant you gave
    Here at my cave
    I love starting such things
    And yes a memory your comment brings
    As I haven't stepped in poo barefoot ever that I can think of
    But the kitties have left me hairballs with love
    And I have tramped in a few
    But it beats dog poo
    I know which one it was though
    As Cassie always does three before the hairballs go
    And Orlin only does one
    So they can't blame one another for the hairball that was done

  11. At least cat's cover their mess outside
    burying it deep so no foot will slide.
    Oh the unpleasant memory
    when I had two cats back in history
    Little gifts on the carpet you step on in the morning
    Left outside your bedroom door without warning.
    Another reason to leave the stray cats out
    plus they'd claw the leather couch,
    without a doubt.

  12. Yes that is true
    They bury their poo
    Hairballs they love to leave in weird places too
    I think they think it's funny as they watch you
    Step right in them and shout
    Then they just pretend to pout
    So you won't get mad
    And they'll be glad
    Yeah miss priss claws the couch
    But it's an old piece of crap so it doesn't make me a grouch..haha

  13. AKA Tom Eliot:

    Stop the clocks!

    I can feel your personality pulsing through this one Pat and for what its worth i think you 'da man!

    SHOESHANK REDEMPTION alone was worth getting out of bed for.


  14. haha personality can be rather vast
    With all the snippets from this character cast
    But yes it does come through
    And Shoeshank Redemption popped in my head on cue
    As I went into movie land
    Thanks for giving it a hand

  15. I don't know how you make these
    I go a little crazy
    figuring them out.
    I think I'm too impatient
    with ryhming so insatient
    what am I doing here?

    Yeah, I made a new word!
    Thanks, Pat

  16. haha Oh it's fun to make people go crazy
    And their eyes a little hazy
    But I guess you have to be bit of a nut to write it too
    Which I will admit is true..haha
    Nice new word as well
    If you can't find a rhyme, make one up, what the hell..haha

  17. My eyes are getting tired
    Don't think I'm wired
    enough to make much sense tonight
    and again my rhymes are trite
    but I do love Shawshank
    so please don't make me walk the plank


  18. The "Shoeshank Redemption", that is bad,
    But it gave me one of the best laughs I have ever - well not perhaps ever but so far today at least - have had.
    (It might not scan but it bloody-well rhymes)

  19. hahaha I make no sense half the time
    Just disguise it with a rhyme
    So I can easily relate
    And no plank walking will be your fate

    Yeah I know it was rather bad
    Just a tad
    hahaha hey it bloody well did rhyme
    And wasn't a bad chime