Thursday, August 4, 2011

Now I Made My Own, Might Just Make You Moan and Groan!

So in the comments below of my last big word post Fred reminded your host, how the big words were Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious like. So I came up with an idea to go on my own big word hike. Making up one all by myself, here at my rhyming shelf. Now that I gave it a go, I guess it's time to show.


What could it mean, What could it mean?
With one simple read it can make you turn green.
As you stare at it on your computer screen.
Having no idea what it could mean.
I guess you're waiting for me to come clean.

A witches potion? New type of skin lotion?
A rare trinket from 18th century Rome
A curse used by Betsy? A new doll like Wetsy?
The hair of King Midas golden with comb?

Kitties doing the locomotion? Some type of promotion?
Gems that sparkle and shine?
Brian's magic pen? Sounds more like ten.
Some delightfully tasting red wine?

What could it mean, What could it mean?
With one simple read it can make you turn green.
As you stare at it on your computer screen.
Having no idea what it could mean.
I guess I still have yet to come clean.

It strikes confusion in every pass.
A fact that is loved by my little rhyming ass.
Royalty could spurt it from mouth.
Thinking it paved way for profound growth.

Don't make a scene, Don't make a scene.
Whoops Fred has already packed up and left.
Guess today he needed more caffeine.
Maybe Fox's underwear superheroes will cure his bereft.

Half eaten fruit? A criss crossed toot?
A paperback novel where it's the smallest word?
Some rhyme time taunting? This is quite daunting.
A new form of dairy resembling curd?

What could it mean, What could it mean?
With one simple read it can make you turn green.
As you stare at it on your computer screen.
Having no idea what it could mean.
I guess by now your feeling a tad unclean.

Has your juices flowing, your need to know growing.
As you prepare for the meaning to be told.
Anticipation rising, which you find rather surprising.
Oh hell the rights have just been sold.

What could it mean, What could it mean?
With one simple read it can make you turn green.
By now you've surely cursed this rhyming machine.
But maybe all you needed was to make a scene.
Now don't you feel better having broken your routine?

Damn I never figured I'd go there, was quite the fun affair. As for the facts of how the big word was made. Get some song in your head for an aid. Then for twenty seconds or so, close your eyes and let your fingers go to and fro, tapping the keyboard keys. After that just freeze.

Now get rid of all the junk you pressed, as numbers and other crap are just a pest. Then start from a and go to z, counting everyone you see. Now the highest letter you hit goes first, then use the highest vowel next in your burst and so on and so forth until you've given birth, to your new big word. Now do you see how my idea was spurred? Anyway that is all today from my big word pass, as I big worded out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. ACK! Well by the time I reached the end
    I could pronounce it with a grin.
    One more syllable and it could be sung
    to the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song.
    I guess this is what people do when the're bored
    after almost 2 weeks of vacation, Good Lord!
    Something about making up words this week
    has turned you into more than a rhyming geek.
    A curse you say?
    No, that word's too long!
    By the time I said it, my anger would be gone!
    Or I'd be laughing instead of popping a vein
    as my tongue got tied in the pronunciation game.
    Or maybe it would go numb.
    I've been there before and it feels dumb.

    Now let me try and see what happens...
    Ok, there you go!
    Can't pronounce it, just so you know!

  2. haha - this reminded me of ..Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..and now i have that song in my head and can't get rid of it...smiles
    always enjoying your rhymes pat..and i think i should start to invent my own words...your guidelines seem to work nicely...

  3. haha...too fun pat, you are one big mouth cat to spit words a mile long and still rhyme like a song, my magic pen now gives a cramp just trying to spell your make believe rap...

  4. haha I still can't pronounce the damn thing very well
    But figured what the hell
    That was all I could get out of it though
    Any other letters left just didn't seem to go
    hahaha hey who said I was bored
    Maybe this was just stored
    And had to come out
    And be given a shout
    I'm a rhyming geek now
    I blame it one strat for this word making
    You had to go and pick that up
    Causing the word making hiccup..haha
    Hey at least it would make you not curse
    As just staring at it you'd know things could be worse

    Interesting word yours is
    I can sorta pronounce it with a little tongue fizz
    Better stop before it goes numb
    I hear that is

    hahaha didn't mean for that song to get stuck in your head
    Oh that must just bring dread
    Inventing your own is fun
    Everyone should try at least one

  5. haha that magice pen fit in rather well though
    With my new big word show
    Although don't write it down to many times
    As the ink be run out after one or two chimes..haha

  6. You just did that so the Grammar Nazi couldn't correct your spelling. :)

  7. hahahaha oh poor Grammar Nazi couldn't say a thing
    What a smile that does bring

  8. And the poem was pretty good, too!

  9. I'm sure you haven't been bored at all
    because anything is worse than your desk stall
    with that one guy across from you
    being a drama queen and pouting, too!
    Not to mention the postage machine
    and people around with germs so green.
    But Monday you go back, right?
    At least to keep the paychecks in sight.
    Then you'll only be able to lurk
    when people aren't watching or being jerks.

  10. Yeah, that fred is quite the cat
    but nothing compared to you sir hatt
    Or did i go and mix up that
    meaning to call you the cat?
    Big words are no good for me
    I'm not a queen of spelling bees
    But oh of you I am a fan
    You rhyme even big words like no one can!
    As per the norm you're a class act
    And that is the basic face it fact
    If they knew for just ten bucks
    They could all have face it facts good luck
    Hope they'll go give you a look
    I dare say, they'd then be hooked
    Hope your enjoying your vacay
    Now it is my time to play :) Yay!

  11. Thanks for that too
    Although there was a blatant spelling error or two
    Didn't take the time to look
    But now they are fixed at my nook
    Sure you'll appreciate that
    As I was just being a lazy cat..haha

    Well almost anything
    As worse things I could prob sing
    Actually it's a girl across, but close enough
    I won't go into anything in case one sees and starts to huff and
    Yes that thing deserved to be beaten to a pulp and then some
    Stupid thing is so so so dumb
    Yeah germs just fly
    Wash my hands contstantly to make them die..haha
    Yeah Monday back I go
    To the fun old work show
    Yep the pay checks have to come
    Or I'd be out on my bum
    Orlin and Cassie wouldn't like that
    And they'd prob run away from poor
    But I always find time to lurk
    As it doesn't take much to be caught up on work..haha

    Hey I get it mixed up too
    It can be Pat, Cat, Orlin, Cassie, even Drazin at my zoo
    Yeah don't ask me to spell them out
    As half I wouldn't even be able to shout
    But fake ones I can make
    Drowning those in a big word lake
    True never seen big words rhymed much
    Guess I just have the touch
    Yeah face it facts is going
    As a few more faces are showing
    But more stuff on the way
    Prob after the vacay
    And look at you
    The same spot as last time with the comment, it's true..haha

  12. ha..ha..what does it mean indeed?

    have fun figuring it out ~

    see you~

  13. haha somehow I doubt I will ever figure it out
    But if you know don't be afriad to shout..haha

  14. Making up words now
    like Batman's Kapow
    The world will never be the same
    and Pat Hatt is to blame

  15. hahaha I can shoulder the blame
    with my big word making game
    Never thought of the kapow and other little things on that show
    But very true, except mind is much bigger don't you know..haha

  16. Fun write, super flow too. Funniest thing, not sure If I mentioned it, which makes it even more funny, I actually went to the hospital last week, heartbeat racing, but I'm fine, turns out it was a combo of things, one being that I drink too much coffee, so since then I'm down to a cup, so yeah I need to go and pack up and grab some more caffeine. Easy answer, I mentioned in a write, or told you in a comment, cool answer- you are not just a master of rhyme, but also psychically inclined through your rhyme- that is what I'll go with:) good read, lots of fun

  17. I love your sense of humor and your sense of rhyme!

  18. hahaha I never knew that at all
    At least that I can recall
    So we'll go with the cool answer for sure
    Yeah I had fun writing this one too as I went with my big words galore

    Nice it is
    That's my

    I have two senses yipeee
    Once I get up to three
    Spiderman I can pretend to be
    Although me in spandex one wouldn't want to see

  19. Poor Fred...glad he's okay.
    I wonder what my heart is doing on 12 cups a day.
    Plus a coke sometimes in the afternoon.
    It all just helps me zoom!
    As I have lots to do
    at my zoo!

    psychically inclined through your rhymes.
    whoa...yes, that is you, described.
    Didn't know that was a word though
    and glad to the spandex you said 'no'

  20. hahaha damn you really go through 12 cups
    Are you trying to prevent
    And a coke too
    Must be some hyper with all that brew
    I don't have any caffiene at all
    If I did I'd probably need a bigger stall
    Can be hyper enough without
    12 cups and I'd jump around and
    Yeah knew that was a word
    Guess I'm just a psychic rhyming bird
    Err ummm cat
    And the green guy and is spandex fills the quota for that..haha

  21. Yes, all that caffeine and I'm really quite serene!
    Not hyper at all, and not at all mean!
    I do keep busy, though
    and am always on the go.
    It prevents hiccups and yawns
    starting right at dawn!
    Wouldn't last on apple juice
    I'd probably lay down and with snoring let loose!
    Then all my men would say
    Didn't you do any chores today?
    We need clean socks and dinner, too!
    And who is going to clean up after this zoo?

  22. hahahaha yes I didn't figure it made you mean
    As dear this and dear that always comes from your
    I guess that's a good prevention too
    And yes the kitties would also get mad at your zoo
    As you have them spoiled now
    And taking a nap and not feeding them would make them have a cow
    Oh and your snore too
    That's something I never knew..LOL

  23. LOL! No snoring from me, that I don't do!
    but 2 of my 5 men could raise a roof or two!

  24. hahaha oh now you take it back
    I guess I'll believe and give no flack
    I don't and thank God for that
    Although when I pretend I can annoy the cat(s)

  25. OMG.... "Snavofebudusehagostratnugotion" ? Dont you think its a very small word :P

  26. I don't know
    It makes such small words like go
    Seem rather big doesn't it
    That must make it have a fit..haha

  27. Snavofebudusehagostratnugotion
    Even in 3rd round of read I couldn't crack the word.
    Things like this can only come from u :)

  28. hahaha I stumped you
    That I love to do
    To anyone though
    Just so you know
    Yes just from me
    And my rhyming sea

  29. haha even if the word was large
    here at my plce fun is always in charge

  30. Your blogs boggle my mind~!

    I love your 'My little rhyming ass'.... Cute ;)

  31. Yes that is my signing off line
    Beats a peace sign..haha
    Glad I can boggle
    Maybe wear a