Wednesday, September 5, 2012

They Think They Are Slick. Just Makes The Cat Sick!

Now this will come to no surprise for those that are wise and don't believe all the crap they are force fed. To those others, sorry to burst the bubble in your head. But a lot of what you are told is crap by those with the so called huge degree that takes a lap. Upon the blogfest the other week the cat decided to up and seek. I came across a thing or two, that showed what a strat hole the medical community in the U.S. and Canada is with their so called "stuff pills down your throat" view.

So stuff like cancer care,
Just in the U.S. lair,
Costs about $72 billion a year.
Not counting the $55 billion on drugs I fear.

Meaning if anything did arise,
They would stop it with lies.
For to lose all of that,
Would surely bring woes to their rich arse mat.

Now I'm not saying,
With my further displaying.
That such and such a thing works,
For I don't know the perks.

Or that they aren't good at fixing things that break,
Like a leg from a slip at the lake.
But for the rest of the crap,
They treat all like a sap.

One big con,
From dusk until dawn.
For a cure or a fix at least,
Is being hidden by the corporate beast.

Not a conspiracy theory as I first believed at my sea,
As the evidence is right in front of thee.
A Doctor in the U.S. of all places,
Was given some funny faces.

For he came up with something of note,
But the FDA didn't give him their vote.
Why you ask?
Because they hide behind the corporate mask.

No money involved from it.
So they quite frankly, don't give a shit.
Anyway, what he found,
Was using this thing call GcMAF sent cancer to ground.

That is right,
In ever case in sight.
From rats to humans that he tried.
Cancer went for the big dirt ride.

Four years later for some,
And others had seven years beating the drum.
Both two different kinds,
And it still never showed itself back to their behinds.

Actual evidence was given and such,
And when he tried to reach out and touch.
It was not allowed to come to pass,
Blocked by some FDA ass.

For it would only cost $4500 or so,
For the entire duration to make cancer go.
Where as now it costs $100,000 and up.
That would surely give their wallets a hiccup.

And guess what else it seems?
It isn't just pipe dreams.
Over seas they actually have some balls,
Forgetting about such things as crummy FDA walls.

They've tested it on everything from Diabetes to Autism and beyond,
Each case the body seemed to respond.
For it helps the immune system in such a way,
That gives it a boost to attack what virus is on display.

Now to think if people pulled their head from their ass,
What might actually come to pass.
Whether it truly works or not,
Just shows their greed ridden plot.

Failing to even give it a go,
Because they want the money to flow.
Exploiting the sick for dough.
From head to toe.

Don't believe me you say? Ranting once more at my bay? Well just have a look here and here. Actual proof such a thing was kicked into gear. But sadly squashed by the greed ridden fools who have the brains of mules. And an ass is exactly what they are near and far. They deserve every bit of sass from all and my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. It really annoys me how greedy the pharmaceutical industry is, they sell us things that don't even work and that makes them pretty mean jerks. I hate the business so much, things are out of touch. All they care about it money, to them our diseases are funny. This is a great rant Pat and my favourite post from yourself in ages at that. I love the funny posts that you make, every post you make in general but nothing is more important and true than this rant.

    I hope it doesn't sound like I'm ass kissing. That would make me want this comment to go missing.

    1. Yeah that is all they do
      Is sell us crap that's as useless as poo
      Actually less useless than that
      Like to bury them under their doormat
      But sadly we are all screwed
      As they are nothing but rude

  2. Well I clicked
    there and there
    thinking I'd better

    For the Cat is
    a trickster
    and is as prone to lie
    as to lay
    about all day.

    But truth you
    lo and behold
    the corporate greed
    that prevents
    the need
    from being

    It is horrid Cat how all this really works. There's no profit in curing cancer, there's only profit in prolonging it. So many terminally ill people are just used like meat to feed the machine and it's hard to watch someone you love suffer when that could be alleviated.

    1. LMAO I wondered if anyone would think that
      As yeah I can be a tricky cat
      But when a rant comes due
      I hardly ever try to trick you
      Especially with these assholes
      And there rich goals
      Yeah it is pathetic as can be
      How they just laugh with glee
      Filling their pockets with dough
      Letting everyone else suffer at their show

    2. You know they've got the world so pumped up on pills that there is measurable amounts of SSRI's in our drinking water. Jesus, you're on anti-depressants without knowing it. And the price of the meds is ridiculous. In the States, people without insurance go without any treatment and can't fill prescriptions.

      These guys are going to burn in hell for sure.

    3. I hope they burn in hell
      And I try not to drink the water at my well
      But you shower in it and stuff
      So can't avoid it until you want to look kind of gruff

  3. This is good, Patt.
    You could give Dr. Seuss a run for his money... LOL.
    Thanks for stopping by my place the other day.

    I always say this (and I'm no pessimist... just a realist), it's a sad truth that the man in the street cannot win against these "giants", and since the masses are "close-minded and walk around with blinkers" (some by choice, in the comfort of their feigned ignorance), then it will be a long and hard struggle...

    1. Well I would just want his money
      That would make me sunny hahaha
      Makes more than me dead
      Oh the dread hahaha

      Yeah there is just no way
      Unless every single person stood on the street in display
      Otherwise the rich bitches will always win
      Leaving everyone else in the garbage bin

  4. dude that sucks and is enough to make me march cause cancer has touched my family greatly and to believe its about money and that they would let people die because of it that just pisses me off to no end

    1. Yeah thus the rant
      As they treat all like an ant
      When there are better ways of getting rid of the crap
      Yet they cover it up and make it take a dirt nap
      Pisses me off too
      Then the asses pretend it's not true

  5. Money is the root of all evil and pharmaceutical giants are the devil, pure and simple!!!!

    1. Yeah that is the size of it
      They want the dough and make the little guys take the hit

  6. At least you live in Canada where the pharmacy is not a thief house.

    To afford their prices a woman would have to sell everything except her blouse.

    1. haha that is very true
      But it still isn't cheap at our zoo

  7. Oh, I believe it
    makes me have a fit
    I think the 80's-90's style immunizations caused autism
    but they'd never agree and pay all the law suits.
    But if it wasn't true,
    why did they change them to be better for you?
    And a different administering schedule to boot?
    It's all about the loot.
    And the FDA
    can go eat hay.
    Too much regulation
    from that administration.

    1. Yeah I think that too
      After all the stuff I read a while back from you
      But they'd go broke
      Admitting it happened from the needle poke
      So they will never do that
      Have to rake in the dough at their mat
      The FDA is a big pile of strat too
      The rich bitches say jump and they follow and moo haha

  8. I could go on a rant for days
    on all my medical frays
    but alas that is no fun
    and I just had a procedure done
    and have a damn letter to write
    because I was treated like shiite
    when I popped a stitch
    but was treated like it was only an itch
    our medical system sucks major ass
    and a whole new system needs to be passed.

    1. Yeah it just keeps sucking more and more
      It seems at yours and our shore
      Up here may be "free"
      But it is still just as crappy
      Pop a damn pill
      Or live with it is all they say to fit the bill

    2. It's not good in any country because ultimately it's run for profit. Insurance companies make medical decisions, the regulatory agencies make medical decisions, the drug companies make medical decisions and doctors, well they play golf all day.

    3. LOL and the dumb doctors can't seem to pull their head from their ass
      And believe everything the others make come to pass

  9. i was speaking to an american doctor coupla months ago, and this was what he spoke it's a disgusting pill-popping culture. he shares a lot of your sentiments.
    here, i must's a little hard to get your hands on controlled or prescribed meds. they'll get you to try other means first before putting you on those pills.

    1. Yeah that is all they do here
      Pop a pill up your rear
      And shove them down your throat
      It's a wonder anyone ever stays afloat
      All the crap in them should make them sink
      Or bring them to the brink

  10. Pharmaceuticals and insurance are such a mess;
    but how to fix the scene is anyone's guess
    one says this and another says that
    and meanwhile the execs continue to get fat!

    1. That is about the size of it
      Swirling down into an endless pit
      All pretend to change
      But think everything else is strange

  11. This is really a good rant Pat ~

    It's pity that there is a corporate greed
    behind all the pills and prescriptions
    that doctors give out. We don't take vitamins
    nowadays, believing that good nutrition and
    activity are the best solutions ~

    Thanks for the links as well ~

    1. Yeah it is a shame
      They all play the pill game
      Don't pop them here
      Except for a vitamin or two I fear
      As have to get over that gluten crap
      Which I made take a dirt nap

  12. Dang, money really is the root of all evil. So basically cancer is cured and no body can use it. Humanity, you need to grow up!! Great rhymes Pat! Its nice to hear this terrible news in rhyme form instead of through standard text. You should have a rhyming news show!!

    1. Yeah there seems to be a way to get rid of that God awful crap
      But the rich won't let it take a lap
      A rhyming news show
      Hmmm that would be fun give a go

  13. The whole process is scary. If they approve drugs or not, someone pays. Big time.

    1. Yep all about the dough
      And greasing the palms of those in the know

  14. The whole health care system makes me sad. As someone who has been without healthcare for years now, I know there has to be a better way. Right now, the answer for me would be to make more money. Still working on that one, lol.

    1. haha aren't we all
      But the more money thing seems to stall
      We all deserve a million bucks I say
      That would make for a brighter day

  15. Read some of these stories on Reddit. Really disappointing really. ._.

    1. Yeah so stupid as can be
      That they won't let this out at our sea

  16. They say they can put a man on the moon and send stuff to Mars and yet they can't cure the common cold and yet, they make billions a year in common cold cures sold by the drug companies as over the counter sales. Makes you wonder eh! I can see that these super huge drug cartels suppress cures for this and that if it means not making a profit. Bloody hell's bells.

    1. LOL bloody hell's bells haha got you going good
      Yeah they will never let stuff out at any hood
      The cartels or the rest
      Because then they will lose their golden crest

  17. I used to be a drug rep, so I can't comment without fear of a lawsuit being slapped on my rear (or so the piece of paper I once signed did claim).

    1. Hmmm you know so much I bet
      You could sure make them fret
      But yeah wouldn't want them to sue
      So better to keep quite than have that come due

  18. The drug industry is an outrageous racket. Why does it cost $2000 a day for an aids cocktail in America, and $2 in 3rd world countries? How come insurance only pays for 20 doses a month of diabetes and heart medications. I have to agree that the pill industry is there to sustain itself. The technologies that could cure or save so many lives are too expensive to be used by ordinary people.


    1. Yeah they have it rigged in their favor
      But at least they give you pills in a different flavour.
      That is a big plus right?
      Pffft stupid pill popping plight

  19. wow. I hadn't heard of this particular dilemma. amazing, definitely going to research it.

    I don't work in healthcare but I am an Insurance Underwriter and I must say: we are not all bad like people think!

    1. Yeah amazing what they hide
      Like the changing of the tide
      And not all are bad I know
      Just the bad ones seem to show

  20. I heard of this before. Lots of little things like this that won't get passed because if they do the insurance companies won't get what they feel is there due, and the damn politicians get their greasing good, as long as that happens, the insurance people will get what they want and make the people pay out their noses, when there is quite possibly cheaper better ways. It is all declared by the FDA as to protect you, bah…sure, advocating something for humans that had only been tested on worms, well who's to say it would kill them germs in man, but damn, when they get great tests done on human subjects, and the goverment poo poos it because they never approved the trials, instead they fine and send those pharmacy joints to trial for not playing ball, that's the problem to some degree.

    Really is quite disgusting this cancer info, never knew all the facts as you lay them out, but had heard of their actually being a drug that can cure, but just like pot, while I don't use, it is actually safer than nicotine, in so so many tests and studies, but because it grows so wild and free, would be quite difficult for the gov. to regulate, therefore it stays banned here in the states. Stuff like that, really disgust me, amongst other things, here at my mat. Great post. Lucky you're in Canada, otherwise I'd fear the man would be knocking up your coast.

  21. Yeah it is all those morons at the top
    That always put a stop
    To this that or the other thing
    Because they want to remain rich at their wing
    LOL got me paranoid now too
    I'll wathc for the man just in case they skip the border and come to my zoo haha