Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's Blog Land Issues, Break Out The Tissues!

Did you ever notice as you hop blogland that many seem to be a tad umm unique across the land? Many seem to have issues too. I guess that is just a thing in the blogland zoo.

You can tell,
After a spell,
Who has what,
Easy at your hut.

Like little old me,
With a touch of ocd.
Can tell who has it too.
As they hit every post at your zoo.

Even when away.
They come to play.
Much like the cat.
Who does just that.

Many think outside the box,
Even for long lost socks.
Always having a thought.
Not suffering from brain rot.

Ignore the one or two,
Who post at their zoo,
Saying they have nothing to say.
Attention seeker much at their bay?

Many have something wrong,
From worms to can't beat donkey kong.
With a need to vent,
They pitch a tent.

Many need to be like me,
Talk through another at their sea.
Four legs is usually the case.
If only we had thumbs at every place.

But above all I'd say,
Even with this or that on display,
And being a bit unique,
Sending so called normal, a good thing, up the creek,

Bloggers tend to be nicer than people in real life,
Who just want to cause strife.
Like the jerk at work,
Or the jerky jerk.

Unless one is a blog whore,
Then they may fit in jerk lore.
But as we hop around,
No doubt much fun is found.

Just some observations from the cat here at his blogland mat. See any yourself here and there as you hop from lair to lair? Now I have to go relieve some gas but that is nothing new for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. There aren't many jerks in the blogging world or those with big heads, which is nice.

    1. Yeah the odd spammer
      But very few I'd like to hit with a hammer

  2. "Bloggers tend to be nicer than people in real life"
    Yes, they tend to go along with those they can jive
    Certainly a nice feeling
    Can send some reeling
    Away from all the conflicts and killings that are rife


    1. Yeah some like conflict and don't get it
      They'd rather stir up umm spit

  3. Yes bloggers are a varied lot
    As their posts they daily plot
    Some take time to add a rhyme
    But if not it ain't no crime
    Good friends you'll meet along the way
    People like to have their say

    1. Many you shall meet
      Beats people on the street

  4. The variety in the blog world amazes me
    A "normal blogger" is undefinable as can be
    We are all varied and have our own style
    For evidence of that, peruse Blogger for a while
    I love that we're all like one big family of dysfunction
    Since we need each other, I hope that Blogger never malfunctions

    1. Let's hope in never goes boom
      That would just bring doom and gloom
      And yeah the only normal thing is we all write
      Other than that different at every site

  5. Amazing, the ways in which we reach out,
    Whether we have thumbs or just a snout;
    And when I forget that people are often kinder,
    I can come here for a sweet reminder. =)

    1. Yeah blogland sure shows kindness indeed
      can see that by just giving many a read

  6. Oh, I do think bloggers are often nicer than people one encounters daily in real life. Smiles. It seems most people in blogland really want to get along and be positive, which is not always true outside of the 'blogland zoo.' This blog has a unique voice - using the voice of an animal. Truly I haven't seen another like it. Maybe I should start another blog, using one of my dogs. LOL. Perhaps a dog could say things I wouldn't dare to say. Smiles.

    1. Yeah most people in real life just want to be a negative nelly
      Plus they can turn out to be smelly lol
      The cat's voice comes on through
      Helping me get away with anything at my zoo
      Your dog could say a lot
      Then blame him or her for any plot

  7. Bloggers do tend to be nice. I think it's great to be a part of a community where people naturally extend a hand to lift others up.

    1. Yeah they are nicer indeed
      And not after things like greed

  8. People are usually nicer in person, but they are much nicer here than on Xbox Live

    1. lol Xbox live they can sure get going
      But I give as good as I get with that showing

  9. Love your cover pic. Yes, let's worship the cat. :D The anonymity of being online frees people sometimes to say things they never would in person and there's nothing like facial expression or body language to soften the words.

    1. True there is a freedom as well
      Some like to hide away and just cause hell

  10. We would sure get in trouble for that outside the box thing!

    1. lol yeah that would bring trouble
      Have to high tail it on the double

  11. Purrfect explanation of bloggers. All so very true. But it is just like life, everyone is different. I will say there are a bunch of really nice animal bloggers. Take care Pat.

  12. Its amazing how one can make a lifelong friend
    with someone you might not meet in person
    this blogging world is really so much different
    and definitely a lot of fun!


    1. A lot of fun indeed
      So much can take seed

  13. Replies
    1. That they do
      Even when they want to say screw you lol

  14. Oh blogger where art thou!
    Dont disappear on me now!

    I am sure you are one of a kind
    But you totally blew my mind

    I am stuck now! Pat your turn to finish this!

    1. Stuck you say
      Need to just jump in the bay
      Easily will come to you
      Then more will come due lol

    2. A smile for me
      How nice of thee

  15. a grand assessment of the broad scope of bloggers. And, it is true. Bloggers almost always show the sunny side.

    1. That they do
      The sunny side is there to view

  16. ha - you can find all kind of characters in the blogworld and after a while you get to know them quite a bit as well... i think i'm as strange in real life as i'm on my blog..ha...smiles

    1. lol I can be as crazy as can be
      In real life too at my sea

  17. Bloggers are nicer than people in real life! But I have come across one or two who only like to be negative when they comment or post.

    1. Yeah there will always be a few
      That come into view

  18. There are a few
    negative nellies
    here and there
    but one learns to
    be aware
    and stick with those
    with whom kindness shows
    and whose play is always fair.

    The good definitely outweighs the bad on blogger. In my three years here, I've only had to block two people for being trolls and that was in the first year. If it wasn't for blogger, I'd never discovered painting miniatures which has opened a whole new world for me. And as it turns out, those guys are just as weird and nerdy as myself.

    1. Blogger sure can show us a ton
      And bring forth even a miniature run
      I've had a few
      I had to give a big screw you

  19. orlin N cassie...donkey kong !!! ???? de food serviss gurl could never beet de mario brothers, her took de casette inta her place oh employ, gived it two a co werker... who took it home ta her five yeer old ...N brought it bak .....sew de food gurl could move past.....

    level three....


    N letz talk bout how manee timez de nintendo hotline number bee dialed when her waz playin


    1. lol could not gets past level three
      Damn, need to hit more buttons at your sea haha

  20. Some of my very best friends are bloggers I've never met.
    Who'd have thought? 10 years ago I would have never made that bet!

    1. Yeah i never would have made that bet
      And it's all thanks to a crazy pet

  21. Heh. Who's to say what's "normal," anyway?

    1. That is true
      Normal is all opinion at ones zoo

  22. I never needed to block people on blogger. But on facebook yes, like my ex boyfriend. Do you believe that months after we broke up, he still came to talk to me? It was a bag. Literally. And I also had to block his friends.

    1. haha wow that is stalker like
      Needs to know when to take a hike

  23. I suppose I fall into the unusual stack
    For talking so much snowflake smack
    Blogging has been fulfilling for me
    Meeting so many outside my own sea

    1. Yeah sure allows to meet and greet
      And very few you want to delete

  24. This is a really good post cat and make me think.
    The last time I noticed many people in blogger land are nicer than people you cam see but others nope
    You can find others that can hurt you or are liers or others things but I had learned.
    And like Betsy some of my best friends are bloggers.and im not really different on my daily life.
    Good post cat:)

    1. You actually said good post
      Damn, I need zombie toes at my coast lmao

      But yeah many are great indeed
      So make can sure take seed
      And the liars are sure everywhere
      Just have to ignore them at ones lair

    2. Haha I forget the zombie toes lmao:)

    3. lol they will return
      To make eyes burn

  25. Get it right
    For your delight
    Think outside the blog
    While drinking egg nog
    Great post
    From the host
    Thanks for sharing
    You know I'm caring

    1. One to care
      At your lair
      And many more
      From shore to shore

  26. Well blogland may have some issues
    and occasionally one may need a tissue
    there are a few I've never met face to face
    but, have felt their warm word embrace

    What is normal? Is it all in perception

    1. Perception indeed
      Everything boils down to that at ones feed
      And yeah can sure feel some
      Others are kind of numb

  27. You have a touch of OCD?
    Why does that not surprise me?
    I kinda wish that I did too
    So I could juggle half of what you do.
    There are some boogers in blogland
    Mostly, though, these folks are grand.

    1. lol yeah it gets things done
      As away I run
      Enjoy my ocd
      And some boogers I have had to make flee

  28. 'Bloggers are nicer'....I like it! Have a good one;)

  29. I have found a few I avoid but for the most part blog people are great

    1. Some are just out to lunch
      In a bad way by a whole bunch

  30. Blogging for the most part has been a positive experience, though I do take my share of hits via comments and emails. In policing, there is an old adage that if an officer never receives any complaints, then he/she is not working. I tend to think that it applies to most everything in life; blogging as well.

    Keep up the good work and being nice here Pat!

    1. Oh yeah I've got some hate mail too
      For when a rant comes due
      So I'm doing something right
      There are many a great site

  31. The blogger world has been surprisingly fun for me ~

    Have a good summer Pat ~

    1. Fun it has been indeed
      Gone by at top speed

  32. Bloggers here are REALLY nice. I started blogging in the MySpace days, back in 2006, and believe me, bloggers can definitely be mean. At one time there was a blog that parodied every blog I wrote. The guy called himself "Hurlanie" and photoshopped a wig on his head. The blogging area of that site was filled with people who defined the word "Cybertroll!"

    1. lol damn that would sure be a pain
      That cybertroll needs to walk into a traffic lane

  33. I haven't met a blogger I don't like yet, *knock on wood*.
    I actually look forward to visiting my blog friends more than my real life friends some days lol.

    1. haha yep, me too
      Real life friends can annoy you

  34. Haha, 4 legs you say
    4 thumbs..
    and to the top
    cat surely jumps!

    Whatever I'd find to peck,
    but for the cat
    I have a respect!

    1. Respect the cat likes
      And yeah at least 4 legs helps on hikes

  35. I concur...generally speaking, in the blogisphere folks are nicer.

  36. Bloggers vs Real Life
    Both can cause strife
    Both can be grand
    Depends on their stand

    Bloggers, to me
    Feel as real as can be
    Such a variety to be had
    Makes me quite glad

    1. Free as can be
      Is sure the way at my sea

  37. On a blog, you can be anything you want to be. I would like to meet a few in real life.

    1. Yeah you can hide away
      Or be a cat on dispay