Monday, September 8, 2014

A Little Social Play Here Today!

Back we are with some ABC's of Rhyme Time near and far. This time we give social media a go. Hey, at least it is a different flow.

A is for attack, which many tend to do.
They can give flack but can't take any from you.
B is for big, those numbers and all.
Can't look like a twig, ready to fall.

C is for cute, the thing to use,
When in need of a parachute to light a post fuse.
D is for dead, what many sites fall under,
Can't get it through their head they just can't plunder.

E is for eating, all that fun food.
All should be treating, a diet is rude.
F is for fat, because it simply works.
An annoying gnat with 10,000 word post perks.

G is for great, the trait of one and all.
That is their fate, read the writing on the wall.
H is for hell, raise a little at your sea.
Even if you can't spell, people will flock to thee.

I is for idols, your great old shrine.
Even with no vitals yours is divine.
J is for joke, the tried and the true,
But don't choke, most steal those too.

K is for knowing and never being wrong.
Your great showing should be made into song.
L is for load, what can become of a place,
That remains in K mode for every embrace.

M is for milk, that nasty old dairy.
You continue to bilk thinking new is scary.
N is for nadda, the I have nothing to post.
But you still yadda yadda there at your coast.

O is for out, the one with a catch.
For with each shout, you want another to fetch.
P is for pat, no not the human to the cat.
For you want one stat, to prove you're where it's at.

Q is for quote, to make you sound smart.
Hoping all will take note and follow your cart.
R is for right, which you must prove.
Always wanting to fight avoiding the wrong groove.

S is for slacker, which some like to be.
But then become an attacker because none visit their sea.
T is for tips, all are willing to share,
After you do a few flips because they are so rare.

U is for urges. not the gutter kind.
That one never purges, giving a piece of their mind.
V is for vine, where you heard the news.
It is all fine, listening to vines you can't lose.

W is for word verification, which is you lose,
Here at my absurd station, I may just abuse.
X is for xerox, the copy and paste.
Unless going through detox, forget that post haste.

Y is for Yahoo and answers to all.
Up the wazoo you can read things on its answer wall.
Z is for zapped, you are so worn out.
Your muse has been capped, scream and shout.

There we go, quite the social media flow. The cat enjoys a rant or two, even in the abc's he can do. You can't stop the cat at my mat. You may have luck with that singing bass, but not my abc little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. 'some ABC's of Rhyme Time near and far'
    Spending 'quality time' with the social media
    Take your pick
    Some are slick
    There are 26 to choose from a door left ajar


    1. Some are slick
      Some you want to flick
      One shall see
      What comes to thee

  2. Replies
    1. Social media interaction
      People give too much information
      Public display of affection
      How great was their vacation
      Their life is just perfection
      I'd rather read something artistic
      Than completely narcissistic
      Thus my facebook deactivation

    2. haha look at you
      #3 in view
      And bravo too
      Flushing facebook down the loo

  3. You're grand
    in ABC rant
    deserve the grant
    and maybe someone
    lend you sum
    for more to come
    or cheer you up
    with pom pom pom!

    1. A grant you say
      I'll take that kind of pay haha

  4. What R is for right
    I thought it was for R
    and to that I say Har, har, har
    nice post, from coast to coast
    B is for big numbers to boast
    no does the ABC like the cat
    as you can see here at his mat

    1. oops, a word was dropped should be no one..haha

    2. haha a little mistake
      Like an odd snowflake
      Poor R got singled out already
      For his two words that come steady

  5. Yes, lose the word verification!
    At least H wasn't for hacker. Don't like those.

    1. Yeah Hackers are a pain in the butt
      Worse than wv at any hut

  6. Word verification is one of the banes of the blogging world.

    1. Need to flush it down the loo
      Pretty easy to do

  7. Cat has his own challenge from A to the Z
    Social media this time he's off on a spree
    The words are true some made me giggle
    Like a tiny little bunny when he makes his nose wiggle
    Nadda's the one that got to me the most
    If you've nothing to say, why put out a post?

    1. Many can't seem to grasp N
      They blither on at their den
      Yet they have nothing to say
      And they say it day by day

  8. 'S' is for 'Snark.'
    A word, oh so droll.
    But, here at my park.
    It's just how I roll.

    1. With sperm creatures
      Simmons features
      And images one can't delete
      You just can't be beat

  9. Word verification should be an arrest-able offense
    People who use it are kinda dense

  10. A is for animals who make life happy
    B is for babies that make people sappy
    C is for cats and all other felines
    D is for dogs and all other canines
    E is for eating the joy of each day
    F is for friends who brighten your way
    G is for Google which really knows all
    H is for horses who live in the stall
    I is for ice cream a treat for all ages
    J is for jaguars in the wild not cages
    K is for kisses planted on your cheeks
    L is for love that everyone seeks
    M is for money that's scarcer each year
    N is for news that brings things to fear
    O is for onion that makes your breath smell
    P is pitbull the criminal's sentinel
    Q is for quiet at the end of the day
    R is for rumba where you swing and sway
    S is for Safari Apple's browser of choice
    T is for trills you sing with your voice
    U is for useless spam in your box
    V is for victuals eaten by the fox
    W is for winning you always would choose
    X is for X-tra food on your plate
    Y is for yesterday which is too late
    Z is for zany zebras who wait.

    Happy Monday!

    1. lmao wow, look at you go
      With an abc flow
      Cheated on X a bit
      But still a hit haha
      And yeah money does flow
      And sure doesn't grow
      As each year does show
      Spam continues on the go
      And cats and dogs can't be beat
      Ice cream though you can keep at your street

    2. LOL, I would never have guessed you didn't like ice cream!!

  11. 'S' for slacker is better than 's' for spammer (of which I'm getting more than my fair share of visits from lately).

    1. Yeah I've seen spammers galore
      There at your shore

  12. Word verification drives me crazy. Maybe I'm just lazy. :)

  13. Bravo Pat! At least you didn't try to come up with a word containing all of those letters!

    1. I'd have to make my own
      If such a word I were to phone

  14. "F is for fat, because it simply works"
    HAHAHAHA!!! My cat agrees :)

    1. haha easy as can be too
      There at ones zoo

  15. Milk? Nasty? And how do you eat your cereal? Dry, like some kind of savage?

    1. haha don't eat that stuff at my sea
      Unless I want to be dead and buried beneath a tree

  16. Good use of all the letters. Love the one, 'Even if you can't spell, people will flock to you' That is so true and we know who that is.
    Pat, you have a great day.

    1. lol yeah we know who that is indeed
      As the burds plague their feed haha

  17. Loved the P and the Q… well, they were ALL so clever. I'm always in awe of you, sir. Really. I hope that you can go to bed each night knowing that you're a rare talent and pretty remarkable. :)

    1. haha what little I sleep
      I'll remember that at my keep

  18. My cats like to point things out on my screen,
    Which makes me laugh and giggle and screem,
    They jump and run and knock shit off my desk,
    I think I need a drink, a seat and much rest.

    Social media? What's that? :P

    1. haha at least they keep you amused
      Even if you feel a tad abused

  19. I think N could apply to me
    I seem to have nada a lot these days
    but manage to say a lot in that
    in my writing ways :)


    1. haha you make nadda work
      Turning it into a perk

  20. I hate it when people post statues and such full of spelling errors. Ugh! But I do share a quote every now and then on my FB page. :)

    1. They just hit and click
      Spelling on there is like that of a hick

  21. I do think social media isn't so good for us. We spend more time worrying what people we haven't seen in 20 years think of us than we do living our lives!

    1. Yep, that is very true
      That is why I ditched it at my zoo

  22. wow, I'm loving your blog, you are so talented !!!

    1. Glad you found it grand
      Here in my land

  23. S is for slackers
    indeedy do
    they whine and complain
    when no comments come due.

    We just got the call that my father in law isn't going to make it much longer. I'm going tomorrow to say my goodbyes.

    1. That they surely do
      When they just sit and do nothing at their zoo
      Sorry to hear that at your sea
      Sure he will be glad to see thee

  24. Replies
    1. haha no matter the spelling
      It deserves yelling

  25. A diet IS rude
    I fully agree
    Those who spew diet plans
    Really irk me
    Glucose or not
    Jenny Craig's no hot shot
    So do us a favor, and quit being rude.
    Keep your mouth shut.
    Don't talk diets or food.

    1. I'm all for that
      Here at my mat
      Hate stinkin food
      As to me it is rude

  26. M is for me
    Gone, but keeping up my comment spree. :)

    1. Not gone far at your sea
      As here you are with M for me

  27. the one for W is annoying, though has been better than a few years ago

    1. Yeah it is a bit better now
      But still a pain in the butt when you go to meow

  28. M is for Mary who is quite contrary.
    R is for Rat which are as cute as the cat. lol

    1. lol but you skipped a bunch in between
      That is a foul ball at my scene

  29. This post is such a hoot!
    Through the alphabet you did shoot
    Although S is good for slack, Safari and snark
    I think you kind of missed the mark
    S is for snowflake forever more
    Everything else is just a bore!

    1. lol not sure snowflake fit social media though
      But sure you could work it in at your show

  30. orlin N cassie

    W iz for whoa, we iz dam late two day
    tuff time at werk with little time ta play

    happee twoozday coz its now closer then we think ♥

  31. The slackers are sure out there wantnig visits but do nothing in return

  32. ha. nice trip through the alphabet
    trying not to get too zapped but grad school is kicking
    my right, i got nothing to prove, i will tomorrow
    get back in the groove...

    1. Hopefully the kicking stops
      And you make it out tops

  33. I agree with Rosey about the S for Spammer.
    To those I want to hit on the head with a hammer.
    I have to moderate comments because one horrible lass
    Thinks its fun to spew obscenities in all caps.
    I hope her hair gets set on fire.
    Then she gets smashed by a semi truck tire.

    1. Damn, hate the spammers that won't go away
      Need to throw her in the bay

  34. A to Zed
    That's quite a spread
    A to Zee
    Quite a decree

    Alphabet cruising
    Was very amusing

    1. Nice to amuse
      And abuse
      Maybe confuse
      With my a to z cruise

  35. I hate that darned word verification. I stay away from blogs that ask for it.

    1. Yep, I avoid them too
      Pain in the butt at every zoo