Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oopsy! I'm Not PC!

So back when Pat was job searching at our sea, at least I hope "back" can be used by me, as at the time of writing this he is still searching away, I kinda screwed him over with what I say. I got Pat in trouble. Hey, at least I didn't bury him in rubble.

Your interview was great.
Your resume was first rate.
Your cover letter too,
But we can't hire you.

You see we played stalker.
And then came the shocker.
You aren't PC at all.
You could be our downfall.

Stock price could plummet.
Then we'd all have to slum it.
That just can't do.
So we can't hire you.

Come back again when you clean up your act.
PC is now a fact.
You need to learn tact.
Delete your online presence to be exact.

Then we will hire you.
Pay will come do.
Why are you smiling?
Did I upset the filing?

Stop looking at me like that.
You can go now, Mr. Hatt.
No one will hire you,
Until PC comes due.

Take it all down.
Then you can get a job in town.
You need to watch what you say.
It can cause others dismay.

Hope to see you back,
When you decide to end the flack,
And get with the program of PC.
If that time comes I'll be glad to have thee.

Until then stay away.
Do you hear what I say?
Why are you smiling at me?
Did you not hear what I said to thee?

Now obviously that is an exaggeration a bit. But the windbag, who was full of PC shit, stalked Pat out. I guess he did not like what we shout. Maybe he'll see this and really hiss. If one has the PC stick up their butt then they can go yank it out and play mini-putt. Then shove back up their mass. No PC loving, nut job is going to stop my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall


  1. Replies
    1. Five in a row
      Continues to grow!


    2. Surely on the way
      To a double digit display

  2. Oopsy! I'm Not PC!
    It is a discovery
    Come again
    another time
    'Perhaps then we'll see'


    1. We'll see they say
      Stuff em in the bay

  3. That guy was a moron. How's that for PC, you idiot? You know how I feel about PC fetishists, so I'm keeping this one short. They can go to hell and sniff a shoe.

    1. haha and hopefully the shoe has been peed in too
      That will teach them at their zoo

    2. Good Morning Blue
      tell me how are you!
      It's Sunday such a fun day!

    3. Never said fun day
      I guess PC scared him away

    4. well, maybe it isn't a fun day
      there at his bay...just sayin'

    5. Or maybe fun snoring
      As he goes a roaring

    6. PC fetishists have that effect on me. I guess I've met my fair share of those folks. What can I say?

    7. Met my share
      Can stuff it at their lair

  4. Me too, you also know
    I avoid the PC show
    Only small minds succumb
    Because their brain is numb
    If one has to be a sheep
    Work for the fabby Lil Bow Peep

  5. I think that was a challenge to be even more un-PC.

    1. Not sure how much further I can go
      But I bet I could step it up at my show

  6. I may not be political, but I'm always correct MOL!

    1. lol the best of the two to be
      There at your sea

  7. Put what you like on your PC,
    It will always be read by me.
    You and your beloved cats.
    Are a treasure to Blogsphere
    And thats a fact.

    1. We'll always show
      What we want to give a go

  8. cat you like to stir the pot
    with your PC trot...
    employers will like this not

    1. And such ones can bite me
      On them the cat shall pee

    2. You can say that twice
      Would be nice

    3. Twice as nice
      Comes half price?

  9. You got to be who you are
    Even if it is not PC
    Better to live like that
    At your sea


  10. The whole PC, don't hurt anyone's feelings by saying something that they don't like is so annoying. But employer's stalking your fb or other social media accounts to see your personality before they hire you is getting a bit much.

    1. They sure do it
      As they found my rhyming pit
      And away they did go
      Wanting it not to show

  11. Definitely a different world to interview in today. People can find out a lot about people on the internet. I have seen it at my work too.

    1. Yep, have to watch what you post
      Or may bite you at your coast
      Pffft to it though
      As far as words go
      Here at my show
      As there they will be all aglow

  12. We both blog as we do, knowing that we will never step foot in any kind of hiring office ever again. If we ever do, though, God help us. As we all know, saying silly things on the Internet and using profanity makes you an unfit worker.

    We're sorry to hear that you'll have to close your blog down now, but in the end, isn't it all worth it for a $15 an hour job where most of your time is spent staring at a blank screen wondering what death is like?

    1. Yeah, you just can't work one bit
      Because oh my God, on the internet you said shit
      No way you can do any job at all
      Maybe only clean the bathroom stall

      lmao yeah, that is sooooo worth not writing
      Rather wonder about death while waiting for an alien sighting
      Maybe they could take me far away
      Pfffft damn what such PC nuts have to say

  13. And here I thought an online check
    would bring about the zombie toe effect.
    After that they would just die
    and no hiring would come nigh. hahahahaha.....

    1. haha but a new spot would open up
      One with a high wage and coffee cup

  14. PC vs humor
    Manners vs crudely rude
    There are differences
    Between funny and lewd

    Alas too many have that stick up their butt

    Keep rhyming out your (funny) rude ass

    1. Stick up their butt many sure have indeed
      That I will keep on a keepin on at my feed

  15. If there’s something I do not know
    It’s off to computer I’d go
    And there I would stew
    Till answer I knew
    Just relax and view sexy show

  16. I'm more of a Linux myself

    wait a minute...

    1. Whoops ancient at your sea
      There with no PC

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Everything is about PC lately. It kills entertainment....! I cheer you keep rhyming :-)

    1. That it kills indeed
      Rhymes shall take seed

    2. It sure kills, that stupid PC
      In th place to be
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooweee

      Hello Cat!

  19. Ha; I got fired from a social services job because of my blog content. I got stupid and deleted the blog and got all kinds of depressed. Don't do anything drastic Cat; one nay-sayer sn't the opinion of every employer, and most likely don't care unless you're spouting anti-social, anarchy against the government crap. just be you, and don't worry. You'll find a job that is the right fit.

    1. Yep, they can go pound sand up their ass
      Because deleting the blog will never come to pass

  20. Doesn't sounds like you would have been happy there having to censor yourself anyway. Though, my husband will stalk out potential employees, he'll overlook a lot of stuff except for drug references and excessive violence. He has to oversee the warehouse of his company and can't have a drug addicted ticking time bomb walking around all day. Nasty accidents happen all the time without drugs and violence involved in a warehouse.

    1. Yeah, there are things to look for
      And it is wise to do at ones shore

  21. Good for you, a cheer for you
    Don't let any boss tell you what to do
    Outside your work or at your zoo

    1. Nope, never will
      Can go pound sand from a hill

  22. Well, there's worrying about PC and then there's just doing dumb stuff online, like posting naked pics! I would think an employer would realize the difference, but apparently not!

    1. Yeah, you'd think they'd have a brain
      But nope, on the crazy PC train

  23. Guess it depends
    How badly you need work
    As to whether you can ignore
    A stalker jerk

    1. Didn't then
      But now I do
      So at my den
      I am doing something entirely new

    2. Oh? Intriguing
      What could it be
      Will it makes lots
      Of $$$ for thee?

  24. I stand beside you with this PC crap and can't abide working for someone who is that PC. You have to stick to what you believe

    1. Yep, fortunate enough I was able to
      They can stuff it up their gazoo

  25. Ha....and for such a long time I thought you WERE PC.
    This post shocks me at my sea!

    1. I know, oh so shocking
      There is always no boat rocking

  26. Sorry you got snagged in the PC trap, Pat! As a union rep, I had to keep reminding my members to be careful what they posted online, because my district tracked teachers' online presence. I didn't think what the district was right, but I would have failed as a rep not to caution them.

    I hate people having to consider if they are being PC, but it's part of our hyper-reactive world. I believe in free speech, and I applaud you for walking out! I would have too. You have to stand up for what you believe.

    1. Yeah, screw working for that crap
      Not falling into that trap
      But one has to watch things
      Never know who's lurking in the wings