Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Goal Has Come To Pass From My Little Rhyming Ass!

5 years ago today the cat set a goal at his bay. What was that goal you ask? Why it was an every day task. The cat posted one post a day every day since at my sea. And yeah, 24 posts in one day were also given a spree.

A goal is grand.
Have it in hand.
There it sits.
Matching wits.

The goal can linger.
Can give it the finger.
But when stubborn as can be,
No goal escapes me.

Through total shit.
Writing a new hit.
And this and that,
Out came the cat.

Some long gone.
Thought it a con.
Many still here.
Always coming near.

With something to say,
I come back every day.
Nonsense may ensue,
But that needs to be said too.

Some 1850 or so posts in the folder,
And each of us five years older.
Much has come due,
At many a zoo.

From numb tongues to gawkers,
Some search engine stalkers.
All brought a post,
And fun at their coast.

Should the streak end,
Won't go around the bend.
For the goal is reached.
Have I teached?

Can be met.
Even by a pet.
A little know how,
And yourself you can wow.

Now this rhyming pet,
Has a goal that's been met.
Each day with fun.
Whether rain, snow or sun.

And there we are. Been a fun 5 year ride at my sand bar. Also no repeats or redos or reboots at all. Screw that crap at my hall. Now will it last another 5 or more? I guess we'll see what life has in store. Although with me being pretty far ahead I can tell you that there is plenty left to be said. The voices up there still gather in mass. Thanks for making it such a fun goal to reach for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. The Goal Has Come To Pass From My Little Rhyming Ass!
    A 5-year spree happily for all to see and at long last
    Every day was a bargain
    Even a 24-hour 'insane'
    None of others seem to be able to match it with class


    1. An insane day indeed
      With the 24 hour posting at my feed

  2. Wow! But does this mean you're going on a vacation?

    1. Nah, I'm done until next October at my sea
      Plus vacations take $$$ to come to be

  3. Congrats to you on meeeting your goal. Lucky too, to be so far ahead. I am definitely behind.

    1. All those contests waiting in the wings
      How dare you make us wait to win things lol

  4. Congratulations! We'll keep coming back for the nonsense.

    1. And plenty more there will be
      At least until next October at my sea

    2. What nonsense is he talking about, Cat?

    3. Much that comes due
      Here at my zoo

    4. Say it ain't so
      At the kitty cat show!

    5. Nonsense galore
      With a little truth at my shore

  5. Happy Blogoversary Pat and hooray for the Cat!

  6. Congratulations, Cat!
    Can you believe that?
    What an incredible feat;
    Longevity is so sweet!

  7. Congratulations to the Cat
    rhyming away for five years
    of course with help from Pat Hatt
    to this I will give five cheers

    hip hip hooray
    hip hip hooray
    hip hip hooray
    hip hip hooray
    hip hip hooray

    Have a Happy Sunday
    such a fun day!

    1. It sure is
      Doing the fun Sunday biz

    2. A fun day
      With 5 years non stop at play

    3. An impressive feat
      If I were a dork, I'd say, "Neat!"

    4. Nah, you'd say, Neato
      Then away you'd go

  8. Great achievement you have done
    Congrats on your blog's special day
    Keep up the good work
    And soon it will be another 5 years at your bay


    1. That it will
      As year six has already fit the bill

  9. No reboots at your door. No reimaginations either... That's quite an achievement, all right.

    1. All done without a one
      Each day a new rhyme spun

  10. Once a day for 5 years. That's pretty good.

    1. Maybe we'll reach ten
      Who knows at my den

  11. I'm impressed
    Cat's the best
    What a test
    He is blessed
    I reallly am in awe of your goal.
    Five years is a very long toll
    Congratulations......YOU DID IT

    1. A long toll indeed
      As rhymes take seed
      We'll see how long I go
      Where I'll stop we don't know

  12. I challenge you to take three days off in a row.
    Not a single post here at your show!
    A little break
    your ocd to shake.
    I've discovered the world won't fall apart
    and nobody really gives a fart.
    If you disappear
    and then reappear. hahaha...

    1. hahaha well I have taken a week off here and there
      You just never know it at my lair
      As the posts still appear
      I may slow down if a real life comes near haha

    2. No, no...I knew that!
      I mean announce a break and disappear.
      No sign of Pat
      Would that be too weird?
      No scheduled posts
      from you the host.
      Just a silent break.
      Could you partake?

    3. That would be weird indeed
      A good reason I would need
      Like a vacation or something of the like
      But that takes $$$ for such a hike
      So here I'll stay
      Amusing myself each day lol

    4. The reason would be that I challenged you.
      But I see I've found what you cannot do! lol.

    5. One challenge I won't take
      Peer pressure doesn't make me quake lol

  13. Your five year mission
    was truly a treat.
    And like Star Trek's fiction.
    It cannot be beat.

    1. With a comparison like that
      I'll carry on
      At least chewing the fat
      For another dawn

  14. O, yea? You want to say... me too, having 5 yr.
    to look back at my tweets crew.
    Well, who knew it will lasts...
    hopefully many more years
    I wish at least for you!

    1. At least one more will come due
      As I got posts ready to go at my zoo

  15. congrats on all of those posts
    I missed a lot, but now I catch most
    your rhyme is clever
    stop the cat now? never!!!

    1. Never shall stop
      At least not for a while as each post does drop

  16. so here we are
    a scratch a scar
    a mess too far
    and yet a star

  17. Congrats to you
    At your zoo.
    May you always find a story
    And let us read your glory.

    1. A story shall come
      From my little rhyming bum

  18. Sincerely. Congratulations man! That's hard work right there.

  19. An incredible feat
    From Orlin and Pat
    Daily for five years
    I can't imagine that!

    And Cassie, too
    Had her point of view :-)

    1. Cassie gets in
      Every now and then with a spin

  20. Congrats on the incredible 5 years! I remember when I started getting serious with blogging and posted once a day as well. Boy, was it tiring. But fun nevertheless.

    5 more, even 10! See you in the blogosphere, my friend.

    1. We'll see if ten comes due
      When trying to keep up can be tiring indeed at ones zoo

  21. Congratulations on those five years, Pat!
    It is fun to share in your journey
    and nonsense is fine
    it makes hearts shine
    Keep it up for five more years
    to your loyal readers' cheers!

  22. Congrats on sticking with your goals. I think we'd all start to worry if you missed a day!

    1. haha well I could croak and not miss a day for a year
      But my replies would not be here

  23. Congratulations, Pat! That is a BIG accomplishment, and in meeting that goal, you have spread fun, laughter, and upset thinking all over the world. I, for one, hope you are still posting five years from now. I suspected that you have a stubborn persistence at your core. That's perhaps the most important trait to have when it comes to reaching a goal.

    I remember my petrology professor saying to me in the fall of 1971: "You have an inability to focus on what is important." The dreaded focus word that ADHD people struggle with! He nailed me before ADHD was ever discovered. Now he completely ignored the fact that, at the time, I was co-hosting a ten university US/Canadian geology conference at my university. But he was right, I wasn't focusing on his course! LOL

    Lord, I haven't started Friday's northern post yet. Gotta catch up faster! LOL

    1. lol determination/stubborness pays off in many a way
      Sticking to it each and every day
      At least you stuck to it too
      Just elsewhere with your view haha
      Got a few days
      To get a post up to gaze