Friday, September 23, 2016

With Round Fifty They Get Nifty!

We are now half way to 100 at my sea. Only took a few years for 50 to come to be. The search engine nuts keeping finding my place though. We may reach 100, you never know.

stupidity of black friday shopping rhyme

Humans are dumb. That's all you need, chum.

touch me boobie

Do you want yours to be felt or do you want to touch them as you have stuff below the belt?

my dog ate my booger

Protein I suppose. Wait! Were you picking your nose?

follow the nut

Does it roll away? Ice Age come to play?

butts nuts2015

Oh, those kind of nuts. I won't follow them or nuts attached to butts.

a little bit thick

Now you got me all gutter with your mind all a flutter.

pull my finger you over toned man

Umm err okay. Arnold came out to play?

why can't I type right today

Maybe your left went right and that screwed up your plight?

will there be toys in the 

In the what? Don't leave me hanging like an un-snip snipped mutt.

my grandma says profanity

Mine does too. Who knew?

horses eat hay and cows

He needs new facts. Maybe Adam will do some horse acts.

ride the pony tail express

Long hair is fine. Chewed on my the feline.

in for a penny in for a donut

A cop joke? Use it and you may choke.

make a face and slap it

That would hurt a bit.I'll just watch you slap your stupid shit.

And the winner for fifty you all may find nifty. Or you may have to scrub your brain. At least there is no visual pain. I wouldn't do that to you. Plus, I don't want to search it out at my zoo.

Scrubbed dicks raw for cold cash

Hmm, is that a nifty trick for some lass? Ouch, is all I can say to that pass. Even if I am snip snip you will never ever get a scrubbing trip. Is cold cash better than luke warm cash? Either way mine takes a dash. Have you ever tried the above? Doesn't it scream love? Yeah, screams more like a psycho lass. If that is your thing, stay far far away from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Three in a row
      Still no dough!


    2. On a streak
      Not on the road at your creek

  2. With Round Fifty They Get Nifty!
    Search engine nuts with 'beauties'
    Going for 100
    Making it hurt
    Cut out the grandma with profanity


    1. 100 may not come due
      As they have slowed at my zoo

  3. keep getting weirder at your .sea
    as you reach.50


  4. That last one just blows my mind.
    Riding the pony tail? Nope, not even going to touch that line...

    1. lol that one could go every which way
      With some gutter play

  5. Crazy Lazy plant a daisy
    On the nuts with brains of paisley

    1. And nothing does grow
      But manure high and low

  6. Goodness gracious you've done it again
    Turn my stomach with search terms at your den

    1. haha don't eat
      When a search post does greet

  7. These are always some of your scariest posts, Pat!
    Have a good one!

    1. That they can be
      As they show who comes to see me

  8. A great laugh for Friday! Though I hate to tell that kid that most grandmas these days are swearing up a storm! No news there . . .

  9. Wait until you get to my age,
    Being fifty is just fun.
    Wait until you get to my age,
    And discover you can run.

    I'm blessed with being agile,
    Some my age can't walk.
    Enjoy being fifty,
    Not the time to sit around and sulk.

    Food for thought poem Pat.

    1. I already make sure at 50 I can still do
      As I work out and will remain doing so at my zoo

  10. You sure do attract some search engine wackos! But that last one? That's just plain sick. And painful. Very very painful. Not to mention cold. I mean, if it were scrubbed raw... oh, never mind. Yuk.

    1. haha you sure went off on it
      With a scrub of a bit

  11. Grandma says Often it's rather funny when grandma says profanity, isn't it, hahaha.

    1. that it surely is indeed
      She does it a lot at our feed

  12. I think fifty has something to do with a hill!

  13. orlin N cassie...sum one toll uz we couldna type rite either....then we said.... who new catz even COULD type....that got em ta shut up !!!!
    heerz two a yellowtail horse mackerull kinda week oh end ~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. A tap tap with a claw
      That sure isn't a flaw

  14. An old father wept and he whined
    When he was to care home assigned
    In disgust he loomed
    And insults exhumed
    Till cute nurses bloomed changed of mind

    1. The nurses sure win
      As they can make one think of sin

  15. My dog ate my booger?

  16. Great, you just reminded me that we are upon dumbass shopping season. I live by the main shopping centers and not only are people stupid in the stores, they are stupid on the roads getting to their money saving offers as well. Apparently, nobody here has heard of online shopping.

    1. Nope, have ti rip and tear
      And pull out each others hair

  17. Scrubbing dicks sounds like a very bad job that bj could make a man sob.

  18. My dog ate my booger
    I guess that's better
    Than eating her homework
    Letter by letter

  19. Boogers and poop, dogs eat many things

  20. 50 is indeed nifty
    rather than shifty!

  21. I had a lot to say until I got to the end of the post. Now I am just shaking my head because that scrubbing sounds painful!

    1. haha painful it would be
      Run at our sea

  22. A cow eating horse you say?
    Crazy searchers at your bay!