Sunday, December 4, 2016

The I Is Ever So Spry!

Maybe you thought I meant eye? Your eye can be spry as it gives reading a try. A confusing read from me may come to be. It could hurt the brain of thee. We used them all. Get it yet at my hall?

Here is the cat.
I am where I'm at.
That much is true.
A least true to you.

Maybe true to me.
True as can be.
Me and I and you.
We may as well go to the zoo.

I did whatever alone.
Whoops, hold the phone.
Don't you hold a phone anyway?
Not like you throw it in the bay.

Anyway, hold that thing.
Let the thing ring.
For two did it.
I wasn't the only bit.

It was a we.
We made it come to be.
But nope I used I.
Maybe me was given a try.

Me, me, me.
Look! Times three.
There was no you.
No we came due.

It was said.
Put to bed.
Now we is I.
I told a lie.

Was done by I,
But we did fly.
The we beat the I.
We are now upon high.

I was what did it.
But we took the hit.
Now we is the true.
Even if I had the only clue.

I did that in the end,
But you bucked the trend.
You got the blame.
I relinquished the claim.

Get where the cat went? Or did you gent bent? As in brain out of whack. That has to suck at your shack. Don't you love how I can become we or you or me? We can become I or you or me to be. Vice versa and flip flop. People tend to believe where the buck does stop. Or maybe they believe he or she who shouts in the loudest mass. It sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 3 in a row
      That's an even flow!


  2. The I Is Ever So Spry!
    Not to just give a try
    Go it a lone
    Make no bones
    And not to be left dry


  3. "I" is used too much in our writing and conversations. At least that's what an English teacher told me once. :)

    1. haha that it surely is
      With the I I I biz

  4. Great write Pat have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Just follow the buck so they say
    Don't let mist from the bay dim the way
    Get your ducks in a row with the me's and the I's
    Life will blast forth with surprise and surprise

    1. Surprises can be fun
      Unless bad ones are spun

  6. Replies
    1. haha score one for the cat
      How about that

  7. My brain is usually outta whack!

  8. I, me, we
    too much to keep up at my feed
    less of I and more of we
    is what the world needs


  9. Replies
    1. ok, Ms Scarlett in the ballroom with a chandelier...

    2. oops , not sure if there is a chandelier ok retract that would be candlestick..hahaha

    3. haha the chandelier would be rough
      Have to get them to stand still and stuff

  10. I am not spry today
    The brain tried to follow you
    We are confused
    I need a clue

  11. I'm just a guy
    Lord knows I try
    Just ask the cat
    Passing the hat

  12. Wait! What? Could you repeat that a little bit slower, please.

  13. Gonna have to agree with Rosey. We do use I way too much. Then again, we have become a self-obsessed world. Gotta Snapchat filter for that?

    1. Yep, I is used a ton
      Filtering out the I would be fun

  14. 'I' don't know what you're talking about. XP
    (Sorry. Just had to)

  15. All I know is when the animals are cute "we" is used but when they do something they shouldn't "I" is used or is that "you"?

    1. haha that seems to be the way
      With them at play